Cannot Find Files And Videos After Installing It From Windows 7

Dec 7, 2015

I had two accounts on this pc when i was running windows 7 i had videos i bought saved on desktop on that account now it's gone i only have one account now and i cannot find the videos even tho the memory is being used up. How do i find those videos?

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Cannot Play Videos After Installing

Feb 3, 2016

I recently installed windows 10 and now anytime I try to play a movie on either my desktop or my laptop I receive this error notice.

Playback Error
The text associated with this error is code cold not be found

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Can't Find MP3 Files

Feb 10, 2016

I installed Win 10. I have several hundred MP3's in my Win 7 "Music" folder, but in Win 10 I now see only a dozen or so. I rolled back 10 to 7; presto! there they are. Re-installed 10 and have the same issue: I cannot locate a folder full of my music. I can find any title I search for; just not all of them in one location.

Also, is there a good replacement app for Media Player?

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How To Find Large Files

Aug 15, 2015

How can I find large files on my local harddrive

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Search Cannot Find Files

Aug 14, 2015

I have hundreds of videos but when I try to search for them by using IN this PC the Kind:=video command the search come up empty. It simply cannot find anything I ask it to search for. I do not want to use third party search applications. I just want it to work.

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Some MSI Files Not Installing Saying Required Module Not Found

Nov 30, 2015

We have written several programs in VB.2010. They all have a setup and deploy project to create the MSI file. There is a launch condition for a specific file.

This same technique is used in many other programs we have. All work in Windows 7, 8, etc. but not in Windows 10.

The file is there where it supposed to be.

Some programs work using the same exact file in Windows 10 and some do not. All work on Windows 7, 8.

The file is QBFC13.dll and is in C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesIntuitQuickBooks Search Target is [CommonFilesFolder]IntuitQuickBooks

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Upgraded And Now Cannot Find Old Files (documents)?

Oct 14, 2015

I need to locate my old files.

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Drivers/Hardware :: Can't Find Files In HDD After Update

Aug 29, 2015

when I upgraded to windows ten I selected keep nothing when it asked me what files I wanted to keep thing it would delete all the junk I don't need on my pc, but after the upgrade my HDD was just as full as it was before. so I tried to manually delete stuff but now when I look through my cdrive I says all the file are empty except for the windows one. When I look to see how much room I left no my hard drive it says one out of two TB is full but I cant find what's taking up that 1 TB anywhere.

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Search Can't Find Some Files Says These Results May Be Incomplete

Feb 23, 2016

When I "search my stuff" from the start menu, some files that I know to be indexed never show up in the results. And at the top of the search window, it reads: "These results may be incomplete, search is still indexing your stuff."

I've rebuilt the search index, which says it finished successfully, indexing 3000-something items, but the problem remains.

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Cannot Find Files Or Search The Web In Start Button / Menu

Oct 23, 2015

I got Windows 10 home a few months now. No problems whatsoever with the installation or setup/usage and it'd fast and bug free. My problem happened just last week...

I used to press the WIN key & S to search for files. Or i can press the START button and just start typing. It will search for my files & search the internet (cortana search). Now nothing happens when i search.

When i press WIN+S, and type something, it just sit's there doing nothing, but it seems like Cortana is thinking or about to give out information, but nothing happens at all. Same as on the start menu. I type out something and no information is given, it wont search for any of my files or nothing.

I am at a lost. In the past, it worked perfectly, like Windows 8.1. Press START, & type.

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Search Can't Find Files In Google Drive Folder

Sep 19, 2015

Problem:I press Start / I type the filename of any files I know exist in my Google Drive folder (c:/users/Luke/Google Drive) nothing appears.It says "Windows is still indexing some files. This might not be everything just yet."

Thing is, if I go to Indexing Options, it clearly says "Indexing complete." and there's no HDD activity (and it's had ages to rebuild the index)... and I rebuilt the index (~500,000 files).

The best workaround I've found is switching off Indexing (which reveals files in Google Drive folder, but now searching the whole computer takes forever)

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Search Cannot Find Folders / Files On Desktop Computer

Oct 10, 2015

On my desktop computer I have a folder and some files which have a common part of a name on both such as the name of the folder could be Folder and the files could be called Folder/file1, Folder/file2 etc. Doing a search in documents or even drilling down closer(these folders and files are about 5 levels down, if I used the name Folder, I don't find the folder or the files which had Folder as part of their name.

I cleared the search file and rebuilt the index and it still couldn't find the files.

I have a laptop which contains the same files as my desktop. I opened explorer and keyed in "Folder" and they popped right up. The only difference in the machines is that the desktop has an upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and the laptop is a Windows 10 from scratch. I have checked the search ribbon on explorer and all options and other items are identical between the two machines.

When I rebuilt the search file, I even added the drive that actually contained the Documents folder which the system is smart enough to know that the drive contained the documents folder so it removed the documents folder from the list when it added the drive. No change.

Interesting thing happened though. With all my frustrations, I restored to a C drive image from a week before to see what would happen. and immediately after the restore completed, I tried the search and it worked. So then I tried it again and it didn't work. Even drilling down the folder tree to the specific folder which contained the files so I'm looking at them while I'm keying in the search argument and it still can't find them.

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Installation :: Cannot Find Files To Go Back Even If WINDOW OLD Still In C Main Drive

Aug 3, 2015

It's not even a week when I upgraded to wds 10 ..Now It won't let me roll back.When I fo to Recovery and click roll back ..START .. It keeps showing wds can not find the files to go back even if WINDOW OLD still in drive C "main" drive.The only way to roll back is to restore factory settings ..

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Can't Find Saved Word Docs When Trying To Attach Files To Email?

Aug 27, 2015

When I try to attach word docs to emails, a small compact screen opens and only shows 5 documents. There should be 100's... When I close email and search docs, they all appear normally.?

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Search Doesn't Find Files - At Least In Google Drive Folder

Sep 19, 2015

Windows finds files containing 'hello'

I press Start
I type the filename of any files I know exist in my Google Drive folder (c:/users/Luke/Google Drive)
nothing appears.

It says "Windows is still indexing some files. This might not be everything just yet."

Thing is, if I go to Indexing Options, it clearly says
"Indexing complete."
and there's no HDD activity (and it's had ages to rebuild the index)...

...oh and I rebuilt the index (~500,000 files).

The best workaround I've found is switching off Indexing (which reveals files in Google Drive folder, but now searching the whole computer takes forever)

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When Preview Pane Is Open Explorer Can't Find Files By Typing The Name

Sep 2, 2015

Here is the problem:

In file exlorer:
when I have the preview pane is open,
I select a file,
I start typing the name of a document to find it, but the file explorer doesn't take me to the file. (it doesn't find it/highlight it)

When I turn off the preview pane, the file explorer finds the files without any issues.

In Windows 7, it did this without a problem, in the same folder.

Admittedly, I do have over 40,000 files, but since it worked fine with Windows 7, I don't think this is a problem with the number of files.

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Installing Windows On Nearly Full SSD?

Jul 17, 2015

So I only have 150-200mb free on my SSD, but I wanted to install Windows 10 after its release.

Is it possible to install it on my SSD or do I need to do something first?

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Windows Won't Turn Monitor Off Since Installing

Nov 11, 2015

windows not turning off their screen as scheduled? If so is there a fix to get it to turn off as scheduled?

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Installing New SSD With Clean Windows Install

Nov 9, 2015

When I got my computer in 2012, I used Windows' own mover to move all files and settings over. I didn't know that that was a bad idea, and so ended up with a corrupted profile and some bad settings.

I am finally ready to do something about it.

Here's my setup:

* Windows 10 (which I am loving, by the way)
* Two drives, C and D. C is my boot drive.

I want to format a new SSD drive with a clean Windows 10 install and then replace my existing C drive with that new drive. I know this means I will have to reinstall everything that is on my existing C drive, but I'm fine with that.

Here are my questions:

1. How can I format my new SSD drive with Windows 10 and get it set up as my new C drive? I have a USB connector for the new SSD drive so I can access it from a USB port first; can I use that connection to install Windows on the drive? The new SSD came with software to clone my existing C drive, but of course that is not what I want; I want a clean install to get away from the corrupted install. Can Windows recognize and format a drive connected through a USB port?

2. When I put my new drive C into my computer, how do I tell my computer that I want that to be my boot drive?

3. Once I get the new SSD installed as my new drive C, how do I format my old drive C as a drive E with Windows 10? Again, I am fine with wiping out everything on that drive once I have a new C.

4. I have a lot of programs installed on my D drive and want to keep them there. Will I need to reinstall them? (Again, if so, I'm fine with that.) Or would symlinks work?

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Need To Clear Drive Before Installing Windows Again?

Nov 26, 2015

The title pretty much sums it. I'm having some issues with my PC, (not bad, resolved easily from just a clean install) and i'm going to use the windows media creation tool to do a fresh install of windows on my drive. Now my PC came with windows 8.1 pre-installed, but since i HAVE upgraded to windows 10 already, it won't download windows 8.1 right? Also, since i already have windows and everything working on this drive, will i need to do a factory restore before using the media creation tool, or does it clear everything on the drive anyway when i use the creation tool?

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Installing On New SSD Without Wiping HDD That Windows 7 Is Currently Installed On?

Sep 3, 2015

I currently have windows 7 on my 1TB hard drive and have recently bought a new 256gb Crucial SSD (but not installed it in my desktop yet).

I bought the SSD to be able to install games onto it so they load quicker but also if possible to have my OS booting from it so my computer loads quicker from switching on.

Someone put me onto the idea of using a program called Steam Mover to be able to move games from my HDD to the SSD without having to uninstall them and then re-download them direct to the SSD. I understand this can also be used for other programs like photoshop etc too.

I want to upgrade to Windows 10 but don't want to have to do a clean install and lose all the programs that i currently have installed such as Photoshop, Office, iTunes etc. Is it possible to somehow upgrade my OS on my HDD but then actually boot from the SSD perhaps by using the Steam Mover program?

If not, do I just have to bite the bullet and accept that I will either lose or have to reinstall a number of programs to my HDD? I do have a second 1TB HDD which is empty at the moment in case its needed for cloning files?

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Installation :: Can't Find Windows Contacts

Jan 19, 2016

I had saved my email address book off my W XP machine ( Outlook Express ) as a WAB file in my external hard drive. I imported it & now I can't find it anywhere! It was supposed to be in Windows Mail ( Hate it!). Where/how do I find it? 

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Updates :: How To Stop Windows Update Installing Driver

Mar 5, 2016

Windows 10 keeps installing the ASUS Smart Gesture touchpad driver on my laptop. The driver is garbage and it runs three memory resident processes, which seems rather excessive for a touchpad driver. The default Windows touchpad driver works perfectly well, so I want to use that instead of the ASUS driver. However, if I uninstall the ASUS driver Windows Update quickly reinstalls it.

I disabled automatic driver installation when I installed Windows 10, as you can see here:

Despite that Windows update keeps installing the ASUS Smart Gesture driver.

how I can make it stop?

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Taskbar Flashing After Installing No Icons At All Just Says Search Web And Windows?

Aug 20, 2015

how to go back if I wanted to.The task bar just keeps flashing with no icons except (Serch the web andWindows) 

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Stop Windows From Automatically Installing Graphics Drivers?

Sep 18, 2015

Can I stop windows(10) from automatically installing drivers for my Radeon graphics card? I have an HP dv6 with switchable graphics and I only want to have the Intel HD 3000 graphics working because whenever I install the drivers for the Radeon graphics the laptop will not boot into windows on the next reboot.I have uninstalled the drivers but it keeps re-installing it and the screen flickers every time it installs it.

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Updates :: How To Find Which Product Key Has Been Used For Installed Windows

Aug 28, 2015

Windows 10 x64

As I have multiple retail license keys, I am unsure which one is in use right now.

There are 3rd party key finders that may show the key in use, but I prefer to obtain the key using Windows own tools, if possible. For instance using a CMD.(Am uncertain about these 'key finders': can they be trusted?)

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