Field Criteria: Is Null; There Are Null Values In That Field; No Records Are Returned

Nov 16, 2007

I think the title pretty much sums it up....

I have a query where data is first sorted by user input; first field's criteria: [fieldname], then by another field's criteria: Is Null.

I know there are records containing null values in the second field, as I have run a select query with the criteria: Like "*", to make sure they are null, and not zero-length-strings.

The query is refusing to return any results...

Any ideas?

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Queries :: Field Criteria - Cannot Get Blank (Not Null) Records

May 15, 2013

All. Using access 2010. I have a query that returns 92 records. When I put in the criteria for one field to leave out records with “approved” which totals to 9 records, the query only returns 10 records. It is not returning the records that are blank(not null) for that field. I want those records. Why is this happening and how can I get the blanks for this query?

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Null Records Not Being Returned

Dec 5, 2004

I am trying to create a Membership report that shows member activity over several months.

My problem is that the software that gives me the Member Activity does not report on accounts that were not used during that month
and some members do not come in every month.

I have a Member's Details table as well as individual months activity and have queries set to show the results of each month individually (these work, obviously)

The Reports I am trying to get from Access only show the activity of Members that have some movement every month, but totally skips members that are not present for 1 or more.

The report uses these queries but fails to report any member that is not in the tables for all months.


Rank Member FirstName LastName Activity
1 100 Andy Todd 200

Rank Member FirstName LastName Activity

Rank Member FirstName LastName Activity
5 100 Andy Todd 50

The report needs to show: Member FirstName LastName Sept.Rank Sept.Activity Oct.Rank Oct.Activity Nov.Rank Nov.Activity
but will not because there are no values for that member in October.

I am teaching myself Access as I go, so I am sure there is an easy solution.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Linked Field And Null Values

Feb 1, 2006


Introduction (I case I'm doing this all wrong)

I have 1 huge table of data:

Year (this is 1 or 2)

I'm taking each component Person, Address, Telephone info and making a compacted table of each (i.e. lots of Jane Does etc, appear in both years)
Each table with have a URN

I then need to update the big table with the URN so move onto another part of getting this data into a usable format.

Basically what follows is my question on how to get the URN's back into the table:


Is there a quicker way (or a way I'm not seeing) of doing the following.

I have a set of data 'tblDatabaseTable, say:


In the database.

I have an imported file which will be tblImportTable, same deal without the ID:


I need to compare the data on each table:

SELECT * FROM tblDatabaseTable
INNER JOIN tblDatabaseTable
ON tblDatabaseTable.Field1 = tblImportTable.Field1
AND tblDatabaseTable.Field2 = tblImportTable.Field2
AND tblDatabaseTable.Field3 = tblImportTable.Field3;

Works great as long as all the fields have values in.

Is there a way to compare the tables and get results as:

Ian MacConnell null

Ian Macconnell null


without doing something like:

SELECT IIf(IsNull([Field1]),' ',[Field1]),
IIf(IsNull([Field2]),' ',[Field2]),
IIf(IsNull([Field3]),' ',[Field3])
FROM DatabaseTable

SELECT IIf(IsNull([Field1]),' ',[Field1]),
IIf(IsNull([Field2]),' ',[Field2]),
IIf(IsNull([Field3]),' ',[Field3])
FROM ImportTable

before comparing them???

Phew, hope that all makes sense, very long day and I'm........


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Modules & VBA :: Checking Null Values In A Field

Jul 10, 2014

The following code doesn't check null condition in Scannedby field. The scannedby has text data type. The code gives me all the data where scandate=20130722 but doesn't check that scanned by can't be blank.

rs.Open "select count(*) from BatchTBL2 where scandate=20130722 and scannedby <> null", cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
j = rs.fields(0).Value

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Forms :: Null Field Values In Multi-select Listbox

Jun 15, 2014

I have a multi-select listbox (called PotentialItems) which behaves perfectly unless one of the fields has a null value in it, in which case I get an error 13, "Type mismatch" in the following code. It is valid business-wise for column 9 to be null.

Dim varItem As Variant
Dim dblTargetPrice As Double
With Me.PotentialItems
For Each varItem In .ItemsSelected
If Not IsNull(varItem) Then
dblTargetPrice = Nz(.Column(9, varItem), 0) '<----- Error here
End If
End With

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Queries :: IIF With Null Included Field - Lookup Table Values

Jul 1, 2013

I am currently working on an instrument datebase, I have a mainquery that takes care of user inputs from a form. The main fields that have been queried on are Type, System, and Manufacturer and they are all look-up fields that contain some null values.

On the same criteria row for these fields, I have

Like IIf([forms]![User Interface].[qtype2]="","*",[forms]![User Interface].[qtype2])
Like IIf([forms]![User Interface].[qsys2]="","*",[forms]![User Interface].[qsys2])
Like IIf([forms]![User Interface].[qman1]="","*",[forms]![User Interface].[qman1])

qtype, qsys and qman are the user inputs from the user interface that returns look-up table values.

This works fine when all 3 of these fields are all filled out for a certain instrument. The problem arise when some fields of the instrument are left blank or is null. The instrument won't show up in a query at all. What I wanted it to do is to show everything including the ones with null fields when the user input are null or "". When the user specifies certain requirement I only want to show the ones that are not null. I understand that putting them on the same row means AND, I have tried to OR them and did not have the result i wanted.

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Tables :: Setting Primary Keys To More Than One Field In Table / But They Cannot Have Null Values

Nov 30, 2012

Access 2010..One organization that we work with provides us with a block of numbers for each of the two types of contract products we order from them; we do order non-contract stuff from them also.The block of numbers are the same (i.e. 20000 to 30000 this year) for each of the two products. This means that each product can have the number 20000, for example. We call this the Tracking Number. If it is one of these products, we need to select the Contract Number.

For all other one off orders we have with them, we assign our own Tracking Number starting with 00001. This Tracking Number cannot duplicate unless it is one of the aforementioned two products.Both the Tracking Number and Contract Number are in the same table. The user selects the Contract Number from a form (connected to the Contract Number table that has all the details on the contract) and the Contract Number is populated in the same table that has the Tracking Number.Each order must have a Tracking Number (no null)..Not all orders need a Contract Number (null okay).The Tracking Number and Contract Number combination cannot duplicate.I tried setting the primary keys to more than one field in the table, but they cannot have null values.

If not... I have been working on Plan B.... an AfterUpdate on the form (either the form or a field... don't know yet) that looks at a query that only has results if there are duplicate values.

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Returning All Records If Dependent Field Is Null

May 14, 2007

Hi. I'm unable to work out how to set up a query which will filter records according to what is returned by one control, but will also list all records if the value of the control is null.

Situation: I have a CONSULTATION table linked many to many via a CONSULTATIONLIST relation table to an ADVISOR table. (An Advisor may be present in any number of Consultations, and a Consultation may include any number of Advisors.)

I have a CONSULTATIONMANAGE form enabling the user to select an Advisor from the table ADVISOR via a combo box called SELECTADVISOR which returns Advisor ID (adID).

My CONSULTATION form, displaying the list of consultation records, currently has, as record source, the following query:

SELECT Consultation.*, Advisor.adID
FROM Consultation INNER JOIN (Advisor INNER JOIN ConAdList ON Advisor.adID = ConAdList.adID) ON Consultation.conID = ConAdList.conID
WHERE (((Advisor.adID)=[Forms]![ConsultationManage]![selectadvisor]));

This query correctly lists only those Consultations in which the selected Advisor was present.

Problem: What I also need to do is show ALL Consultation records if the user does not select an Advisor from the combo box.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Modules & VBA :: Invalid Use Of Null With No (obvious) Null Values

Jul 5, 2013

It might be an easy one but I just wasted the past hour deciphering through my code in order to solve the run-time error '94' that I'm getting when trying to execute the following code:

Private Sub cmdUpdateDates_Click()
'This sub aims at combining the timesheet date and the start and end time into the fields [Start Time] and [End Time].
Dim intCounter As Integer
intCounter = 0
Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

[Code] ....

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Need Null Results Returned Also

Jan 16, 2006

I have a query that i run and now I am adding another column to provide a ETA for an order, when i specify a date I only get results that have that date and when I leave out the date I get too many results. Can someone please let me know how I can modify my query so that I get all the results with an ETA and also all the accounts that do not have an order placed.


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General :: Update Records With Null In The Field To Todays Date

Aug 19, 2014

I am new to Access. I am after a vba script to run an update query.

I have a table named MYOB_Invent.
I have a Query Named MYOB_Update.

The query is showing records where my field named Test1 is null.

I want to update records with null in the field to today's date (the date of the day that it is run) formatted as 18/08/2014 and the field next to it is named Updated (which is yes/no) from un-ticked to ticked for the updated values.

I would like a vba script to automate the process as I want to automate it via a commandbutton for users.

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Combo Criteria If Not Null Or Is Null

Apr 3, 2008

I am having problems with setting up a set of combo boxes.

What I am trying to do is if combo Productline is empty then in combo PartNumber would show all products but if combo Productline has a value selected then in the combo partnumber would only be able to select the partnumbers in that productline.

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Query With Is Null Returning Not Null Records

Apr 18, 2006

Hello all,

A bit of a weird one, I've got a query and the criteria for showing records is that one particular field is null. However the query is showing records with the values in the field chosen for the Is Null.

Not sure why this is happening, has anyone come across this problem before?


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Multiple Field Values Need To Be Returned In ONE Line

Jul 21, 2006

I have no idea if this is possible or not.
I have a requirement to pull a list of Doctor's, their address, and which counties they serve. Sounds fine, right? Well, they want all the counties on one line... One record for each unique address.

So, my query would return this
Dr Address County
Dr Smith Main Street Plymouth County
Dr Smith Main Street Sarasota County

But they want it to look like this
Dr Address County
Dr Smith Main Street Plymouth County Sarasota County

Any idea on how to pull that together for them and put it in an Excel spreadsheet?

Many many thanks.

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Preventing Duplicate Records Involving Null Values

Jul 22, 2005

I have a table with a multi-field unique index:

The problem is, date and/or examiner can be blank until that information is updated. I want those null values to be understood as actual values so that multiple instances of that "waiting to be updated" record do not occur. Is it possible for Access to understand my indexes in the following way?


and therefore not allow another record like the second one to be added? The ignore nulls property of my index doesn't seem to affect this issue?


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Query Not Returning Records When Criteria Set To Is Not Null Or Date Range

Feb 20, 2013

I have what I think is a simple query returning the names of students that have been dismissed since September 2012 using a "WithdrawnDate" field. The query pulls a lot of information from other related tables (about 6 different ones), and has two expressions.

When the criteria is set to either "Is Not Null" or a date range (which is all I need), it does not return the complete set of records based on the data that fits the criteria in the main table?

Could there be some sort of join preventing all records from being returned?

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Queries :: Form Field Return A Null Then Look At Field In Table

Jun 10, 2013

Trying to run a query using criteria to populate the query by looking at information from a field on a form, if from is closed I need that criteria to look at the table and return all date in table.

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Make Field True If Other Field Is Null

Jul 10, 2005

Is there an expression in a query, that if want to say, if one field is not null make another field say true?

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Leaving Field Null Based On Another Field

Oct 15, 2005

I have a downtime database that tracks units down, time on, reason down, etc. When a unit goes down, I log the name of the unit and the time down in separate fields. When a unit goes back on line, I log the time on and the reason in separate fields. All this is in a form. When the unit goes on line, I want the user to be forced to enter a reason only after he has entered a time on, not before. The reason field must be left blank until the unit is on. How do I do that? I have searched the forum for this and have not found leaving a field blank based on another fields data. I will supply whatever you need to help me. Thank you.

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Lock Field For A Record If Another Field Is Null

Nov 24, 2005

Lock field for a record if another field is null:

I would like to stop users from entering a date in "Ctrl Closed" unless they have populated "Ctrl Reason" for any given record.

Not sure how to do this.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hide Field If Another Field Is Null

Aug 9, 2006

I'm sure this one is easy, but I can't seem to get the code to work right. I have a field called "Discharged" and "ProposedDischargeDate". What I want to do is if the "Discharged" field is empty, or null, I want the "ProposedDischargeDate" to be visible. Otherwise, I want it to remain hidden. I want this on either the AfterUpdate or the OnExit event of the "Discharged" field. Here's what I've tried:

If [Discharged].Value = "" Then
[ProposedDischargeDate].Visible = False
End If


' if the field is empty, show the proposed discharge date field
If Me.Discharged = null then Me.ProposedDischargeDate.visible = true
' if the field is not empty, hide the diagnosis field
If Me.Discharged = true then Me.ProposedDischargedDate.visible = false

But this doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.

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Show Field If Another Field Is Null

Mar 5, 2012

I am working on a school project and am stuck on the last part. I need to produce a query for use as a report. The fields in the query are:

Teacher 1
Teacher 2
Teacher 3
Teacher 4

Archive 1
Archive 2
Archive 3
Archive 4

"building" is the search parameter for the query

I need to produce a list of names of teachers, if there is nothing entered into the corresponding archive number e.g. no data in archive 1 and 3 , so show teacher 1 and 3.

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How To Clear A Field When Another Field Is Null

Oct 7, 2011

I have a form with field [Status]. When [Status] is set to "Will Attend" I can input the country of birth in field [Country_Birth]. My question is there something where if [Status] field is set back to null field [Country_Birth] will automatically clear?

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Error If Null Field

May 9, 2006

I would like a MsgBox to pop up for the user if the Priority field is blank and the box count is not. I tried doing this on the report but the report will just not run. So I considered adding a module to the query.

However, I get a Data type mismatch. Below is the module and query. Can someone help me with this?

Function ErrorPriorityReport(ByVal BackPriority As Integer, ByVal BackBoxes As Integer, ByVal Priority As Integer, ByVal SumOfBoxes As Integer) As String
If BackPriority Is Null And BackBoxes <> Null Then
MsgBox "Report will be inaccurate! There are blank priorities. Please run report on Customer Menu!", vbOKOnly, "Missing Priority"
End If

If Priority Is Null And SumOfBoxes <> Null Then
MsgBox "Report will be inaccurate! There are blank priorities. Please run report on Customer Menu!", vbOKOnly, "Missing Priority"
End If
End Function

Here is the field in the query calling the module:
ErrorCheck: ErrorPriorityReport([BackPriority],[BackBoxes],[Priority],[SumofBoxes])

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Only Show Ones Have Have Null Value On A Field

Aug 27, 2006

i have a querie, haves jobs information in it and one field called "Date Finished Fixing"

i want the querie to only show the ones with out dates put in so if they =nothing i don't no how to do it can someone help

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