Access Check Box And Option Button

Apr 25, 2013

I'm new to access. I have created table with following fields.

ID No, Name, Address, Gender, Favorite Food

I want to create form to insert data into tables. I have used option buttons for Gender and Check boxes for Favorite Food. But data didn't insert to the table specially option button and check boxes data didn't insert but other data successfully inserted into the table.


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Create Check Boxes/Option Buttons/Option Group Using VBA

Mar 14, 2008

Iím really stuck on how to create: Check Boxes/Option button/Option Group in VBA.

Could someone help on either all of them or some of them please?



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Reports :: Option Button To Filter Report With Dates In Access 2010

Jun 9, 2014

I have a retort that I want to use an option button to filter the report is a specific date is 48 hours before the current time. I'm not having any luck. Below is the code I have been playing with, but no go.

Private Sub NoMove_Click()
Select Case Me.NoMove.VALUE
Case 1
Me.Filter = "CLM = 'Now() - 48'"
Me.FilterOn = True
End Select
If Me.Filter = "" Then
MsgBox "The filter returned Null"
End If
End Sub

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Check Box Colouring Option

Feb 7, 2006

Hello all.
Is it possible for a check box within a subform to make that entire row turn into one colour when selected true? What I want is when the check box is selected (True) that one row and the rest of the row turns into a colour e.g. red and become disabled? Any ideas?

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Option Buttons/check Boxes

Sep 21, 2004

I have a form with a number of fields for users to enter data into, with a "Total" being calculated. The users also have the option to ignore these fields and just enter a total manually into a seperate "Totals" field.

I want to set the form up so that when the form is opened the manually entered "Totals" field is hidden, leaving users to enter the component values, with the total being calculated automatically.

However, I want to add an option button so that if users just want to type in a total manually rather than enter the component values, they click the option button and the manually entered "Totals" field appears and the other component fields become disabled. This would prevent both a calulated total and a manually entered total being entered into the form.

Any help on the code that I need to use when the option button is clicked would be greatly appreciated.

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Changing Color After Option Group Check

Nov 30, 2006

I was wondering if anyone can help.
Please see attached jpg
I need to change the background color of the lead status box when one of the options is selected. i.e. when warm (amber) when Hot (red)

Can anyone help please?

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How To Link A Selected Option To Check Boxes

Aug 31, 2015

I have a database where new products are entered into it. Over time there are revisions that are made to these products and to capture this, a drop down box has been added that allows the user inputting the product to select the current revision number of this product.I also have another form which shows the product serial numbers, and then a bunch of fields relating to revision numbers (a check box for each), this can be used by field technicians who can locate older models and tick off a revision when they have updated a product to this specification.

What I am hoping to do is that when the user initially enters in a product and selects the revision number of it, the other form will automatically update (the check boxes) up to and including this revision... so for example if a product is being entered and is up to revision 5 - the check boxes under this serial number on the 'revision' form will all be checked automatically (Revision 1, Revision 2, Revision 3, Revision 4, and Revision 5 check boxes).

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General :: Check For Empty Option Group Field

Jul 28, 2012

I have an simple option group (3 options 1,2 and3!!)I am building a query where I need to display records whose option group field in the table is empty. I have tried:

field = Int(0)
field = ""
field = null

do not work.

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Option Button ??????

Jun 6, 2005

Lets say that I have a large list of locations in a listbox. What I want to do is to be able to have an option button that I can press in that will sort these locations. Like 3 or 4 different buttons, lets say like retail, finance, ect. Anyone know what kind of code I might have to use to make these sort on clicking the option button?

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Option Button - N/a

Mar 23, 2006

I'm working on a survey database, I'm having the users select the opton button to rate (1 - 10). Then as an after thought, I thought I would add a button that says N/A or doesn't apply. Course option buttons store numbers.

ANy idea's on how to accomplish this? What ever value gets stored I wouldn't include it in the results.

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The Option Button

May 30, 2006

Hi peeps,

I am encountering a few problems when I'm using the options button on a form.

Is there a way for the options button to display a different value instead of a -1 when the data is transfered to a linked table? i.e Good or Poor or Fair?

Also can a number of option buttons have the same control souce? at the mintue I have three buttons pointing at one control souce and when I select one of the buttons they all get selected.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Option Button

Dec 7, 2006

I have a table that has 300+ peoples names on it. Each of these people has a region they belong to 1,2,3,or 4. I also have a form that has 3 combo boxes that are linked to this one table. This information is sensitive and can change by importing new data as well. Is there a way that I can add 4 option buttons, depending on what the user clicks on Opt1, 2, 3, or 4... that is what populates the combo boxs? This seems rather simple, but I can't figure it out.

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Value Of Option Button

Jan 24, 2006


how do I reference the value of an option button in an option group?

i tried this:
Code:If [exact] = -1 Then where = where & " AND [SerialNumber] = " & Me![serialno] ElseIf [exact] = 0 Then where = where & " AND [SerialNumber] = " & Me![serialno] Else where = where & " AND [SerialNumber] Like '*" & Me![serialno] & "*'" End If

attached is an image of the form.


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Option Button Unclick

Feb 2, 2006


Does anyone know how to unclick an option button on a form after a selection has been made?

One option is to go to the form and delete it there. But I am looking for a more effective way.


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Grey Option Button

May 23, 2006


I have a group of option buttons. A user can select more than one. However, currently all of the option buttons have a grey spot in them except for the first one which is blank. I want all of the option buttons to be blank.

Any thoughts?


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Calculation Using The Option Button

Jun 14, 2006

Hi there guys,

I have set up a form that is going to be used as a survey.

I have 19 questions that need to be answered and have set up an option group for each question containing 5 option buttons in each.

Is there away to calculate a total score?

for example if all questions were answered using opt5 then the total in the textbox would appear '95'

Thanks for all your help!

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Option Button Description Table

Nov 13, 2007

Option Button Description table

I would like to create a table containing description value of my option button group.

This is my description table:
1Lenke 1
2Lenke 2
3Lenke 3
4Lenke 4
5Lenke 5
6Lenke 6

And this is my table containing selected option from the form:

How can I associate description with the selected options?

Many thanks,


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Option Button Linked With Combo Box

Jun 28, 2006

Morning folks,

Todays problem is as follows!...

Is there away to set the values in a combo box depending on what option button you have selected.

What I would like is to select an option button in an option group then that would trigger certain vaules in a combo box. And if I selected another option button it would change the values in the same combo box?

So if I selected optWhite, the values in cboEthnic = British AND Irish AND Other

If I select optMixed, the values in cboEthnic = White and Black Asian AND White and Black Caribbean etc...

Hope this makes sense.

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Locking A Record Via An Option Button

Oct 11, 2004

On my form is an option button called "optClosed". When the option button is selected, I want to lock the current record so that data cannot be changed. Is this possible?

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Forms :: Option Button To Allow Yes / On But Disallow No / Off

May 7, 2015

I have a form that is linked to a table. The form show an option box that is by default set to off. This option button links to a yes/no field in the table.

I want to allow a user to change the state of the option box from off (no/false) to on (yes/true), but once it is on, it should not allow the user to switch it off.

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Forms :: Option Button String Value

Aug 3, 2015

My frame name is "Frame1" with Option buttons "Circle" and "Square"; My code line : Name = me.Frame1.however "Name" get a value of 1 or 2 depending on the I can get a return of the String Values instead of the Numeric values.

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How To Use Option Button To Store Value Into Table

Dec 9, 2013

I want to make option button in access to allow user choose status like: Single, Married and Widower


When user choose the value must save into table. How to do this?

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Configure Option Button To Output To Memo Box

Sep 8, 2005

Alright, I'm running out of options!! I have several pieces of equipment that use text file configuration data. What I want to do is create an option button for each piece of equipment so that when I click that option button, its output ties directly to a memo box.

What I want to be able to do is have 7 different option buttons and each time I click a different option button I can paste text file config data for each piece of equipment into the same memo box and save it. That way, when I query a particular site ID and look up configuration data for any one of those pieces of equipment, I will be able to view the saved config files in the same memo box just by selecting a particular option button.

Is this possible? I've tried subforms, tabs (although I can't seem to be able to use tabs within tabs), option groups, etc. Any suggestions or help would be most certainly appreciated! :p

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Option Group: How To Store Selected Button?

Aug 25, 2005


On my form I have an option group with 4 radio buttons. Depending on the button selected certain fields become visible. This works all fine. Problem is though that I don't know how to store the selected value. At the moment, every time you open the form you have to select the same button to see the info stored in the fields that become visible. I guess that I'll have to somehow store the value for the selected buttons in the table. But How? Do I refer to the frame and store the value corresponding to the number of button (1, 2, 3 or 4) or do I store the balue for each button seperately?
I've played with it for too long now and cannot find the golden tip. Please advice.



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Having An Option Button Select A Different Subform To Come Up In The Same Location

Aug 17, 2004

Asked this one yesterday but I think I must be doing somthing wrong. I have a main form named "Techdata" on this form I have an option group with 2 option buttons. I would like when selecting the first option button for the subform "effectivity" to show up on the main form. When the second button is selected I would like the subform "effectivity single" to show up in the same place where "effectivity" was(would like effectivity to be invisable then).
Can anyone walk me through this from whoa to go as Im havn a lil bitta trouble

Thanks for your time everyone

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Forms :: Option Group With Command Button

May 31, 2015

I'm using option group with value 1 and value 2 with a command button to open two different forms. This is the code:

Private Sub Command9_Click()
Dim strForm As String
Select Case Me.Cornice0
Case Is = 1

[Code] ....

I would like to close form's option group once clicked the command button after the opening of the requested value form. I tried Docmd.close but all I get is the option group no more working.

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