Remote Access To Database On Server

Sep 23, 2005

I have an Access database on my server. My client does not like the idea of having to download the db, make changes, then upload it back. In the past, he has dealt with SQL databases, where you can create an access data project, that will give you a desktop shortcut straight to the database. I was wondering if there was any way to do something similar with an Access database. There is FTP setup for the site and all required permissions are setup. Is there any way to create a desktop shortcut, so he can edit the database in real-time, without having to download and upload? Thanks for any help.

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Connect An Access Project With A Remote MDB Or SQL Server Database

Jan 28, 2007


I am finishing an Access database for a customer that may want, in a later stage, to have a website(probably ASP) that would connect on the same database. Is that possible? I mean can an Access project on a pc connect to remote database(mdb or SQL server) used by the website?

If so can you give me some quick steps to do so or a good article on it?


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Remote Deskptop Connection To Access DB On Server

Apr 10, 2007

HiI currently have an Access Database in a BE/FE, server/client LAN architecture at a single office location. My client would like to allow one user to 'add new records' to the database on the weekends (i.e. after hours), without needing to come into the office.From my research, it seems I can setup Remote Desktop to connect from the client's home PC directly to the server PC, across the internet, using Windows XP Professional on both computers. Is it that simple, or should I be considering other things?

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How To Get Data In Access Table From A Remote SQL Server

Jun 10, 2007

Good evening,
my web site (in hosting) stores data in a SQL Server database.
Now, I've and import these data in an Access application and, of course, I've no direct access to SQL Server instance.
I thought about using Web Services. Does anybody know how to do, or has an alternate way?

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Hosting The Access File On A Server And Having Multiple Remote Users

Jun 4, 2007

I am making a database to coordinate the activities of my band (how rock and roll!)...

Is there a way I can somehow host the file remotely, and have users (4 total) access that file through their own computer using access, so they can write, edit, delete records?

We have a db at my work that we use like this, accessing from multiple computers, though this is on a network drive.

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Remote Link To Internet Server?

Oct 23, 2004

Hi all,

Is it possible to make a backend/frontend access system and putting the backend on a remote internet server.


Because when I try this I keep on getting a message "Not a valid file name."

Any suggestions apart from RTFM?

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General :: Split Database Sharing And Remote Access?

Aug 4, 2013

I've just split a database into the front-end and back end components. But how to distribute it further.

Additionally, I need people who have the front end to access the database from their homes, not just from work.

What would I need to use?

Is there anything available for free?

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Remote Access To Access 2000 Database

Feb 20, 2008


I am doing some computer work for a company that has an Access 2000 application. This app is split up between a program database that contains the forms, reports, etc. and a data database. Both the program database and the data database are located on a Windows 2003 teminal server. There are usually two or three remote users logged into the terminal server, but this number is about to increase to 6 or 7. I am concerned that these user's will all be running the same copy of the program database. I have read that this can lead to performance problems.

I was wondering if anyone hear thought either of the following would be an improvement:

1. Put a separate copy of the program database in each user's profile on the terminal server.

2. Rather than keeping the program database on the terminal server, put a copy of it on each of the remote client pc's. Then set up a VPN connection to the server and use this to link to the data database.

If anyone could tell me if either of these options would lead to improved performance, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

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Placing An Access Database On The Web/server

Jul 17, 2006

I have a database with a couple of search forms to use for my company. My boss wants me to place this on the intranet so anyone can use it not only those with MS Access, which many people do not have on their computers. Please let me know if there is a way to do this and still make it interactive by means of searching. Thanks


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Using Access On A Server With Database On Local PC

Jun 29, 2014

I'll try to explain what I'm trying to do. I want to use the MS Access (2010) application residing on the remote server on a Access database(accdb) that is located on my local (home) PC. I copied the database from the server. How do I get Access (running on the server) to work on my copy of the database?

I tried using my local (on my PC) copy of MS Access (2007) to work on the database, but but I get file errors (file paths look like server paths).

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Access Front End Linked To SQL Server Database

May 24, 2006


I created a database in Microsoft Access and then upsized it to SQL Server afterwards.

I now need to add a new column to a table in the database. So I added the new column in SQL Server using ALTER TABLE command. This column is a foreign key which has an associated parent key in another table which contains a description of the column.
Case_ID Foreign_Key_Field_ID
1234 78

Foreign_Key_Field_ID Foreign_Key_Field_Desc
78 Describes the ID 78

I also setup a CONSTRAINTREFERENCE between the fields in these 2 tables.

I then relinked my tables using the Linked Table Manager to pick up the change to the table I altered (Main_Table). I also linked to the new table I created (New_Foreign_Key_Table).

My problem:
In Access if I create a new table I can select the lookup value for a field in the Table Design view Lookup tab. However, I altered my table in SQL Server and then linked to it again to pick up the change. Now when I view the linked table in Access it does not have any lookup value AND it's not possible to change this for a linked table.

Is there some piece of SQL I can use in SQL Server to change the lookup value for the field in my table OR have I approached this the wrong way. Should I have modified the local table in Access and upsized it again?

Otherwise if I select all values from my Main_Table in a form it displays the Foreign_Key_Field_ID instead of the Foreign_Key_Field_Desc because the lookup value has not been set to Foreign_Key_Field_Desc

This posting is a bit long - I hope it makes sense.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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How To Import MS Access Database Into SQL Server 2005

May 23, 2007


I have a database MS access: test.mdb.

Is it possible to attach to SQL SERVER 2005, or any other solution ?

I need to transfer all the application:

structure and data.

How to do it?


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General :: Split Database Access FE And SQL Server BE

Mar 4, 2014

I am currently working on an application where I am using MS access as my FE and working with linked tables to SQL server BE. I also have a few temp tables within Access that are not linked but needed.

1. What are my steps into making this into a SPLIT DB? I am assume the BE will have my linked tables from SQL and the FE will have my temp tables and forms. Is this correct?
2. Once I split it, then I can make an .ACCDE file for a Mulit User environment, is this correct?

What other steps should I be made aware of?

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Moving Access Database To A Different Server / Share?

Jul 10, 2015

Currently I have an Access dB that was developed in A2003 but we are currently using A2010, it is accessed by multiple users that all have a frontend locally on there own networked PC's, with the backends etc on an old NT server, we are having problems with new technology accessing the NT server so it's well past time we got shut of it

We have a share on our network that has been made available to us to migrate all our NT server files to, Here's my problem, on testing the procedure I copied the database backend and .mdw file over to the share then tried to open the dB where upon i got the following error message

Cannot open microsoft Access database information file

On further investigation it seems that both the back end and the .mdw file have copied over with no content i.e filesize is 0kB, not only that the originals also seem to have had there content "deleted" a simple copy shouldn't have done this (I did have a backup btw)

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Need Help Moving Linked Access Database To A MSSQL Server

Dec 19, 2006

My access database's tables are currently linked to an excel document. My question is, how do I move my database to the network? Currently when I move the the database to the network no one can open my tables because the link goes to my documents on my computer which they can't access on the network.
So how do I move the database and maintain the link between the database and my tables?

Thanks in advance,

Ryan Smith

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Queries :: Converted Desktop Access Database To SQL Server

Dec 5, 2014

I have converted desktop Access database to SQL server. A medium sized app with 24 tables, 60 or so forms/subforms and about 120 queries. I created 2 split files, one containing the tables, and the other containing forms, queries, vba modules. I migrated the tables to SQL server using SSMA, and built an odbc connection for my front end. It works, except it is painfully slow. Its cos most of the recordsets that drive my front end are query based. And in many instances the queries are comprised of queries, not just tables.

Should i be creating my queries on the SQL server? Is that what people do when using Access front end with SQL server back end? Do away with Access queries? Or does the problem lie elsewhere? How do i network optimise my Access FE / SQL server BE?

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General :: Upsizing Access Database To SQL Server Error

Nov 4, 2013

I am trying to upsize the access database to sql server ,i have an odbc connection and when I try to move the tables,all the data is moving except one table "tblproductinfo" . I have attached the table data and error.

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Hosting Access 2010 Database On Windows Server?

Jun 17, 2012

I have a database which is now reasonably finished and am looking slightly ahead at how it can be accessed by the staff. The first clinic has two stations that need constant access to it, namely the clinic area and the reception area.The second clinic is about 3 kilometers distance away from the main clinic and will also need constant access which, I presume,would be by hosting the database on a Windows based Server, to which all three locations would connect and then be able to use the database directly. When I say Windows Server I mean as could be used to host a web site on the Internet rather than use of an internal Intranet system.

Should I split the database and only host the backend part on the server (i.e. the tables)?Does the whole database need to be uploaded to the Windows Server?Is any other software required to make this work?I presume that I would need to introduce record locking? Is this easily done and, if so, how?

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General :: Database In Read Only Mode On Server In Access 2010

Jul 18, 2012

I'm working in Access 2010. I created a database that I want to post in a server on the read-only mode, so that users can not change forms or querys. How can I do this in Access 2010?

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General :: One Button To Close All (Opening Access Database) On Server

Oct 14, 2014

Everytime i want to make some changes to my "Testing" Database , always got somebody using it / opening it...

I am trying to create a button , the function of the button is close "Testing" access database who using it or opening it , Example : 5 users included me in a company , when I click a button , 4 of them will received a notification with close "Testing" database message , can do that ?

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Multi-user Remote Database

Jun 22, 2005

I am currently attempting to setup a database that will be used by many people. I have the database setup and it is split into a backend (tables and data) and a front end ( forms, queries, etc) which the users will download and use off their own machines. I'm attempting to house the backend on our webserver.

The backend is on our webserver and I'm attempting to link the tables from the front end to this location. I typed in the webaddress into the open menu after selecting the Get External Data --> Link Tables menu item. I am sure that this web address is correct because I copied from my browser (from which I was able to download the database from). After I put in the web address into the open box, I get an error about not a valid file name. Is there something I'm not thinking about? What could be my problem? Is it permissions maybe? Does there need to be something special setup with the backend or my webserver? Any ideas as to do with the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Sending Updates To Database To Remote Users

Mar 6, 2008

I just created a fix to an issue found in my database. I need to get this fix to several users in different locations. Does anyone know of a way that I can do that throught email without having to send the complete database?
My fix is meerly an addition of two item in a macro. The end users do not have permision to get into the main database, they only have user rights on a few forms.
Is there a way to create a macro that would, when executed on the remote PCs, delete the old macro and replace with one sent via email? If so, how would that macro be structured?

Any help form the experts would be appreciated.


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Remote Access

May 18, 2005

We have an Access Database split between front and back-end. The BE is 50Mb and the front about 60Mb. We have a requirement to provide access to the database to our other branches all of which have broadband.

I have been trying to find out the best way to achieve this over IP as we do not want the considerabe expense of leased lines. Originally we tried VPN but access seems to be very slow and appears to prohibit that route.

We were advised by our PC support company for one branch to use Terminal Services. However we do not currently have a powerful enough server to support these. We have a price for a server upgrade and it seems OK. I have since been advised by the PC support company at another branch that because of the upload speed on broadband (256Kb) Terminal Services would not be sufficient especially if we were using HTTP and VoIP over the same connection.

Looking at the various posts on this site it would seem that VPN and TS are suitable for some. Is there an easy way of calculating whether or not TS will work at our site? Has anyone gone down this route and found it not to work?

I'd be grateful for any feedback.


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Remote Access Through ADODB

Nov 8, 2005

Hi everyone, I'm just a newbie in DB programming and I'm having a trouble:

I have a database located in my IIS server: "c:inetpubwwwrootwebapplication1dbs1.mdb".

I'm also developing a VB6 app in another computer which will access to my IIS server to get data in my database. I'm using ADODB, but I don't know how to establish the connection as well as to get the data from the server (remote machine).

Can anyone in here help me by showing an example in VB6 code?
Thank you very much, any sugestion is welcome
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Speed Up Remote Access

Oct 4, 2006

I have a database on a server that is accessed by mobile clients using laptops (broadband)
when out of the office. They use'virtual private network service' to do this.
(I did not set this up, I just design and program the front and back ends)
However some report a slow response time when retieving data from the database file.

Would 'Active desktop' be any quicker?
Any suggestions on how they might speed things up, would be most welcome
'Replication' comes to mind but I think their data must remain up to date at all times.

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Sharing Access With Remote Users

Jul 29, 2007

I have developed an application for a friend. We live about 100 miles apart in the UK. The database (Access 2007) works perfectly for us, I input data from various sources and he views the reports I've designed that show him exactly what he wants to see.

Now I want to move to the next phase which is I enter data from my PC at home and he then views the reports on his PC at his home.

Any advice on how I can do this, at low cost,

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