Link Between Query And Form Lost.

Mar 2, 2007


I'm quit new to Access.
I have an existing application. There is a form with some selection fields. When I press the button report then following is executed:
- The report object is called with DoCmd.OpenReport Rpt, acPreview
- This report has object dependencies with the query qryRptClient AND the form frmClient. This is the form with the selectia criteria.

The query "qryRptClient" has nested query's but in some of them, in the where clause fields are tested like: "WHERE (!frmClientReq!cmbCoun try"

Generating of the report works correct ==> so far so good.!

Now the application must be extended by exporting this report result to XML file. So I have added on the form another button wich is calling the same query Like:

Application.ExportXML _
ObjectType:=acExportQuery, _
DataSource:="qryRptClient", _
DataTarget:="c:Projecten estexports" & FileName

But now I get for every selection criteria field which is used in the query's a popup window asking what the value is of this form object.

So, I understand with the report that there is a link between the report, query and the form but in the second occassion how do I get a link between the query and the form.

Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance.


P.s. When I try this with northwind database, with the query invoices, it working correct and I get a XML file! So the export on itself is working.

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Lost Connection Or Someone Is Using The Link.

Oct 29, 2007

these are two issues that are making some problems to a few words i will make a description.there is a html that contains data.this data is updateable.i have made a link to my excel.i need to add somethings before they come to access.i have made a link in an access getting all data in it.i have made a update query to store data in another table so i will not lose previous data.all excel and access work at start it works fine.after 1-2 hours or maybe more a alert display and eather there is lost connection or it says that another user is using the data or about permissions.i then have to restart my pc so it can work again.all is working on windows xpsp2 and office 2003.
please send reply if anyone knows something.thank you.

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Lost Link For Online Tutorials

Oct 10, 2007

I have lost a link for a great website that had online video tutorials in Access. It was pitbull or bulldog or something like that (tried all the combinations in google)
Jog anybody’s memory for a url


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General :: Lost Search Link

Jul 9, 2013

I searched this forum just for "treeview" and on the 2nd or 3rd page I found a post with a link for some lessons on treeview. Part 1 was to make a treeview with the word Hello. Part 2 was for another lesson on treeview.Tried to find that link again and for the life of my I'm unable to find it.

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Combo Box Query In Form (Im Lost)

Jul 4, 2006

Hi Guys,

Hopefully a simple question here. I looking to create a form that creates a contract for a particular client we deal with (grounds maintenance). In that form I'm looking to give the end user the option of selecting an existing billing address (for a property mgmt. company for example) to to enter a new one (which would then be added to tblBillingAddresses).

What I would like to have is a dropdown menu that automatically generates all the billing addresses we have (just company name, short address) so the end user can simply select the address as opposed to having to look up the auto number attached to it.

What would be better would be to be able to use have an independent lookup that classifies each billingaddress as MgmtCompany or SingleCompany, and have the aforementioed dropdown menu only generate those BillingAddresses that are infact Mgmt Companies.

How would you reccomend I go about doing this WITHOUT having to manually enter a new mgmt company to the dropdown menu each time we enter into business with such a company (I need a real-time search query based on the above criteria, in a dropdown menu within our contract From.)

Thanks a million


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How To Link A Form To Crosstab Query

Sep 20, 2015

Basically what I am trying to do is to link the crosstab query to a Form. the crosstab query has the following SQL:

TRANSFORM Sum(SubQryTotalProductSales.SumOfQtyOrdered) AS SumOfSumOfQtyOrdered
SELECT SubQryTotalProductSales.fkProductID, SubQryTotalProductSales.ProductName
FROM SubQryTotalProductSales
GROUP BY SubQryTotalProductSales.fkProductID, SubQryTotalProductSales.ProductName, SubQryTotalProductSales.YrOrder
ORDER BY SubQryTotalProductSales.YrOrder DESC
PIVOT SubQryTotalProductSales.YrOrder In ("2015","2014","2013","2012");

The Main form was made from my Product table and contains all the product related fields. ProductID, ProductName, Description, X_Ref, ListPrice, OurCost, fkSupplier, Discontinued, ReorderLevel etc....

Then I made a Subform with the crosstab query, and tried to place it in the main form. So far everything seemed to work. The next thing was to make the Child and Master Link, I used the fkProductID from Child (Subform), and the ProductID from Master. So there are no errors, but I don't get the link to work, that is when I change the product Field in the Master the Subform does not change accordingly.

When I change the view to design view and then change again to Form view, it opens up with the correct product in both Master and sub. Except in the Sub the productName Shows the productID instead of product Name.

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Forms :: Link To Open Form With Certain Record Related To Individual In Query

Dec 5, 2013

I created a query that shows everyone who has a specific date field blank. Now want to make those names clickable so that it opens a specific form with a certain record related to that individual in the query. Each line with a different individual should open a different person on the form and their corresponding record.

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Query... A Little Lost

Mar 24, 2006

I have 5 forms and 5 tables.

The database is blank, but the information entered into the forms are saved into the tables.

Now I want to make a query so I can see some statistics regarding the information entered into the forms and stored in the tables.

I have created a query, but Im not sure what to do next, do I connect it to the query and it should give me desired output or do I connect the form to the table
or how does it work ?

need some feedback Im a little bit lost in this :(

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Lost Query ?

Sep 2, 2006

I recently moved by database from one hard drive to another - all is working ok after refreshing the links. However I have a few queries and reports that are date or date/time specific. (ie; I input a specific start / end date or start/end hour) Now when I run these queries it returns an error message stating 'Data type mismatch in criteria expression'

Please does anyone know why and how can I restore the queries ? Prior to the move all queries / reports worked OK.

Best Wishes


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Lost Information In My Form!!!

Sep 28, 2005

Hey guys,

Bit of a nightmare, put loads of information into my database, and when i look in the table all information is still there but can not get it to be displayed in my form, what has gone wrong??

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Form Data Is Lost

Feb 9, 2005

Hi ..
I have a lot of forms in my database. This database is already half way complete. I was not able to edit the data in the so I unlocked all the forms and allowed it to be edited, deleted and all those data related stuffs.
but I realised that making these changes makes all the data in the form lost.
All these forms are related but the data is only lost to those froms in which I make changes.
What should I do so that I dont lose the data and still I can work with the forms


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Form Is Lost (cannot Open It!)

Dec 3, 2007

Today my Access database at work evidently burped! Now when I click on the Form that I want to open nothing happens! The Table still exists with info in it and the Reports still are there but the Form does not open at all. Thanks for your help.

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Lost Ability To Add To A Continuous Form?

Feb 20, 2008


I have a database with a huge table on the back-end, and then I want to set up various front-ends that will only show particular records that a user is interested in.

I notice that, when I query the big table without any join, I get all the records and also a space for entering a new record--that's what I want. But, when I add a join that serves to filter the records to the ones the particular user would be interested in, the space for entering a new record goes away. This is the case whether I view the query itself, or the form that uses the query.

Does anyone know how I can keep the ability to add new records while also making the query a bit more complex?

Thanks in advance.

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I Need To Create A Search Form But I'm Lost

May 18, 2005


I am a total newbie to access.

We have a small business and i do all the admin. I've created a database of all our contacts (name, address, phone number, fax number, etc) and i've managed to create a form that allows me to enter the data into that instead of directly into the database window.

The last thing i want to do is create a search form or add a button to my existing data entry form that will allow me to type in a contacts name, address, or any other thing about them i remember at the time, and be taken straight to that entry. Once this is done that is all i need to know for the moment.

I've tried an example i found on microsoft's site but can't get it to work properly.

Can anybody help. I'd imagine this is very very simple but i can not get the answer myself.


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Lost Table Data While Creating Query

Jul 30, 2006

I did a query based on a table. I deleted some records from my new query and when I went back to the original table the same data had been deleted from there too. Help.

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Update Excel Spreadsheet That Link To A Form While Users Having Form Opened

Sep 17, 2014

What is the best way to accomplish this? I have a database that split into the Front end and the Back end. The form that the users entering the information uses the queries from two sources. One is the a table within Access and the other is an excel spreadsheet that I link to it. How can I update /replace the Excel spreadsheet while users are using the form of the front End?

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Link Form To Another Form Based Upon Specific Data

Feb 1, 2005

As the DB is too big to put as an attachment i have attached the relationships.

I have a form 'Call next customer', based upon call details table. Within this the Customer ID field. I want to place a button on the form 'place an order for this customer' which would take them to an uncompleted order form but with the Customer ID already filled in.

I have managed to this to some extend but the button directs me to a completed from for that customer - a past order.

Any ideas? I will, around 6pm tonight (1 Feb '04) upload the database upon my website to view:

Thank you very much for your time.

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Link To A Query

Dec 7, 2005


i would like to link to a query. when i go to file | Get External Data | Link Tables, i don't see my queries. is this possible??? and if so how?


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Link Table To Form

Aug 18, 2005


Please be gentle I am no expert at this sort off thing.....

Is there a way of clicking on a line in a table and the relavant form opens in a new window. You can then edit the form and the table is updated.



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Link More Tables To The Same Form

Mar 21, 2006

Hi there,

I have a question: Is it possible to link more than one table to the same Form in order to keep previous data?

Thanks a lot

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Problem With Link ID In Form

Sep 6, 2006


I have a form with buttons that I've found i the sample database.
When I click the buttons I get one of my forms in the destination window.
But the form doesn't link to the right link ID, is this something you can code?

Attached is the sample. (not with my form in though, but you get the picture)


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Form Picture Link BUG

Sep 13, 2006

Hi all,

I've got a little problem when users move through records on a form that has an image embedded the source of which changes for each record linked using a filename field and path in the database. The pictures are served across the network from another computer. Some of them are relatively large and take a second or so to load.

The problem comes when a user tries to browse too quickly through the records, when the pictures are importing a box appears advising the user, if the user clicks through too fast the box sticks and remains visible in the foreground right in the middle of the screen, it even remains when Access is exited. You have to end the process in Windows Task Manager in order to get it to disappear. I'm using Office XP with service pack 3, does anyone know of a fix for this bug

or if there's no fix

is there a way I could maybe delay each record by about 1 second to allow a picture to load as the user browses through using the record selectors at the bottom of the form?

Many thanks for any advise given.

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How To Link Form And Subform

Jun 26, 2005

Hi every body. i made a bounded data entry form that is based on a form and a sub form. But when i try to run it i get many errors. I be happy if some one help me how i link these two tables since draging the sub form to the form did not establish the reletion automatically! I be happy if some one teach me how to link form and sub form together. Below u can see the two query which is for the main form and sub form.thanks =====> table reletionships pic

QTimeKeepingemployeno,name ==>query

Code:SELECT dbo_Employee.employeeno, [dbo_Employee]![lastname] AS EmpNameFROM dbo_Employee;

subform query:

Code:SELECT dbo_Hours_worked.*, dbo_Task.descriptionFROM dbo_Hours_worked INNER JOIN dbo_Task ON dbo_Hours_worked.Task = dbo_Task.taskcode;

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Is It Possible To Link A Form From A Table?

Nov 1, 2006

I am pretty sure the answer to this is no but I need to ask anyway.

Is there a way that your tables can be set up so clicking on a record will take you to the corresponding record on the form (like you can do in Filemaker). I have a client who doesn't want queries or reports set up (!!) just wants to be able to filter and search using the table and then link to the form...

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Link Table To Form

May 30, 2014

I have developed a Microsoft Database Access 2010 Table and associated Form..I open both the Table and Form and a separate tab appears for each, then I can switch from either the table or form by clicking the tab.In the Table screen I select a record, as an example, record number 1926. How can I link this record with the form so that when I select the form tab, record 1926 is shown?

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How To Link Fields On A Form

Jan 8, 2014

im creating a workers database and iam a beginner in access.i have created one table and a form like with the following details workers number ,name ,position attendancy and allowance so what i want is is i choose a workers number from the combo box all other details associated with the number should appear how do i do that?

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