Dynamic Dropdown Menu Order

I have a dynamic drop down menu created from an Access 97 database. The munu contains numbered indexes. Is there a way to have Index 10 displayed after Index 9 instead of after Index 1.

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Dynamic Dependent Dropdown Menu

i have three dependent dropdown list.when select city in first box then 2nd list will show all company for selected city. 3rd will show all jobs of co. any suggestion?

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Making Dropdown Menu Dependent On Another Dropdown

I have a category that I will call "company". in my access DB, there are about 6 or so companies. On another table, I have a list of locations that are related to these companies.

What I want to do, is have a drop down menu that lists all the companies. When you select the company, the second drop down menu will automatically populate with the locations of the company you selected in the first dropdown.

Anyone know any links to some examples of this? My google searches have been pretty fruitless since Im having a bit of a problem trying to explain it concisely (as you probably noticed).

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Order Of Menu

I have a small webadministration system that allow the users to create new menu items in the website´s menu.But when new record is inserted the new menu item allways comes first in the menu (becouse I sort it that way).How can I allow the users to change the menu item order like "home - about - contact". So when new record is created the user could add the new category between "about and contact"?I have Access database and the category table has sort field.

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DropDown Menu

I'm using this code to populate a drop down menu and i'm using a query to populate the menu with certain info. from the table column. How could I add other drop down menus to this form and have them filled with different info than in the first drop down menu but still be in the same form? Code:

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DropDown Menu And DataBase

I have a dropdown menu (HTML's form->select) i have options in it, and I need as soon as one of the options is chosen (onChange)to update my database's (mdb) field
like this:


that simple, but i cant figureout how to connect the onChange to this code.

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Change Dropdown Menu Values

I have 2 drop down menus with data populated dynamically from a database.



If i select an appropriate category the subcategory should change instantly to show the subcategories relating to the selected category. But i can't use a form submit, because before the forms are other textboxes with other values that i don't want to wipe on a page refresh.

I need to somehow preload the categories and their related subcategories. I've been trawling through examples, most are harcoded combobox values which won't work for me.

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Problem With Dropdown Menu In Search Field

I have an access db called boards and a table in it called notes. I have 3 fields in the table ID, subject, and notes. I have code to search the db and display the results in the notes field.. This code works very well. I wanted to modify this code so that I can use a dropdown menu instead of type in the search field but i cannot get the dropdown menu code to display the search results. Code:

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Dropdown Menu/list Issue Pulling Records From Access Db

I am trying set up a page where the user can view records chosen by the year.
I want to use a dropdown menu/list. Having trouble figuring out the sql behind this.

My db table has about 10 fields in it, one of which is the year this record was created. i want the enduser to be able to enter the page, and first step is to select a year to view. Again, i want this to be chosen using a drop down menu. After clicking I would like the page to show a simple table pulling up all the records from that year.

i know this sounds simple enough, but i cannot find this info/tutorial anywhere.. you guys are my only hope.

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Asp Dynamic Menu

I have been searching for tutorials everywhere on how I could make a menu that is multi levels but that can be updated dynamically through asp...so basically when I add a link in the database it will update the menu...now I know how to pretty much pull links from the database for a basic menu...but lets say there is a link called about us and under about us there is more options to choose from.

How would i code this so the menu would know which ones were parents and which ones where childs? And does anyone know of a good tutorial, or of an example. and basically I want this because I would like to create a content manager...but I don't understand how the menu would work when pulling data from a database.

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Dynamic Menu

if you guys have managed to do a asp-function that prints out
a full menu using SOThink menu builder.

the example http://www.sothink.com/product/dhtm...aspdb/aspdb.php
is very unclear to me atm.....

things as stm_bp("p0",[0,4,0,0,3,1,0,0,100,"",-2...... ) and

now how to know what numbers shall be printed out?I would be thankful if anyone showed a proper parent-child database example
that works.

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Menu Dynamic

I have a serious question here. Two websites: www.morepoweracing.com and neil.morepowerracing.com.

I am trying to build a menu system which is dynamic, and the live site, www.morepoweracing.com is what is going on right now. The test site is neil.morepowerracing.com and I am trying to make my menu dynamic so it feeds off the sql database. Secondly, I need to have a .5 second delay just like windows XP, becuase when your mouse is scrolling over from one button to the other, it tends to dissappear the menu you are looking at. Also, all severs are in house, so if you need me to copy the code down

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Dynamic Dropdown

I have a table called tblParts. The are 3 fields: PartID, PartNumber and Price. I have a dropdown box on my ASP page that is dynamically populated with PartNumbers from the database.

I have a text field for the price. I want it when the user selects a part number from the dropdown to display the correct price in the textbox for that part. I "DO NOT" want the page to reload.

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Dynamic Dropdown

I want to create a system of dynamic dropdowns for a site I'm working on.To add an entry a user first has to select a Category which then populates the Subcategory dropdown which inturn populates the Subsubcategory dropdown.

An example can be viewed on the Nvidia and ATI sites when you download drivers.

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Dynamic Dropdown

is hard or easy to create a dynamic dropdown?I have sorted my previous query with the array and now i want to perform a dynamic dropdown from one of the options given in the first?

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Dynamic Menu

How could I make a menu have many sub-menus, note that the menu and sub-menus items come from database.

Ex: a menu have items like:

Products | Auctions | Orders

the menu items above all come from a table in a DataBase,and if On Mouse Over or On Click events happens for any item,the specific submenu for this item appear which is
also come from database.Do anyone know how could i do this?

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Two Dynamic Dropdown

i want to make two dynamic dropdown lists that get data from sql server database using classic asp.when user select a value from dropdown list1 (country) the values in dropdown list2 (city) should automatically be changed.in the database the relation is one to many (country table with city table).

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CSS Dynamic Menu

I am building up a web application which should have a two level dynamic (ASP) css menu. My problem is that I do not know how I could make id="active" to show on pages that are on certain folder. I should be able to do this because I have to use following code on sub menu: Code:

<% if Request.ServerVariables("URL") = "/yourpage.asp" then
response.write "id=""active""
end if %>

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Dynamic Dropdown Box

i have form on asp page that recalls data from the recordset and populates all fields except the dynamic dropdown box that doesn't, just shows default value. How do I make it populate based on the entry in the db?

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Dynamic Drop Down Menu

I want to create two drop down menu. one is for the Main Category and second is for Sub Category. Both value should be come from the database.

when i choose the Main cat. say business then it should load sub cat of business in second drop down menu but is should be done without refreshing the page.

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Dynamic Dropdown List

I'm trying to build a asp dynamic list were you can select a option in the first list and depeding on that value the second list will change to match. For instance I choose a customer in the first list, the second list then has to give all the codes from that customer. The list is variabel, as the value;s are from a database.

If tried some stuff with ASP and Javascript, but the page reloads after selecting one option, but because it reloads, it delete's the text that is written in the rest of the form.

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Dynamic Menu Build

I need to get my name value "MenuSubCat" to act as athird level menu. This is a dynamic menu and it only does Code:

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Quick Dynamic Dropdown

Does anyone have a snippet to hand where i can create a dynamic dropdown for a credit card page, basically i need to dynamically create a drop-down populated with this year as 2006 and go back 4 years?

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Dynamic Dropdown Question

just a quick question that I need to now the answer to before I try is it possible to create a dynamic dropdown menu containing values that are not stored in your database.

Ok so I'm working on a schedualer that searches for time slots that are not free and displays these vaues if they are not contained in the database Quick example:

1st sept 10:00 taken
1st sept 11:00 free

but 1st sept 11:00 free will not be stored in the database therefore the dynamic dropdown will not be populated from a recordset.

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4 Or More Dynamic Dropdown Lists

I have found in the forum examples or 2 dropdown lists and 3 dropdown list. Does anyone have any idea how to do 4 or more dropdown list? I tried to modify it from an example script found here but failed. Code:

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Dynamic List Menu

I could not solve for the past 3 days. I am try to build a website using ASP and VBscript. I am still a newbie to it.Let's get to the problem. What I am trying to do is to have multiple dropdown list. Each list menu ( except the 1st) dependes on the choice made in the one above.

I am using dreamweaver, it did generate a the form and everything and I was able to filter the results. The problem is that I don't know HOW TO REFRESH THE LIST. In other words, I can't figure out how to change the list menu options when the choices above change. I have tried to find some tutorial about it, but all I found was with JavaScript and I don't wanna mix VBS with JS.

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Dynamic List Menu

Does anyone know how to make it so that when someone clicks on certain menu item on one list it automatically updates a second list with values.For example,if i click the Make of a car in one list, i want the second list to automatically update with the relative Models.

I've seen it done on various sites such as www.autotrader.co.uk but can't think how its done. So far i'm populating the first list dynamically with a database but don't know what the next step is to get the second one to do it.

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Get Text From Dynamic Dropdown

I have a dropdown that is dynamically populated. The value = a numeric code which I save in the DB. The text = the description. I know how to get the value of the selected item but I need the text of the selected item. I know how to do this in javascript but where I need to gather the text is during an ASP routine.

How do you get the text portion of a dropdown? I saw one post where you can add the numeric code and description together and then use split() to seperate them. I'd rather not do it this way. Is there another way?

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Dynamic Menu/List

I currently have an "Add customer" page on my site. On this page you can choose multiple "brands" from a list box. (These brands are dynamic and come from a seperate table in my db). These brands are split up into an array and each added as a row to a database table.

Now I am working on a "Modify customer" page. It has all the same fields as my Add page except that the fields are already filled in with information from the db. I can't seem to figure out how to have my list box have multiple items selected when you first come to the page.

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Dynamic Dependent Dropdown Lists?

I want to have dependent dynamic dropdown lists where the person can select the state, then county, then zip code, and all 3 of these menus will be populated by a database. I have a page that Ive been working on but I just cant get it. The page I am working on also refreshes when you select the state, then when you select the county it refreshes again but instead of populating the zipcode list it just takes the state name and inserts it into the city menu. Code:

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Dynamic Menu Best Easy Methods

The database is used for referencing filename, there located folder, id, order shown, but also there are some fields say "location_1" up to "location_4" which have a 0 , 1 or 2 in them. 0 means that file not needed for that section. 1 means needed for that section, and 2 means mandantory (must be seen before exit).

firstly selecting a location from a html radio box, drop down menu (not decided yet) will return whats needed so not showing pages what aint needed and wasting time.

Here it is though in order on the left i wish it to build a menu, but more advanced than plain links would be good. drop down like windows explorer etc. Code:

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Using A Dynamic Dropdown To Initiate An Action

I have a dynamic dropdown list that has info brought in from my SQL database. Based on the user's selection, I want to create a message box that informs a user that an additional step must be taken first before the form can be submitted. For instance:

Drop down list contents -

New Build

If a user selects "New Build" from the dynamic drop down, a messgae box would appear to let the user know that they need to have a permission form filled out before they can submit the work order. Something to that affect. Can this be done based on a selection in the list or do I need to use check boxes instead.

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Problem Populating A Dynamic Dropdown

I've been pulling my hair out over this. I've been looking at it so long I'm probably just not seeing it. I'm trying to populate a dropdown list based on a user's leagueID contained in a Access database. Here's my code:

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