Comments Section, Modify Denied?

May 20, 2005

We have several users that access the same database. Is there a way to make it so that the users can add comments to the "coments" field on the form, but not remove any comments once saved?

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Access Denied Trying To Open COM1

Jun 14, 2006

I have a printer attached to COM1 which I print barcodes to, when I try to run the code I get a File/Access Denied Error 75 message.

Is there anything in Access 97 that could be causing this?


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Modules & VBA :: Permission Denied On Own Profile

Sep 12, 2014

I have a backup procedure that is giving me a "Permission Denied" on my own profile.

Public Function BackupFE()
On Error GoTo BackupFE_Err

Dim SourceFile As String, DestinationFile As String
Dim aFSO As Variant
Dim Path As String, Name As String

[Code] .....

I've been over this and over it again.

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Access Denied To Copying Database Folder

Mar 2, 2007

Hi all,

I have a database stored in a folder, and this folder can be accessed through a Network.

Is there a way to protect users from copying this folder to other areas? That is I would like to restrict access from users copying the folder where the database is stored.

Thanks for any suggestions and help.

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General :: Table Opening With Permission Denied Message

Jan 14, 2013

I have a simple log table that I am opening from a button on a form and adding a new record to the table.The table opens bu I get "Permission Denied" as a message - however I can then enter the form and enter data with no problem.why the VBA code cant do the same? what does Permission Denied usually mean?

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Modules & VBA :: Backup Code Getting Permission Denied Error

Aug 22, 2014

I got these three code routines for backing up an Access database file from two different forums. I installed them as is, on a test database, creating command buttons for each. The test database is not password protected. I intend (if I can get one of these working) to install it on simple, single file, password protected databases.The first two came from Access World Forums at: URL....


Function BACKUPS()
On Error GoTo Err_BACKUPS
Dim fso As Object
Dim sSourcePath As String
Dim sSourceFile As String
Dim sBackupPath As String
Dim sBackupFile As String


I got a compile error "Invalid use of property." on the button sub. Then there was a simple On Click sub:


Private Sub Backup_Click()
Dim fs
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
fs.CopyFile CurrentProject.FullName, "C:", True
Set fs = Nothing
MsgBox "Database has been backed up successfully"
End Sub
Private Sub Command32_Click()
End Sub

On this one I got a "Permission denied." error on the CopyFile method. As I said before, my database is not password protected.I found this third bit of code on another forum: URL...

Public Function db_Backup()
On Error GoTo db_Backup_Err

Dim sourceFile As String, destinationFile As String
Dim aFSO As Variant
Dim path As String, name As String


On this one I got another "Permission denied." error on the CopyFile method. Again, my database is not password protected. This code had appeared to me to be the most promising of the three.

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Add Comments:

Nov 1, 2007

Hi Alli,
I have a database that has a comments field. The database has a status field: Plan Test and Run,
in the comments field the user adds comments, i'm trying to updated the comments with the status, for example; the user added some comments like. "The test will begin next week" I want the comments feild to automatically get updated when the user changes the status for example to Run, I want the "run status to be added to end of the comments line" can somebody help? Thanks.

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Adding Comments Into SQL Code

Dec 17, 2005

I would like to insert comments into my sql code (select query > sql view window).

I tried with usual sequences such as /* ... */ but it doesn't work.

Does anyone knows the right sequence ?


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Adding Comments To An SQL Query

Apr 12, 2006

How can I add comments in an SQL Query mode? ",',?, ; None of these work with text following them.

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Showing Only Approved Comments

Aug 3, 2006

On our site we have option where users can add coments to articles. Lately some people have been misbehaving. I wish to add a field in .mdb file and call it "approved". If the field contains "1" then it's ok to show the message, if the field has nothing in it comment will not be shown. How do I implement this into below code. I wish to leave posting as is, just not showing not yet approved comments.

Thank you in advance. (comments are shown in <td>" & rs("Comment") & "</td> part)

Here is the code:

' show past comments
If Not rs.EOF Then

s = s & " <tr bgcolor=""" & TitleBGColor & """>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td colspan=""3"">&nbsp;Comments:</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " </tr>" & vbCrLf

While not rs.EOF
s = s & " <tr class=""" & TitleClass & """>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>&nbsp;</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>From:</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>" & rs("Name") & " (" & rs("DateAdded") & ")</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " </tr>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <tr>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <tr class=""" & TitleClass & """>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>&nbsp;</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>Comment:</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>" & rs("Comment") & "</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " </tr>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <tr>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>&nbsp;</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>&nbsp;</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " <td>&nbsp;</td>" & vbCrLf
s = s & " </tr>" & vbCrLf
End If

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Enabling Comments When A Box Is Ticked

Aug 22, 2006


In the form I am creating, I have checkboxes. Some of these checkboxes, when ticked, need additional comments entered into a comments box.

Only when the box is ticked, the comments box should appear/become enabled.

Any pointers in the general direction I should help would be greatly appreciated.


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Adding To Comments For Multiple Records

Aug 23, 2005

I have a comments on my form. I have contacts with them having from 1 to many customers accts. I am trying to come up with a way to update the comments for a contact that adds those comments to all their customers records...but not to those that have been closed.
How would I add these comments to the comments on the form without overwriting the current comments.

Comments - Memo
Contact - Text

It's quite a pain, copying and pasting from record to record.


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Help Re Creating A Space For Comments On A Form PLEASE!!

Feb 6, 2006

Help please!!!!

Firstly, I would apologise as I am not overly familiar with the correct terminology!

I need to create a "space" on my form whereby I can add comments etc which will exceed 255 characters: these comments will be specific to each record. I have tried having an "unbound" text box in design view but this makes the comments the same on each record.

I know this is probably "as clear as mud" but if anyone can help I would be really grateful.



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Forms :: Show History Of Comments?

Sep 7, 2014

I am developing a new tool which needs to show the history of updates to the users, i.e.:

An observation is entered into a field on the MAIN FORM by user 1.

User 2 reviews the observation on the MAIN FORM and adds a separate comment in another field on the same form.

When the record is saved, the updates are NOT written to the Main Form Table but to the UPDATES TABLE for audit purposes.

I am also using current date/ time as a timestamp, which is protected and needs to be carried over to the UPDATES TABLE Every time a new comment is added in the MAIN FORM, I need it to be written to the UPDATES TABLE as a new record.

What I need to be able to show is:

Each comment added, as a list of readable records, in a table within the main form AND Each time the main form is refreshed/ opened the separate comment field is blank to enable each new update to be applied.

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Growing Text Box For Comments To Fit Perfectly

Nov 21, 2014

I'm trying to make a text box for comments that grows as the user types to fit the comment perfectly.

The comments can be anywhere from 2 words to a paragraph long.

Is this even possible? If it is, is the best place to do it on a form?

I've made a text box and tried the "Can Grow" property, but that doesn't increase the size as you type.

I'm wondering maybe if there's a VBA "After Update" Code that will readjust the textbox to fit the code?

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Change Existing Comments On A Report?

Nov 12, 2012

how to change existing comments on a report?

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Force Update Into Unbounded Comments Field

Oct 24, 2005

Hopefully there's someone who can help me with this!!! I've had several unsuccesfull attempts and don't know what else to try...

We're trying to force users to make entries in a field called txtComments in the frmQuestionnaire form if they provide negative responses and to stay on that record until the comments are changed. Inside the form is an option group (fraResponses) which contains options (OptA, OptB..etc.) valued from 1 through 7, based on a likert 7 scale. We're only using a likert 6 scale, so the respondents will only see 2-7 on the form. If they options B-D (valued 2-4), they are considered negative, so we want to make sure they enter a comment.

I tried to enter the italicized code under the form on BeforeUpdate, AfterUpdate, CmdUp (click to next question) and CmdDown (click to previous question), with frmQuestionnaire but nothing happens:

There is a module called clsUser which contains the following and where I tried to insert the code:

Set myForm = Forms!frmQuestionnaire
' ================================================== ==
' First, set the value of the variables
' ================================================== ==
lngQuestion = arrQ(lngArray, 0)
lngSession = GetCustomInfo("TestSession")
lngUser = UserID
lngBillet = BilletID

strComment = Nz(myForm.txtComment, "")

strComment = "None"

'If user selects negative responses
If Form_frmQuestionnaire.fraResponses.OptionValue = 2 Or 3 Or 4 And strComment = "None" Then
MsgBox "Please explain the problems you encountered with the system which " & _
"caused you to select an unfavorable response."

End If

lngResponse = myForm.fraResponses

When I place the code there, the dialog box appears for all values and goes to the next record. This is what appears for the CmdUp (click to next question):

If cUser.blnDirty = False And Me.fraResponses = 153 (this is default value for the entire option group) And cUser.blnNew = True Then
cUser.blnDirty = True
End If

If cUser.lngArray < cUser.UBound_ArrQ() Then
cUser.lngArray = cUser.lngArray + 1
cUser.lngArray = cUser.UBound_ArrQ()
End If
cUser.blnDirty = False

I've tried to enter the line of code with the form and the module, but no luck.

I also want it to remain on the same record until the field is changed. The form is unbound and has the following:

Public Sub FillQuestions()

'************************************************* ****
' Purpose: Scroll through the questions
' Assumptions: N/A
' Effects: N/A
' Inputs:
' None
' Returns:
' None
'************************************************* ****

Dim lngRG As Long

Set myForm = Forms!frmQuestionnaire
myForm.txtQuestion = arrQ(lngArray, 1)
lngRG = arrQ(lngArray, 2)
myForm.prgProgress.Value = lngArray + 1
myForm.lblProgText.Caption = "Question " & (lngArray + 1) & " of " & lngQuestions
myForm.lblTS.Caption = "Test Session: " & arrQ(lngArray, 3)
myForm.lblQID.Caption = "Question ID: " & arrQ(lngArray, 0)

GetResponseSet lngRG
If lngArray = 0 Then
myForm.cmdDown.Enabled = False
myForm.cmdDown.Enabled = True
End If

If lngArray >= UBound(arrQ) Then
myForm.cmdUp.Enabled = False
myForm.cmdUp.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Public Sub FillAnswers()
'************************************************* ****
' Purpose: Fill out the user's previous responses
' Assumptions: N/A
' Effects: N/A
' Inputs:
' None
' Returns:
' None
'************************************************* ****

Dim strSQL As String
Dim recAnswer As New ADODB.Recordset

Set myForm = Forms!frmQuestionnaire
strSQL = "SELECT datResponse.reDatQuestionID, datResponse.reDatRespondentID, "
strSQL = strSQL & "datResponse.reDatResponseSetID, datResponse.reComment "
strSQL = strSQL & "FROM datResponse "
strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE datResponse.reDatQuestionID=" & arrQ(lngArray, 0)
strSQL = strSQL & "AND datResponse.reDatRespondentID=" & UserID

recAnswer.Open strSQL, CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockOptimistic

If Not recAnswer.EOF Then
myForm.fraResponses = recAnswer!reDatResponseSetID
myForm.txtComment = recAnswer!reComment
blnNew = False
If myForm.fraResponses <> 152 Then
myForm.fraResponses = 153
myForm.txtComment = ""
blnNew = True
End If
End If

Set recAnswer = Nothing

End Sub

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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General :: Keeping History Of Notes / Comments

Mar 26, 2014

How to extract the comment system from the Contacts Web Database template found in Access 2010? I can upload it if you like.

I would like to use it in a standard desktop database to track notes and comments in my records.

I am able to convert it from web to standard, but it still appears to use data macros or something, and my knowledge on macros is limited.

I just want to keep a history of my notes for each record, with the most recent always listed, and the comment system in the Contacts Web Database template seems perfect for that. I just don't know how to implement it into my desktop database.

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General :: Append Comments Field With User Name

Aug 20, 2013

I need to save a user's machine name when they comment on a record.

I have a form that has a comments field, and a separate area that shows the historical entries from comments.

I also have an invisible field populated by "=fOSMachineName()" that shows the users machine name. Getting this running was tough on my 64 bit machine, but it now works!)

I wish to have the machine name included in the comments field every time the "Save Record and Close" button (which runs a macro) is clicked.

Right now, when someone adds comments, it shows a date and time stamp (which I still want to keep) but I want to also capture the machine name at the same time.

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General :: Not Enough Space For Comments (Limited To 255 Characters)

Sep 18, 2013

We have created a database where data entry happens on the first form. So far all is working well on this form except users complain there is not enough space for comments. I set up a column for comments, but it is limited to 255 characters. What/How else can I set this up to provide a lot more room?

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Modules & VBA :: How To Record Username In History Comments

Nov 26, 2013

I have a field that records comments call house comments i wonder is it possible to record which user leaves what comment?

=ColumnHistory([RecordSource],"Comments","[ID]=" & Nz([txtID],0))

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Keep Track Of Multiple Notes / Comments In A Record?

Mar 25, 2014

I'm using Access 2013, with a standard database (non web).

I am trying to figured out a method to keep track of notes and comments that are entered into a record. I would like them to be time stamped, and the most recent listed first.

Do I have to use a split form or similar to do that? Is there a intermediate to easy method of accomplishing this task?

If anyone has seen the Contacts Web database template in Access 2010, the 'Add a Comment' section would be ideal to what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to implement it into my database.

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Forms :: Comments In Descending Order In Memo Field

May 5, 2015

Having some trouble with a memo field. For each record, the notes field is present on the Form.... I added an unbound text box (txtMemoAdd) and a command button (Add New Note). When the button is selected, it adds the note to the Read Only Notes Field and adds a timestamp using the following code:

Me.Notes = Me.Notes & vbCrLf & Now () & VbCrLf & Me.txtMemoAdd
Me.txtMemoAdd = ""

The note is added to the bottom, and I was wondering if there was a way to make the new note go to the TOP of the field (Descending Order rather than Ascending).

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Queries :: How To Insert Comments And Notes Using Singular Quote

Feb 5, 2015

I know that you can insert comments and notes in VBA code using a singular quote, like the following:

'Comment about what the code does

Is there a similar way to insert comments in the SQL of queries? I found other forum posts that say this isn't possible but those were all for pre-2010 Access. Has this changed at all?

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"access Denied, Not Allowed In This Context" Error Msg

Sep 21, 2005

I have written an Access (2000) Db that uses the SendObject function to send an email. Works quite happily for my Windows 2000 Op System users, but not on XP machines. XP machines error with message something like "access denies, not available in this context". Any ideas?

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Forms :: Copying Memo Field Comments To Other Queried Record

Jan 15, 2015

I have one memo per change (user input)...I need to have the comment the user inputs to copy into other records that were queried. I tried insert. My coding does one of the records or all of the records ..I need it to copy just to the queried records ...and I have a query but no filter set.

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