Sharing A Database Without A Server

Jun 12, 2012

At work a few of us all need to access the database to edit/update etc and at the moment only one of us can use it at once.We are getting a server in the near future so we will all be able to access it at the same time but I was wondering if there is an alternative way to do this in the meantime? I have been looking at "shared folders" but am unsure if they are suitable or how they work.

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Sharing A Database

Mar 14, 2006

Im not sure how to go about this, so I need plenty of advise. The Database I have built is, at the moment on a number of laptops, none of which are contected to a network. If things go according to plan the DB will eventually go on to the desktops which are conected. the aspiration is that the DB will be on one main PC with all others accessing it. Problem is I have never done anyting lke that before and am unsure where to start. alny advis gratfully received. Thanks!

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Sharing The Database

May 11, 2007


I am working on an ACCESS database. I saved it in my computer "A" on a "shared" folder. Now I want somebody else to be able to modify the tables when I am working on the database and when I am not in my office from a different computer "B". Both computers are on the same network. The problem is that when I try to open it from computer B it gives me a read-only message. How can I accomplish this??

Thank you

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Sharing A Database

Oct 8, 2007

Am new too this forum and I dont know whether this is the place to place this post. We want to share a database with my boss. I dont want to split it yet and make an MDE because am still working on it how do i share it
Also anyone with an idea where i can get a clothing shop database sample

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Sharing A Database

Dec 3, 2007


Windows XPPro SP2
Access 2002

I'm a little ... ahem ... confused?

I'm trying to share out a database using the FrontEnd (FE) BackEnd (BE) concept. I've had an unexpected result however. I've made two copies of the FE, one resides on the same machine as the BE (but in a different directory), the other FE resides on a remote machine.

I carried out an experiment whereby I updated the same record from each of the FEs but using different data (some free-text in a textbox). I was expecting to see the record displaying the data from later of the two entries... but both FEs show their own version of the record in question?

Here's how I split my Db.

1. Whilst on the PC remote to the intended network share, converted the original Db to Access2002 (from 2000 format).
2. Again, on the PC remote to the intended network share, used the Database Splitter in "Tools" where I set the target directory for the BE.mdb to be on the network share.
3. After some fiddling with "Trusted Sites" in IE's options(?), got the FE on the PC remote to the network share to finally connect (or so I thought) to the BE.mdb.
4. Placed a copy of the FE onto the PC owning the network share (but in a different directory).
5. Used the "File" / "Get External Data" / "Link Tables" to link to the BE.mdb
6. After some minor "compile" errors, the 2nd FE seemed to fire up OK.

The two FEs seem to be using their own copies of the tables?

I guess I've missed a step somewhere? can one of you kind people out there educate me please? - Any help as always greatly appreciated... Thankyou.


P.S. I've noticed that .ldb locking files appear in the same directory(ies) as the FEs... I was rather expecting the .ldb to be on the same share as the BE.mdb?


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Sharing My Database

Feb 21, 2005

Well, I am mostly done with my database design and I want to share it out on the network. As I have stated several times before, I am not a programmer, so if I explain how I have tried to do things badly, you'll know why.

1st, I tried just moving my database out to a shared file within my office. That worked, as for as them being able to see everything but any changes they made to tthe database, from their pc, didn't save to mine. So...

2nd, I created a new network drive and mapped the other persons pc to my IP address and then shared to database onto the new drive. That loaded up Access but it wouldn't open the actual database because..."this file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site".

After talking with my network administrator, he feels that the problem is within the security settings of Access but he is unfamiliar with Access.

Does anyone know why I am getting this message from the opening the network copy of this database?

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Sharing An Access Database

Jun 9, 2005

I have an access database that I used to be able to share between 5 different people (we were all able to input data at the same time) Something has changed and now only one person can get in to work on it at a time. If someone else tries it tells them that it can't find the database. Has anyone seen this before and if so what's the fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sharing Access Database

Feb 19, 2007

hi everyone,
i have designed a simple database which need to be accessed by 3 different people(number likely to increase) located in different towns.what do i need to do especially from a technical point of view.
Thanking you in advance.

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Sharing Database Problems

Mar 21, 2007

Please forgive me if I have missed a post on this. I spent the last few hours searching here and the internet for some things to try.

We currently have three computers running a database. Each of them has a front-end and a back-end is located on my computer. All front-ends are linked to the back-end. The two remote computers are using 2007, my computer is still using 2000. Only recently has the OS been ungraded on the remote computers, but the networking/sharing problem was around then as well.

We are using a wireless-g connection. All computers have mapped the network drive to my back-end share. On one remote computer(#2), the password to access the mapped drive is not saved (an unrelated issue), but she could access and edit the database while I was doing the same.

On the other remote computer (#3), they can only use the database when it is not in use by me (computer #1). And when #3 has it open, it locks out everyone else. With #3 opening it first, it puts me on "read-only, not updateable" status and it puts #2 on similar or worse.

When I have the database open first, #3 cannot access the backend at all. She gets "file is in use by another user" or something to that extent.

The back-end is set to Shared, No Locks and "Open database with record level..." checked.

At this point, we would like to set it up so that ONLY I can enter/delete/edit data and all remote computers can read but not change. I have tried a number of things, including some Windows XP permission changes, but nothing seems to work.

Any help would be great. Thanks

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Help Neaded In Database Sharing

Dec 28, 2004

i have an Access form which is in local drive of each computer on the LAN. This form has the tables linked to Excel spreadsheats which is on the LAN that all users can get the data for thier Access form from the same excel database. (every user has his/her own Access form but share one excel-database) I have made the Excel sheet to share the workbook (by tools--> share workbook) to allow changes by more than one user at the same time.
This works fine with one user at a time.
But does not allow multiusers at the sametime.. ie.. two people cannot use the form at a time...the second user who is trying to get the access form will get a message saying that the excell spread sheat is open exclusively by another user.

I know that i can copy the excell spread sheat to each computer and access it from there... but I would like to have one database in the that i just have to update this whenever the data base needs to be changed.
Hope im not wasting ur time

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Problems With Sharing The Database

Nov 2, 2005

I am sharing a database on the network. I get wierd problems when many users are trying to access the database at once. It gives and error saying "The database needs to be repaired" and when I click "yes" it says "Cannot be repaired because its locked exclusively by someone". I am sure everyone is opening the database in the normal view. Can anyone help me with this.

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Security Question Regarding Sharing Database

Feb 9, 2007

Hi everyone,
I am going to be implemeting security on my split database but have a question? The database will have the back end on a shared drive and I will copy the front end to the desktops of the people who will use the database. My question is such that when I use the Access security wizard it creates a shortcut on my personal PC. Can I simply create security access levels, then create the shortcut on my computer, and then copy the shortcut from my PC to every user that will use the front end? Will I just need the shortcut on the associates desktop or do I need a copy of the entire database? I will have a max of 30 users but probably no more than 5 logged on at a time. I have read and searched and couldnt find anything that actually answers that question? Thanks for all your assistance.

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Sharing Access Database So That ASP Can Open It

Apr 8, 2008

I have an access database which is shared, I can open it on 2 pcs at the same time no problem. I also have an html and asp page which is used to add recoreds to the database, this works fine if the database is closed everywhere else but this cannot be the case. I am now desperate for answer to any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have attached the asp file, I can upload all files and database to a server if someone requires them (too big for the forum).



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General :: Sharing Front End Database

Dec 3, 2013

What is the best solution for sharing a front end DB as me having the BE installed at my pc, giving all user the FE and then refreshing table link with BE installed at pc but the problem is that the shared FE becoming slow any option ? as only 5 users using this at a time.

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General :: Sharing A Database Over Network

Jul 30, 2012

i have made a database in access 2010 . and i have put that in a shared folder . split that into fe and be. and on my network i am using access 2010 runtime on other computer to access it . on that computer in registry settings i have trusted locations as //server/database i.e. in database folder i have the fe and be.i can open the fe but with potential security warning i.e. of trusted locations i think . and when i click open on it it doesnt open my forms those are linked with tables from navigation form and displays the error that is something concerned with location g:database which is on my server computer.

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Sharing Objects With A Secondary Database?

Aug 16, 2014

Imagine you have a split database with two users making reports on their own front end. Lets say user 1 wants to share a report they built with user 2. is it possible to send this Object through vba so that user 2 would received a working editable copy that they can use on their front end without sharing the actual accdb front ends?

I thought about creating a Database that would just host the reports but again if I cannot send or access secondary database objects then this method would not work.

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General :: Changing Database Location For Sharing

Dec 29, 2014

In the past I have only done data input into Access databases that have already been created. They have been simple text fields only. I was hired on contract to finish data input for a database that serves to catalogue material resources. The database itself was supposed to have been completed by a former contractor but I'm discovering bits and pieces that weren't finished. I don't have any background in IT or coding.

So, this database eventually has to be shared in a "locked" format so that other entities can view our resources (like a catalogue) without changing them. My next step is to add images to each of the items being catalogued (there are about 100 images). The former contractor began a table labeled "Pictures" in which there are 2 columns: PictureID and PicturePath, the latter being a path starting with C:. The issue is, his picture paths include the hard drive name so that it looks like this:C:HardDrivePicturesPictureID.jpg

I need the database and its images to be share-able on other computers. And I need to use relative paths to connect the images to the database so I'm not tremendously increasing the size of the database.does the location/path of the database need to be changed so it can be shared, and if so how do I do that?

Second question: I have all the images I will be using in a folder on my desktop; how do I save them in a "fixed subdirectory" of the database so that they get moved with it whenever it is sent out to another user?

If I change the database name as I'm working on it (I've been saving a new database each day, so that if I screw up something I can go back to the most recent working one) will that mess up my picture paths?

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Sharing Access Database With Multiple Users

Apr 27, 2012

I created an access database for the sole purpose of sharing approved data with my entire company. The end users will view the data in a Form which utilizes several tabs and also gives them the ability to run pre-set queries out of the Form. The Form was created using several queries which were built from tables off of the server.

The tables update every day, as does the information in my Form. The problem I am running into is that it takes about 2 minutes to open the DB (the DB opens directly to the form and all queries run immediately to update), which is annoying to end users and might deter them from actually using the tool. I have tried moving the DB to SharePoint, but that did not work due to the size of many of the tables.

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General :: Split Database Sharing And Remote Access?

Aug 4, 2013

I've just split a database into the front-end and back end components. But how to distribute it further.

Additionally, I need people who have the front end to access the database from their homes, not just from work.

What would I need to use?

Is there anything available for free?

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Moving Database To Another Server

Dec 3, 2006


I have created a few split multiuser databases in Access 97 that my company has used over the past few years. Currently, we are trying to move everything to a new network server. When I did a simple copy and paste on Friday moving everything to the other server it seemed to work fine. Until I tried to open any of the databases. I kept getting the message that they all were read only.

Do I need to bring the database back together before transferring it? I also plan on converting the databases to Access 2003. What precautions should I take in doing this?

Thanks for any and all information you can pass along.


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Split Database W/be On A Server

Nov 20, 2007


I am new to split database format... If I put the backend on say windows server 2000 or 2003 in a folder, is there anything else I need to do? Any setting on the server?? Or do I need a specific type of server os ie sql server etc?


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Remote Access To Database On Server

Sep 23, 2005

I have an Access database on my server. My client does not like the idea of having to download the db, make changes, then upload it back. In the past, he has dealt with SQL databases, where you can create an access data project, that will give you a desktop shortcut straight to the database. I was wondering if there was any way to do something similar with an Access database. There is FTP setup for the site and all required permissions are setup. Is there any way to create a desktop shortcut, so he can edit the database in real-time, without having to download and upload? Thanks for any help.

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Placing An Access Database On The Web/server

Jul 17, 2006

I have a database with a couple of search forms to use for my company. My boss wants me to place this on the intranet so anyone can use it not only those with MS Access, which many people do not have on their computers. Please let me know if there is a way to do this and still make it interactive by means of searching. Thanks


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Split Database Back End On FTP Or Web Server

Jul 12, 2007

Hi, I am not sure where to put this thread hopefully someone here can help me.

I have spent a good deal of time developing a very effective access database for a client. It is split into a front end and back end and connected using the Linked Table Manager when necessary.

The front end is quite loaded with queries, reports, forms, macros etc and the back end simply has the tables.

The front end is about 15 mb and the back about 8 mb.

Current set up is a small workgroup network with about 4 -5 consecutive users at any one given time.

I am looking for some advice on how to set up or facilitate getting the backend on the internet so anyone with a front end can access it outside of the LAN.

Today I set up an account with WebDrive which can connect to and assign a drive letter on your pc to any FTP, HTTP site.

I made the connection with WebDrive and using the linked table manager successfully linked the tables on my local machine to the back end on the FTP server - and actually ran the database at a pretty good rate.

I noticed however that it was downloading the backend to my local pc and once I closed the (a) form it was uploading the data back to the server? Very slow and often threw errors.

This of course is not what I wanted. Has anyone heard of doing this? Any work arounds or setting params would be greatly appreciated.

I have been told to create the DB in ASP but I do not have any idea on how to do that whatsoever...

Any advice or insight would be awesome!


Fen How

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Server Dumped...Database Locked...What To Do?

Feb 8, 2007

I log into my server via remote connection from 3000 miles away. My database resides there.

If for what ever reason, I dump locally - the server does not recognize that I dumped - and thus keeps me logged in.

When I log back in, it logs me in as a second instance.

Here is the problem:

I was in access changing a form when I was dumped. (power went out). Now the server thinks I am still connected working on it. How do I shut down the service that has the DB locked - and delete the record-locking file that resides in the directory beside the database. (this record-locking file is the file that access creates whenever you start editing your database forms..etc...). I can't just delete that file - as access tells the server that it is still in use.

I am almost sure a reboot would rectify this issue - is there ANOTHER way to do this? (what is the service that is running that can be forced down?)

Thanks in advance,

Belchlord - way down South.

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General :: Database Size On Server

Oct 22, 2013

I have a database (Access 2003 and I am using it with Access 2007 with user level security) on shared folder on internal Dell server and I have created a shortcut to each user's machine to access it. This days I am facing a problem of db size as every 10 days it's increasing upto 2gb but the strange thing is when I am doing cut / pasting same database to my desktop from the server shared folder it will become 80 mb only and I am again placing that db (80mb db) into the server and it will work. What is a reason behind it? why my 80mb db is showing 2gb db on server?

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