Use Multi-paragraph Text As Memo Type

Apr 23, 2006

I have a website in Asp, which is connected to a MS ACCESS database.
In this database, there is a text field (Memo type) which contains text. But in web site, it just shows a continuous single paragraph.

What should I do to fix this problem?

Thank you

R. Ghodsi

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How To Extract Just The First Paragraph Of A Memo Field

Jan 23, 2006

Does anyone have an idea how to extract the first paragraph of a memo field of a table to be used in a query? Thanks...

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Tables :: Long Text - Lost Functionality From Old Memo Type

Mar 28, 2014

I am a pretty novice user currently playing around with Access 2013 using Office 365.

I used to love the old style Memo field where people cut put in carriage returns to split up data. I am wondering if this function has been removed with this LONG TEXT FIELD or is there a way around it.

I like it because I tend to use it as a tracking field and like the newest "comments" at the top separated by a Carriage Return...

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Creating A New Paragraph In A Text Box

Oct 4, 2004

I have two fields ([Big Problem] and [Little Problem] that I need to output (on a report) as one field and have them appear as two paragraphs. I use a query to append them (BothProblems:[Big Problem] & " " & [Little Problem]) But I can not figure out how to put a line feed (chr(10) and chr(13) between the two lines to make a charage return.

Any ideas


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Unbound Text Box To Get Long Paragraph..!

Mar 21, 2005

Hi guys,

Im working on a form on which I like to place an unbound text box to get a long amount of data. The text boxes in link to a field table having 250-field size. Now, Id like to be able to use a text box, which will allow me to enter from 800 to 1000 characters. Is that possible in Access 2000?

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank so very much in advance.


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Memo Data Type

May 12, 2005

hello there,

i have a field of memo data type in a table and the field is associated with a text control in a from. user is allowed to enter <ctrl><enter> to start on a new line in the control. if user exit this control, i would like to know how many lines are in this field. how can i do this?

thanks in advance.

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Truncating Of Memo Data Type

Oct 5, 2005

I have a table in my database to track survey responses. Some of these responses can be quite long so I am using the memo data type. I have some queries set up to display these responses but the queries truncate the responses to 255 characters. Is there a way to stop the query from truncating? Thanks in advance.

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Memo Data Type Field On A Form

Jan 25, 2006

Hi all,

I have a question about an Access form that I am creating. I have a "Due Notes" field, which has Memo data type and I create a form "Estimates" using a text box with the control source is that "Due Notes" field to enter notes when needed.

Although I have the vertical scroll bar for that text box (due to other controls, I can not size the text box too big), does anybody know how to display that text box in form "Estimates" with the data of the last text within the size of the box without scrolling down so I can start typing for the next entry? Do I make sense to you?

Please help and let me know if you know HOW. Thanks so much in advance.

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Forms :: Quick Filter Not Working When Memo-type Fields In Form

Jul 1, 2013

I recently made a new version of our database complete with forms, querys etc.. using Access 2010. It looked good and nice, but we encountered an unexpected problem. In all forms that contains memo-type fields quick filter is not working (there is no lists, checkboxes etc..). My users really like quick filters and are understandably irritated. I would understand if this disappearance would affect only memo-type fields, but it affects ALL the fields.

I also know that there are problems with memos in Access 2010. I have tried to make new forms, but every time I add memo fields quick filter stops functioning. I have also tried to change properties, options and what not, but to no use. In older versions of our forms this feature works just fine, but they were made in older version of Access (don't know which since oldest ones are from year 2003).

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Record Locking - Multi User Worklist Type Database

Mar 9, 2006


Bottom line I'm in bit of a pickle, work has moved forward the migration of Office97/NT4 to Office2003/XP by 2 months (clever lot) and was hoping not have to cram for this question until at least 3-5 weeks.

I'm looking for pointers/suggestions because I now have to test in Access2003 Runtime on MONDAY!!!!

What it is, is:

I have a query which is a list of items that need to be worked out of 65,000.
Of that 65,000, 20,000 end up in the query (Actually do need looking at after an Automated process)
(it's adapting the query/process I think I need)


EntID - UniqueID for a household
Applicant1 - Number lookup value for Applicant 1
Applicant2 - Number lookup value for Applicant 2
Qualifies - 1 = Yes, 2 = No, Null = Not worked.

That's basic building block of the Query which is Drives the main Form.

What I would like is a scenario similar to this:

Person A opens record 1

Person B opens record 2

Person C opens record 3

Person C finishes record 3

Person B finishes record 2

Person C opens record 4

Person B opens record 5 (he/she took a little break)

Now that's the way I would like it to work, but there will be other factors and this is where I'm all ears for anyone who is used to this type of system.

The problem I can't figure out is that the Main Form has several subforms, but none of the data is to be edited, it is there for visual purposes only.
The users will be creating records via the Main Form through code, but not directly into any tables/queries with which I can use conventional record locking, that I can see.

My thoughts are that Person A calls up a record based on Min EntID and somehow locks it so the Person B looks for Min EntID Where not locked.

Question Time:

Please, please can someone point me in the direction of how to do it and more importantly the correct order of events?
I have tried doing the Min EntID and locking the record, but while Person A is running the Min Query, Person B is running it also so they end up with the same record as B has the record on screen while A is locking it.

In the real world Person B might open record 2 and think, nah I can't be bothered.
I would like a proffessional opnion on whether C opens record 2 or should B be made to deal with it.

I think not given the huge time constrants landed square on my lap, I would get there with smaller questions, but I've spent the last 10hrs writing a Function, to get it ready for the testing lab, where the owner has changed the requirements 7 times and my head isn't working.

All or some help given will be GREATLY received.
Any further information needed, just ask.

Hope you can help.


Ian Mac

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Modules & VBA :: Moving Rich Text From Access Memo Field To A Word Text Box

Jul 24, 2015

We need to move rich text from an Access memo field to a Word text box. So far the best Ive been able to come up with is in the code below. In this code pprs!What is a record set field of a table memo field that is bound to a text box enabled for rich text. The rich text seems to be stored as html as so I can get word to convert it by enclosing it in html tags.

Dim What As Word.Shape
Set What = doc.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal , doc.PageSetup.LeftMargin, 225, 534, 0)
Dim sPath As String
sPath = "G:Temp.html"
Open sPath For Output As 1
Print #1, "<HTML>" & pprs!What & " </HTML>"
Close #1
What.TextFrame.TextRange.InsertFile (sPath)

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Tables :: Converting Text Data Type To Number Data Type

Nov 3, 2012

I have a table with a field with names set to text data type and i want to change it to number data type but when i do it in design view the data get lost. I want to know if there is a way to convert the data in the field as number type and keep the data in the field.

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How To Have Text And Not Numbers In Text Data Type

Jan 13, 2006

I was wondering if there is a way of only allowing text in a text field - we need to do this for validation purposes when inporting a text file into a database. I have tried input mask but this only checks when entering new data - I have tried to use validation rule like"???????" however this means that there has to be 7 letters in each field and this is not the case. - the field is for town and a couple of the records in this field have numbers at the end which are incorrect that we want the database to reject :eek:

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Comment A Whole Paragraph With One Click

Sep 27, 2006


I wonder if it's possible in Access 2003 to comment a whole paragraph of VBA code with one click instead of commenting each line on its own?


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Text Vs. Memo Field

Jul 28, 2005

Are there any other advantages in using a text field verses a memo field other than memory allocation? Memory allocation seems like such a small issue these days.

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Formatting Memo Text

Mar 31, 2006

I have a database with a few large memo fields, used for storing methods for carrying out equipment tests. As I eventually want to output the methods in the form of reports, I want to be able to format selected text within each memo field (e.g. make the title bold, underline bits here and there, etc.) so that when output as a report, it looks like a nicely formatted document.

Does anyone know of an Access control that is basically a text entry box, but with formatting tools (maybe a row of buttons along the top?) associated with it that allow formatting of selected text only?

Incidentally, I have already tried linking Word documents as OLE objects, but this sems to require locating and selecting a Word file for each newly created record - something I don't want to do as this database will be used by people with few computer skills. I suppose I really want to be able to store an RTF file within the database.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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Create A Paragraph Using Field Values

Oct 25, 2012

How can I use different fields values to compose a paragraph? I want to make a shipment notification letter using different fields. For Example,

Hi [ShipToName],
Your order of book [BookName] has been shipped via [Shipping_Service]. The tracking No. is [TrackingNumber].

Your order has been shipped to following address,
[City], [State] [ZIP],

Then I also want to email it using outlook 2010 but that might be a different thread.

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Inserting A Text In To A Memo Field

Nov 8, 2005

Hello everyone - what I have is a a set of default text's that I need to be able to insert into a memo field - this is how I've set it up (Access 2000)

A table with the text fields in it called wordings
table comprises of
Id field
wordingnme (txt)
wording (Memo)
and I have a combo box on a form which looks up the wordingnme and hold this info - I need to have a button that will take this wordingnme and insert the wording that it relates to into the field of my record - Called Endor (memo)- I will have many text s say upto 50-60 but when I insert these into endor field I will probable only use say 5 or 6 at any one time on the record line so an example follows

line 45 in endor I wish to insert wordingnme "A" and then Wordingnme "B"
I also will do some free form type within this - any idea's :eek:

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Limiting Text In A Memo Field

May 25, 2005


Probably a really simple question, but is causing me problems! I need to be able to limit the amount of characters that can be entered into a field. For text fields I can just enter the relevant field size, but can not find an equivalent for a memo field. Validation rule warns you that there are to many characters, but doesn't seem to actually limit you.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Last Line Of Text From A Memo Field

Nov 21, 2006

Can anyone help....

I have a field on an Access db, this is a "Memo " type field which has many lines of text within it.

I need to run a query on this to get the last line of text within this field.

Aside from records where this memo field is filled in I also have records where the memo field is blank. So basically if the memo field is blank I want a blank field returned as well as fields with data.

I am using Access 2003 but also am running this on Access 2000 (not sure if there has been a change to function names)

This is seriously bugging me - can anyone put me out of my misery?

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How To Display MEMO Text In Reports..

Jun 6, 2005

Hello Guys,
I am new to Access 2000 and issue is ,I have a field name product_name with datatype MEMO,when I chek my report at the place of product_name instead of the name of product it shows a squared symbol ,i dont understand how I can see the values of product_name.

SO anyone can help me out ,bcos of this I m stuck into my project.

Hope to get answer asap...


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Text Verses Memo Field

Jul 18, 2006

This is what is happening. I have created a data base that has a field that is set to be a memo field however when i linked that field to a form for entry it limits it to the 255 max characters for that the text field would have. has anyone ever come accross this problem and if so how do i over come it without starting over because the project is almost done.

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Long Text Or Memo Box Filtering

Feb 9, 2015

I have a long text box or memo box that I would like to filter but do not know how. How to set up a filtering feature to use for these types of boxes? I have no problems with short text boxes.

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Using Text Files Instaed Of Memo Fields

Mar 27, 2007

I have a large Db Which contains A Couple of Memo fields which due to the amount of data being stored in the Memo fields is starting to show signs of slowing down.One table contains 75,000, with all memo fields above 255.I wont have a problem with adding the extra code but was wondering if there is anything that may cause me a problem or if there's any reason(s) why I shouldn't follow this path.Many ThanksMickP.S. One Option would be to create 1-1 Tables and move the memo fields into the new tables that way I would still have an easy way of serching but it would reduce the size of the main table also none of the memo fields are included in any of the querys used, the problem with speed seems to be adding data I have checked the indexs which seem OK I can't remove any indexes Otherwise it slows down searching ACT.A copy Of the DB Is available here but it is an 11Mb Download should anybody wish to take a look at the tables structure and be able to advise on any imporvments that would be great please remember it's designed to store very large amounts of data. wishesmick

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Want Linked Excel Cell 2b Memo Not Text?

Oct 13, 2005

I linked an Excel table and now, in both the table and report, the cell is limiting itself to 255 characters, even though the Excel cell has more. I checked the "data type" and it says "memo" but it keeps truncating to "text".

Where is this limit coming from and can I change the linked table so it won't truncate the text?

thanks :confused:

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Text In Memo Field Is Being Replaced With # Signs

Mar 10, 2006


I have been searching and searching and cannot find any info on this specific problem.

I have a subform that users go into and enter data into the fields. Intermittenly, when a user closes out and then goes back in, the data in one of the fields (always the same field) is missing and has been replaced with ########.

Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!!



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