Why Can't Control Brightness And Change Screen Resolution

Jul 31, 2015

i have downloaded and install windows 10 from the official site on 31st july,but i can't control my brightness option and resolution option....

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Drivers :: Screen Brightness Control Is Not Working

Oct 8, 2015

Screen Brightness control not working 

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Screen Resolution Stuck On 800x600 - How To Change It

Aug 9, 2015

We installed windows 10 on our desk top computer from direct download. once everything was completed. The resolution on monitor is stuck on 800x600 and the desktop is compacted in the middle of the screen. The monitor is 19 or 20 inches, but nevertheless the desktop is about an inch and half smaller on each end of monitor. We were able to change through settings icon size, but still left with compacted screen.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Battery Icon In Notification Area Not Visible - Can't Change Brightness Of Screen

Sep 4, 2015

Recently i upgrade my laptop to windows 10, and also update my graphic drivers, but now the battery icon in notification area is not visible and i can't change the brightness of my screen too. it seems that the graphic driver installed correctly.

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No Brightness Control

Jan 2, 2016

So all I want to know now is simply whether or not you have a brightness slider bar in your control panel.Please click your start menu, then click "Settings" and go to the first option, "Display". Please look for a brightness slider at the bottom of the screen. If there is none there, then go to "Advanced display settings".

If there is still no brightness control, finally, go back to your desktop and go down to the task bar, and look for the "Action centre" icon in the System tray area (looks like a speech bubble), click this and then Click "Expand" to shot all the charms. There might be a square in the bottom of this area that enables you to change the brightness of the screen.

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Why Can't Control Brightness

Jul 31, 2015

i have download and install windows 10 from the official site.after installing win10,i can not operate brightness option.

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Cannot Change Brightness

Jul 30, 2015

I downloaded new Windows 10 and maked new update + downloaded new AMD driver and now I cant add brightness. It happened after i tryed to launch AMD catalyst. Screen was black for 2 seconds and after that I could not add brightness....

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Performance :: Change 25% Brightness Increment?

Jan 16, 2016

I am still getting used to Win 10 on a tablet and one annoyance (system design flaw) that I would like to change is the 25% increment screen brightness in the action centre button (swipe left). 0% is way too dim and 25% is too bright in a dark room. I know I can control screen brightness better through desktop settings but that is far from convenient on a tablet. Any hack to change the increments to say 10%? I searched the registry for "brightness" and came up with a couple possible entries (one below). But then it also kind of looked like the increment may be controlled by the dll?


Also might mention that I am aware of the keyboard shortcuts but they don't work with the on screen keyboard.

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Change Resolution Without Signing Out?

Aug 5, 2015

So on my dell xps 13 that I just put windows 10 on, I'm looking for a way to have the icons rescale to the correct size when changing displays without signing out? For example, I'll have it plugged into my monitor, then unplug the laptop to use it, and when the laptop screen turn's back on everything on the desktop is supper small. A sign out and in fixes this, but that's less then ideal.

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How To Change / Set Resolution To 1920x1080

Jul 30, 2015

I have just recently upgraded to Windows 10 and I haven't found a way to set my resolution to 1920x1080.

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Can't Change Brightness After Normally Turning On Or Waking Computer

Jul 28, 2015

I have a weird error using Windows 10: I cannot change / adjust brightness at all. I have the latest updates for every drivers, programs and all, not sure why the system does this. Sometimes the screen brightness is 100%, sometimes just 50%. Not sure if the Catalyst Control Center is to blame, but I really need a quick solution, and until now I found none.

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How To Change Brightness Steps In Notification Area

Nov 12, 2015

I use the notification area to change the brightness of my screen (Toshiba U920T laptop). It has always been 4 steps of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. How to change these steps? I couldn't find anything relevant in the registry.

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Why Does The Resolution Change When 1 Monitor Turns Off And On By Itself

Nov 15, 2015

I have 2 monitors plugged on my desktop PC running widows 10 pro. I'm facing a technical issue with one of them but cannot replace it for now. The problem on that monitor is that it turns off and on by itself randomly. Each time it happens, the resolution on the monitor that doesn't have this problem changes. This is very annoying of course. How to prevent this?

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Can't Change Resolution To 1080p Or Update Driver

Jul 31, 2015

I cant change my resolution at all and I've gone to the geforce site to update my driver and it keeps failing to install it? These are my current specs:

Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
CPU AMD FX-410033 C Zambezi 32nm Technology
RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24)
Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. M5A78L-M LX (AM3R2)25 C
Graphics Generic Non-PnP Monitor (1280x1024@64Hz) / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (PNY)
Storage 931GB Seagate ST31000524AS ATA Device (SATA)25 C
Optical Drives TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-222BB ATA Device
Audio Realtek High Definition Audio

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How To Change Monitor Resolution To 1600x900 After Upgrade

Aug 6, 2015

ASUS M2A-VM on motherboard graphics. Windows recognizes the correct monitor. How can I change my monitor resolution to 1600x900 after Win10 upgrade?

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Screen Falls Off Page - Resolution Doesn't Match Screen Width

Nov 5, 2015

Since upgrading to Windows 10 from 7, I ran into the same issue as [URL] ....

So I tried the catalyst scaling option for my desktop and this seemed to fix the issue for mostly everything, desktop and most games, However, the problem still seems to arise with some games I try to play, such as Xcom Enemy Within or Dawn of War 2. Changing resolution in these games doesn't appear to have any effect, the image is still falling off the screen, I use my desktop on a 32 inch TV as opposed to a monitor via HDMI, and keep it set to 1600x900 as opposed to its native 1920x10180, but even leaving it at 1920 has the same effect.

I have my specs on a dxdiag file, dunno where to upload it here, but I'm using a AMD Radeon R9 200 Series on an Asus I built.

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Monitor Changed Brightness On Its Own - Enable Adaptive Brightness Set Off

Aug 26, 2015

How do you disable the monitor brightness beening changed on its own when the "Enable adaptive brightness" is set OFF?

for some reason I'm not seeing the Adjust my screen brightness automatically option in the Display tab of the SETTINGS app. 

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Screen Brightness Adjustment?

Feb 21, 2015

How does one adjust Screen Brightness and Colour on a desktop in W10 ? As AMD Catalyst is not yet compatible.

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Screen Brightness Works In Reverse

Aug 5, 2015

Sometimes when i start up in win10 get a black screen, if i pull out charging lead desktop comes up, if plug back in get black screen, so pull out and on desktop go into display with left mouse button, display slider works is working in reverse so set it to darkest which puts screen on brightest, then plug charger in most times this works, Another way that works sometimes is leave charger in use function key and dim button (rh arrow) and screen sometimes shows desktop.

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On-Battery Screen Brightness Too Dark

Aug 22, 2015

after updating to Windows 10, I am not able to get the screen brightness to 100% anymore (it is shown to be 100%, but plugging my laptop in, screen brightness will increase to maximum brightness). Screen settings are as shown below.I also tried using the command line:/ This allows me to change the brightness, however 100% is still not really 100% when on battery.

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Why Unable To Adjust Screen Brightness After Upgrade

Aug 5, 2015

I upgraded to windows 10 on 05/08/15. after completion of the upgrade the screen brightness increased tremendously. i am not able to reduce it. i tried mobility centre, device manager and all usual methods.

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Just Lost Screen Resolution / Clarity

Sep 3, 2015

While viewing a thread here, the forum went from perfect visual clarity to a washed out appearance. The most obvious example is on any given topic page where the listed threads I have viewed are a lighter shade of blue and unread ones are bold blue. Now the bold is 2-3 shades lighter and the lighter blue ones are just easily discernible but washed out looking.

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Full Screen Game Resolution?

Aug 10, 2015

I was working on my MIL's laptop over the weekend, and she was having problems with games on Windows 10. She's running a Yoga 2 Pro, and launching full screen games requires a resolution change. The game would launch, and be running normally, but attempting to give it focus would always drop you back into the desktop.

After doing some research, it's a remaining bug from the beta. Resolution changes causes the start menu to steal focus, which causes you to drop down into the desktop. Alt tabbing into the game repeats the cycle. The games (in this case) were not crashing, just unable to display.

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Screen Resolution Changed On Reboot?

Dec 2, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my desktop (upgraded from Windows 7, activated and then did a clean install) and ever since I've been encountering an odd issue:

Every time I reboot the PC, the resolution changes from 1600x900 to 1024x768. This happens after both restarting and shutting down. Every time Windows boots, it resets the resolution.

My specs are as follows:

CPU - Intel Xeon X3220 (OCed to 3.2GHZ)
RAM - 8GB DDR2-800
MOBO - Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
GPU - XFX Radeon HD6870 (Using latest drivers)
OS - Windows 10 Pro

how to fix it? Once I'm logged on, I can change the resolution back fine, and games run fine too, so it's definitely detecting my card properly and using the Radeon drivers

I must say, I'm a bit disappointed with Windows 10... Under Win 7 everything worked flawlessly, whereas under 10 I get loads of these small issues that make the experience particularly frustrating. Chief among them is the fact that Windows 10 is slow as anything - a fresh install takes longer to boot than my year old Windows 7 install did, and just generally feels less responsive than 7 did.

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Screen Goes Black When Switching To 4k Resolution

Jan 6, 2016

I recently got a new computer after my old one crashed. i installed my old 750 ti that was in the last computer and updated the drivers. I plugged it into the same 4k tv my last computer was hooked up to. However, when i try to switch to 4k resolution (3840x2160p) I am met with a black screen until it switches back to 1080p.

Windows 10
750 ti sc
i5 6400
8gb ram
1tb hdd

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Changing Screen Brightness On Desktop Without The Calibration Hustle?

Dec 5, 2015

Is there a way to change (decrease) the desktop screen brightness without going through the "Color calibrate" settings ?

Am looking for something similar to f.lux but without the orange filter, there is one called Turn off the lights, but it's very expensive ($25).

Also, isn't this supposed to be live a very basic thing ? i know that on laptop the brightness is controlled "physically" to save energy, i also know that f.lux and the other program i mentioned above are not accessing the real screen colors settings so maybe that's why Microsoft didn't add it but how hard would it be to make a software that just apply a color filter over the entire screen (reducing the darkness will just be a transparent black filter).

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