Reports :: Web Browser Control Report

Sep 12, 2014

Just wondering if there is a web browser control or work around for reports?

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Forms :: Web Browser Control Inside A Tab Control Display

Jun 18, 2014

I have a form with a tab control, inside the tab control I placed an ActiveX control (Microsoft Web Browser). These are at the bottom of the form.

Everything displays fine if the entire form fit on the screen but if the form is too long and I scroll down the browser control is getting obscured by the tab control and getting chopped off (the contents are covered). It is as if the browser control is staying in space where it was and moving behind the tab control as I scroll.

This problem does not occur if I place the browser control directly on the form. Also I note that the browser control is sitting correctly within the tab control.

I have been through all the settings and properties of both controls and haven't been able to fix it. I searched all over the web but no one has previously stumbled across this one by the look of it.

See the attached image ...

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Forms :: Using Web Browser Control To Show PDF

Apr 2, 2013

I'm trying to use the Access 2010 web browser control to dynamically show a PDF.


and the dynamic part is two fields from the selected record:

me.txtMsdsID & "." & me.txtVersion

what is the simplest way to "bind" this so that when a record changes it automatically refreshes this control? I've tried setting it with VBA, but it's not working consistently.

I know the issues isn't the file path, as it works fine if I paste it in windows explorer.

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Modules & VBA :: Web Browser Control To Navigate A Website That Only Allows One Session At A Time

Oct 16, 2013

I have constructed an application in Access2010 that uses the ActiveX WebBrowser Control.I am using the Web Browser control to navigate a website that only allows one session at a time and normally (if using a regular web browser) if you close the tab you're working on, you have to completely close the browser and reopen it to be able to acces the website again.

I have this application on 2 networks.


A) when using the WebBrowser control I can navigate to the site. But if I need to navigate away or need to log in as a different account on the site, I can close an reopen the form and that will suffice to regain access to the site.

However on PC

B) it will not allow me to navigate back to the site by closing and reopening the form (the website recognises it is not a new session). I have to close the entire database and reopen it to get the site to work again.

I would very much like PC B) to be behaving in the same manner as PC A) so that I do not have to tell users to restart the whole database in order to reaccess the site.

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Forms :: Web Browser Control Leaves Process Running After Quitting Application

Jul 1, 2014

I'm on Access 2010

I am using a web browser control on one of my forms The problem is that when I close my application down, after using the form with the wbc, an access process keeps running in the background. More severe: every time I start my app again and close it, another access process is added to the processes that are already running.

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Reports :: Control Size Of A Report

Jun 11, 2014

I have a report opening to give detail when a button is clicked - however it will only ever return a maximum of 3 records - however the report window is far to tall - it should only be a third of the hieght it is - is there a way to set the height of the report which opens?

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Reports :: Unbound Control On A Report

Jul 7, 2015

I have run across a problem where I have an unbound control on a report that "used to work just fine" until today. It is a concatenated string:

=[ProgramCity] & "," & (" "+[Programstate]) & (" " & Left([ProgramZip4],5)) & (" "+[ProgramCpsAbbreviations])

I have this on two slightly different reports, where only one line of the report is different. One report works fine, no problems. All the data is there. But on the second report I get the dreaded #Name? error.

So I amended my query and used

CSZ:[ProgramCity] & "," & (" "+[Programstate]) & (" " & Left([ProgramZip4],5)) & (" "+[ProgramCpsAbbreviations])

And now set the field source as CSZ and it now works fine.

So my question is: Why does the concatenated code not work sometimes in a report but the same code in a query works fine?

Do reports not like concatenated fields?

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Reports :: Calculated Control In Report Footer

Mar 23, 2014

I have a report and in the footer I have added a text box (Textbox136) to work out the average percentage of the field [Percentage], which works fine.

For the value in textbox136 I want to output a grade and want to use an IIF function in the control source, something like:


But it won't work.

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Reports :: Printing Report From Subform Control

May 30, 2013

I'm using access 2003

I've successfully printed a report from a main form control and now I'm trying to do the same with a subform control.

I'm using a query to filter the report, with the criteria of:

Code: [forms]![MainForm]![Subform].[form]![textbox]

Is there something I'm missing?

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Reports :: Control Form Pivot Chart In A Report?

Dec 2, 2014

I have a bar pivot chart made in a form this load fine, I have the below VBA code in place to control the bar color depending on what the bar show.

Set frms = Forms![OtherCases created by Indv by Month chart].Form.ChartSpace.Charts(0)
Dim i As Long
With frms
For i = 0 To Forms![OtherCases created by Indv by Month chart].Form.ChartSpace.Charts(0).SeriesCollection.Count - 1
With .SeriesCollection(i).Name
Select Case Forms![OtherCases created by Indv by Month


When I then open the Report this is not working at all each bar just get a random color regardless what the bar to convert the above to fit a Pivot chart form a form that is displayed on a report.

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Reports :: How To Show Picture On Report If Control Is True

May 28, 2014

I have a report called "orders" and on this is records for orders of the day inputted.

On this report I have a control called "urgent" and a picture called "UrgentPicture" with the picture set to visible.false?

If any of the controls for Urgent is True then this will show my image, but this is not happening?

I am using this in the current event on the report

If Me.Urgent = True Then
Me.UrgentPicture.Visible = True
Me.UrgentPicture.Visible = False
End If

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Reports :: Change Text Formatting Of Control In Report Based On Boolean

Jul 10, 2015

I would like to change the text formatting (color, italics, bold etc) of the contents of a control based on a boolean value in the underlying datasource of the report.

For instance, I have a report that generates a "Proforma Invoice" i would like to ability italicize the prices of certain items based based on a boolean value (EstimatedPrice) in the underlying datasource.

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Reports :: Control Group Expression For Group In Report?

Mar 28, 2013

Is there a way to have an expression in the control source of a text box in a report, that re-starts or is exclusive for every group within the report?

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Reports :: Getting Entire Reports To Show On A Tab Control

Apr 24, 2015

I have tab controls, each of which holds a report. If the report is longer than the tab control the report is stuck there. no slide bars, no overflow. I have set scroll bars but they dont seem to take or work. I need to find a way to add verticle scroll bars to the reports within the tab controls so that you can view the entire report. I have included a screen print of what I mean.

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Reports :: Print Only Report Matching Current Record In Form Among Multiple Reports

Oct 2, 2013

I have been an MS Excel man all along my career and I am a novice in MS Access.I have created a table, [Initial Customer Approval] which records data from a Form, [Initial Customer Approval]. Once the data is entered in the Form, I need to do some calculations based on the data entered in some of the fields in the form.I created 6 different queries for the six possible values in those fields. now for each of those queries I created respective reports.I placed a Print command button in the Form.

1. When I press the Print button it should open the report for the current record in the Form. (Currently It Opens all the reports simulatneously, with only one relevant report containing the current record; other opened reports being blank.)

2. If user presses the Print button before pressing Save button then system should prompt user.

Here is the code (Please note [reference number] is the unique ID generated for each record entered in the tabe through form):

Private bSaveClicked As Boolean
Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
If Not bSaveClicked Then
MsgBox "You are trying to navigate away from the active record. Please either save your changes, or press ESC to cancel your changes.", vbOKOnly + vbInformation
Cancel = True


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Reports :: Subtract Totals From 2 Sub-reports In Main Report Of Access?

Dec 28, 2014

I am trying to create a P&L statement in access. I know what I want to come out at the end. I am just starting to play with access and having trouble getting what I want to come out of it.

On the sales side I have a query that gathers all the revenue sources and calculates a total for each date. I then use a second query to just take out the data I want for the P&L report. I created a sub-report that displays the data I want. I use the grouping and grand total features to get the total into the report footer. So far so good.

On the expense side I created a form of a query to manage the one to many relationship to capture the data for expenses (one purchase with many line items). I created a query based of this query to get the relevant data for my expense sub-report. I created the sub-report and got everything looking and calculating the way I want it to. I use the same grouping and grand total features to display the data in the report footer. Still good.

I created a new main parent report with the two sub-reports (sales & expenses) on it and even was able to pull the totals from the sub-reports into the main (so currently the subtotals of the two sub-reports are displayed twice). Now when I try to use the textboxes I used to pull the sub-report totals into the main report to perform additional calculations (sales - expenses) I get #error. I have tried different things and gotten ?name.

Control source for the two textbox controls on the main that display correctly, but don't let me do any further calculations.


=[rptP&LSalesOverview]![AccessTotalsTotal Sales]

To do the subtraction I have tried using the references above, as well as just using the names of the unbound text boxes in the report that bring the totals into the main report.

As a work around, I tried to build one query with all the data from sales and expenses, but can't "filter" based on date and get the data I want in the query results because the two sets of data are not necessarily related. I either get a long list of records, or no records (I am currently only playing with about 5 days of data).

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Reports :: Filtering Report To Only Show Current Month Report?

Nov 16, 2014

The aim of what I am doing is to create a monthly statement to give to our intermediaries that shows the commission they will receive each month for the deals they have referred. I have managed to create this report, HOWEVER I can't figure out how to filter out which month I need, so I a report for Jan, Feb Mar etc... The idea is that at the end of each month I need to run the report so only the latest month shows...

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Reports :: Hide Report Footer Based On Report Data?

Dec 21, 2014

How do I hide the report footer based on the report's data ?

I'm trying to hide if number of users = 1

The report's data is a query built inside the report's RecordSource, not a self standing query.

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Reports :: Unfiltered Report Footer Totals On Filtered Report?

Apr 10, 2014

I've done this once entirely by accident and can't seem to duplicate it...

I have a report. It has the following:

Report Header: Logo and title
Department Header
Supervisor Header
Group Header
Department Footer: Totals
Report Footer: Overall Totals for all departments

Here's my question.
I have combo boxes on my main form that filter this report. The combo boxes are referred to by the query that runs the report. How do I get proper unfiltered overall totals in my report footer?

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Reports :: Join Smaller Report On The Back Of Main Report?

Apr 18, 2013

I have a report that displays incidents, their details, consequences and a photo. Among the details is a severity rating high medium or low, I have been asked to make the report shorten the records which have been given a low severity (because it takes up as much space as the more important/severe ones).

The only method I can think of is to use the onformat event, to shrink and make invisible all the fields that I don't want to see if the severity field shows 'low'.

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Reports :: Select Records From Report To Populate Second Report?

May 24, 2015

We have a shift log that includes both personnel actions during any given day as well as operational actions. (We recently switched from a word document to an Access Database to allow multiple users to input events while another has the logbook open already (which you couldn't do with Word))

At the beginning of each day, my manager reviews the previous days log and forwards up pertinent data (some personnel, some operational) to our higher authorities. Is there a way to allow him to select which records he'd like to include on that higher-authorities report straight from the local-level report?

I'm not a fan of allowing him a "Save As" feature because that kind of defeats the data integrity purpose of an events log where he could save as an RTF and then edit any of the log entries without any checks or balances.

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Reports :: Scrolling Down Report Changes Report Fields To Errors

Jun 26, 2013

I have an odd thing happening with my reports. There is a main report that gives class information (from query). There are two subreports (from queries also ) with scores (one for each type of test). There are some unbound controls on the main form that display a count of how many scores are recorded which are totals from the subreports. The controls all report the correct numbers however, when I scroll down to view each record, some of them change to #error, or #name, or similar for a moment. Sometimes they will stay in error form when I stop scrolling but change to correct if I scroll up just a bit. Is this because the controls won't calculate unless that report record has focus?

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Reports :: Hide Report Label If Sub Report Count Is 0

Dec 18, 2013

Is there a way to hide a label on a report if the sub report count is 0?

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Reports :: Getting Totals From Five Reports To Create One Report

Feb 18, 2015

Is there a way to have say five different reports that give out information and at the bottom the totals. I would like to take each of those separate reports to create one report with just the totals.

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Crystal Reports .ocx Control

Jun 30, 2005

I have created some Crystal Reports to open out of MS Access. Everything works great for me and all the users, except one.

The one user when they try to open the report gets nothing (no error, no lock-up, nothing). It is only on their machine (we have tested them logged into other machines and the report works just fine).

My guess is there is something wrong with the Crystal Viewer on their machine (in our case Crystal 8.5 ActiveX viewer control). I looked on their machine, and they have the same .ocx control as myself and the other users C:Winntsystem32Crystl32.ocx

I even went into their Access and Registered this ActiveX control (design view of a form) and still was not able to get the control to work. We were thinking about re-imaging this users machine, but this is the only error they currently have. I was wondering if anyone else had run into this error, and if so is there an easy fix?

Thank you for your time.

T.J. Bernard

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Reports :: Text Box Control

Oct 25, 2014

I am currently working on a project that is almost complete, but my only problem is that I am clueless as to how I can get a text box in my report to hide base on if a text box in my form is hidden. Meaning that whenever this particular text box in my form is hidden then the text box on my report should be hidden too. how to get my form and report text boxes in sync with each other.

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