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Mar 20, 2007

When users are active in DB

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Access 2003 Security Permission Problem

Oct 19, 2006

I have a database, which contains linked tables to another database. The information held in the tables are mostly open for every permitted user but some of the table informations are restricted to a few user only. To manage all of this different permissions I created a workgroup, changed all the necessary things to become an administrator and run the security wizard to secure my database. Finally I want to give every single group the access it belongs to. And there is my problem.
I have a form which has a VBA code underlying which selects data from a table and two queries and where the user can set individual criterias. For me as an admin user this form works perfect. When I log on as a user I can't find out how to set the permissions not to receive the error message: "You do not have the necessary permission to use the 'MSys Table' object...." The user should not be an admin user and I already set the modify, update, delete, read, read design permission to the group. Nothing helps.
Please if anybody has an idea what I can try I really would appreaciate this help!
Thanks very much :)

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Limit User's Security Permission With Code

Sep 15, 2005

My db is secured using Access security but now find myself needing to code a little security work around if possible.

I have a form that has a subform. On the subform is a field named "Comments". The subform security only lets a particular group write to the fields it contains (including "Comments"). I have a new user that I need to allow to write to "Comments" but not to any of the other fields on the subform. I could make another subform with "Comments" only field and redo my security so that the original group can write to both subforms and new user can only write to "Comments" subform but I think it might be easier to code in that the new user is only allowed to write to field "Comments" in the existing subform. Every user logs into the db so I can get the user ID.

Is it possible to do this?

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2000 Security Issue 'Cannot Read Permission On MSysAccounts'

Jan 24, 2008

i have an unsecured database in 2000

i open up a blank db with a workgroup file and then pull everything in from the unsecured

ta da, a secured database

but if i go tools>security>users & accounts it gives me

'Cannot Read Permission on MSysAccounts'

which has stumped me

the workgroup file is OLD, like and mda old, and it might be that it needs converting to a 2000 mdw, but i don't have permissions to do it

am struggling for more things to try to solve the issue, any thoughts are welcome



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Security :autopassword Change?

Apr 6, 2006

Is there any way that i can get the database password to change after a certain period of time?

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Security - Admins Change Another Users Password

Dec 9, 2005

I have a Db that is secured with a workgroup.
If a user puts a password in for themselves, is there any way an Admins person can see it, or change it?

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Year-wise Database

Apr 25, 2007

After looking at the replies to my post on the above subject, I realize that one needs to be an expert programmer in VB, SQL etc. to design queries/forms to filter records year-wise for all type of record operations. I know nothing about programming. So I have used these codes (of course, with the help of this forum) :

Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)
If IsNull(Me![DyNo]) Then
Me![DyNo] = Format(Nz(DMax("[DyNo]", "[tblAllDet]", "[TheYear]='" & Year(Date) & "'"), 0) + 1, "0")
End If
Me![DyNo] = Format([DyNo], "0")

If DatePart("m", Now()) = 1 And [DyNo] = 1 Then


Dim db As Database, rs As DAO.Recordset
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("tblAllDet")

db.Execute "DELETE * FROM [tblAllDet];"

End If

End Sub

First, with DMax, my DyNo field is reset to No.1 on change of year.
Then, ‘DatePart’ code looks for January and DyNo.1 and does Backup (a module) of existing records.
Lastly, all records in the current DB is deleted so I get a blank database for the new year.

For the previous year’s records, I can rename the backup file year-wise and use.

I have tested this with dummy records and changing system date. I didn’t face any problem. However, I would like the experts of this forum to have a look at the above codes and point out any flaws. Thanks in advance.

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Forms :: Generate A Unique Reference Number Record Wise

Jun 10, 2015

Need to generate a unique reference number each record wise while data entering by a form. How to do this by using a command button ? After entering all fields related to the record, when click on the command button, unique reference number for that record need to be generated and save with all other data of the records. in a later event, need to recall the record by using this reference number and also need to make relation ship with some other table by using the reference number.

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Forms :: Display Data Month Wise - Conditional Formatting

Sep 2, 2014

In my Access forms, i display data by month wise; and i want to give the conditional formatting with two condition;

If date of today is greater than target date for that month and if got value more than 0 - Red color
If date of today is lesser than target date for that month and if got value more than 0 - green color

Target date for every month in available in a separate table.

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Incoming / Outgoing Raw Material - How To Get Balance Stock Item Wise

Dec 31, 2013

I have created queries from Incoming Raw Material and Out Going Raw material Tables..Now how to get balance Stock of Item wise,

My Query Look as under
item wt In Coils Out Coils Wt Bala Stock
part A 100 kg 10 3 30 Kg 7
part A 100 kg 10 5 30 Kg 5

I want that Balance Stock shall be 2 Coils of Part A , How shall I get the same result.

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Queries :: Making Bird Count Database - Data Recorded On Monthly Basis Week Wise

Feb 21, 2014

I've been requested to make a bird count database.

The bird count data has been recorded on monthly papers like this:

[bird name] [week 1][week 2][week 3][week4]

The number of birds sighted for a given week is written in the [week x] columns.

What I need to do is make another column that shows whichever number is highest from columns [week 1], [week 2], [week 3], [week 4].

So for example:

Blackbird: Week1: 4, Week2: 2, Week3: 6, Week4: 2

highest: =6

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MSysTable Permission....

Dec 14, 2005

The programmer who built this access program is no longer here...Everytime I create a new Report, it works great for me...but the person I made it for ALWAYS gets the MSystable permission error....I have gone through the wizard to give them every permission available on the report and the query it is using...AND went and made sure permission was given on the SQL side of things as well...YET I still get this incredibly annoying error...that seems there is no real answer to...CAN ANYONE help?!!! even compacted and repaired the program...still no good....I know it will be something small, but I can not see it.

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Error-You Do Not Have The Necessary Permission..

Jul 12, 2006


I get this error when opening my MS Access database - You do not have the necessary permissions to use the ...[flie name and path]... object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the necessary permissions for you.

The database works fine on another computer, but every time I transfer it to mine (I am on a network), I get the above error. I have recreated the User-level security workgroup file, no joy.

Can you help?

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Access Permission

Jan 17, 2007

Hi there

Can i set permission on a single button in a access database form for specific number of users. And rest of the database is available for everybody ?


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Permission Problem??

Feb 7, 2005

hi, when i tried to use "update" i got this error, no problem with "select" . it is got something to do with the permission setting?? using winxp pro, ms acccess 2003.

Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)
Operation must use an updateable query.
/okl/topics/DC/Basic/VD_Q1_Result.asp, line 72

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Permission Problem

Nov 20, 2005

i have this problem if anyone can help me please,,

i have some databases in my server(dc) + the Microsoft Office Access Workgroup Information(secured.mdw) ...
when i open the database i get this error message
("You do not have the necessary permission s to use
the '\dcdatabases$systemsdecdec sharedec_wahab.mdb'
Gas Supplier.mdb' object. Have your system administor or
the person who created the object establish the
appropriate permissions for you.")

then how can i open the database?

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You Do Not Have Permission To Enter This Database

Oct 5, 2005

I get the above message when I try to open a database created by someone that no longer works here. I tried to create a new version of the workgroup information file and assume the permissions of the administrator, but I still cannot access the database. Any leads?


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User Permission Problem

Jul 17, 2007


I was in the process of setting up a new user on our database, when I think I inadvertantly changed my own permissions. As the owner & creator of the database I am now unable to open it up - am getting th following messag:

"You do not have the necessary permissions to use the 'NDatabasesGAB Contacts.mdb' object. Have your system administrator or the person who creatd this objct establish the appropriat permissions for you."

After rading another thread on this subject I hav amendd the security options for the database, by right-clicking & selecting properties and the Security tab, then adding myself as the owner - but this has not resolved the problem.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to help me get back into my database?

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Access97 Permission Problem

Dec 19, 2007

I bought a database about 10 years ago and still uses it. Since then we changed our address and need to update all the forms as the address is hard coded into the forms. When I tried to modify any thing it tells me I don't have the Permission. I tried to contact the programmer, but he's been out of business years ago and was unable to contact him.

How do I reset the permission on MDB? I tried Tools->Security->User/GroupPremissions and it only shows Admin user with "Read Design" checked on all object names. And if I check on any other permission it says I need administer permission.

I tried "Users' passwords viewer v3.2" and it shows admin user with garbled up password. Also tried MDWRecovery, but it says there's no user or password.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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User And Group Permission

Feb 5, 2008

I have put my database in a package using MS Access extension but the user and Group Perssion is not included to the package. Does some one know how to include the permissions too.


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ODBC Read Permission

Aug 17, 2007


I am using MS Access which has a ODBC link to a sql database. I find that the linked table can be edited in Access.
I would like to prevent editing in this Linked table. IS there a way?


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Access 200 Permission Lockup

Feb 20, 2008

Either when copying from one db to another on my machine or running a db produced on that machine on a network, I get the message "the database has been placed in a state by user (my machine is called "Rat") that prevents it from being opened or locked". =Error 3734.
The security data says I am "Admin" and permission is set for Admin and Users. It has been doing this intermittently for a while and now does it all the time.
Follow up data
All databases are created, revised and run on home machine (Rat) and run on the office network.

The offending DB will permit internal design, editing , copying and will accept pasting IN of tables etc. from other DBs. But it will not allow copying OUT of files such as a table to other DBs even on the machine that created them. However it will allow copying and pasting of objects such as forms in visual form or individual query cells to other DBs.

I’ve carefully compared the Tools/Security/User & Group Permissions with a good running version of the DB and can see no difference.
Permission settings on good and bad DBs are:-
Permissions: Admin Object: Current DB
Checked: Open/Run, Open Exclusive, Administer.
I’ve also checked each individual files’ Permissions. The .ldb file, viewed with Word with the offending DB running on my office machine (Weasil), reads:-
WEASIL_ Admin_

The creating machine “Rat” uses the Account “Richard”: but I have had few similar problems before. While revising the DB, I made 30 copies of at each stage along the way but saved carefully each design change and certainly did not deboot the computer without doing so.

I’ve tried the above procedure on my computer (Weasil) at the office, but got the same result. So it’s not the computers or MS Access 2000 program. Somewhere along the line, perhaps, the DB got corrupted. It Repaired and Compacted OK but still has the problem.

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Advice For Security & Question On Built In Access Security

Mar 26, 2007

I've read and gone though quite a few of the scrips and examples for creating logins and security and i'm getting to the stage when i need to have good understanding of the different methods.

Some of the examples whilst create a user login do not really allow for security within the database whilst the build in security wizard would appear to offer that functionality.

I am thinking that I will use the Workgroup file and that method. My question is am i able to utilise the fact that if a person 'AdamA' logs onto the database which is built into the workgroup security file. am I then able to take 'AdamA' to populate a table which records actions by a user? (I can't seem to find any thread or book reference to doing this)

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Why Those Permission Differences Btw Access Files ??

Sep 1, 2005

Hi accessors,

I have 1 permissions related Q.

If I create msaccess db by calling the app through its icon, i get a db with following permission items :


but if I create it through rightclick> new> ms_office_access_application, I get a db with:

VS Developers(compNameVS Developers)

Why /the hell/ those differences btw the same kind of files ? :mad:


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Column Permission In Access Table

Jan 4, 2005


I have a table in Access database. I would like to set read only permissions to some of the fields/columns in the table. I do not want user to alter or edit some fields/columns in a table. Could someone give a solution for this?

thanks in adavance


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Modules & VBA :: Permission Denied On Own Profile

Sep 12, 2014

I have a backup procedure that is giving me a "Permission Denied" on my own profile.

Public Function BackupFE()
On Error GoTo BackupFE_Err

Dim SourceFile As String, DestinationFile As String
Dim aFSO As Variant
Dim Path As String, Name As String

[Code] .....

I've been over this and over it again.

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