Query... A Little Lost

Mar 24, 2006

I have 5 forms and 5 tables.

The database is blank, but the information entered into the forms are saved into the tables.

Now I want to make a query so I can see some statistics regarding the information entered into the forms and stored in the tables.

I have created a query, but Im not sure what to do next, do I connect it to the query and it should give me desired output or do I connect the form to the table
or how does it work ?

need some feedback Im a little bit lost in this :(

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Lost Query ?

Sep 2, 2006

I recently moved by database from one hard drive to another - all is working ok after refreshing the links. However I have a few queries and reports that are date or date/time specific. (ie; I input a specific start / end date or start/end hour) Now when I run these queries it returns an error message stating 'Data type mismatch in criteria expression'

Please does anyone know why and how can I restore the queries ? Prior to the move all queries / reports worked OK.

Best Wishes


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Link Between Query And Form Lost.

Mar 2, 2007


I'm quit new to Access.
I have an existing application. There is a form with some selection fields. When I press the button report then following is executed:
- The report object is called with DoCmd.OpenReport Rpt, acPreview
- This report has object dependencies with the query qryRptClient AND the form frmClient. This is the form with the selectia criteria.

The query "qryRptClient" has nested query's but in some of them, in the where clause fields are tested like: "WHERE (tblTempProject.country=forms!frmClientReq!cmbCoun try"

Generating of the report works correct ==> so far so good.!

Now the application must be extended by exporting this report result to XML file. So I have added on the form another button wich is calling the same query Like:

Application.ExportXML _
ObjectType:=acExportQuery, _
DataSource:="qryRptClient", _
DataTarget:="c:Projecten estexports" & FileName

But now I get for every selection criteria field which is used in the query's a popup window asking what the value is of this form object.

So, I understand with the report that there is a link between the report, query and the form but in the second occassion how do I get a link between the query and the form.

Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance.


P.s. When I try this with northwind database, with the query invoices, it working correct and I get a XML file! So the export on itself is working.

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Combo Box Query In Form (Im Lost)

Jul 4, 2006

Hi Guys,

Hopefully a simple question here. I looking to create a form that creates a contract for a particular client we deal with (grounds maintenance). In that form I'm looking to give the end user the option of selecting an existing billing address (for a property mgmt. company for example) to to enter a new one (which would then be added to tblBillingAddresses).

What I would like to have is a dropdown menu that automatically generates all the billing addresses we have (just company name, short address) so the end user can simply select the address as opposed to having to look up the auto number attached to it.

What would be better would be to be able to use have an independent lookup that classifies each billingaddress as MgmtCompany or SingleCompany, and have the aforementioed dropdown menu only generate those BillingAddresses that are infact Mgmt Companies.

How would you reccomend I go about doing this WITHOUT having to manually enter a new mgmt company to the dropdown menu each time we enter into business with such a company (I need a real-time search query based on the above criteria, in a dropdown menu within our contract From.)

Thanks a million


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Lost Table Data While Creating Query

Jul 30, 2006

I did a query based on a table. I deleted some records from my new query and when I went back to the original table the same data had been deleted from there too. Help.

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Lost A Dll?

Jun 21, 2007

i have just had a problem

if i try to edit an open form by clicking the design icon, i get a message

cant find the call back function or macro "fdesign". ican still close the form and open it from the dbs window

this is affecting accessXP and access20003, but not A97

ive tried repairing/reinstalling the XP installation (but not the 2003 yet), but this has not fixed it.

Any thoughts?

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I'm Lost

May 23, 2007

I have a table and it has:

match(Y or No)

I would like to make a query+ report so that in the report it looks like this:

<<Name>> <<Surname>>
<<state1>> <match>
<<state2>> <match>
<<state3>> <match>

in one line, at the moment I made a query and the name shows 3 times...

can anyone here give me some hints how to show the name once + the match. Thanks in advance


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Lost And Need HELP!

Sep 26, 2007

I am new to using MS Access and am already frustrated that a simple task is getting the better of me.

My situation is that I work for a company that has a number of reps, which are allocated their own ticket books(block). Each book is 50 tickets in size i.e say from number 320500 to 320549. All tickets are entered through our internal system for whatever the ticket was used for.

Now here is my problem. Each block is registered to an individual rep which we need to keep record of as to which tickets are allocated to them, other then having to enter each ticket individually into our ticket block records system, I am trying to make a database entry that accepts the reps name, ticket block start number and then automatically adds the next 50 tickets to that rep, so when we use a search field on any ticket it displays the rep that the ticket was allocated too.

In my head i'm looking for the MS Access way of doing the following:
[tickblockstart]+1 until [ticketblockstart] = [ticketblockstart]+50

Can anyone help me with this probably very easy problem, that i can not seem to grasp at the present time.



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Im Lost!

Nov 16, 2005

hiya, im trying to create a button my form that will move all 'finished' records from where they presently are, to another table.
the button does work, it moves the records into the 'new' table, however it does not DELETE them from the table i moved them from, so now the records are stored in two tables??

the code i have is as follows:
FROM Table1
WHERE Finished='Yes';

if there is something different that i should be doing, or a better way to do this move, please let me know.

(also if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it)


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I've Lost Myself

Nov 2, 2006

:confused: Fingers crossed I'll get some direction to resolve an issue that I can't even begin to imagine how to search for.My database is used to record detailed work done with clients who are receiving regular support. I'm designing it around a Common Assessment Support Framework that I have no choice but to follow, except for some minor points. There is the potential for approximately 40 different assessments for each client and therefore a lot of duplication in personal details.So far this forum has been a great help and I have learned a lot from those who volunteer their time to those of us who need it from time to time.Following the numerous examples of normalisation posts I have attempted to ensure there is no duplication of information across tables. I've come to a point however where I am stuck:The end result of what I am trying to do is create an individual report called Needs Assessment Planning Tool - rptNAPT.The report will be populated from the fields in qryNAPT that is made up from tblIA1 and tblIA2tblIA1 consists of 17 x 'area of need' that is broken down in to 5 elements: 'Now - Y/N', 'Later - Y/N', 'User Level - Number', 'Worker Level - Number' and 'Disagreement - Memo'. These fields are entered by using frmIA1, and these fields are entered by using frmIA2.So, now I have to enter data in to another form; frmNAPT that includes both theseand thesefields. I only need to show the area of need where Now is True in the form and the subsequent report; rptNAPT.My thoughts about this are (please don't laugh) in the form frmNAPT the 'Area of Need' because in the table there are 17 different areas e.g. Accommodation (improvement), Homelessness, DomesticViolence etc will need to be unbound and in some way filtered to show only those area of need where fldNow is True? and fldUserLevel is NotNull or doesn't equal zero. I will need a minimum of five such fields to show the Areas of Need that the Client and Worker may elect to work on.Sorry for the long post but I'd really appreciate some direction on this, even if it is only to point me in the direction of a link that can be helpful.RegardsDoug

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Lost Passwords

Jun 22, 2005

I created a DB in an old PC of mine for a customer. I set passwords for user accounts to prevent users from accessing the design etc. I bought a new PC lately and I want to open the DB to work in it but I get an error saying that I do not have the rights. I suppose I need to create the same accounts in my new PC as in the old one but I don't remember the username or password that I was using back then. Any Ideas???

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Lost MDB File

Jul 13, 2005

We have lost an MDB file. Is there a log file where command calls to Access are stored so we can try and recreate the database?

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Lost In My Database...

Jan 19, 2006

My database queries, tables, and reports is growing. Is there a function/utility that will show me for a particular report what queries, and tables that are used to gather the data that populates the report?

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Lost My Menu Bar

Apr 24, 2006


I have just opened Access and for some reason my menu bar is gone. I have fiddled for a few minutes try to find and restore it - but I am clueless. It is working fine in all other programs.

How do I restore it?


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Lost On Security

Jun 19, 2006

I'm completely lost on how to get started on security. After reading all these postings I'm more lost then ever. What is a backend and frontend security? How do you create password for each users? etc...

Please help!

FYI I'm using Access 2003

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URGENT ... Help Me I'm About To Be Lost

Mar 29, 2008

Good morning friends

My database, I don't know what happend to it.
I'm trying to open it but it gives me a message:
"The form name 'Welcome Screen' is misspelled or refers to a form that dosen't exist' If the the invalid form name is in a macro, an Action Failed dialog box will display the macro name and the macro's arguments after you click OK. Open the Macro window, and enter the correct form name."
and then after I click ok it open the database but it doesn't show my forms, Reports, Macros or Modules that I have created before.

what does it mean, may I lost all my previous work and data ??? :(:(:(

Please I'm waiting you ... I'm about to lose my mind

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Completly Lost

Jun 19, 2005

I have been trying to figure out comboboxes and lookup tables on and off for two weeks now and am completly lost. I have read the tutorial on cascading combos. I have downloaded and studied the the autofill db example from Pat Hartman. I have searched and read the threads and am still having a problem. I have several lookup tables. I will use one as example. This a database for my lawfirm. We get a lot of referrals from other attorneys. I have a lookup table with the name, address and phone of all attorneys. I have a combobox on my clientinfo form that looks up the atty info . I put the attorneyid field in my clientinfo table as FK and linked my clientinfo table to the attorney table thru this field. All this did was generate an error message that I could not save my record because there was no corresponding Atty record. I know this should be so simple. Can someone please help me? What do I with data I have lokked yup from a lookup table and how do I link it to the tables that will need it later on? Thank you in advance.

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I'm Completely Lost!

Nov 9, 2005

Good afternoon all,

Really struggling with my structure and have been looking at it for so long my head hurts so any advice would be great. (see attached)

Basically, I want a DB for keeping track of service / repair of electronic machines. Many of our customers also call us for tech support. There are a number of other items like purchases but once I have worked out one, I can then copy the methods.

Are my relationships even remotely correct?
I cannot get the calls log to work - loosly based on the sample a supplied with Access "contact managment".
Any help / advise would be greatly received

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Got/lost Focus Help Please

May 18, 2006

Hi there.

I have a form and on open it traps the user into a combo box where an option must be selected before they can move to another field. I did this by using the lost focus event of the combo to check if an option has been selected and then return the cursor to the combo if no selection has been made.

The problem is that there is an exit button on the form which the user must be able to use to exit the form without interacting with it, say if they opened the form by mistake and just wanted to exit immediately.

I cant find a way to trap users into selecting an option from the combo before filling the rest of the form while still allowing the exit button to work. At the minute you still have to select an option in the combo even if you just want to exit the form.

I have been a notes developer for years so Iím still not that familiar with access and the way its events work so this could easily be a gormless question. Feel free to point that out. Any comments would be much appreciated.

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Lost My Switchboard

Sep 22, 2006

I have a switchboard in a database, and probably made some edits to it along the way. I don't even recall, now. Anyway, when I try to use the 'Switchboard Manager' now, it doesn't even list my switchboard as one of the options. My only choice is to start another one.

Is there a way to register a form as a switchboard, after the manager drops it?



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Totally Lost

Oct 12, 2006

Howdy all!

I am sorta new to access (I used to use it about 6 years ago, but haven't latly so relearning everything), and I am trying to build a db to track the different projects I make for my webstore (www.mutzigcreations.com (http://www.mutzigcreations.com).

I am trying to make a form that is tabbed so that I can enter in all my base information (different materials {wood, acyrlic, and specials}, clips, platings, etc..) into my different tables, but for the life of me I can't seem to get anything to work.

I really just want 1 tab per item, so 1 tab for clips that would enable me to enter in all the different clips into my clips table. I can't seem to get a connection of any sort to work and was wondering if anyone had any advice or guidence on what to do?

Thank you!

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Lost Data

Oct 25, 2006

I am not sure what is going on.

I have a DB set-up using Visual Basic. I have a status field. Datatype is memo field.

This problem does not occur everytime but when I input more then 2 lines of new information. Old information that was listed goes away and is replaced by ascii characters.

I would really appreciate some feedback on this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Lost At Sea Without A Paddle

Sep 7, 2004

Ok, i'll keeps this simple for the moment.

I have one main query
6 separate calculation queries from the main Query

The Main Query has been put into a report
The 6 separate queries are in the same report as Subs

HERE IS MY PROBLEM -* The main Query Ask: Between[Date] and [Date]
When i open the reports it asks dozens of times what date range i want to use
If i just type the date i want into the main query *INSTEAD OF ASKING the report works first time

I require advice on how to make the report only ask the date once

Thankyou [hope this makes sense]

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Menus Lost

Feb 2, 2005

In Tools, Startup I deselected all options but now I want to display the toolbar and menu again. I can't figure out how to undo what I've done.

Help appreciated.

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Help, Should Be Easy But Totally Lost.

May 6, 2005

ok i no hardly anything about forms, searched the forum no luck.

i have a number of fields in a mainform (created through a wizard) i have no discovered that i have run out of room on the page (Detail Page i think)

so i would likr to add a another page/form within the mainform.

not sure how to go about it, i created a subform but cannot seem to transfer any information to it. i tried copy and paste but this eturns script errors.

i could be going about this the totally wrong way but i dont know.

so what i am trying to do is create a nother form/subform in the mainform (detail) page if that makes any sense

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Wizards Lost Their Magic

Jun 22, 2005

My Wizards stop working.
Any Clues?

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