Modify IE Page Setup

I would like to modify IE page setup before printing the window. But i want to do it without opening the FILE-> Page Setup window. In fact, i would like to remove the header and footer of pages beforeprinting them. but i want to do it using asp or vbscript and without any end user action.

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Modify Asp Page According To Monitor Resolution.

I created an asp page it looks different when looked from an 1024x768 than it looked on 800x600 resolution. how to control this?

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Setup Custom Error Page

I have a custom 404 error page. When I change my site properties in IIS (IIS 5.0, BTW) to point to a file, I still get the original 404 error page. But, then I copied my error page to my root, then pointed to it via URL and it works! BUT, I would prefer to use the file page instead of the URL.

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Trying To Setup A Receipt Page. Problems With Recordsets.

I'm trying to setup a receipt page to finalize my whole shopping cart deal.

PayPal is used to pay and it uses IPN to return the data back to my script which inserts everything into the database and then forwards to my receipt page.

The IPN script page stores the orderID under a session variable called orderNumber. With that, I've created recordsets on my receipt page to hold the orders and orderDetails information just fine.

My problem is that neither of these tables hold the product's name so that I can display line items. The orderDetails recordset does have Product ID and is related to the Products table in my database by the productID field.

How can I make the receipt page list the actual names instead of just the IDs?

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Modify Variables

How do I change the text between a carriage return and a colon ":" in a variable?
I am calling a memo field in a recordset and want to change the format of text (colour) between these two points. How can I do it?

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Modify A Number

I want to erase a line (or modify a number) in a text file throught asp, how do I do that? I have noticed that there are three ways of opening files,

1=ForReading - Open a file for reading. You cannot write to this file.
2=ForWriting - Open a file for writing. (If open an existing file, it deletes everything)
8=ForAppending - Open a file and write to the end of the file.

How can I just skip a few lines and erase a destinated line or maybe change a word in a line. without using an brute force (copy the file back and forth...)?

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Modify Single Value

I've built an array like this and I've put it into an application:

If not isArray(Application("utenti"))thenDim online(1,4)online(0,0)=4 online(1,0)=1online(0,1)=5online(1,1)=1online(0,2)=7online(1,2)=1online(0,3)=9 online(1,3)=3online(0,4)=15online(1,4)=3application("utenti")=onlineEnd if
Now is it possible to modify some values in this application-array?For example trying to set the value in position 1,1 equal to 3 I wrote: application("utenti")(1,1)=3

Redim Preserve application("utenti")(1,1)

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Modify Files From A Web App

I've developed a web app that generates documents (like word files, opendocument, excel etc) let's the user download it to their computer, edit it, and then upload the modified version, where it would be stored in a database.

I'm trying to find a way to let the user edit the file on-the-fly, and when saving it automatically update the database. That is, I'm looking for a way to automate the download-open-edit-save-upload cycle. Ideally, when clicking on a link, the user would choose to open the file with the apropiate application, and when saving it the database would be updated. So, any ideas?

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Modify IIS Settings

Does anyone know if there is a way of changing IIS settings using ASP specifically:

"The content where this content should come from" radio button property set on the Virtual Directory Tab (of a VD).

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Cannot Modify Or Delete...COM+ Admin SDK

I managed to find the problem with my script thanks to jmurray's help. However I am now left with a confusing puzzle and I cannot any information about a workaround.

The error I now get is:
Cannot modify or delete an object that was added using the COM+ Admin SDK

I know now the reason for this is because I changed the 'from' email address in my script. If I put it as '' it works fine. If I change the address to ANYTHING else, I get the above error. Is this something that can be corrected through scripting? If not, any ideas where I should be looking?

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How Can I MODIFY Excel Database In ASP?

I have a databse in MS Excel which I would like to use it in ASP? I got instruction on how to open and display the Excel databes in ASP, but I cannot make it to modify/add/delete the records.

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Modify Word Document

any way to modify text content of a word document through ASP?

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User Modify Database

I'm looking for a code already written if it is possible (as i need to do this soon)I have a database(access) and the users submit data from a asp page and it stores the values. Then it also allows the users to login to the web page using the data (username and password) inserted by the user.

What i want is that when the user logins, to be able to modify the inserted data..Perhaps the user wants to change the e-mail address. I tried doing some search in google but the results were no good.

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Modify Excel Template (xls Or Xlt)

From the ASP application I am trying to 1) open a template 2) add data to a couple of fields (passed from order.asp to invoice.asp) 3) do a Save As so that the user can save to client.

I have this code working fine for a word document, but I am having touble with the XLT. Any suggestions?

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Modify A Field Using Pure Sql

I have a program that will need to update a certain table entry repeatedly - so I want the transaction to take place without using up too much time or system resources. I basically want to update the field with the current time i.e. Now(). Letís assume:
The table is called tblExample. The field is called LastTime.

I could do this very easily using record sets, but I understand that using pure SQL is much faster than using record sets. So, how would I update the field using only SQL?

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Modify Multiple MDB Table Designs

I've got quite 20 identical MDB files running on an IIS5 server. From time to time I need to go into various tables and add a field or two. It would be great if there were an application out there that could either: sync all MDB designs (and/or data) esignated to match one I've added some fields/tables to OR go into all designated MDBs and create new field(s) or table(s).

I've began writing something like this that right now just does part of (b) but I'd rather find something that is much more slick and complete.

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Update / Modify A Exisitng Row In The Database

I manage to solve the last problem, but now I've encountered another one. I think there is something wrong with the UPDATE statement in this code. I am using Oracle 8i and Sun One ASP. Code:

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Modify And Email Existing Excel Document

I have an Excel Template that is filled out in certain senarios. What I want to be able to do is access this existing Excel Template through a webpage, enter nessisary data into the template, and then e-mail these changes to certain people. The original Excel template needs to stay Unfilled out and unmodified once the process is complete. If saving a different copy to e-mail is nessisary that is ok. I have Created the Excel object on the server to be filled with database info from a query, but I'm not sure how to open an current excel document and then email that document onces it is filled out..

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Need To Modify A Dreamweaver Update Record Script

I need to alter a dremweaver Update Record function but am a bit lost with it. I basically need to take the values from 3 drop downs that let you selct the date (day, month year). I've written a variavble that adds these together to make a date:

JJ_theDate = Request.Form(selectDay) & "-" & Request.Form(selectMonth) & "-" & Request.Form(selectYear)

but have no idea how/where to slot this in with Dreamwevers code (below) that does the SQL update.. Code:

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Modify Data Results Linkbar Buttons

If anyone can guide me to change my basic data results link bar buttons (First, Next, Previous Last). I will like to use my custom arrow buttons but don't know how. The default buttons are generated by default with i create a query. Where do i go to modify these buttons, and what code do i use in the new buttons i will like to use....

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IIS Setup

I'm a bit fed up with having to constantly change my INCLUDE statements from INCLUDE FILE to INCLUDE VIRTUAL when I'm ready to put a new page out on my webserver. How can I configure IIS on my WinXP Laptop to mimic how my hosting company has their server setup?

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Setup SSL

I setup SSL. Now users can see the site at port 80 and at port 443. i want to disable 80.
How to?

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Upload And Setup

I have a problem with uploading my sql database and I dont know how to set up it
and how to adjust it with asp.

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Printer Setup

Is there code that I can write that will change the user's printer setup so that my web page will always print out on one page. I would like the output of the page to look the same no matter who is printing the page. How do I do this?

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JMail Setup

I have JMail installed, and when I code for remote servers, I am able to send the mail just fine, however I have yet to figure out how to test locally with IIS 5.1's mail server.

Does anyone have some information on how to setup the local system so I can test this feature before I script for it remotely? I'm sure that there 2 key points where I'm having a problem is

1. Setting up the IIS Mail Server
2. Defining the Mail Server in the JMail ASP code....


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Application Setup

We have recently developed a document management application for internal use.The application uses SQL Server backend,ASP frontend and also stores the documents uploaded in a folder on the server.

It all works okay at present but when we do implement in the different country. The network is setup such that all the servers are accessible internally

We plan to setup the second site by using a local webserver and altering the asp code to upload the files to thier local server and also setting up the local sql server which replicated the data from our main server.

Is this approach a good one?and How do we maintain the integrity of the Order Number column which is set to Indentity type so it automatically generated a new order if when a new order is created.

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To configure CDOSYS, there are values that have to be set similar to:

EXEC @hr = sp_OASetProperty @iMsg, 'Configuration.fields("").Value','2'

So everytime an email is sent, the script will contact Microsoft's website? Is this information that is being read necessarily taken from Microsoft's website? Is it possible to hold that information locally and or to hard code that information such as:

... ("<hard-coded info>").Value','2'

I would rather not depend on Microsoft to be able to send out email.

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Setup Basic Authentication

I have setup basic authentication on one of my web sites. For some reason, I get challenged when I navigate to some of the ASP's within the website. I have checked all the pages and made sure they all have authorisation set to a specific group.

What can be causing this?

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How To Setup A HTTP Server In The PC

I actually used a tool called HFS(HTTP File Server 2.2a) which allows to
upload or download files but with this tool am able to retrieve the contents
of the page using GET method but not able to test the behavior of POST, PUT
and DELETE HTTP methods. Code:

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Browser Error Setup

I just reinstalled my computer and I use to have my Internet explorer set up in such a way that is would give info on the error's on my pages, like it would tell me which line the error was on and what the error was. But I can't remember which option I schould change in the browser to get this working again.

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Controlling Printer Setup

I have an ASP page where I need to give users a button to print the screen in ladscape. How do i do it in vbscript or in javascript. Can't convert the data to pdf and send it to them.If i have to use printer object can someone show me how to create/instantiate a printer object before i can print it.

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Setup The Website Server

I have developed a sample website in my system.Is it possible to access the website from a remote mechine using the ipaddress? if it is possibleto access, I hope some body will tell me the procedure how to to setup the website server aty home?

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Setup A Personal Web Server

I have Windows XP Home and I want to setup a personal web server that will allow me to run ASP pages off of my home computer but I cannot find any that will allow me to do so. I tried looking for IIS on here but it doesnt come with home, only professional apparently. So is there somewhere I can download it, another server program I can use.

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