Queries :: Search For Multiple Plot Numbers Preferably In One Parameter Prompt With Comma To Separate Numbers

Aug 12, 2014

I'm having multiple problems with my database like things such as -

i'm currently working on the Query 2 - On the Phone database (ignore Query 1) and i want to search for multiple plot numbers preferably in one parameter prompt with a comma to seperate numbers. (this could be a multitude of numbers so i would like to be able to input as many as needed). Also when i do search on this query since the Criteria is a 'Between' Value i would expect everything between the 2 numbers input to show up - but a lot of numbers out of the range show up too - why is this? (The Numbers are like "69 to 136" and they will show up - but 1-69 and 136-170 would too

I would also like to implement the search results from Query 2 into the Form i currently have made but it just opens up a access table when the search is made?

i cannot link my database as it is too big for the server - But here are the Criteria for Query 2:

Plot No - (criteria = Between [Enter First Plot No:] And [Enter Last Plot No:])
Site - (criteria = Like "*" & [Enter Site:] & "*")
Product - (criteria = Like "*" & [Enter Product:] & "*"

The Query is the one im most concerned about , i can live without a form.

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Forms :: Numbers Separated By Comma In Text Box

Aug 26, 2013

I have a single 'text' box on a form that captures test scores. The person inputting the test scores puts in all of the scores separated by commas (77, 85, 100, 75.5).. Up to 6 test scores can be placed in this single text box. The field is formatted for text. What I propose to do is take the numbers in the text box and average them out and then display the test scores average in a number field named 'avescores' next to this field in the form. Once the inputer puts the series of scores into the text box, they would hit an 'update' button next to this box to 'update' the 'avescores' box. Right now they use a number pad and add up the numbers manually then place the average into the avescores box....

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Forms :: Comma Separated Numbers In One Form Field

Apr 28, 2013

I've current got two tables, one with Products and the other with Suppliers. The products table has a column in which I may indicate Supplier IDs that carry the product. I'd like to make a report that groups the Products by the Supplier that carries them and I'm having some trouble. The way I see this working is to relate the Supplier ID found in the Product table with the auto generated Supplier ID in the supplier table.

My trouble is this, when the field is set to text I'm able to enter values separated by commas no problem but I can't report on them because I'd be relating a number to a string. How may I overcome this?

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Queries :: Control Source - Parameter Prompt Multiple Times

Jul 15, 2014

I have a form using a query as a control source so that is prompts the user for a parameter when they open the form.

I also have a listbox that is calling the same query.

The issue I am having is when I open the form it will prompt me twice to enter the same parameter.




When the user enters the invoice number it populates the ship, consignee, billing address information. I have the list box to display line items for that invoice.

Currently I just have them enter the invoice number twice.

Is there a way I can take the user input and apply it to my other query?

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Queries :: Get Average Repair Price Of Multiple Part Numbers With Same Root Number

Nov 19, 2013

I need to get an average repair price of multiple part numbers with the same root number i.e.

8 each 8TJ124GGN1
4 each 8TJ124GGM1
7 each 8TJ124GGP1

First I used a query to average the repair price of each subset of numbers, and then queried the query to average all the subset prices together.

If I simply use the AVG function in the first query, I can use it again in the second query to get the average price of all the subset price averages. HOWEVER, if I use the expression:

AdjustedAvgLabor: Int((Sum([LaborPrice])-Max([LaborPrice])- Min([LaborPrice]))/(Count([LaborPrice])-2))

…to get a more accurate average by throwing out the high and low values, I get a:

“…expression too complicated to be evaluated”

when I try to average the averages in the second query using the AVG function.

I don’t know why the expression is “too complicated” since the first query has already completed its computations before the second query begins its AVG function.

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Numbers Stored As Text Convert To Numbers?

Jan 10, 2007

Ok so in excel I have some numbers that are stored as text. The reason being that they are zip codes and some begin with 0 and excel doesn't want numbers to start with 0....so when I import these into an access field that has an input mask for zip codes...will it convert these correctly since the field is a text with input mask?

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Modules & VBA :: Automate Line Numbers And PO Numbers

Aug 24, 2014

I have 2 fields that I would like to automate if possible

One field is called "p/o number" and another field called "line no"

These fields are part of an ordering database

Let say I have 200 items to purchase form 10 suppliers

And form example 20 items from each supplier

What I do at present is put the order number on each line item and the line number


p/o number line no

1 1
1 2
1 3

2 1
2 2
2 3
2 4

What I want to do is just put the first po number in the required line . Put the first line number in i.e. "1" and the macro will complete all the p/o numbers and line numbers for me as per the ones marked in red.


1 1
2 2
3 3

2 1
2 2
2 3

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Unbound Search Filed For Numbers

Mar 25, 2006


Is there anyone who knows how to help me with this matter.
I have a form that I can search for first and last name in.
But when I try to do the same with the field for Social sequrity number I don't get it to work.
Can anyone have a look at this attached zip database and help me?
Sorry for the social sequrity number beeing named "personnummer" (it's in swedish.


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Modules & VBA :: Separate Numbers And String From Alpha-numeric String

Jun 7, 2013

MS-Access VBA code to separate numbers and string from an alphanumeric string.


Source: 598790abcdef2T
Output Required: 598790

Source: 5789065432abcdefghijklT
Output Required: 5789065432

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General :: Create A Form That Allows To Search For Particular Quote Numbers

Jul 8, 2013

I am creating an access database to store customer details as well as quote information. I have created a form to input quote details that our office can complete when a customer calls to complete a quote. I need to create a form that opens as a new form every time we click on the form to input a new quotation. How do I do this? At the moment when I click on the form, the form opens but the details of the last quotation are stored on the open form.

I have no training in access at all and am self taught so far so by no means an expert.I also want to create a form that allows you to search for particular quote numbers, so if someone calls and asks about a particular quote number we click on a page that says 'search quotes', input the quote number and the form opens with all the details of that quote.

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Queries :: Parameter Query Prompt Twice In Forms

Aug 27, 2014

it also prompts twice when i try printing or try to save the current page as a pdf and also when i switch record? i think its a problem with the subform as it always is trying to fetch data. would there be a way to make it so that the subform and the form are linked so that the parameter query prompts once and the information stays there rather then having to prompt again when printing or saving as pdf?Two more things - on my total value box i wish to be able to always show 2 decimal places

The code already in place is :

Net : =Sum([TotalValue])
VAT: =Sum([TotalValue])*0.2
Gross: =[Text8]+[Text10]

(Net is Text8 and VAT is Text10)

i have already specified that the decimal place value is 2 instead of auto but it still doesnt work - if the number is a whole number i still wish to see .00 at the end of the field.One last thing - Would their be a way to carry over the information from my delivery note to my invoice note? which would save a lot of time retyping the parameter query.

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Queries :: Parameter Value Prompt In Query Using (Like Or Is Null) Criteria

Mar 29, 2015

I had an issue with writing LIKE statements in query criteria yesterday [URL]....

The answer they gave worked perfectly when I only used a single table in the query. But as soon as I did an INNER JOIN with two other tables, now I get parameter value prompts when I open frmSearch, and instead of seeing ALL my records when the controls are left null, I get only the first record in the table.

Here's the SQL of the query, can you point out what I messed up? NOTE that this SQL was 'written' by Access.. as I used the Query builder to set all the 'Like or Is Null' statements, then clicked SQL and sorta formatted the code so I can see what I'm looking at (instead of superthick wall-o-code):

SELECT tblPeople.name, tblPeople.num
FROM (tblPeople INNER JOIN tblAddresses ON tblPeople.name = tblAddresses.name)
INNER JOIN tblPets ON tblPeople.name = tblPets.name


Basically, this is a searchable database of participants in a pet-adoption program, along with the participants' pets history and address history (hence the linked tables as opposed to additional columns in one single table for pets and addresses... there are more than one in some cases). The frmSearch allows a person to run quick searches based upon ANY item in the database, such as name, pets, addresses, pet age, pet type, county of residence, etc. I need to be able to pick ANY field on frmSearch and type a value, and have the qrySearch return records for ANY record's related column wherein any part of it matches what I typed.

The statements as written worked PERFECTLY right up until I added the INNER JOIN. Now I get a set of parameter value prompts for every field on frmSearch that's referenced in the SQL for EACH table I linked to tblPeople, and if I leave everything null and click Search, I want to see EVERY person, but I'm only seeing the very FIRST person in tblPeople.

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Queries :: One Prompt Box Search For 2 Different Fields

Jan 20, 2014

I am using the quesy criteria "Like "*" & [Please Enter the subject (Or part of it)] & "*""

I was just wondering if there is any way to set this up so that the one prompt box searches 2 different fields.

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Queries :: Set Parameter As First Value From Separate Query

Aug 11, 2015

I have multiple queries that I need to have filered by the same parameter (Client). There is a list of clients that receive this report (the report has a pre-made template with multiple tabs, hence the multiple queries).

Currently the user of the database has to filter the exported excel file for each client re-save and email basied on the client. The above is done when the user pushes the specified button on a form (which just says run report a on it).

I am trying to figure out how the write a code so that a parameter (or table if that would work better) pulls the first record of the Client query to filter the other queries being run. Then to loop that process with the second record and so on through the Client query until all the clients have had the report run for them.

Attached are the current VBA being used and the current SQL for the first query that needs the parameter value added.

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Finding Groups Of Numbers From Multiple Records

Jan 2, 2008

I have a database with around 5083 records and I am trying to find the three most common numbers called in any one record such as 5 22 and 39 has been called together 50 times

Here is the structure # 1 through 5 is a number between 1 and 39 but never duplicated in same record

Record 1 |draw#|Date|#1|#2|#3|#4|#5|
Record 2 |draw#|Date|#1|#2|#3|#4|#5|
Record 3 |draw#|Date|#1|#2|#3|#4|#5|
Record 4 |draw#|Date|#1|#2|#3|#4|#5|
Record 5 |draw#|Date|#1|#2|#3|#4|#5|
Record 6 |draw#|Date|#1|#2|#3|#4|#5|
Record 7 |draw#|Date|#1|#2|#3|#4|#5|
and so on for 5083 records


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Entering Multiple Identical Orders With Sequential Numbers

Jul 12, 2006

Hello all.

I need to be able to enter a number of orders that would all be the same, but they will have different order numbers, in sequence.

I'd like to enter all the information in a form, then have "First Order Number" and "How Many?" fields, and have the system grab the detail, apply it to the order number entered, create a record in the table, then reapply the detail to the next sequential number, repeating the process until it has created the number of orders shown in the "How Many?" field.

I am at a total loss here, and any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!



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Tables :: Training Database - Multiple Numbers On 1 Field

Dec 4, 2012

I am creating a training database and i have a courses table. And I need to somehow record all of the different employees that attended a course?

What i can do to make this happen? My employees have an employee number so is there a way of putting all of the employees together in one field? what field would the attendees be? currently is numeric which doesn't seem to work.

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Access Linking A Job Number To Multiple Task Numbers

Dec 2, 2014

I have done multiple tutorials to get the fundamentals behind me, but seem to have a few issues on the best ways of setting out what I have in mind.So the set out I have used is creating a table called tblProjects - this will be the area where all new projects are added as they come in including details such as a ProjectID ProjectNumber ProjectDescrition Client Name etc. For costing purposes we also have task numbers that need to sit under an individual Project Number EG.

ProjecNumber: 13001


So the plan was to create another table called tblJobTasks..How then does one go about linking the project number to the job tasks... and following on I suppose where I want to get to with this is on a form having a drop down that selects the job number then another drop down that has a list of tasks specified to that particular job so when the girls are doing the data entry from a time sheet she only sees the list of tasks associated with the particular job selected in the first place..

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Queries :: Parameter In Query By Two Separate Form Field

Oct 31, 2013

I want to set parameter in my select query with or function as in detail.i have two form with same field

1-with field A
2-With Field A

now i want to select data for a table .with a parameter select with Field A in form 1 or Field A in Form 2.How can i do it

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Reports :: Medication Sheets For Multiple Clients And Page Numbers

Jan 13, 2014

I am running a report based on a query for a bunch of people who take medication. It runs the report and puts page numbers in the bottom right. Works perfect but I want it to do page numbers per person rather than the whole report. Is that possible to do or would I need to run some code to do them all individually?

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Create A New Table Or Use Comma Separate Fields

Dec 27, 2007


I have a quick question that could lead into a longer one.

First off, I am trying to associate tests with a course a student is enrolled in. Would it be better to add a column in the courses table and have a comma separated list of all tests associated with each course or would it be better to create a separate table that has a column for the course and another column for the associated test with that course?

If comma separated fields would be better, how would I handle that in forms? How does one parse that field?


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Queries :: Searching For A Value Between Numbers

Nov 23, 2014

In the Table I have in the trailer database has, among many, 2 fields called 'Maximum Length' and 'Minimum Length'. Say, the data in these fields could be 5 and 4 respectively. I would like to create a search box where I can type in any length such as 4.4 and the database would return the trailer that can fit this length. (Sot the searched value is between the Min. and Max. length) What would I need to type into the query box and the search form to type in the length?

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Queries :: How To Split Colum Value (with Comma) To Multiple Columns

Mar 8, 2015

how to split this , I am new Access DB, I worked in Sql Server but access new to me

I have the below data

Appid Names
100 John,Bob,Kondya, Lima
200 Shor,James,Kim
300 Cinem

I want to convert to

Appid Names Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4
100 John Bob Kondya Lima NULL
200 Shor James Kim NULL NULL
300 Cinem NULL NULL NULL Null

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Queries :: Locating All 3 Digit Numbers

Dec 19, 2014

Is there any code to be able to be used within a query to locate the 1,2 or 3 digit numbers?

such as 1 ,11, 111 - 2, 34, 834 etc...

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Queries :: Order By Letters And Then Numbers

Dec 31, 2013

I have a column containing an id that consists of the first two letters of a weekday followed by an incrementing number. For example, for Monday, I have "MoA1" "MoA2" "MoA3" ... "MoA11".

The problem is that when I sort my list, it is ordering it: "MoA1" "MoA10" "MoA11" "MoA2" "MoA3" etc. Currently, my order by property is set to


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Queries :: Count Duplicate ID Numbers

Sep 15, 2013

I have the following code and I am trying to show a COUNT of duplicate ID numbers, so for example

2000 2
2000 2
2001 1
2002 1
2003 1


SELECT [DaisyServiceData-Import].*, Companies.CompanyName, Company_vs_Services.[Tariff Code], IIf([ClashForce]=True,"",IIf([ClashOveride]=False And [ClashClear]=False,IIf([DaisyServiceData-ClashExc].[DaisyServiceData-Import].[ID] Is Null,"",1),"")) AS ClashExc, IIf([Sell Price]="","",IIf([SellRateForce]=True,"",IIf([CompanyName] Is Null,"",IIf([SellRateOveride]=False And [SellRateClear]=False,IIf([Total Cost]>[Sell Price]+0.001,1,""))))) AS SellRateExc, IIf([Tariff Code]='1',[T1Rate],

[Code] ...

A GROUP BY query will not work for me as the recordset needs to remain updatable.

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