Numbers Stored As Text Convert To Numbers?

Jan 10, 2007

Ok so in excel I have some numbers that are stored as text. The reason being that they are zip codes and some begin with 0 and excel doesn't want numbers to start with when I import these into an access field that has an input mask for zip codes...will it convert these correctly since the field is a text with input mask?

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How To Convert Text To Numbers?

Mar 24, 2007

Hello, I have a Field in a Table called Fund Codes and they are entered as text: 1, 2, 3, 4 all the way to 1000. Now i need to find away to change 1 to 001, 2 to 002, 3 to 003, 10 to 010, but leave 100 as 100 and 222 as 222, so only add 0s to numbers from 1 to 99. Is there a way to do it? I know i can change the text to numbers and use format to do that, but i need to leave it as text. Please help. Many thanks!

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Tables :: Convert Numbers To Text

Jun 3, 2015

I need to convert a numbers column in an access table to a text format

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Sending DTMF Tones To Dial Stored Numbers

Nov 1, 2007

Is there any way to take make access convert numbers into DTMF tones so as to quickly call a number being viewed on a form?
I am currently using external software... Have a command button that copies the number onto the clipboard and then opens the "dial" software using shell. I then have to click on the "paste" button followed by "play DTMF" within the "dial" software. 3 clicks... I want it to be just one!
Is there a way to get access to emit the tones directly?
Please help, this could be usefull for so many people!!!

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Display List Of Numbers Stored Into Field Of Database

Jul 7, 2014

I have a question regarding the display of a list of numbers that are stored into a field of my database. Currently the numbers are comma-delineated which is fine with me, but I was wondering if there is a way to change the display of those numbers on the form so that it is easier to read.


current format - 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10
desired format - 1-4, 7-10

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How To Convert ID Numbers Into A Name

Feb 24, 2015

I have one table with an auto-number field which creates an employee ID. I have another table where I want an employees name to appear rather than the ID. How can I convert these ID numbers into a name?

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Modules & VBA :: Calculate Total And Convert Numbers To Words

Apr 7, 2014

I have a form that have textbox that calculate total and then i want to convert numbers to words. Iv got the code with function currencytotext but when i set the code source of another textbox to:


I have an error. I saw this on internet but i think bcz I am using access 2013 may be the syntax is different a bit.

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Queries :: Search For Multiple Plot Numbers Preferably In One Parameter Prompt With Comma To Separate Numbers

Aug 12, 2014

I'm having multiple problems with my database like things such as -

i'm currently working on the Query 2 - On the Phone database (ignore Query 1) and i want to search for multiple plot numbers preferably in one parameter prompt with a comma to seperate numbers. (this could be a multitude of numbers so i would like to be able to input as many as needed). Also when i do search on this query since the Criteria is a 'Between' Value i would expect everything between the 2 numbers input to show up - but a lot of numbers out of the range show up too - why is this? (The Numbers are like "69 to 136" and they will show up - but 1-69 and 136-170 would too

I would also like to implement the search results from Query 2 into the Form i currently have made but it just opens up a access table when the search is made?

i cannot link my database as it is too big for the server - But here are the Criteria for Query 2:

Plot No - (criteria = Between [Enter First Plot No:] And [Enter Last Plot No:])
Site - (criteria = Like "*" & [Enter Site:] & "*")
Product - (criteria = Like "*" & [Enter Product:] & "*"

The Query is the one im most concerned about , i can live without a form.

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Modules & VBA :: Automate Line Numbers And PO Numbers

Aug 24, 2014

I have 2 fields that I would like to automate if possible

One field is called "p/o number" and another field called "line no"

These fields are part of an ordering database

Let say I have 200 items to purchase form 10 suppliers

And form example 20 items from each supplier

What I do at present is put the order number on each line item and the line number


p/o number line no

1 1
1 2
1 3

2 1
2 2
2 3
2 4

What I want to do is just put the first po number in the required line . Put the first line number in i.e. "1" and the macro will complete all the p/o numbers and line numbers for me as per the ones marked in red.


1 1
2 2
3 3

2 1
2 2
2 3

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Sorting Text Field Containing Both Text And Numbers Sequentially?

Mar 26, 2014

We have a database that we use to track the tablets in our organization, a combination of Apple, Android, and Windows.

We label them with a hostname depending on their branding. Example below.:




In the database we use the field name HOSTNAME for these entries. When sorting the field, due to it being a text field, we get the traditional sort of



We would like to have them show up as


What is the best way to tackle this?

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Converting Text To Numbers

Jun 14, 2006

I wondered if someone could help.

I am using the Val () Function to convert a text field to number within a query which still gives me a text output.

P.S I do not have permissions to change within table as using Access as a front end to SQL via link Tables.

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Treating Text Like Numbers

Oct 12, 2006

I have a field that contains mainly numbers, but the data type is set to Text because there are a few records where the numbers have a letter suffix.

Eg. Invoice numbers 100, 101, 102, 102A, 103 etc.

These suffixes are a result of poor data entry when the data was stored in Excel.

What I was to be able to do is sort this field and treat all entities as numbers. Currently when I sort it, it shows:


Is this possible, even though the data type is Text?

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Text + Numbers In 1 Field

Feb 17, 2005

Is it possible to have text and numbers in one field as access asks you specify the data type of that field?

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Calculate Numbers From A Text Field?

Dec 27, 2006

Ok, this one has me stumped.

I have a several fields on my form that are list boxes that must have text as the properties so I can populate the lookup data with things like" Severe rating = 7 points" and "Moderate rating = 3 points". I have another similar field where the choices are "High probability = 9 points" and "Low probability = 2 points" etc. A third field needs to show the total points (product) of the choices from the first two fields, i.e. 9 points x 2 points = 18 points. Then,
a fourth field needs to display where the answer falls in a grid, i.e. 1-14 points = Low, 15-29 points = medium, 30-49 points = high, etc.

How do I apply the calculations on the field choices if the field properties have to be text instead of number?



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Show Text In Drop Down Box Instead Of Numbers

May 31, 2007

Hi *,OK, still new to Access so I apologize in advance if that is a dumb question ;)I have a table "survey" where I wanna store number values (0,25,50,75,100 respectively). The user is supposed to use a form to input the data into the table. For this purpose, he/she is supposed to use a drop down box.So, is it possible that the drop down box does not show the values but instead a verbal description of these values (very important, important, average, etc.)? What I have tried was to create a table with the number values and use this table as data source for the drop down box... it shows the values but for the end user, verbal descriptions would be better...Thanks!Steve

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Importing Combination Text And Numbers

Oct 13, 2005

I am trying to import a field into a data, which is either a number, a number and text or just text. Within Excel the format has been set to text. The data type for the field in Access has been set to text and yet for those records which are only numbers when imported the record is shown as a number in scientific format. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get the number to be a number in its full format?

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Inserting Numbers Into Table Instead Of Text

Mar 8, 2006


I have a strange problem, I have created this query:

SELECT QPTActions.Assigned_To
WHERE QPTActions.Entry_Date<=DateValue('1/2/2006') And QPTActions.Close_Date>DateValue('1/2/2006');

It works, but it inserts Numbers into the Assigned_To column in the table WEEKONE. When I looked in the QPTActions database the values are text but the type of column was originally set to Number. I changed this to Text but its still inserting Number values into the destination table. How can I fix this?

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Wild Cards For Both Text And Numbers....

Dec 14, 2005


I'm trying to search a field which has both names and numbers in it.

For purely text entries the wildcard search works just fine.... like this:

Like "*" & [What is Last Name?] & "*"

I can type in "Smi" and get all of the Smith, Smiths, etc.

However, when I try to use this for entries which include numbers (123), which should return "Smi123" I don't get any results at all.

Any suggestions? I can put in the SMI123 as straight text in the criteria box, and will get the appropriate record.... so I know it is there!

Thanks .....


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Numbers With In A Disordered Text Field

Aug 3, 2006


Could you help me with the following.

Lets say I have table with one of the field header as 'notes'.
The notes is of type 'text'

In the notes column information like the following is typed out

Record 1 - MAX O.D 3.456" Min ID 1.2 and OAL 3.4"


Record 2 - MAX O/D 5.456" Min I.D 1.2" and Min Length 4.4 inches

Please note that as shown in the example there is no standard way of entering data. The only order that is followed is that the first numerical value corresponds to OD, 2nd corresponds to ID and 3rd corresponds to overall length.

I want to pull out the first numerical value (3.456 - first example, 5.456 -second example) and the last numerical value (3.4 -first example and 4.4 in second example). How would I be able to do this.

So the end result should be 2 more columns with max od as one and min length as the other.

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Option Stores Numbers, Need Text

May 23, 2006


I am using group options and they store a number instead of the vaules you typed in, is there anyway of making a group option that will store values and not numbers?

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Replacing Numbers With Their Text Meaning

Aug 19, 2004

I created a database that has a field called "Corrective Actions." I want the user to be able to type in a series of numbers, in the following format: 001, 002, 051, 123. Each number has a certain meaning. For example, 001 means "Upgrade to current revision," 002 means "Replace Unit," and so on. Here is what I would like to happen: The user will type in the numbers in the appropriate format. When the user presses the tab key to go to the next field, I want the numbers to be replaced with the actual meaning. My problem is that I can not figure out how to accomplish this. Can anyone help me?

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Separating Numbers & Text Into 2 Columns

Dec 29, 2005


I have a quick question. I have a field that has information that looks like the below. I need it to be in 2 separate columns, but there is no space between the numbers and text otherwise I would know how to do this in excel. Anyone know how to do this is excel or access?


It should be separated as....


Any and all help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!

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Modules & VBA :: Converting Text To Numbers

Sep 19, 2014

I have a short text field where numbers such as "15.00", "2233.56", "-300.00" are stored. Now I want to convert the text field to numeric so that I have actually 15.00 or -300.00 stored as a double. I am going to do calculations on these fields. How can I achieve this conversion?

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Forms :: Storing Numbers And Not Text

Apr 24, 2014

I have a table with an auto number primary key field, and then several other fields, Address, Unit, Owner. I created a form with a combo box that looks up the Address from another table and populates the three fields when you click a record. I have it set to store the first value, (Address) in the table.

When I open the table, it appears as the primary key number, and not the address. It's very frustrating, as this happens a lot to me. What am I doing wrong? and how can I store the value I want, (Address) and not the primary key number?

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Won't Paste Text If First 5 Records Are Numbers

Oct 13, 2014

I have a list of part numbers in Excel. The user needs to get them into Access so it can run the queries and get the data about all of the part numbers. The part number field in my form is formatted as text because the part numbers are alphanumeric. Right now the user copies the list of part numbers out of Excel and pastes them into my Access form. The problem is that if the first 5 part numbers are only numbers, then Access assumes the whole field can only be for numbers and all of the alphanumeric part numbers are pasted in as blanks. How can I stop this from happening? It works fine when one of the first 5 part numbers has a letter in it.

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How To Have Text And Not Numbers In Text Data Type

Jan 13, 2006

I was wondering if there is a way of only allowing text in a text field - we need to do this for validation purposes when inporting a text file into a database. I have tried input mask but this only checks when entering new data - I have tried to use validation rule like"???????" however this means that there has to be 7 letters in each field and this is not the case. - the field is for town and a couple of the records in this field have numbers at the end which are incorrect that we want the database to reject :eek:

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