Loses Customization After Reboot?

Sep 23, 2015

My wife and I both have exactly the same computer - HP Touchsmart 620 - upgraded from Win 7. Our preferences include hiding the Language/Keyboard icon by customising the Taskbar & Start Menu options, and also turning off the touch screen function which now in Win 10 we can only do by disabling HID Compliant Touch Screen through device manager. Here's the thing, my customisations stay, but my wife's default back to showing the language bar and activating the touch screen after every reboot, even though the HID Compliant Touch Screen is still disabled in Device Manager.

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Customization :: Reboot Loses Customization

Aug 10, 2015

After each reboot I have to reenter my touch pad preferences. Specifically, two-finger scroll direction. Running HP 2014 notebook w/o touch screen. 

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Clean Install On Custom Build PC - Reboot And Loses Progress

Dec 10, 2015

I am trying to clean install windows 10 on a custom build pc. I have a installation usb created by the Windows Media Creation tool. I boot, it goes into set up, and I choose which partition and all that. It begins installing. Then it restarts after it finishes getting the files ready.

This is when things go off the rails. When it boots back up, it returns to the initial set up screen. As if I had not just gone through the first part of the install. I have tried a few times and same result.

Build: OCZ SSD 240 gb
Asus MB

I can write out the rest if it is relevant.

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Customization :: Theme Resetting At Reboot

Oct 5, 2015

I have installed one at the time, but after reboot it has reset back to default Windows theme, calling it "unsaved theme".

How do I get one theme to stay after reboot?

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Customization :: Background Slideshow Changes To Picture Upon Reboot

Dec 6, 2015

I have set up my background to display slideshow. There appears to be no save button on this page. Every time I reboot the computer I find the slideshow has been changed back to "picture" mode.

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Customization :: Why Do Screen Saver Settings Change After Reboot

Aug 17, 2015

Why do my screen saver settings change after a reboot?

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Customization :: Keyboard Layout Change Lost After Reboot?

Feb 26, 2016

I know how to change the keyboard layout by clicking on the (in my case) "ENG US" next to the Notification area. So i change it to "ENG" (wish I could make that say "ENG HANS"). But, after a reboot, I am back to "ENG US".

how to make the change stick?

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Always Loses Connection And Network Adapter Fails

Mar 25, 2016

This is all after upgrading from Windows 7 three days ago.
After two days of enjoying Windows 10, my internet just started going out. The pc would freeze for a sec and then id get a red x in the bottom and my wifi would be gone. In device manager, it always shows my wifi network adapter operation was unsuccessful. I switched to a different adapter and installed the latest drivers, which say are compatible with windows 10, and the same issue still happens. I also tried some CMD command I found online related to old VPNs and that didn't work.
Usually it only fixes if i unplug and replug the adapter. Disabling and enabling doesn't work. I repaired winsock and renewed tcp/ icp and that didn't work.. What can I do? I cant go 20 minutes without losing internet.

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Clock Constantly Loses Time - Correct In BIOS

Jan 11, 2016

I have a windows 10 tablet and the clock is constantly losing time by significant amounts. Just a few minutes after starting the clock slows by as much as 10min and eventually gets to several hours slow.

Yes, the time and timezone are set correctly in settings.

Yes, it is set up to sync with time.nist.gov

The really puzzling thing is that the bios/uefi clock is correct and stays correct. So in my limited knowledge it seems the problem must be with windows.

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Basic Optical Mouse Loses Settings On Shutdown

Jul 31, 2015

I see a lot of people have had the same problem recently but most when using Logitech/Synaptics. My problem is with the Microsoft basic optical mouse v2.0.

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Network Client - Randomly Loses Mapped Drives

Feb 4, 2016

Installed Win 10 on network client. I have 8 mapped drives from the server and on a regular basis 1 or more of drive are lost. They come back on their own usually a short time later. This causes major headaches when programs using files on the drives lose the connection while files are in use.

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Loses Internet Connection Halfway Through Downloading Game

Jan 26, 2016

I keep losing my connection when I'm trying to download this game.

When it is connected it says Connected, Secured.

Then later randomly in the middle of the download I'm still connected to the WiFi but it says no internet.

I can fix it bit disconnecting and then reconnecting to it but then I have to restart my download.

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Apps :: All Video In Every Browser Loses Audio Then Stops After A Few Minutes

Dec 27, 2015

So, there was an automatic windows update on my machine a few days ago. It was some huge update that took hours, and afterwards it was acting like it had just installed Windows again. It had those placeholder screens saying how great Windows 10 was and that it was preparing my machine for first use, etc... I didn't have to do any major setup, like timezone and networks and stuff, but some of my regular apps had been reset and I had to reconfigure them. Other than that it seemed to be working fine.

However, something began happening that is causing me a lot of grief. Every time I am on YouTube or Vimeo, the videos will play for a few minutes, but then the audio drops out and then the video will stop playing. That is in Chrome. In Firefox, the video stops for a second and then it starts back up like the network dropped out (compression artifacts, etc...).

My network has been fine, it is 50meg broadband and is pretty solid. I have gone ahead and updated my audio (I have a G35 USB headset) and I updated my video drivers (nVidia GTX 980), rebooted the machine, rebooted the router and modem, and everything else that I can think of, but still the video does this to me. I also use sites like digital tutors, and their videos do the same thing. So it has to be something on my end.

I did try to go back and look at the update that was installed, but it wiped my update history as well.

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Apps :: Latest Daily Update (Thunderbird Replacement) Loses All Email Settings

Jan 8, 2016

Daily is the name given to the new replacement for Mozilla Thunderbird. It often has daily updates, and the one today (08 Jan 2016) causes it to lose all email settings. As a result, when it start is shows no existing email, no email account, and looks like you are starting with a fresh install of a new email client.

To get around this I downloaded and installed the latest version of Thunderbird (38.5.1) and this did show all my email OK. So something bad happened to Daily - hopefully whoever it is who controls that software will fix it tomorrow.

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PC Random Reboot

Aug 31, 2015

Upgraded to windows 10 from windows 8.1 on July 31st, for the first 20 days there were no problems, now my PC will randomly reboot. The event log only shows that the system unexpectedly shut down, no errors. I read that changing when the computer sleeps from never to a set time has solved the problem for some. I tried this and the random reboot didn't happen for a few days, then a update happened on the 28th of August and now the problem is back.

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How To Keep Numlock On At Reboot

Sep 23, 2015

When I reboot and go to enter my login PIN the numlock is off and I have to turn it on. I can't seem to find a solution to make it stay on on reboot, except turning off fast boot. Windows 10?

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PC Reboot Loop After Update

Aug 3, 2015

I was using a machine with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, and it was working perfect till the day I upgraded to Windows 10. First, I had a few problems during the update, probably due to the not updated (with the last drivers) nVidia card.

My specs:
-SSD hard drive as boot
-MOBO is Gigabyte GA-768XP-UD3P updated with the lastest BIOS from 2013, UEFI.
-a few other hard drives
-nVidia GTX 980 graphic card

Well, I finally was able to install the Windows system, but after the shut down and boot, I couldn't enter it. The computer started to reboot after a few seconds, sometimes I'm able to see the BIOS screen (but pressing any button doesn't work) and then it boots again in a few seconds.

After some search online, I understood it could be a problem of the BIOS that was corrupted (why if it worked till the day before??). I used a very strange system to press the power on button and put down and up the PSU for 3 times, then when I rebooted again I saw the screen with "The main BIOS is corrupted and we have to recover it from a backup".

The setup of the BIOS from backup worked, but with "load optimized default" I then got a Windows 10 blue screen error " :-( INNACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE"

I then entered again the BIOS and changed some info like AHCI, UEFI only, etc.

Then, after a reboot it worked and I could enter WINDOWS 10 finally.

I thought I was OK, then I tried a reboot and it worked. BUT, when I tried to first shutdown and then boot, again I went inside the BIOS reboot loop!!

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Installation :: OS Choices During Reboot

Aug 26, 2015

Since upgrading to Win 10 anytime that I reboot my machine I get a screen where I have so many seconds to accept either Windows 7 or Windows 7 recovered. I let the timer run down or I hit enter which would load the Windows 7 OS. However Windows ten loads.

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Installation :: Freezing After First Reboot?

Sep 5, 2015

I have recently been trying to upgrade to windows 10 on a used alienware aurora r3 pc. I got my reservation, checked the windows 10 app every day, and finally, I was ready to get the upgrade, but I'm having issues installing it. After windows update downloads everything and I get to the installation proper, it takes like 4 hours for it to get to about 30% and then finally reboots. I'm taken to a windows ten loading screen, but each time I get to this point, the loading circle freezes. If I turn the pc off at this point and back on again, it reinstalls my normal windows 7 and I'm able to get back to my files and everything, but I still really want to get 10. Solved Build 10041: Freeze on Restart - Windows 10 Forums My issues seem to be similar to what is described in this article, and it may have something to do with it setting "fast reboot" on by default. What do I need to do to resolve these issues?

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BSOD :: Freezes And Have To Reboot

Aug 17, 2015

I am experiencing a consistent issue with Windows 10 where the computer runs okay, but then it suddenly freezes where I cannot do a thing. So I am not able to save my work or project I am working and lose all my data that I was working on. I then have to reboot the system to get Windows operational once again.

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Getting WDF Violation And Reboot - Cannot Recover

Nov 5, 2015

Was away for two weeks. Upon return, could not find main user name or files. Tried to do a recovery to the last date it worked. I get a WDF VIOLATION and reboot. Cannot recover. 

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Freezes When Turn On PC / Reboot

Aug 31, 2015

When I turn on my PC, it starts up but I just get a black screen with the circular arrow. It adds one dot about every 15 minutes. I select start>power>re-start and everything comes up fine. It is slower than Windows 7, which is annoying, but not nearly as much as having to reboot every time.

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Installation :: Welcome Screen Then Reboot

Dec 29, 2015

Bought new motherboard, a new PSU tried loading win10 umpteen times from ISO ( same with win 8 + gen key ) I get this far all the time every time. Just won't go into Windows proper. All the fixes like restore/reset don't work.

I can get the command prompt > but don't have the expertise to know what I could type to understand why I can't progress into any windows OS

tried partition magic + hirens boots to completely wipe the drive then clean install windows have run memtest86, HDD tools, no bad sectors, oh mouse/keyboard are new too . Its only the CPU I haven't changed and that is nicely set at low temp, as in BIOS I've upped the fan to keep it cool.

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Reboot Once To Get WiFi Every Time

Oct 26, 2015

Win10 Laptop, upgrade from Win7.
Every time I fire up my laptop without exception I cannot connect to the internet via WiFi.
Power settings are High Performance and the operating system doesn't switch off anything to save power. I never hibernate or allow sleep. It's either on or off.
The device and its drivers appear to be good, a list of nearby networks are displayed for me to connect to. On attempting to manually connect I get a message "Cannot Connect at this time"
If I then reboot the laptop it successfully connects to my WiFi network automatically without delay or errors and continues to maintain a connection.
When I shutdown the laptop I have the same problem when it is started, I have to restart it.
This same problem occurs with three different wireless networks I have access to.
Switching off the wireless adapter and back on again doesn't work. Switching off the router and back on again doesn't work, I have to reboot the laptop every time.
On all three routers the routers give the laptop a static IP address. The routers give me a different IP address though.

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100% Disk Usage On Reboot

Nov 30, 2015

So I have recently had my Windows 10 laptop take longer than usual to boot up. When everything finally loads up, I check the disk used and it's always at 95-100% for about ten minutes, even though no particular program/process is running high. I've tried a couple recommended tricks (uncheck tips about Windows, disabled superfetch, turn off cloud-based protection in defender) and nothing as worked thus far. The computer itself is less than a year old, and I have plenty of hard drive space and RAM. I've scanned for disk errors, I've done a disk clean-up - and nothing has worked.

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Deleting Driver And Reboot

Dec 16, 2015

My wifi worked fine until I installed the november update. Workarond by deleting the driver and reboot, didn't work. Tried another PciE card, but same problem.Previous driver HP 802.11 b/g. HP support does not show newer drivers.

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