Access Denied Trying To Open COM1

Jun 14, 2006

I have a printer attached to COM1 which I print barcodes to, when I try to run the code I get a File/Access Denied Error 75 message.

Is there anything in Access 97 that could be causing this?


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User Access Denied In Access 2000 Runtime

Mar 11, 2006

We have two computers in a work group. On computer1 I have the back-end and front-end database files in the shared folder and 2 users out of 4 can access the database no problem. When the other users try to access the database they receive the error message "Microsoft Access can't Find The Database 'C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsdb.mdb' Make sure you entered the correct path and filename" On computer2 I have the front-end database files in the shared folder and pointing to the same back-end database on computer1. Again 2 users out of 4 can access the database no problem. When the other users try to access the database they receive the same error described above.

I expect that this is some sort of windows permissions issue?
There are some clues to this fact ..
The two users that can't access the database are limited accounts, but I tried making them administrators and this had no affect.
Their shared documents folder does not have a hand underneath it?

Any help on this appreciated as it's really starting to annoy me now!


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Access Denied To Copying Database Folder

Mar 2, 2007

Hi all,

I have a database stored in a folder, and this folder can be accessed through a Network.

Is there a way to protect users from copying this folder to other areas? That is I would like to restrict access from users copying the folder where the database is stored.

Thanks for any suggestions and help.

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"access Denied, Not Allowed In This Context" Error Msg

Sep 21, 2005

I have written an Access (2000) Db that uses the SendObject function to send an email. Works quite happily for my Windows 2000 Op System users, but not on XP machines. XP machines error with message something like "access denies, not available in this context". Any ideas?

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Accessing An "access Denied" File.

Jun 20, 2005

Hi all,

I donīt know if this can be done at all.

When a process of some kind is using a file, you canīt access it in anyway, can you?

The reason is we have an application that locks files it is supposed to go to work on (it is a printer, merging two or more pages together before printing). The thing is it is not very stable, and every time it hangs, the pages has to go through the whole process again, even though the files are there.

Iīd like to replace the "page 1" file (which is locked waiting for the page 2 file), with a file that was processed earlier. Nothing is being written to the "page 1" file at this point, but it is locked all the same.

How does the system mark a file "access denied"?

I realize I might be in the wrong forum. Youīll forgive me.


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Comments Section, Modify Denied?

May 20, 2005

We have several users that access the same database. Is there a way to make it so that the users can add comments to the "coments" field on the form, but not remove any comments once saved?

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Modules & VBA :: Permission Denied On Own Profile

Sep 12, 2014

I have a backup procedure that is giving me a "Permission Denied" on my own profile.

Public Function BackupFE()
On Error GoTo BackupFE_Err

Dim SourceFile As String, DestinationFile As String
Dim aFSO As Variant
Dim Path As String, Name As String

[Code] .....

I've been over this and over it again.

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General :: Table Opening With Permission Denied Message

Jan 14, 2013

I have a simple log table that I am opening from a button on a form and adding a new record to the table.The table opens bu I get "Permission Denied" as a message - however I can then enter the form and enter data with no problem.why the VBA code cant do the same? what does Permission Denied usually mean?

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Modules & VBA :: Backup Code Getting Permission Denied Error

Aug 22, 2014

I got these three code routines for backing up an Access database file from two different forums. I installed them as is, on a test database, creating command buttons for each. The test database is not password protected. I intend (if I can get one of these working) to install it on simple, single file, password protected databases.The first two came from Access World Forums at: URL....


Function BACKUPS()
On Error GoTo Err_BACKUPS
Dim fso As Object
Dim sSourcePath As String
Dim sSourceFile As String
Dim sBackupPath As String
Dim sBackupFile As String


I got a compile error "Invalid use of property." on the button sub. Then there was a simple On Click sub:


Private Sub Backup_Click()
Dim fs
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
fs.CopyFile CurrentProject.FullName, "C:", True
Set fs = Nothing
MsgBox "Database has been backed up successfully"
End Sub
Private Sub Command32_Click()
End Sub

On this one I got a "Permission denied." error on the CopyFile method. As I said before, my database is not password protected.I found this third bit of code on another forum: URL...

Public Function db_Backup()
On Error GoTo db_Backup_Err

Dim sourceFile As String, destinationFile As String
Dim aFSO As Variant
Dim path As String, name As String


On this one I got another "Permission denied." error on the CopyFile method. Again, my database is not password protected. This code had appeared to me to be the most promising of the three.

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General :: Only Open MS Access Form Without Access Running In Background?

Aug 7, 2013

I have made a form on access which will be used by other employees within the company, however they have never used access before and they are wanting to access only just the form as I feel with Access and all the tools in the background will confuse them, plus I don't want them editing the data base its self.

Is there a way to only bring up the form, unless I obviously need to edit the date base.

I've done some research on Google and it seems I need to use:


However I can not seem to find how I would use this or where?

and also if i did find a way to only bring up the form, how would I be able to switch it from that veiw to the veiw I edit in?

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Forms :: Open Access In Design Mode From Within Access

Jul 23, 2014

Can I for instance while my db is open, open it in design mode from my form via code?

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Open Access App With Access Window Minimized

Mar 29, 2007

I already have this working by means of:

doCmd.RunCommand acCmdAppMinimize in Form_Load (or Form_Open) events.

This works great to hide Access and only display the main form (like a standalone app).

But I have 2 issues:

1. The PopUp form (main or "switchboard" if you like) opens, then Access is minimized, but then the form looses focus. If there are other programs running, form will be behind them!

2. Access is first seen opening (for a moment) and THEN minimized (see 1.). Is there a way NOT TO SEE IT at all? :)


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Access Won't Open

Apr 18, 2006

My access database is on one central desktop. When I go to the office, my laptop "connects" with this central desktop and uses the database. Also, my partner's laptop connects with this central desktop as well.

For some reason, when I connect to the central desktop's database via my laptop at the office, my partner can't connect to it. When he doubleclick's the .mdb file, nothing happens, no error message, nothing. Properties don't even come up when right-clicking the icon.

However, when my partner is connected with the central desktop's access database, I can still connect to it.

We both used to be able to connect to the central desktop with no problems.

Not sure what is the problem now. I've tried changing the security levels of the macros on my laptop, as well as the access database, but no luck. Does anybody know what could be causing this?

Thanks for your help. :confused:

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Open Access DB From .bat

Feb 12, 2007

Is it possible to open an access data base using a .bat command? I have a .bat file that combines multiple files and archives the individual files. I'd like to auitomatically start up the access data base from within that .bat file. Or, is there an easy way to import multiple files?

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Open Access

Jul 29, 2005

How do you open a second access database? Without using a hpyerlink.

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Open Access Db With VBA

Mar 20, 2007

Hi, I am trying to open an access database from a different database using VBA. I have pasted my code below. When I run it it opens a new access window asking me if I'm sure I want to open the new database (which is normal) but when I click on 'yes', the window closes and I am left with only the original database. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Code:Dim appAccess As Access.ApplicationPrivate Sub Command0_Click() Dim strDB As String Const strConPathToSamples = "U:Daily QueriesSMA" strDB = strConPathToSamples & "Copy of Copy of Desktop SMA.mdb" Set appAccess = _ CreateObject("Access.Application") appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase strDB appAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm "ItWorks"End Sub

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Access Can't Open It

Feb 6, 2005

This database is in an unexpected state: Microsoft Office Acess can't open it.. This database
has been converted from a prior version by DAO. I can not open the database to get at my tables... Help please
as I am locked out of my data..

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Open PDF From Access

May 23, 2007

Very simple one here....

I have a button and simply want to open a PDF file when it is clicked.

I am trying this code and getting an error on the third line

Is this expecting a module or something...

Little confused right now..


Dim stAppName As String
stAppName = "F:DATA_FROM_OLD_W_DRIVE_EXTRASPACE2007_MG_BaseMa p_8x11_withSections.pdf"
Call Shell(stAppName, 1)

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How Can I Open A .mdf File In Access

Jul 16, 2005


We have an old SQL server here which has died a horrible death and I need to get the data it contains out!

I have the .MDF files etc but I cannot seem to open them or import them in microsoft access.

I dont need to do anything flashy with it, just look at the tables!

Can anyone help?



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Open Old Access File

Oct 6, 2005

I am not an experienced Access developer.

I have a .mdb file that was created with Access 2000. Before I upgraded to 2003, I opened the file source by holding down 'shift' and double clicking the file. Now when I do that, it runs the application. How can I open the source file again.



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Cannot Open Access Database...

Nov 3, 2005

Hello. I haven't seen this before with Access; I've searched the forum and haven't found anything yet...

I have an Access database that was being used by about 9 different people. Everything was going along okay, but one day it became read-only for no reason. Once everyone got out of the DB it said it needed repairing. So with only one person in I ran the repair, but the horror-inducing message "The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time." appears and when I click "OK" on the message nothing happens whatsoever.

Luckily backups existed, but some data was lost. Is there anyway to run a repair on the database that won't open? Or is it a lost cause?

Thank you! :D

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Open A Directory From Access

Nov 30, 2005

Hi, I wish to open a folder/directory (not a file) using the onclick event of a cmdButton. Any ideas out there?


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Access 97 Database Won't Open

Jan 3, 2006

We've got a client that runs two access 97 based databases on their network. up until recently both databases worked

fine on all workstations (all XP Pro).

About 3 weeks ago they called me to report that one of the databases would not load on 3 workstations. It opened

fine on all the others. I checked out the permissions on the database (which is stored centrally on the server) and

everyone had full control.

Within the last week they have added two new xp pro workstations to the domain - neither of which can access the

database in question. they can access the other database no problem - as can all the other workstations.

The occurs as follows:

1. Double click on the icon for the database

2. access 97 loads but does not load the database's interface - instead it opens an empty version of access (with

file menu etc at the top)

3. no specific error messages at all.

4. close access and the standard xp program crash message appears (see screenshots below)

As mentioned above, other workstations can open the database fine.

the only thing that has changed on the network is the installation of some server and workstation based production

software - we have not yet consulted with the company that installed this - we felt that if it was this software

causing the problem then all workstations would be suffering. we wil have to consult with them once we've exhausted

all the possibilities.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Want To Open An Application Via ACCESS..

Mar 14, 2006

Hi all..

I need to open an application when user clicks a command button...From this forum I have learnt that I can use SHELL command..but when I use this command to open an application, it opens a new instance of the application everytime...Can I bring the application to the foreground if it was already open?

Thanks in advance.

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HELP! Can Not Open Access Files

Feb 6, 2007


For some reason Access will not allow me to open any mdb files. When i click on the file to open Microsoft opens the install wizard for office 2000 and asks for disc 2. If i press ok its says DATA2.msi is missing.

However if i open access through the Programs menu and then go and search for the mdb file i can open it with no problems.

My question is how to solve this problem as i have to copy give someone a copy of one of my databases and i don't want to pass on any bugs etc... ???


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Can't Open Access 2003

Feb 24, 2007

I have installed Office Pro 2003 on a computer that we use as a server. The product was installed for about 2+ years and worked great. Recently we installed a trial version of office 2007 pro to check compatibility with our system.

That has resulted in the 2003 programs acting strangely. Ultimately, we uninstalled 2007 and 2003. Upon reinstalling 2003, everything works great - except for Access!

Running the MSAccess executible simply results in a brief hour glass and then nothing. No processes even register in the Task Manager.

We have repaired, installed all updates, etc...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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