Look-up Wizard Returns Number Type Instead Of Text

Nov 4, 2007

I had posted this a couple weeks back but it didn't help much in the end, thanks to anybody who posted there anyway though.

I've used the Lookup wizard to make a lookup menu in one of my tables. The field I tell it to refer to in another table is a Text type. However, after the lookup wizard completes the type of the field which is uses the menu is changed to Number.

At this point it can be kind of whacked out and inconsistent, but what usually happens is if I select a value from the lookup field it refers to the auto number that I used as a primary key for the looked up value.

I created a new table, and tried to do a lookup field for for the same fields and got the same problem - I think it's an issue with the field I'm looking up.

I'm 100% sure I didn't do anything stupid like select the ID auto number for the lookup... So what's going on?

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Tables :: Access Returns Number In Data Type

Jan 16, 2014

I created several tables that contain the look-up data I want to post to database which I will use as the repository for a SharePoint form.Users visiting SharePoint site will enter the data to be kept in an Access database so we can create reports (not seen by the user)

Problem: When I created the database I linked fields to tables to create the look-up lists using the wizard.

When I saved the database, the first field that I linked returned a value of "number" instead of whatever the default value should be for a look-up text field.

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Tables :: Converting Text Data Type To Number Data Type

Nov 3, 2012

I have a table with a field with names set to text data type and i want to change it to number data type but when i do it in design view the data get lost. I want to know if there is a way to convert the data in the field as number type and keep the data in the field.

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Queries :: Recordset Is Showing As Empty But Query Wizard Returns Records

May 12, 2014

I'm trying to write record set contents to excel. My query runs perfect in access query wizard, but recordset showing as null. My VBA code


Dim cnn As ADODB.Connection
Dim recordst As ADODB.Recordset
Dim strSQL As String
Dim strPath As String
Dim appXL As Excel.Application
Dim wb As Excel.Workbook

[Code] ....

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Change Field To Alphanumeric (text) From Number Type?

Nov 13, 2014

I have an existing form where users type in information and it generates a couple of reports. In one of the fields, Customer PO Number, the user enters a number from a customer. Up until yesterday all of the customers we have been dealing with have used numbers only for their PO numbers. However, we have a new customer that requires alphanumeric PO's. Is there a simple way to change this field from a number to alphanumeric without having to redo each form, report and/or query. I am using MS Access 2010.

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Forms :: Input (Text) In A Field Where Data Type Is (Number)

Feb 24, 2014

I just started my project database on my subject ITM4. My Database is entitled PCExpress Inventory System. I would like to know how to input (Text) in a Field where the Data Type is (Number) just like the North Wind.

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Tables :: Change Client ID Data Type From Text To Number

Mar 27, 2014

I have two tables(see below). I want to set up a query, link these 2 tables together. I set a one-to-one relationship between Client ID in two table. But got error message :"Type mismatch in expression".

I tried to change Client ID data type from "Text" to "Number", then Access deleted some data under Client ID in Order table.How can I make this work, but not having to re-type in all data?

Client Table:

Client ID(Autonumber)
Client Name (Text)
Client Address (Text)

Order Table:

Order ID(Autonumber)
Client ID(Short Text)
Unit Order(Number)
Unit Price

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Modules & VBA :: Fields In Text And Number Format - Type Mismatch In Expression

Oct 29, 2013

I have two tables in a query joined by a ID field. The problem is in the one table the ID fiels is a text format and in the other table its a number format so the query builder doesnt like that and gives me the Type mismatch in expression error.

There's no way around it though; i need it to be those formats in its respective tables for reasons i wont go into here for simplicity.

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Data Type With Lookup Wizard

Nov 1, 2004

Heres something I dont understand about the lookup wizard:

Ive done a lookup wizard on one of my fields, so that now the user gets a drop down list of options to choose from:


Ive also set "Limit to list" to yes, so that these are the only options the user can enter.

However, it will still let me change and play around with the data type settings under the general tab. I dont understand why it lets me do this. I can set the lookup to the above list, and then specify a date type of type "date", and it will allow me to do it.

Why is this the case? Which datatype should I set it to, if I have a list of values like the one above?

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Modules & VBA :: Dim Checkbox As String Returns Type Mismatch?

Aug 5, 2015

I'm using the OnLoad event of a form I've got as a placeholder to load a report from the onclick event of a button on my continuous form, and loading a chkbox into the code as a string variable.For some reason, when the DB automates the procedure, I get a 'Type mismatch' error appear, but when I step through the code using F8 it works.

when I press F5 after the code has stopped I get the 'Type mismatch' error.The chkbox contains a value of '-1', and I've used debug.print to return the TypeName and VarType values, which were 'String' and '8' (which I took to mean 'String') respectively.

There are other variables being declared in the code, and I commented out the whole lot and put each one back in individually before running the code as a process of elimination, and the checkbox was the one that threw up the error again.


Dim Prod1stSend as String
Prod1stSend = me.chkProd1stSend

We are using the code to determine whether our clients have been contacted by us before, as this will decide which report is opened. I've tried setting the variable as Boolea and Variant too, and both of those still throw up the same error.

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Modules & VBA :: Importing Text Using Text Wizard

Jun 2, 2015

I have a list of 30 files I need to import into my access database. The files in the folder are named

1. Txt
2. Txt
3. Txt
4. Txt
5. Txt
6. Txt
7. Txt
8. Txt

When I did the first import I did it by doing an import text file, located the file 1.txt. The Import Text Wizard opened and I picked Fixed With so I could break out the information myself.After dividing that information I hit advanced and changed the field name to match what they should be. Next, then it ask me to save Import Steps and I said yes.

First: how I can use the saved import to import this file again using the text wizard
Second: how can I set it so it imports a numbers of files, maybe one or maybe all 30?
Third: how difficult would it be to all the file name in the first or last column?

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Creating A Checkbox That Returns Text On A Report

Apr 12, 2005

Dear All:

I have created a form with students information, name, address, ID number, etc.

Is there a way to place a checkbox on this form that when it is checked, it displays text on a SPECIFIC AREA ON A REPORT?

I wish it to return this text on a report: "HONORS COLLEGE"

Many thanks in advance,


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Reports :: Carriage Returns Ignored In Report Text Box

Aug 2, 2013

The following code is in a text box on a report in a database that creates work contracts. The IIF statements and Dlookups pull the parts of the text together perfectly, but why the new line and carriage returns are completely ignored in the last section? Been working on this all day and we can't find a way of inserting 2 new lines!


=DLookUp("Description","QFRCL07") & (IIf(DLookUp("Description2","QFRCL07") Is Not Null,DLookUp("BasicSalary","Tmain","ContractID=ContractID") & " " & DLookUp("Description2","QFRCL07"),"")) & (IIf(DLookUp("Description3","QFRCL07") Is Not Null,DLookUp("Job","Tmain","ContractID=ContractID") & " " & DLookUp("Description3","QFRCL07"),"")) & (IIf([Forms]![FFRRCheck]![Text305] Is Not Null,(Chr(13) & Chr(10) & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & [Forms]![FFRRCheck]![Text305]),""))

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Text Parsing In An Append Query Returns Errors

Feb 21, 2008

I am using this function

Expr2: Mid$([ItemInventoryAssemblyRefFullName],(InStrRev([ItemInventoryAssemblyRefFullName],"-")+1),(InStr([ItemInventoryAssemblyRefFullName],":"))-(InStrRev([ItemInventoryAssemblyRefFullName],"-"))-1)

to parse this string


into this


It works great until I get to a string that looks like this


Which I need to return the word SPECIAL but it gives me #Error in the Query.

It would seem that when there are multiple : it is giving the error but when there is only one it works fine. Is there anyther way to atchieve what I am doing?

I am doing this in an update query to get data from Quickbooks into a table in Access.

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DLookup In Control Source Of Text Box Only Returns Value When Clicked On

Apr 23, 2015

I have 3 text boxes on a form each of which gets their values from different queries using DLookup this is functional but only when I click on the text box its self, I have tried using the "On load" & "On current" to requery the textbox (Text38 as control name) but no luck,, another strange thing i've noticed, when I have the form open in access and i click on my taskbar, thus switching windows from access to the desktop but keeping access in view, all text boxes are calculated immediately.

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Modules & VBA :: How To Insert Carriage Returns In Body Text Of Email

Sep 9, 2013

I have developed a private sub which automatically creates an email when a button is pushed.

The code is working well, but I need to insert Carriage Returns in the Body Text of the email just before the word "Please" where it appears in two places. Is this possible?

The code for the private sub is below.

Private Sub PublishROI_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_PublishROI_Click
DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "PSR_Rcd_of_Investigation_Rpt_Publish", acFormatPDF, Me.txtEmail & ";" & Me.txtRMEmail, Me.StorageEmail, , _
Me.txtPSRNum, _

[Code] ....

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General :: Look Up Wizard Displays Numerical Value Instead Of Text

Mar 19, 2015

I am having some problem regarding the way the options in a lookup field is displayed. Currently the options are displayed numerically instead of displaying the actual text.

I have three tables which are ContactPersonnelT, OrganizationT and TrainingDonorT.

One of the fields in the ContactPersonnelT table is, Affiliation. This field is a lookup value (look up wizard) which comes from the OrganizationT table field, OrganizationName.

In the TrainingDonorT table I have a field called, ContactPersonnel. This field is a lookup value which comes from the ContactPersonnelT table field, ContactPersonName. In the drop down list of the ContactPersonnel, besides the ContactPersonName. I also want to display the Affiliation field. However, instead of displaying the text in the OrganizationName field, a numerical value is showing.

How to change the display to text instead of the numerical value.

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Queries :: DCount Function Returns Correct Result But Datatype Is Text

Feb 4, 2015

I am using the dcount function as the example I display below. The problem is that it returns the correct result (i.e. 59) but the data type is text (59 is on the left side) . I need this to be number.

=DCount("[OrderID]", "Orders", "[ShipRegion] = 'CA'")

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Settings To Improve Export Text Wizard Speed?

Jun 25, 2014

I am exporting a large query to a delimited text file. I'm finding that it takes more than 5 minutes just to get the Export Text Wizard to load, and I'm guessing that's because Access is running the query as it loads the wizard.

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Queries :: Form List Based On A Query Returns Original ID Value Not Field Text

Aug 14, 2014

I have a table x where the field value is selected via a combo box in a form that is populated from another table z.

When I look in x, it appears to have correctly stored the text from z, not the ID number.

I then built a Query, qX, which looks in x and grabs the fields I want. That query shows the text correctly in each selected field.

Now when I build a form, frmQx and use a List control, it displays some of the fields as ID values from the original table z, not the text values.

How can I get round this? I've searched and searched for an answer, sigh. Maybe I'm just not quite certain how to phrase the search.

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How To Have Text And Not Numbers In Text Data Type

Jan 13, 2006

I was wondering if there is a way of only allowing text in a text field - we need to do this for validation purposes when inporting a text file into a database. I have tried input mask but this only checks when entering new data - I have tried to use validation rule like"???????" however this means that there has to be 7 letters in each field and this is not the case. - the field is for town and a couple of the records in this field have numbers at the end which are incorrect that we want the database to reject :eek:

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Tables :: Command Button On Form To Run Text File Import Into Table Wizard?

Aug 28, 2014

Is it possible to have a command button on a form to run the Text File Import Into a Table Wizard?

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Number Data Type

Feb 14, 2005

I have a DB that was given to me with a SSN field that has the Number Data Type. Therefore, if the SSN has a zero as the first number, it is not coming up. Other than changing data type to Text, is there a property that would keep the initial zero? Thank you for your assistance.

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Auto Number / Type Field

Oct 15, 2007

I have an order table [OrderMain], which contains [OrderNumber] "Auto Number" along with various customer related only info

Then i have a order line table [OrderLines] which contains the items ordered. Which looks like


These tables are in a form, relationship of [OrderNumber]

This structure enables me to order as many parts as i'd like against 1 order number.

What i would like to do is set something similar to a auto number in the OrderLines table. This would be in the Lines Field.

The problem is, AutoNumber can't be used in the [Lines] field as each new order line # would continue from the last #.

The result would look like:

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How To Format A Number Data Type

Dec 15, 2012

I am trying to format my Number data type to look like this: 0001 / 2013 where "0000" is the prefix, 1 is the number and " / 2013" is the suffix.

Tablename: tblclients
Field Name: DelNoteNo
Data type: Number

Control Name: DelNoteNo
Control Source: DelNoteNo

I am searching on this forum but I can't get it working.On the Before Up date procedure i have:

DelNoteNo = Nz(DMax(DelNoteNo, "tblClients"), 0) +1

but its is giving "invalid use of Null "

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Need Longer Then 9 Digits In Number Type Field

Dec 14, 2004

I need a field to permit only numbers. Upon selecting number for the data type I select Long Integer for a longer number... But it only allows 9 digits.. I need it to allow to enter in longer numbers... Any help?
Thank you very much in avdance

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