Access97 Permission Problem

Dec 19, 2007

I bought a database about 10 years ago and still uses it. Since then we changed our address and need to update all the forms as the address is hard coded into the forms. When I tried to modify any thing it tells me I don't have the Permission. I tried to contact the programmer, but he's been out of business years ago and was unable to contact him.

How do I reset the permission on MDB? I tried Tools->Security->User/GroupPremissions and it only shows Admin user with "Read Design" checked on all object names. And if I check on any other permission it says I need administer permission.

I tried "Users' passwords viewer v3.2" and it shows admin user with garbled up password. Also tried MDWRecovery, but it says there's no user or password.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Access97 SQL Syntax

Jul 25, 2005

I'm familiar with SQL but not with Access97 - some wierd syntax here!

I'm creating a Query that is to Delete records from a table depending on a non-key field in a second table.

I first tried an INNER JOIN

DELETE Activity_Preferences.*
FROM Activity_Preferences INNER JOIN Activity_Key
Activity_Preferences.Activity_Key=Activity_Key.Act ivity_Key AND Activity_Key.Complete=1;

which was initially accepted but then complained about the INNER JOIN after I went in a second time to 'fix' the error.

I've finally got the following syntax accepted:-

DELETE Activity_Preferences.*
FROM Activity_Preferences, Activity_Key
WHERE Activity_Preferences.Activity_Key=Activity_Key.Act ivity_Key AND Activity_Key.Complete=1;

But when executed still gets the following error (same as for the INNER JOIN):-

'Operation must use an updatable query'.

What else is needed?


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Access97 Problem

Nov 7, 2005

I have a multi user 97 DB which also has a 2000 front end with tables linked to the 97 version. The 97 version won't open on 97 machines, 'unknown database format' first I thought someone had converted it but it doesn't look like that has been done. When I open on a 2000 machine there is no option to 'convert to a previous version'.

I have run compact and repair on both DB's.

Any ideas what the problem could be.

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Using ACCESS97 On WindowsXP Pro OS

Dec 14, 2005

I am a long time user of ACCESS but use ACCESS97 for specific reasons. Have ACCESS97 operating on a PC with Win2000 and WinXP Home. Recently had to buy a new PC with WinXP Professional. Cannot seem to install the software. In the process get some error messages. First,

"An error has occurred at changing workgroup data base"

I click OK then get,

couldn't create SYSTEM.MDW file; after setup completes, reboot and run Workgroup Administrator before you run this application

I don't know what to do next. Do not know what the Workgroup Administator is. Two questions:

1. Is it possible to run ACCESS97 on this OS?
2. If so, can you advise on how to do the installation successfully?

I appreciate any help that anyone can provide. Cheers!

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Importing *.csv Into Access97

Feb 27, 2006

Hi! I've got a problem with a csv file from our MRP system. It always contains spaces BEFORE the data in the fields and I need to ignore them when I group the data. The crosstab report works absolutely fine but I don't get the right output because of those darned spaces!!:mad:


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Open Access97 MDE With Access2000

Aug 4, 2005

...not too much in the archives on this one, so any help appreciated...

We have an Access97 MDE with a split backend that is shared over a network.

Most of our users have WinNT installed and the Access application works fine. We have a user who has Win2K and Office2k and every time this person tried to launch the Access97 app, he receives the following error:

The database that you are trying to open or convert is currently in use, or you do not have permission to open it exclusively.

I have checked the Security Permissions for that user and he actually has full rights (Admin) for the Network folder.

Anyone else experienced this ?

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How To Connect Access97 With ExcelXP??

Nov 28, 2005

Hi All,

I've been working on many other domains but very new to Access world. Anyway,coming to the point.I have a database built on Access and the reporting is being done on Excel.Till now,there is no connection between both.Users are doing copy/paste procedure for reporting in excel.i tried to connect both and get the data directly in to excel with out copy/paste procedure(i.e., just by refreshing the excel sheet would do). But when i create an ODBC connection between them, it says that the required permissions are not given to you by the administrator.I'm trying to create a file,can anyone tell me what exactly i need for this?is it the admin rights of access database (or) the admin rights of the folder where the mdb file is located?little confused on this.I already have the admin rights on the folder where the mdb file is located but still getting the error.admin rights of the datasbe cannot be given because no one knows the password of administrator ID of Access database(little funny but it is the fact!)

can anyone please let me know how can i get through this problem as this would be the crucial thing for this project.


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Security Problem In Access97

Mar 12, 2008

PLZ direct me about this security problem in Access 97.

I heve a serious problem with security of MDB files in ACCESS 97.

I heve a MDB database file in my company and shered it on my system so every other user have remote access to MDB file. then I created a workgroup file (.MDW) and enabled multiuser security For the shared MDB file but when each user dejoin from administrative workgroup file (.mdw), He/she can access to all table without any user/pass control.

How can I do with this problem, is there any reliable solution for multiuser security in Access 97 database files.

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Cannot Import From Excel To Access97

Oct 5, 2004

I noticed that I did not put a question mark next to this the first time I posted it, so maybe it was not clear that I was hoping for a response. Here I go again. We are trying to reinstall Access97 (the OS is Office XP) and having problems getting all of the drivers to install. Using the "Add or Remove Programs" in the Control Panel to make sure that all drivers have been installed, it says that the Excel drivers are installed, though it is grey, which I take to mean that it is not completely installed. On the computer in question, it says that the database drivers take up 1329k and the excel drivers are" installed" (no size listed). On my computer, on which the excel drivers are available, it lists the database drivers as 2009k and the excel drivers 258k (it does not say "installed"). Anybody have any ideas?

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Converting VBA For Access97 To Access2000

Nov 13, 2003

My organization recently upgraded from Office97 to Office2000. A database that we had on 97 is giving us errors when we try to run it under 2000. I have been able to fix some of the errors. This one has me stumped.

I'm getting an error 13; type mismatch and it is calling out this line:

Set Mydb = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).Databases(0)

Any help is greatly appreciated. This is the complete function:

Function RegistrationData(Reqinfo As String) As String
On Error GoTo error_registrationdata:

Dim Mydb As DAO.Database
Dim MyRS As DAO.Recordset

Set Mydb = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).Databases(0)
Set MyRS = Mydb.OpenRecordset("REGISTRATION")

Select Case Reqinfo

Case "CommandName"
RegistrationData = MyRS.COMMAND

Case "CommandCode"
RegistrationData = MyRS.COM_CODE

Case "CommandAddress"
RegistrationData = MyRS.COM_ADDRESS

Case "CommandManager"
RegistrationData = MyRS.COM_MANAGER

Case "CommandPOC"
RegistrationData = MyRS.COM_POC

Case "CommandPhone"
RegistrationData = MyRS.COM_PHONE

Case "CommandFax"
RegistrationData = MyRS.COM_FAX

Case "ClinicName"
RegistrationData = MyRS.CLINIC

Case "ClinicCode"
RegistrationData = MyRS.CLI_CODE

Case "ClinicAddress"
RegistrationData = MyRS.CLI_ADDRESS

Case "ClinicManager"
RegistrationData = MyRS.CLI_MANAGER

Case "ClinicPOC"
RegistrationData = MyRS.CLI_POC

Case "ClinicPhone"
RegistrationData = MyRS.CLI_PHONE

Case "ClinicFax"
RegistrationData = MyRS.CLI_FAX

Case "MailDir"
RegistrationData = MyRS.MAILDIR

Case "HROFile"
If Not IsNull(MyRS.HROFile) Then
RegistrationData = MyRS.HROFile
RegistrationData = "error"
End If

Case "AboutYN"
RegistrationData = MyRS.ABOUTYN

Case "ActivityName"
RegistrationData = MyRS.ActivityName

Case Else
RegistrationData = "error"

End Select

Exit Function

MsgBox "There was an error retrieving data from the Registration Table. Please ensure all data is filled in correctly."
RegistrationData = "x"
Resume end_registrationdata:

End Function

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Runtime Access97 On Thumb Drive?

Dec 2, 2005

does anyone know if it's possible to "install" the runtime version of access 97 (we do have developer's edition, so can distribute the run-time version) to a thumb drive so that it would run without having to install it on each computer that one was going to use the thumb drive on - is there any add'l software that would make this possible/ - the application is for figure skating clubs - with distribution of up to 1000 copies - the idea is to distribute them to member clubs and various officers could use the application and exchange up-to-date data by passing on the thumb drive - this also would hpefully avoid all installation problems with pc's having various versions of access already installed, etc. - thanks for any suggestions- jim

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Control.caption Access97 To A2000

Jan 4, 2006

I am converitng a database with quite a bit of associated code from A97 to A2000. The following fails:

Dim ctlSample As Control

Set ctlSample = CreateControl(frm.Name, acLabel, acDetail, "", _
, sngLeft, sngTop, conWidthLabel, conHeight)

'set properties of the sample label

With ctlSample
.Caption = rst!SampAbrv

Is there a new syntax for ctl.caption in 2000? I've tried help and a web search but no joy.



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Import Text File Into Access97 Without Index

Sep 15, 2004

I am importing a text file into Access97 using fixed width with import specifications that specify NO to indexing. However, when I run the Macro, it automatically indexes the first field (which is a long integer).

Why? How do I import the text file without having the index automatically added?

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MSysTable Permission....

Dec 14, 2005

The programmer who built this access program is no longer here...Everytime I create a new Report, it works great for me...but the person I made it for ALWAYS gets the MSystable permission error....I have gone through the wizard to give them every permission available on the report and the query it is using...AND went and made sure permission was given on the SQL side of things as well...YET I still get this incredibly annoying error...that seems there is no real answer to...CAN ANYONE help?!!! even compacted and repaired the program...still no good....I know it will be something small, but I can not see it.

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Error-You Do Not Have The Necessary Permission..

Jul 12, 2006


I get this error when opening my MS Access database - You do not have the necessary permissions to use the ...[flie name and path]... object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the necessary permissions for you.

The database works fine on another computer, but every time I transfer it to mine (I am on a network), I get the above error. I have recreated the User-level security workgroup file, no joy.

Can you help?

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Access Permission

Jan 17, 2007

Hi there

Can i set permission on a single button in a access database form for specific number of users. And rest of the database is available for everybody ?


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Permission Problem??

Feb 7, 2005

hi, when i tried to use "update" i got this error, no problem with "select" . it is got something to do with the permission setting?? using winxp pro, ms acccess 2003.

Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)
Operation must use an updateable query.
/okl/topics/DC/Basic/VD_Q1_Result.asp, line 72

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Permission Problem

Nov 20, 2005

i have this problem if anyone can help me please,,

i have some databases in my server(dc) + the Microsoft Office Access Workgroup Information(secured.mdw) ...
when i open the database i get this error message
("You do not have the necessary permission s to use
the '\dcdatabases$systemsdecdec sharedec_wahab.mdb'
Gas Supplier.mdb' object. Have your system administor or
the person who created the object establish the
appropriate permissions for you.")

then how can i open the database?

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You Do Not Have Permission To Enter This Database

Oct 5, 2005

I get the above message when I try to open a database created by someone that no longer works here. I tried to create a new version of the workgroup information file and assume the permissions of the administrator, but I still cannot access the database. Any leads?


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User Permission Problem

Jul 17, 2007


I was in the process of setting up a new user on our database, when I think I inadvertantly changed my own permissions. As the owner & creator of the database I am now unable to open it up - am getting th following messag:

"You do not have the necessary permissions to use the 'NDatabasesGAB Contacts.mdb' object. Have your system administrator or the person who creatd this objct establish the appropriat permissions for you."

After rading another thread on this subject I hav amendd the security options for the database, by right-clicking & selecting properties and the Security tab, then adding myself as the owner - but this has not resolved the problem.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to help me get back into my database?

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User And Group Permission

Feb 5, 2008

I have put my database in a package using MS Access extension but the user and Group Perssion is not included to the package. Does some one know how to include the permissions too.


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ODBC Read Permission

Aug 17, 2007


I am using MS Access which has a ODBC link to a sql database. I find that the linked table can be edited in Access.
I would like to prevent editing in this Linked table. IS there a way?


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Access 200 Permission Lockup

Feb 20, 2008

Either when copying from one db to another on my machine or running a db produced on that machine on a network, I get the message "the database has been placed in a state by user (my machine is called "Rat") that prevents it from being opened or locked". =Error 3734.
The security data says I am "Admin" and permission is set for Admin and Users. It has been doing this intermittently for a while and now does it all the time.
Follow up data
All databases are created, revised and run on home machine (Rat) and run on the office network.

The offending DB will permit internal design, editing , copying and will accept pasting IN of tables etc. from other DBs. But it will not allow copying OUT of files such as a table to other DBs even on the machine that created them. However it will allow copying and pasting of objects such as forms in visual form or individual query cells to other DBs.

Iíve carefully compared the Tools/Security/User & Group Permissions with a good running version of the DB and can see no difference.
Permission settings on good and bad DBs are:-
Permissions: Admin Object: Current DB
Checked: Open/Run, Open Exclusive, Administer.
Iíve also checked each individual filesí Permissions. The .ldb file, viewed with Word with the offending DB running on my office machine (Weasil), reads:-
WEASIL_ Admin_

The creating machine ďRatĒ uses the Account ďRichardĒ: but I have had few similar problems before. While revising the DB, I made 30 copies of at each stage along the way but saved carefully each design change and certainly did not deboot the computer without doing so.

Iíve tried the above procedure on my computer (Weasil) at the office, but got the same result. So itís not the computers or MS Access 2000 program. Somewhere along the line, perhaps, the DB got corrupted. It Repaired and Compacted OK but still has the problem.

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Why Those Permission Differences Btw Access Files ??

Sep 1, 2005

Hi accessors,

I have 1 permissions related Q.

If I create msaccess db by calling the app through its icon, i get a db with following permission items :


but if I create it through rightclick> new> ms_office_access_application, I get a db with:

VS Developers(compNameVS Developers)

Why /the hell/ those differences btw the same kind of files ? :mad:


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Is It Wise To Change Security Permission .....

Mar 20, 2007

When users are active in DB

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Column Permission In Access Table

Jan 4, 2005


I have a table in Access database. I would like to set read only permissions to some of the fields/columns in the table. I do not want user to alter or edit some fields/columns in a table. Could someone give a solution for this?

thanks in adavance


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