Why Can't Log Into Laptop After Update - Incorrect Password Message

Jul 30, 2015

I installed Windows 10 last night and it was working great until I did a restart to update my AVG. Then it wouldn't accept my Microsoft password . I am able to log in to my Microsoft account on my tablet and I tried changing the password but still get the incorrect password message .

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After Doing Update Registry Fix Can No Longer Login To Laptop - Password Incorrect

Aug 10, 2015

I tried that Windows 10 registry fix, and my laptop no longer recognizes my password. It keeps saying my password is incorrect. I got the update error on both of my laptops, but I tried the registry fix on an older laptop before I tried to fix it on my main laptop. My laptop starts fine and I get to the log in screen okay, but my password is no longer being recognized as correct. Did I destroy my laptop? I followed the directions exactly.

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Accounts :: Incorrect Password Message On Login Attempt

Jan 14, 2016

When I attempt to login to Win 10 I am unable to log in on my desktop computer. It gives me the message, "incorrect password." I am having no problem logging in with my laptop. The password is acceptable. I have tried resetting the password through the desktop but it requires a password disk which I don't have. I changed the password on the laptop however the laptop continues to work and the desktop gives me the "incorrect password" error.

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Keeps Saying Incorrect Password?

Aug 1, 2015

I downloaded and installed Win10 and I was able to use my computer normally. Ran CCCleaner. Now, after entering the same password I've used for years, the screen keeps saying it is incorrect. I changed passwords and retried with no luck. So my computer is useless as I can't get to my desktop to make any security changes or uninstall Win10.

how to get a restore disk to reinstall (would this even work?) I'd like my desktop computer back !

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After Successful Upgrade Can't Log In - Password Is Incorrect

Aug 1, 2015

Getting error message, "That password is incorrect. Make sure yo're using the password for you Microsoft account. You can always reset it at account.live.com/password/reset."

I just upgrade after purchasing this laptop 2 days ago. After the first restart of the successful upgrade I can't log in. I'm using the right password and have changed it and used that with no success. I can't do anything with this computer and like I said just bought it and need it for work.

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Accounts :: Incorrect Password After Changing User?

Mar 5, 2016

I was working on my laptop just fine this morning and when using a specific program noticed it was saving work as a previous user. So I went to accounts and changed the user name to mine. Now when I start the computer and am prompted for password it just says "incorrect password" even though it still shows the "password hint" as the same as it used to be and the user pic is still the old one.

I am freaking out as I have deadlines due today and can't access my computer!

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Accounts :: Incorrect Password Turn On Computer

Dec 22, 2015

I wanted to disable login password to I ran netplwiz and unchecked that requirement. It worked, but now when I turn on my computer, it says my password or username is incorrect. I click ok and it gives me two "users" on the lower left hand corner. I choose the correct one and enter my password and windows starts. But I have only one user administrator! I'm usi

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Safe Mode Won't Accept Password - Pin Is Incorrect

Sep 12, 2015

I reset my boot using a command prompt, so that it would next boot into safe mode.

However at the flash screen which requests my PIN, it now says my PIN is incorrect and so I cannot complete the boot at all, either in safe mode or otherwise!

I was hoping to use safe mode to investigate why Devices and Printers hangs without reaching any display - but now I am completely locked out of the computer.

It is a 3.6GB desktop running Win 10. I have just previously run scannow to check that system files are OK, and found no discrepancies. 

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Accounts :: Can't Log On Locally Anymore - Username Or Password Is Incorrect

Feb 10, 2016

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, it seems I can't login with a local account. When we install Windows 7, it create a local account with administrative privileges. Usually I name that account LocalAdmin.

I was trying to to the same with Windows 10. I created a local account with the Computer Management MMC Console, named it LocalAdmin and put it in Administrators group.

At the logon screen, I click on "Other user", I enter the username this way MachineNameLocalAdmin and the password.

Everytime Windows 10 throw the error : "The username or password is incorrect. Try again."

How come we can't log on locally anymore???!

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Desktop PC And Got Wrong Username Or Password Message

Sep 3, 2015

Prior to upgrading to win 10 I was able to log in to my desktop pc and my laptop using my Microsoft account details , after upgrading I was still able to for a while , one day I tried to log in to my desktop pc and got wrong username or password message , but I am still able to log in on my laptop using these details , after several attempts and no success , I changed the password but the result was the same , I can also log in to my Microsoft account online ( on my laptop ) I have been in touch with Microsoft help but they say its windows problem , haven't been able to get into my desktop pc for the past three weeks , I have thought of removing the desktop pc from the account , but am unsure if that would work to get in to the pc or cause me further problems.

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Getting Runtime Error Message When Laptop Boot Up?

Aug 19, 2015

I recently upgraded my laptop from W 7 to W 10. Now when I switch on I get a

'Runtime Error! Program: CWindowssystem32atibtmon.exe'
'This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.'

Then there's the top 'half' of a line that reads 'Please contact the application's support team for more '

The only option is to click 'OK' and everything continues as normal.

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Lenovo Laptop Crashes When Not Plugged In With Error Message Thread Stuck In Device Driver

Aug 2, 2015

I just upgraded to Windows 10 on a brand new Lenovo Z50 laptop. It crashes whenever it is not plugged in with the error message THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER ....

I assume there is some driver that I'm forgetting to download that is related to the battery or something?

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Updates :: Remove Important Update Message From Windows 8.1 Boot Screen

Sep 13, 2015

I have uninstalled KB3035583 which has removed the windows 10 script from my taskbar, however I am still getting a message that there is an important update when I boot up to the initial Windows 8.1 screen before my login. On checking what important updates are available, it is only the Windows 10, KB3035583 that it is obviously trying to get me to update again.

After 2 weeks of failure on updating to Windows 10, I have decided to stay with 8.1. I now want to remove the advice to install importantant updates, that pertain to Windows 10, but still showing those for my Windows 8.1 system. At this point, when getting this message, I don't know if it is still just for Windows 10, or if new updates are available for my 8.1?

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How To Reset Password On Asus Laptop

Nov 19, 2015

I installed windows 10 on my asus laptop. I wrote down my password and misplaced it. Now what do I do?

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Accounts :: Brand New Laptop Won't Accept Log On Password

Dec 24, 2015

I have a brand new HP laptop that I started for the first time last night. I set up a password and name but when I restarted the computer this morning it would not accept my password which I know is correct.

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HP Envy Laptop Won't Accept Password To Open

Aug 3, 2015

My hp envy now wants a password, after not needing one when I chose the button to not require a password in the windows settings. Now it won't accept any password, even after I went into microsoft account on another computer, got a code, updated password. Still won't accept password. I am not tech savvy, and just need to get into my laptop! 

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How To Reset A Password - Cannot Sign In To Laptop After Upgrade

Nov 19, 2015

Laptop has been upgraded to windows 10 and now can't get in! how to reset the password?

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Can't Log Into Acer Laptop - Unable To Type In Password

Oct 29, 2015

I have an Acer Aspire V5-573G, recently upgraded to Windows 10 a few weeks ago. Was using my laptop this morning just fine but tonight when I turned it on, I get to the password log in and I can't type in my password.

I can still move the cursor around the screen and go back to the screen displaying the time/date before the password log in screen. I just can't type in my password! Nothing happens.

Also the little icons in the bottom right corner are dull, the clock symbol and the power symbol, although the wifi symbol is highlighted as it's connected. I've unplugged all external hard drives and even turned off my wifi.

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BSOD :: Laptop Crashed After Changing Settings For Password

Oct 27, 2015

Windows kept asking me for the password upon startup and would not recognize the password I input each time. So I would have to reset it. I went to the forum and read how to shut the password feature off by holding the windows key + r , typing the letters provided and unchecking the box. The system then asked me to restart. My laptop will not restart - blue/black screen appears and nothing else.

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Cannot Login To Acer Laptop - Repeatedly Asking For Username / Password

Apr 8, 2016

I cant login to my acer laptop running on windows 10 os..it keeps asking for user name and password...what can i do?

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BSOD :: PIN Not Working After Microsoft Password Update

Sep 11, 2015

I recently changed my microsoft password.After a reset, after entering the PIN, i was greeted with the message: " username or password is incorrect".I changed it to log on with my new password and it worked perfectly.

If i enter a different PIN: " the PIN is incorrect"

It is worth mentioning that i changed my PIN several times but with no result.

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Why Won't Laptop Start After The Update

Aug 18, 2015

have nothing, no screen, cant seem to start in safe mode, its a toshiba satellite laptop the on buttos flashes every few seconds. Have disconnected power and removed battery, but nothing

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BSOD :: Laptop Won't Start After Update

Jan 5, 2016

My HP Spectre 13 laptop won't complete a startup. It has the update of Windows 10 pro (from 8.1), a solid state drive (SSD), and classic shell. The computer started earlier today and I got a message that I could restart it to effect updates -- so I did. That restart seemed OK. Next I got a notice to upgrade my Kaspersky Internet Security (to KIS2016, I think) so I said OK. Then I got a message that I could restart to make the Kaspersky the effect. I did, and that is when I got messages in the following sequence.

(At some point a message flashed, too briefly to read, about a thread missing or something.)

1) "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We'll restart for you."
---- Messages: "preparing automatic repair" "diagnosing your PC"

2) "Your PC did not start correctly" [restart] [advanced options]

3) at [advanced options] offered this menu:
--(1) Continue - exit and continue to windows 10
--(2) Use a device -- Use a USB drive, network connection, or windows recovery DVD.
--(3) Troubleshoot -- reset your PC or see advanced options.
--(4) Turn off your PC

4) [Troubleshoot] offers:
--(1) Reset this PC - Lets you choose to keep or remove files, and then re-installs windows.
--(2) Advanced Options

5) [Advanced options] offers:
--(1) System restore -- use a restore point
--(2) System image recovery
--(3) Startup repair - fix problems that keep windows from loading.
--(4) Command prompt
--(5) Startup settings - change windows startup behavior.
--(6) See more recovery options - go back to the previous build.

So far I have only accessed the command prompt and listed folders with DIR. I am thinking of trying to use a system restore point, but I am worried about creating even more problems.

I suspect the problem is due to Win 10 or to drivers or to Kaspersky or an interaction between them. I will post this to Windows 10 forum, to HP Support, and to Kaspersky Support.

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How To Stop Update On Laptop (GPU Drivers)

Aug 5, 2015

I installed windows 10 on my laptop yesterday! My gpu needs reflowing and now doesn't work so I shouldn't download and install my gpu drivers... But they are actually downloading right now.

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Laptop Doesn't Boot After BIOS Update

Oct 18, 2015

I recently bought a MSI laptop, and decided to update the BIOS.

However after the update my laptop just doesn't boot anything, no USB, no hard drive, nothing.

I already enabled/disabled secure boot, used UEFI etc. and tried to flash the BIOS again, but nothing worked.

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Why Admin Permission Required To Update Laptop

Sep 27, 2015

Got my sister's laptop to shaping the future of windows, stuck on build 9926 because she forgot the password which allows me to use the device an admin.

Now I need to use that laptop but I can't, 9926 is not good as a daily driver ...

Tried clean install, usb option is missing ... tried the tool, it needs a permission.

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