Reports :: Option Groups To Filter Report

Nov 14, 2013

I have a report with 2 option groups, I cannot get both of them to filter the data simataneously, they will each inititally filter the data, but when the opposite group it clicked, the previous filter data does not remain filtered. I have posted the code for the two option groups, I know I'm doing something wrong.

First option group code:
Private Sub Frame43_Click()
Select Case Me.Frame43.VALUE
Case 1
Me.Filter = "allowable_weight Like '263000'"
Me.FilterOn = True

[Code] .....

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Reports :: Option Button To Filter Report With Dates In Access 2010

Jun 9, 2014

I have a retort that I want to use an option button to filter the report is a specific date is 48 hours before the current time. I'm not having any luck. Below is the code I have been playing with, but no go.

Private Sub NoMove_Click()
Select Case Me.NoMove.VALUE
Case 1
Me.Filter = "CLM = 'Now() - 48'"
Me.FilterOn = True
End Select
If Me.Filter = "" Then
MsgBox "The filter returned Null"
End If
End Sub

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Option Groups That Run Reports In Forms

May 18, 2005

In the file that was posted at the link listed below...I found a form that had a feature I would like to use or create on my own. I'm not sure what to call this feature. But it looks as if the form has two option groups and a listing of all committee members. In one of the option groups you selected which report you wanted. The second group you selected your output method for the report. The form in the database posted is labeled as frmPreReport but I was not able to get this form to work, so I think various components are either disabled or removed???

I'm not familiar with visual basic and want to know if there is a way to create this feature without visual basic knowledge? If so, would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? If visual basic knowledge is required, what would be a good source for this information?

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Option Groups

Jan 13, 2006

Hello Everyone.

I have a form that gets its data from a query.

There is a field in the query called "FinalisedDate" which is a date/time field. I want a button called Current that when pressed it shows all records where the FinalisedDate field is Null which is to be the default of when the form is open.. Another button called "Aged" is pressed it only shows records that have the FinalisedDate field has a value (i.e. not null). I want another button that shows All Records (i.e Current and Aged).

I hope anyone can help. I have searched the forums but did not find a similar problem that I can copy.


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Option Groups

Nov 23, 2004

This is a multi-faceted question may the answer to the first may help the second.
I have two option groups each with two options in each.
The first is called Frame 57 and has two options A ( the wizard assigned a value of 1) and B (assigned a value of two).
The second is called frame 58 and has two options C ( the wizard assigned a value of 1) and D (assigned a value of 2).
I have set enable on Frame 58 to No.

My aim:
If I choose A in Frame 57 then I want Frame 58 (with both options) to become enabled.
If I choose B in Frame 57 then I want Frame 58 to remain un-enabled.

When writing the code do I
Put it in the Click event of the FRAME?
and should i refer to the option groups by their name (ie: A or B) or by their assigned value (1 or 2).

This is what I have at the moment
Private Sub Frame57_Click()
If Frame.57 = 1 Then
Frame58.Enabled = True
Frame58.Enabled = False
End If
End Sub

This seems to work though when I return close and re-open the form Frame 58 (even if it was chosen and enabled) is now not enabled even though the option is Frame 57 is correct and visible.

Hope this makes sense - any help appreciated

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Two Option Groups, One Won't Work

Mar 19, 2008

I'm trying to create a form for entering data for new items for a warehouse inventory. So far, I've figured everything out, but now I'm stuck.

I want to create an option group for two separate snippets of information: Whether a product is damaged or not, and whether a product is in numerical order or not.

I have created two bound option groups with option buttons, one for "Damaged?" (Yes or no) and one for "Sequential?" (Yes or no).

When I open the form, however, only the "Damaged?" buttons work. I can click either one, and it changes from yes to no and vice versa. However, the "Sequential?" options do not work. It doesn't matter which option group I try to click first, I cannot select "Yes" or "No" under "Sequential.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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Percentages In Option Groups

Mar 24, 2006

Been searching for an answer to this one but still cant quite get it.

I am using an option group to subtract and add percentages on an amount in a text box. This is the code i am using but there is something wrong. My syntax is out.

Me.TechsRate = ((Me.Chargeout.Text - (Me.Option17.OptionValue /100))

I am trying to calculate 5% or 10% or 15% and so on, up to 35%

Thank you in advance

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Option Groups Will Not Stay Null.

Jun 29, 2005

I have a form with 6 option groups, each with 2 option boxes (-1 & 0). They are triple-states and start off in null mode with a validation rule of "Not Null". The idea is to ensure the user has decided something for each option group before being allowed to save the record.

The problem is that each time I load the form, the first box I select, all the others then default to the same option (no longer null).

Any Ideas?



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Changing Stored Value Of Option Groups

Aug 8, 2005

Sorry if this is an easy one and I just missing it, but I have a form in an Access2003 database with option groups for ratings for 18 individual tasks ie:
Safety: 1. Satisfactory 2. Marginal 3. Unsatisfactory 4. N/A
The value stored in the table is 1,2,3, or 4 for each one, obviously.
How can I change the stored value in the table to "Sat" "Marginal" "Unsat" etc?
Or, if easier, make the report convert the numerical values to names?

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Modules & VBA :: Linking All Option Groups

Mar 13, 2014

I have 26 different option groups all with numeric values set for YES , NO, and N/A.

I attempted code to have the code read if the frame values were 1 Or 3 for all frames then a text field would read as "Pass" or it would be "Fail" but its not working. How to link all the options groups so that if YES or N/A have been selected then it will generate a PASS but if any of them selected NO it will be a FAIL.

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Forms :: Web Form Option Groups

May 13, 2013

How to create a Web Form and include an option group (5 or 6 radio or check boxes)? I really need the page to layout all of the options (not in a drop down). This will allow users compare answers on the fly looking at the form.

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Reports :: Option Group Value To Text On Report

Mar 14, 2013

is there an easy way to do a conditional format on a report where the value is 1,2,3,or 4 from an option group. I want the 1=Yes, 2=No, 3=Maybe etc.

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Show Query Fields In Subform Using Option Groups

Aug 13, 2006

Hi there

Is there any way to control the "show" criteria in a query from option groups... i.e... a check box for someone to say if they want to view items in the query or not? (But not to affect the actualy query data in any way).


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Forms :: Changing Combo Boxes To Option Groups?

Dec 11, 2013

I've created a form using the form wizard and all of the fields show up as combo boxes. I would like to change a couple of them to option groups with radio buttons. Is there anyway to do this without deleting the fields and making the option boxes from scratch? The reason I ask is because when I do the option boxes from scratch with the wizard, it alters the way the information shows up in the datasheet (it's a split form).

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Reports :: Sort Report Based On Option Group On Form

Oct 9, 2014

I have created a form with an option group with 4 options (date, line, description and observation). Each of these options are to be a sort order for a report that will open after the user selects an option and clicks a button. I am trying to code the button using a select case so that case 1 opens the report sorted by date, case 2 by line, etc. how to write the code for the sorting.

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Reports :: Filter A Report Not Query

Jun 27, 2014

I have a report based on a query.There is a field in my personnel table and the query: [Field] with values from my lookup table and has three choices:


I have a report and would like to filter based on [Field].I can filter by putting [Field]=Inspection on the Filter On Load, then typing 1 into the parameter box. And it works.I cannot however choose more than one of the three choices and I have to type the number in. Fine for me but it won't be for other is used for more than one report. I would also like to avoid having seperate queries for all these reports.In other words, I would like to filter the report, not the query.

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Reports :: Filter Report Results With VBA?

Jun 7, 2013

I have a report containing all the fields from my "main table". I want to create buttons on a from that will filter information from the report. For instance, I have a field titled "Priority". I want to create a button that will filter the report to only show records with a "Level 1" priority. Is there anyway I can do this using VBA?

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Reports :: How To Filter Report Using 3 Criteria

Jan 18, 2015

I have following table, forms and reports in my access database:

1- maintbl
1- mainquery based on maintbl
1- Input or mainform based on mainquery
2- unbound form: to Filter report
1-mainreport based on mainquery


I want to filter report on followings:
Year (Number)

I have 3 combo boxes on ubound form and want to filter report based on three above mentioned criterias.

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Reports :: Filter Report Yearly

Aug 17, 2015

I made a report that show a list of data where there is a date. It sorts the report by year then by month.I collects the information about the date from a field in a table where the whole date is inserted (example28.12.2014. (date/month/year)).What I want is to make a combobox or a listbox where you would chose a year you want it to show you the report for and a button that would open the report.So to make it clear in a form you would have a combobox where years would be displayed (and i would like the combobox to somehow know what years are inserted in the table), you select the year and click on the button that would open the report for that year.

The report name is "rptClients". The table from where the data for report is taken is "tblCustomers" and the field where the date is in the table is called "DateOfUse".Also in the report the date is in a field called "DateOfUse" also.

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Reports :: Filter A Sub Report On Open

Jun 24, 2014

I am trying to filter a subreport on open.

In my report I have a field called "Packages" and my subreport consists of a table, one of the columns is "Packages" so I want to use the value that I have in "Packages" to filter for only those items in the sub report.

Is this possible?

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Reports :: Filter Report By Month And Year

Apr 30, 2015

I have a report filter that filters the reports by month and year:


DoCmd.OpenReport "AttWholeCity", acPreview, , " Month = '" & txtCourseDateMonth & "' AND Year = '" & txtCourseDateYear & "'"

I want the code to also show these two columns where there are null/blank values aswell, for example if I filter by apr 2015 i want the report to show these columns as well as blank columns is this possible

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Reports :: Filter A Report By Using A Multi-select Box

Oct 3, 2013

I'm using the following code to filter a report by using a multi-select box.

Private Sub cmdOpenReport_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_cmdOpenReport_Click

Dim strWhere As String
Dim ctl As Control
Dim varItem As Variant


I have a report that contains a subreport. The report is simply an image of a word document. The subreport will contain the actual data.When I open the subreport, the IN query works perfectly. When I open the main report, I only get the first record listed in the IN query. I have the master/child links set properly.

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Reports :: Forms With Listbox To Filter Report

Feb 24, 2014

I have a report on this report there is a Destination City field and a Current City field, loaded from a table. I have a command button that loads a form to filter on the destination city, I have another command button that loads a form to filter on the current city location.

What I would like is, when I use the form to filter the destination city, then load the form to filter on current city, I want the listbox on the form for the current city to only list cities that are associated with that destination. Both form listboxes have the rowsource from the same table, just different fields. Is this possible?

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Reports :: Combobox In Report Header For Filter?

Aug 21, 2013

I have a report, rptAllCSCS which is based on a query qryCSCS2...

One of the fields in qryCSCS2 is Status and each record is either "Current" or "Not Current"...

My report is being viewed via a navigation form, so one of the tabs says CSCS and when clicked the user can see the report...

I have added a button in the report header which when clicked opens the report in print preview so the user can print the report. (Done with a macro in the On Click of the button.)

I would like to add a combo box cmbStatus which has the values "Current" and "All" in the report header. (Current will show only when the Status field = Current and All shows all records so Current and Not Current together). This will act as a filter for the user to see the corresponding records and they can then press the print button or just view on screen.

I haven't worked with filters before except when you specify the criteria in the query and point it to a control on a form which then opens the report... As this report is already open I'm having trouble, as well as specifying the "path" when something is in a navigation form being a bit tricky...

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Reports :: Filter Report From Certain Selections In Form

Jul 30, 2013

My problem I am having is that in my database you can click around to different customers info on forms and from there you can click on a button to get to another form that lists all of the customers vehicles. From there I have a billing report that I created and I am trying to filter the report to get what I want on there.

I have been searching around and have found codes to filter reports so that right now I have it when I click on Billing Report it filters by the customers form i am on. But now where i am having some issues is that I am also looking to filter by a yes/no field so that anything clicked yes for that customer will be filtered to show on this report.

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Reports :: Filter Report Based On Text Box

May 26, 2015

I have a database which have tbl1 with field admission year with data like august/2007, august/2008. i have entered all data with form1. My problem is that i want filter report. user click a button so a form opened and than he entered data in a text box like august/2007 when he click on show report button only those pages which have august/2007 text will display in report. second time when user change text like august/2008 in text box report also show changes.

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