Subtracting Dates In Queries

Feb 1, 2013

My form consists of a textbox with a selected date. I have a combo box with integers 1-15. I have a table with 15 people and their birthdays.

I am trying to find the birthdays after a selected date by the integer selected in the combo box. For example, if I select 2/1/2013, and pick 7 in the combo box, the subform should show me people with birthdays 2/1 through 2/8.

I have a query with a datediff function. This is my query expression Expr1: DateDiff("d",[DateofBirth],[Forms]![Calendar]![Text1]) The criteria is <=[Forms]![Calendar]![Combo3].

It displays some data, but it's not consistent at all. I'm hoping to fix this without any SQL changes or form code. But if that's what I need, I'll do it.

I'm using access 2010, and I'm fairly new at it.

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Subtracting Dates From Adjacent Dates In Same Column

Sep 7, 2006


I have a database with 5000 entries, corresponding to about 10 entries for about 500 people. Each of the entries is dated, and I need to calculate the time intervals between each person's sequential entries in the table.

One way of doing this is to create another column that contains the date of the previous entry. I can then use DateDiff to subtract one date from the other and give me the difference in days.

This approach falls down if I then work with only a subset of the entries - I would have to re-enter the previous entry dates as the time intervals would have changed.

What I really need is a way of subtracting the date from the date in the cell directly above it. Will Access let me do this, or is there a better way?

Many thanks, Jules.

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Subtracting Dates, Getting Whole Months

Dec 12, 2005

I found the following code on this site in a search for a method to subtract two dates ie [Startdate] and [EndDate] and display the result as a whole number. ie 2, 6 etc. This code finds the difference but displays the results as 1 year 5 months 2 days, where I need the equivalent as 17.
Can this code be modified to produce the desired result and if so how would I go about it. Thanks for the help.

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Public Function getTimeElapsed(StartDate, Optional EndDate As Date) As String
On Error GoTo Err_Handler

If IsNull(StartDate) Then
getTimeElapsed = "No startdate"
Exit Function
End If

Dim YY As Integer
Dim MM As Integer
Dim DD As Long

' use current day if EndDate is not supplied,
' + 1 makes both days inclusive.
EndDate = IIf(EndDate = 0, Date, EndDate) + 1

MM = DateDiff("m", StartDate, EndDate)
DD = DateDiff("d", DateAdd("m", MM, StartDate), EndDate)

' recalculate if DD is negative.
If DD < 0 Then
MM = MM - 1
DD = DateDiff("d", DateAdd("m", MM, StartDate), EndDate)
End If

YY = MM 12 ' integer division.
MM = MM Mod 12 ' remainder.

getTimeElapsed = YY & IIf(YY < 2, " year ", " years ") & _
MM & IIf(MM < 2, " month ", " months ") & _
DD & IIf(DD < 2, " day", " days")
Exit Function

MsgBox Err.Description
Exit Function

End Function

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Subtracting 2 Dates And 2 Times From Seperate Boxes

Jul 6, 2007

Jus thought I'd offer this code to the forum as spent a long time finding a suitable solution..

SELECT DischargeTime.ID, [Arrival Times].ID, [Arrival Times].[A&EArrivalDate], [Arrival Times].[A&EArrivalTime], DischargeTime.[Date of outcome], DischargeTime.[Time of outcome], DateDiff("d",[A&EArrivalDate],[Date of outcome]) AS DateDifference, [Time of outcome]-[A&EArrivalTime] AS TimeDifference, IIf([DateDifference]>=1,([DateDifference]*(1/24)*576)+[TimeDifference]*(1/24)*576,([DateDifference]*(1/24)*576)+[TimeDifference]*24) AS hours3
FROM DischargeTime INNER JOIN [Arrival Times] ON DischargeTime.ID = [Arrival Times].ID;

Basically I had an admission date and in a seperate box an admission time and then I had a discharge date and discharge time again in seperate boxes. The information was spread over two tables hence the join. How I solved the problem was by gaining both the days difference between and then the difference in hours and then I created an iff function and played around with it till it worked. Dont really know how i got it working in the end but it does so hopefully this code will save some1 alot of time!

(I know that if id shown my dates as date/time in 1 box the problem would have been much easier solved, however I dont personally like displaying dates and times that way especially when you have inexperienced people entering data)

Find below a result from the query

DischargeTime.IDArrival Times.IDA&EArrivalDateA&EArrivalTimeDate of outcomeTime of outcomeDateDifferenceTimeDifferencehours3

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Adding And Subtracting Dates From Current Date

May 7, 2013

My first question is how to set a column to be the current date read by the computer.

Example: It will automatically say 5/8/2013 tomorrow without needing updating.

Question 2: How to add a number of days to the current date.


Add 7 days to the current date.

on 5/8/2013 it will read 5/15/2013, then automatically update to 5/16/2013 on 5/9.

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Subtracting Results From Two Different Queries.

Jun 16, 2005

Hi, here's the situation:

I have a query A, that gives me the a set of numbers.
I have a query B, that gives me another set of numbers.

Numbers in B are always equal or larger than those in A. (B >= A)

I want to create a new query C, that does the subtraction. (C = B-A)

Here's an example to explain what I want.
Let's say I have A=4,7 and B=6,9

Now, when I create the query, I get the following result:
A | B | C=B-A
4 | 6 | 2
4 | 9 | 5
7 | 6 | -1
7 | 9 | 2

What I want is this:
A | B | C=B-A
4 | 6 | 2
7 | 9 | 2

How do I do that?


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Queries :: Subtracting Numeric Value From Date Value

Jan 15, 2015

in my query to subtract [Days] (Numeric Value) from a date field [TravelDate]

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Queries :: Subtracting Date Fields

Jul 10, 2013

I have an Access query which has 2 fields 'Sent Date' and 'Return Date'. Sent date is input by the user when they return an item for repair, return date is input by the user when the item is sent back to us from repair. What I need is a 3rd calculated field which will work out the number of days the item was away for repair. I have included the 3rd column 'Repair Duration' but I don't know how to type the formula in the query to work this out.

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Queries :: Subtracting Rows In Access

Dec 8, 2013

I have a query with years and sales column. I need to make a column that displays the difference in sales between years. My query is named "Qry" if that is needed. "Year" and "Sales" are the column titles if you need that for the SQL.

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Queries :: Subtracting Stock Numbers With A Query

Jan 2, 2015

I'm creating a sales system that allows customers to place orders using a customer account. when a customer completes an order the number items in the order needs to be subtracted from the stock numbers of each of those items stored in the system.

What I have so far is zipped and attached,

The way my system works should be easy enough to understand, there are four linked tables that store information on customers, products and orders. What I'm really struggling to understand is how to take the values in the records in the Invoice-Product table and take them away from the stock numbers for the products in the products table. But only new orders should take away from the stock number when a new order is placed.

If possible I also need to be able to add stock numbers for example if a delivery comes in, and if it's similar enough could that also be done here?

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Queries :: Calculate Expiry Dates Of Training Courses - Due Dates Not Shown

Aug 28, 2013

I have built a query to calculate the expiry dates of training courses but I am trying to input a criteria so that only dates within 90 days of todays date show. I am using Date()<90 but it doesn't return the correct information. What the criteria should be for this?

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Queries :: Access 2007 - Select All Dates Between Two Dates?

Apr 9, 2015

I have a table of records, which has within it two date fields (effectively, a 'start' and 'end' date for that particular record)

I now need to create a query to perform a calculation for each date between the 'start' date and the 'end' date

So the first step (as I see it anyway) is to try to create a query which will give me each date between the two reference dates, in the hope that I can then JOIN that onto another query to perform the necessary calculation for each of the returned dates.

Is there a way to do this?

So basically, if for a particular record, the 'start' date is 01-Apr-2015 and the 'end' date is 09-Apr-2015, can I produce a dataset of 9 records as follows :01-Apr-2015


(The *obvious* solution would be to create a separate table of dates, from which I could just SELECT DISTINCT <Date> Between #04/01/2015# And #04/09/2015# - but that seems like a dreadful waste of space, if that table is only required to generate the above? And it would have to cover all possible options; so it would either have to be massive, and contain every possible date - ever! - or maintained, adding new dates as necessary when they are required. Seems horribly inefficient!)

Is it possible to just select each date between the two reference dates? Or can you only query something which exists somewhere in a table?

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Queries :: Count Dates Between Dates In Two Tables

Jul 8, 2014

I have two tables with dates. Between (!) every two following dates in table1, I want to know the number of dates in table2. How do I write an SQL query for this? The tables I have are up to a few hundred records in table 1 and a few thousand records in table2. So to prevent that this takes hours I need a fast query.

To explain the query I need, for example:


So the answer of the query would be 2,0,4.

Between 01/01/2014 and 15/01/2014 in table 1 there are 2 dates in table2 (01/01/2014 is not included between the dates)
Between 15/01/2014 and 17/01/2014 in table 1 there are 0 dates in table 2
Between 17/01/2014 and 30/01/2014 in table 1 there are 4 dates in table 2

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Queries :: Changing Dates In A Group Of Queries

Jul 21, 2013

I have written a large number of queries to gather data for a quarterly monitoring form. How do I replace the dates to update them for next quarter.For example I have written a query which counts the number of new members who started in the period 01/04/2013 to 31/07/2013. How can I change this (and the other 200 queries) without opening them all individually and manually altering it. Is there an Access equivalent of Word's Find and Replace?By the way I am using Access 2000.

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Subtracting In Access

Oct 10, 2005

I'm trying to do a calculation in access that will allow a user to receive a discount in one field and show the results in another. The form looks like this. Having a hard time figuring out the line total. It's giving me a the wrong amount. The employee discount is $.20 and the price is $2.27 for example.. Thanks

Bound text box [UnitPrice] - Bound text box [EmployeeDiscount] x Bound text box [Quantity] =
Bound text box [LineTotal]

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Subtracting Time

Jun 20, 2006

I have two times I need to subtract in a query. When I subtract these in the query I get a decimal point. How can I convert this data. Thanks

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Subtracting One Query From Another?

Feb 23, 2008

Hi everyone,

I am familiar with databases and basic SQL, but never used Access, so your help is greatly appreciated!

What I *think* I need to do here is take the results from one query, subtract another query from that, then create a table of the results, so that I can make a chart in a report. I say that I *think* I need do that because Iím not confident that this approach is the best but thatís a whole other story...

Please look at the following tables below for an example. The Item table has ItemCode as a primary key. The Bids Table has multiple rows for each ItemCode showing bids for the item:

Item Table
ItemCode Date Address
JH231 2008-Feb-20 123 Test St.
KH831 2008-Feb-21 512 Test St.

Bids Table
ItemCode Amount
JH231 100.00
JH231 60.00
JH421 310.00
KH831 20.00
KH831 40.00
KH831 10.00
KH831 90.00

To make a pretty graph, I would like a table (so a query, or macro, or VBA or something?) that returns the minimum Amount for an ItemCode subtracted from the maximum Amount for an ItemCode based on the example above. What I would end up is something like this:

ItemCode Difference Between Maximum and Minimum
JH321 250
KH831 80.00

I hope this is clear. Any help on how to do this from you Access pros would be great, OR if Iím taking the wrong approach, suggestions on what I should try next. Thanks!!!


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Subtracting Stock Levels

Nov 9, 2005

Hi, I have a data base that is used to keep track of stock level. When i issue a stock item and move to the next record I would like the stock level to be reduced by 1, any ideas.

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Subtracting Military Time

Oct 21, 2005

My new job requires me to use access so I'm learning as I go. :confused:
I have already used previous threads from this forum to answer another problem I encountered. Thanks for providing this forum to the public!

I am attemping to run a query that will subtract military time. (I am not allowed to change the format of the times in the original tables. )


Column A Column B
1111 6.5

I need 1111 - 6.5 in Column C

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Subtracting Time Over 24 Hours?

Mar 27, 2006

Any Help!

I have fields that are time formated 99/99/99" "00:00;0;_ and I want to subtract them.

I need to get the results in two forms; first in Days and second in Hours. I have used the obvious subtract one from the other and it gives me days in a rounded numbeer, but the hours is not working out.:confused:


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Subtracting Query Values

Sep 7, 2007

How do i subtract one value, worked out using a query, from another value, worked out using a query, and display it in a text box?

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Subtracting Time Fields

Mar 26, 2005

Before I start implementing this, I would like to know if it is possible to do in principle

I want two fields, say TimeStarted and TimeEnded. I then want to subtract the two from one another to see how long the task took.

Is this possible or would i be wasting my time trying it?

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Subtracting Inside Of A Field? CAN IT BE DONE!!!

Jun 2, 2006

I am looking to subtract number inside the same field. and then return the difference to a new field (column). This data is used to generate a graph and the this is currently done by hand. I know there has to be an
easier way to do this.

Below is an example of what I am looking for.

I have a table called Numbers, and fields or columns called...

Value(s) Result(s)
-70 0
-70 1.02
-68.98 1.09
-67.89 3.11
-71 .71
-69.29 1.52

So what I am doing is subtracting row two from row one. The difference is then put in another field(column) in row one. The process repeats, row three from two, four from three, five from four, etc, etc. This occurs for hundreds of rows.

Is there a SQL statement that can do this? Your help is much appreciated!!!

Thanks for your help.

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Dates And Queries

Aug 31, 2007

I need to create an expression that will limit the results of my query. I only want to display all records where 'Completed' date falls within the following criteria: Between the 1st April and the end of last month. I do not want to include this month, because by definitiion it is not complete - not a full month.

My head's just a bit mashed and I can hardly begin to work this out.

If you can help me out, I'd appreciate it.

If you have the time I would also like to find the average number of records completed per month as so will need to somehow determine the number of full months between the 1st April this year and today.



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Subtracting Values From Two Consecutive Records

Jan 17, 2006

I am having a problem, probably due to my inexperience with Access. Here is the seniero:

-I have a form/table set up for operators to enter numbers on a daily basis.
-I am setting up queries/reports to display not only the entered data, but also calculated values from the entered values
--I have no idea on how to subtract a previous day's value from today's value and report that value.
- Since Access gives no "ownership" to any value I do not know how to reference yesterday's value in today's calculation.Any Ideas?

Record #1
Date - 1/17/06
Value - 15,232

Record #2
Date - 1/16/05
Value - 14,111

Desired output
Date 1/17/06
Value - 1121

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Subtracting Months From A Date In Query

May 30, 2006

I have a field called DATE_END_DEERS which is in a format of YYYYMMDD (20060530). I need to run a query that shows 6 months subtracted from this date. I can never get an answer that is even close. Can someone please help? ACCESS2000.

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