Filter Command Button On A Form

Dec 12, 2005

I have a basic question.

I am trying to put a button on a form I have created so that I can use Filter by Form feature on it. I used the toolbox commnad button wizard and chose the Form Operations -> Apply Form Filter option for the button.

Unfortunately, this button does not work for this choice. In the Form view, if I click on this button nothing happens. Other choices in the wizard such as Edit Form Filter etc works.

Does anyone know what could be the problem? Is this an Access bug (i am using Access 2003).

If it is a bug, can anyone suggest what little modifications one might have to do to the VBA code underlying OnClick event for the button to make this command button work?

thanks a lot for the help

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Possible To Filter By Form Using A Command Button?

Mar 6, 2006

Hi, I'm an Access newbie. I've designed a fairly simple database to replace an old spreadsheet that was becoming unwieldy -- it was never really used so much for calculation as for data storage, so Access seems more appropriate anyway.

One of the functions I used in Excel was the autofilter, which I found very useful for zeroing in on specific portions of the data. I was wondering how I would do the same thing in Access, and then I discovered the "Filter by Form", which works just fine -- even better actually, since it has the whole and/or functionality.

I was wondering though if it would be possible to invoke "Filter by Form" using a command button. That would make it even easier, especially for some of my users who would almost certainly not know about "Filter by Form" otherwise.

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Forms :: Filter Form With Two Text Boxes / Command Button?

Mar 22, 2013

I am trying to filter a form by using two unbound text boxes that a user can enter in their criteria and then clicking a command button to filter the form using the criteria entered into the text boxes. My fields are as follows:

Bound Field: MondayD1
Unbound text box: txtMonday
Bound Field: SundayD7
Unbound text box: txtSunday
Command Button: cmdSelect
MondayD1 = txtMonday
SundayD7 = txtSunday

I have looked up several options using vb for the on click event of the command button but I either get an error message or the form shows up blank.

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Reports :: Using Command Button In A Form To Filter And Open A Report?

Jun 26, 2014

I'm trying to use a command button in a form to filter and open a report. I am able to get it to open the report, but I cannot get it to filter the report based on a combobox in the form. I've tried every combination of code I could think of and find. Here is what I currently have:

Private Sub FilterReport_Click()
DoCmd.OpenReport "Report", acViewReport, "First Name='" & Me.FName & "'"
End Sub

Option Compare Database
Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Me.RecordSource = Me.FName
End Sub

"FilterReport" = Form Button
"Report" = Report
"First Name" = Report Field
"FName" = Form Combo Box

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Forms :: Command Button - Set A Default Filter And Filter On Load

Aug 13, 2014

I have a continuous form based on table "INCOMES" that shows all the payments received, which mediums can be (field "PMNT_MEDIUM"):

- check
- transfer
- taxes
- cash

Table "INCOMES" is filled using another form, but in this particular form I just want to show "check", "transfer" and "cash" (not "taxes") so that I can track all the cash incomes.

Note: taxes are loaded because they appear in my invoices and I need them there to reach the invoice total amount.So my form has a search bar which allows me to search by PMNT_MEDIUM listing all "checks", all "cash" or all "transfer". I can also search by payment number (meaning: check number). To that end I have a "search" button that applies the filter. And I have another button that "cleans" the filtering by "putting a "" in the search-bar and then calling the "on click" of the search button".

What I need is, no matter if I click over the "search" or "clean" button, it NEVER shows me the "taxes".Search button, on click code:

If IsNumeric(Me.busq_chq_med) Then
Me.Filter = "[PMNT_MEDIUM] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*'"
Me.Filter = "[PMNT_MEDIUM] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*' or [INVOICE] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*'"
End If
Me.FilterOn = True

Clean filter button, on click code:

Call [Search button]_click
Me.Filter = "[PMNT_MEDIUM] like'" & Me.SEARCH_BAR & "*'"
Me.FilterOn = True

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Remove Filter Command Button

Nov 14, 2006

I have searched the forms and I see codes to apply filters to a button, but can someone tell me what is the code to remove all filters on the current form? I know I can always hit the filter on/off button at the top but im trying to keep users from having to leave the current database form. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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Accessing Filter Menu With Command Button

Dec 26, 2013

How could I activate filter menu with a command button. The filter menu I am referring to is the one on the home tab.

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How To Create Filter Button On Form And Filter Records

Nov 26, 2012

How can I create a "Filter Button" on a form and filter my records? I create a textbox on a form and a filter button on the right. Then I click the filter futton, the filter function will search/match the content in the box through the datasheet. And then the results of the filtering will be pop up on the split form datasheet.

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Forms :: Filter Button On Form As Filter

Aug 1, 2013

I have placed a filter button on a form as a filter and written the following on-click event procedure:

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdApplyFilterSort
Me.FilterOn = True

When I click the filter button I get a blank message box titled 'Microsoft Access" and an OK button, when closed the filter works perfectly.I have checked this procedure in other forms and it works without showing the blank message box.The only difference with this form is that its control source is a union query.

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Form With Command Button

Jul 21, 2006


I created a form that lets the user choose specific criteria, through a combo box, to run a report that houses several subreports. Each combo box is referencing 4 queries needed to run the report.

=[Acctmgr_renewed_detail]![RenewalMonth] And [Acctmgr_begbal_2005]![RenewalMonth] And [Acctmgr_cancelled_sum]![RenewalMonth] And [Acctmgr_renewed_sum]![RenewalMonth]

The form also includes a command button to preview the report. However, when I click the command button, the prompts for parameter values for the report popup again, when it should just print the report. Below is the code attached to my command button:

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Me.Visible = False
DoCmd.OpenReport "Acctmgr_monthly_activity", acViewPreview
DoCmd.Close acForm, "valarie"
End Sub

Is there something I need to add to my code? If so, what? Any help would be much appreciated.


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Command Button And Form

Sep 16, 2006

this will sound easy....i want to create a command button that opens a specific record in a do i accomplish that.

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Command Button On Form

Dec 18, 2006

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create a button on a form that will export only that record. On the command options I do not see there being an option to do such. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Form And Command Button

Feb 18, 2007

I have a form(mainform) that shows the surname of a customer plus order details etc.

On that form(mainform) i have button that is called customer details

I have a form2(customer Details) which shows address phone number etc of customer

I want to be able to click the button on mainform, and see the details for the current customer.

I have tried using a macro for this but it always shows the first customer details of the customer table.

How do i get the Form2 (customer details ) to show the current customers details.

I hope i have explained ths simply enough.

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Command Button In Datasheet Form ?

Feb 10, 2005

In one of my forms (which is a datasheet) I want to create a hyperlink or a command button (in each row), which enables the user to jump to another form (determined by the cell contents).

I have achieved that by replacing my datasheet with a continuous form and adding a command button. But I would much rather keep my datasheet format.

I tried to put a command button into the datasheet, but it won't display it.

Is it possible to achieve my objective here ? I am not having much joy with HELP.


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Command Button In Form To Run A Querry

Dec 24, 2005

In a form of my "cities-of-the-world" database I have amongst others the fields: "Latitude" & "Longitude"
Now I'm looking for the command button code that runs a querry to find all neighbouring places i.e. [Latitude] would be 'Between (Latitude + 0.75) and (Latitude - 0.75)' ... longitude likewise.
In other words: When the form displays the record for Berlin, on clicking the command button there should appear a list containing the cities: Bernau, Oranienburg, Potsdam ...

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Command Button To Open A PDF Form.

Apr 7, 2008

Dear All:

Does anyone know how to use a command button to open a Pdf form in access?

This Pdf form is on the "c" drive called "portfolio".

Thanking in advance,


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Open New Form Command Button

Oct 11, 2006

I have a form with a drop down list that is coming from a query (City Query)

I have a command button to open a form for data entry to the City table -

When I open the form for city add a record - close the form.

I then go to the drop down list (city query) to select the record that was just added to the city table and the record is not in the query.

What do I need to do for the newly added record to show in the query drop down?

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Command Button On Each Row Of A Continuous Form?

May 2, 2015

There is a continuous form with a check box in each row and a command button(cmdDetails) in the form footer section. You select a record and press cmdDetails and another form opens.

Rather than in the footer, I would like to have the command button placed in the details section itself, in each row, against each record, so that the check box can be eliminated. Pressing any button will open the corresponding form. how I can "associate" each record with the button next to it.

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Forms :: Continuous Form With Command Button On Each Record To Open Another Form

Jul 30, 2014

I have a continuous form in which I put a command button for each record called "detail". I would like to click on the "detail" button and make it open another form containing all (and only) the info on this record.

At first I refused to use an "id" to link both forms, but finally I added the "id" in the table... however still does not work.

continuous form: "04 - GASTOS_BUSQUEDA"
id field on continuous form: "Gastid"

pop-up (details) form: "GASTOS_EDITAR"
id on pop-up (details) form: "editar_id"

This is what I have tried on the "click" properties of the "details" button field (called "btn_editgs"):

DoCmd.OpenForm "GASTOS_EDITAR", acNormal, , "[editar_id] = " & Me.Gastid

DoCmd.OpenForm "GASTOS_EDITAR", , , "[editar_id]=" & Me.Gastid

stLinkCriteria = "[editar_id]=" & Me![Gastid]
DoCmd.OpenForm "GASTOS_EDITAR", , , stLinkCriteria

Private Sub btn_editgs_Click()
On Error GoTo btn_editgs_Click_Err
Dim strWhere As String
strWhere = "[editar_id] = " & Me.Gastid
DoCmd.OpenForm "GASTOS_EDITAR", , , strWhere
Exit Sub
MsgBox Error$
Resume btn_editgs_Click_Exit
End Sub

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Open Form Command Button Fills In Text And Date Fields From Previous Form

Apr 27, 2005

I currently have two forms: frmE_SAFind and frmE_SAOrder

frmE_SAFind shows results from a query including fields [txtIDPO] and [dtmDate]
btnOpnFrm 6543 2/1/05
btnOpnFrm 5681 1/1/05

frmE_SAOrder shows order details including [txtIDPO] and [dtmDate]

I have a open form command button set up on [frmE_SAFind] that opens [frmE_SAOrder]. Is it possible for me to modify its properties so that when the open form command button is clicked, the order details in [frmE_SAOrder] will represent the order that the user is selecting via the btnOpnFrm command?

Example: If I click btnOpnFrm for 6543, [frmE_SAOrder] will show me PO 6543 details.

Hopefully I made myself clear enough to understand. Thanks for your help!

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Automating OfficeLinks From A Form Command Button

Feb 15, 2005

I need to regularly use officelinks from within Access, but would like to make a command button on a form to automate the process for me, I have no idea where to start.

I have a template saved and a query built but am unsure of the code to automate this process.

I've had a search around but have been unable to find any examples of how to do this.

Is it possible? :confused:

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Command Button In Form To Open Certain Files

Mar 12, 2005

I have based a form on a parameter query, so that when the user is prompted to enter a 'Hobby' to search on, the relevant records will be displayed on the form.

Now, I have created a command button designed to open a template letter in MS Word for a particular hobby. The problem is, I need the command to open certain file depending upon the value input in the parameter box intially. How would I go about doing this?

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Wizard Not Starting When Command Button Is Placed In A Form

Aug 9, 2005

in access 2003 i am not able to get the wizard to start. as per MS KB site the wizards are diaslabled due to security risk and i have to installed KB patch 829558 still unable to get the wizard to come on. anbody having same problem pleeese help


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AutoInsert Field Into Another Form Using Command Button?

Feb 10, 2006


I have a form which lists Employees (flds EmployeeID (pk), Surname etc.) and a form listing Absences (flds AbsenceID(pk), EmployeeID(fk), StartDate...etc.).

from the employee form, I want to use a command button that will take me to the Abscences form but auto insert the EmployeeID and then I can fill out the rest.

I tried the go to form command for the button but its only looking for existing absences with that ID?

can anyone help please?

much gratitude!

regards all


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Add Code To Command Button To Activate Form ??

Feb 23, 2006

Per the instructions detailed here...

...I created a parameter query in the form of a drop down box that uses a
command button to produce a query.

The code is as follows:

Private Sub cmdCreateReport_Click()
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryUIRFollowUp", acViewNormal, acEdit
DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmOpenUIRLookUp"

End Sub

This produces the data I need in datasheet view. I want to use this same
data to populate a form I've created that will use the above data as a
springboard to add more data to another table (also connected to my form).

So what code do I need to add to the above so that along with producing the
data the command jumps right to the next step and feeds this data
into the form and then displays that form?

Thanks for the help,

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Edit Command Button Trying To Link Form

May 13, 2006

See Attached Database

I created a form called cptSearch
On that form has a list box

What i want to do is when user clicks on cpt in list box and clicks on the edit command button it will open the frm called frmcpt so user can edit details for the specific cpt code

Any Ideas

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