Collapsing Vertical Menu

I am trying to create a collapsing vertical menu (with nested submenus). Check out the 'products' quick menu on this site and you will know what i mean.I know how to do a static version of this using CSS and DHTML but in this case the client will need to add/remove sub-menu categories. Consequently the menu will need to be populated from a db. I am using ASP (VBScript) and an MS Access DB.

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Creating Vertical Menus

Can anybody help me create a VERTICAL Menu bar please.

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Vertical Scroll Bar In A Table

As a mean of not having to use Framesets/Frames with all the bad side effects/workarounds that come with them, I want to know if it is possible to code a scrolling veritcal bar into a table <TD> ...

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Removing The Vertical Scroll Bar

Apparently you can do a window (for want of a better word) without having the vertical scroll bar to the right there, which you get regardless of the height of the window.We are working on pop up message boxes (JS, calling standard ASP), and can't work out how to get rid of the scroll bar. Some one in the office is claiming it can be done, but am at a complete loss how to do it.

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Vertical Repeat Region

Anone know of free code available to create a vertical repeating region? (I've found code for a horizontal repeating region.). I want to display my data from an Access table vertically, not horizontally.

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Vertical Table Alignment Issue With Dataset Returned

I have two tables: one table forms the header columns and the other table is in an iframe returning the results of an sql query. The query works fien and returns the appropriate data but the rendering of the columns in the top table does notmatch those in the iframe table, even though they are supposed to be the same width!!

The iframe table has a scroll bar and the data returned sizes each column cell
dependant on the amount of data returned regardless if i stipulate a set width!!

As you can imagine this is visually poor as the table columns are not correct for both tables!!

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Pop Out Menu / Sub- Menu In Frame

does frame support pop out menu? Thanks....

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Asp Form Menu With Sub Menu

Can any one help with code for form menu in which sub menu appear on selecting the main menu. This is one field of an access database to be submitted by user.. Now I have code only for selecting from main menu. Code:

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i have menus and sub menus written in java script in an asp times teh sub menu bars overlap with the text fields of some of the pages.I want to set some option on the menu bars so that if they overlap with the text feilds of the page still they remain on the top and r visible over the text feild.

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I am trying to create a Menu, like the one on this page, that looks like this:

Viewing: ASP Free Forums > Programming > ASP Development

But have no idea what it is called and how to do one. Can anyone please point me in the right direction.

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ASP Menu

I want to create with asp a "menu" that will have a dynamicall drop down menu. Is there any ready drop down or a tutorial for this?

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Asp Dynamic Menu

I have been searching for tutorials everywhere on how I could make a menu that is multi levels but that can be updated dynamically through basically when I add a link in the database it will update the I know how to pretty much pull links from the database for a basic menu...but lets say there is a link called about us and under about us there is more options to choose from.

How would i code this so the menu would know which ones were parents and which ones where childs? And does anyone know of a good tutorial, or of an example. and basically I want this because I would like to create a content manager...but I don't understand how the menu would work when pulling data from a database.

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Creating A Menu Using ASP

I am using asp and access database. I need to create a menu according each member access. In other words, if member login I need to display the menu according to the services the member selected during registration. Each service contains diff type of products.


What is the best way to this...

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List Menu

I need to create a page which updates a products information within a record.

the tables are,
products (ID,CatID,sID)
supplier (sID,sName),
category (CatID, CatName)

The above tables supplier and category have relationships to products by using the sID and CatID

I need to update the product details by having a select/option for a supplier and category but if not changed by the user the value already within products table stays the same, therefore the list must be dynamic so that the first item in the list is the one relating to the value in the products table. Also the value must be the ID numbers but must display the names not the ID's to the users within the select/option.

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Trying To Create A Menu With ASP

I am trying to create a menu with multiple tiers. I want to use the one menu as an include file throughout the site. Depending on what page you are on, I want the 2nd and third tiers to show up.

The rest just show the tier 1 links. I'm pretty sure this can be done in CSS, but the problem is that with a very big menu, I'd rather not have to load up the entire menu when it all won't be showing.

There for I figured I could create it in ASP. I could set some sort of parameter in the page so the menu include file would know what page I'm on, and then would only show and load the 2nd and 3rd tiers of that section. Is this possible? Code:

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Menu Tree

is it possible to have an asp menu tree? or possible to swap an inc though a link click

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Three Drop Down Menu

I've got three drop down menus which allows the user to select a date on a html form. The day drop down menu has the values 1-31, the month menu has values 1-12 etc etc. However i would like when the page is loaded for the current date to be present as the intially selected value in the menu. How can i apply the selected attribute of the current date.

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Nested Menu

My last (maybe) problem is to make a nested menu (I think is possible only with Java) and I must take the names of the selections from a DB ...
is possible? I can't find documents where is explained how to use MDB files with Java

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Navigation Menu

I need to make a simple navigation menu where I click on a link(href) and either expand or collapse a menu. Based on what I click, my menu changes. I think I know how to do most of this, byt my question is, how do I pass the value of the link I clicked ?

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Collapsible Menu In ASP

how to get collopsible menu to be used with ASP pages??

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Dynamic Menu

if you guys have managed to do a asp-function that prints out
a full menu using SOThink menu builder.

the example
is very unclear to me atm.....

things as stm_bp("p0",[0,4,0,0,3,1,0,0,100,"",-2...... ) and

now how to know what numbers shall be printed out?I would be thankful if anyone showed a proper parent-child database example
that works.

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Get Sub Menu Working

I am generating my menu dynamically as a dhtml menu. however the third level 'MenuSubCat'. I cannot get it to display properly and to loop all the third level sub menus to correct second leve menu. Code:

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Menu Dynamic

I have a serious question here. Two websites: and

I am trying to build a menu system which is dynamic, and the live site, is what is going on right now. The test site is and I am trying to make my menu dynamic so it feeds off the sql database. Secondly, I need to have a .5 second delay just like windows XP, becuase when your mouse is scrolling over from one button to the other, it tends to dissappear the menu you are looking at. Also, all severs are in house, so if you need me to copy the code down

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How To Add To A Db From Drop Down Menu

l've created an Access db with these fields (Title, Body and Section) Section field is Lookup column (About Me, Contact and Links). Also I created a form on add_data.asp to add data from it. On the form there's a Drop Down Menu. The peoblem is how to add from the drop down menu to the database. Here's my code:

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Menu List

I have a form page in ASP where the first menu/list function as a filter of
the second menu list. Once I select an item form the first combo I get the
second menu full of options. This is correct. My probem is that the first
combo gets the default value again and I do not see what I did choose.

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Change Menu

I want to have two pull down menus, 1 for continents and the other for
countries. On selecting the continent how can I change the menu of another
pulldown or how to display the list of corresponding countries in that. And if no continent is selected then nothing should appear in countries pulldown.

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Menu Control

I have a menu control that has two Menu choices
One is "View History Items"
the second is "PDA"
My problem is as you roll the mouse over the menu options, the second
one works only if your mouse is actually over the text "PDA". Since it
is much narrower than the first item, the entire width lights up like
an active link, but the link won't work unless your exactly over the
area that has actual text. So it appears to the user who clicks too far
to the right that nothing is happening (which it isn't)

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DropDown Menu

I'm using this code to populate a drop down menu and i'm using a query to populate the menu with certain info. from the table column. How could I add other drop down menus to this form and have them filled with different info than in the first drop down menu but still be in the same form? Code:

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Drill Down Menu

I am able to query an Access DB and return the values no problem. Now I want to create a "DISTINCT" list, lets say car makers, showing no duplicates. Once you click on the brand, it will then re-query and give you all available models, etc etc. I have done this before using Cold Fusion but this time I do not have that option.

Now is there an easy way to do this? I have been looking for days for an easy way, like 2 or three pages(like in CF), to do this in ASP. What is my first step? Record sets? I have no problem accessing a DB and querying data. Its the drill-down that confuses me. Also is there a way to make the menus expanding menus in ASP or does that use jScript?

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Menu Bars

i have menu bars to the side of the asp page and have text boxes in some asp form ,the menu bars sometimes overlap the text boxes in the form,but what happens is the menu bars get overlapped by the text boxes. What i want is the menu bar to overlap the text boxes.

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Static Menu

forking with a aps site previously programmes which is currently using frames to have a persistant menu floating at the top of the site. I would like to switch this to a floating menu system and be rid of the framing. How do i do this?

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Order Of Menu

I have a small webadministration system that allow the users to create new menu items in the website´s menu.But when new record is inserted the new menu item allways comes first in the menu (becouse I sort it that way).How can I allow the users to change the menu item order like "home - about - contact". So when new record is created the user could add the new category between "about and contact"?I have Access database and the category table has sort field.

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Dynamic Menu

How could I make a menu have many sub-menus, note that the menu and sub-menus items come from database.

Ex: a menu have items like:

Products | Auctions | Orders

the menu items above all come from a table in a DataBase,and if On Mouse Over or On Click events happens for any item,the specific submenu for this item appear which is
also come from database.Do anyone know how could i do this?

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