0x80131500 Error While Trying To Read An XML Source

Jul 19, 2006


This is my first time trying to import data from an XML file. It seems wonderfully straightforward. I currently have my Data Flow set up correctly. However, when I try to run my package I get a series of errors. One error is a 0x80131500 which is a very generic error. It say's it's haveing a hard time with a 'Url' field in the XML. The size of the field is set to 255 which should take care of any issues with Truncating. The only issue that I can see with that field is that it contains a query string which of course contains a special '&' XML character (&). When I set the Error Handling to Ignore that Error on that column, it imports just fine, however, NONE of the URL's get inserted.  So there must be a problem with every URL in the XML. Here are the error messages I recieved from the Progress section:

[XML Source [1]] Error: The "component "XML Source" (1)" failed because error code 0x80131500 occurred, and the error row disposition on "output column "Url" (59)" specifies failure on error. An error occurred on the specified object of the specified component.
[XML Source [1]] Error: The component "XML Source" (1) was unable to process the XML data. Pipeline component has returned HRESULT error code 0xC0209029 from a method call.

----And then alot of DTS.Pipeline errors.

I have done alot of searching for this error in regards to SSIS, but the information is scarce. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in this matter.

P.S. Just started using SSIS last week and I love it! The team did an excellent job!

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Pipeline Error-excel Source-data Reader Does Not Read In Meta Data

Apr 16, 2008

Hi all, i got this error:

[DTS.Pipeline] Error: "component "Excel Source" (1)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA".

and also this:

[Excel Source [1]] Warning: The external metadata column collection is out of synchronization with the data source columns. The column "Fiscal Week" needs to be updated in the external metadata column collection. The column "Fiscal Year" needs to be updated in the external metadata column collection. The column "1st level" needs to be added to the external metadata column collection. The column "2nd level" needs to be added to the external metadata column collection. The column "3rd level" needs to be added to the external metadata column collection. The "external metadata column "1st Level" (16745)" needs to be removed from the external metadata column collection. The "external metadata column "3rd Level" (16609)" needs to be removed from the external metadata column collection. The "external metadata column "2nd Level" (16272)" needs to be removed from the external metadata column collection.

I tried going data flow->excel connection->advanced editor for excel source-> input and output properties and tried to refresh the columns affected.
It seems that somehow the 3 columns are not read in from the source file?
ans alslo fiscal year, fiscal week is not set up up properly in my data destination?
anyone faced such errors before?


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XML Data Source .. Expression? Variable? Connection? Error: Unable To Read The XML Data.

Feb 23, 2008

RE: XML Data source .. Expression? Variable? Connection? Error: unable to read the XML data.

I want my XML Data source to be an expression as i will be looping through a directory of xml files.

I don't see the expression property or the connection property??

I tried setting the XMLData property to @[User::filename], but that results in:

Information: 0x40043006 at Load XML Files, DTS.Pipeline: Prepare for Execute phase is beginning.
Error: 0xC02090D0 at Load XML Files, XML Source [108]: The component "XML Source" (108) was unable to read the XML data.
Error: 0xC0047019 at Load XML Files, DTS.Pipeline: component "XML Source" (108) failed the prepare phase and returned error code 0xC02090D0.
Information: 0x4004300B at Load XML Files, DTS.Pipeline: "component "OLE DB Destination" (341)" wrote 0 rows.
Task failed: Load XML Files
Information: 0xC002F30E at Bad, File System Task: File or directory "d:jcpxmlLoadjcp2.xml.bad" was deleted.
Warning: 0x80019002 at Package: The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (2) reached the maximum allowed (1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix the errors.
SSIS package "Package.dtsx" finished: Failure.
The program '[3312] Package.dtsx: DTS' has exited with code 0 (0x0).

Thanks for any help or information.

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Visual Studio Exception 0x80131500

Sep 22, 2005

When I try to open report designer in Visual Studio 2003, I get the following error:

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Read SP Source Code From VB

Jul 20, 2005

Hi,I'm developing an application to crypt SQL databases and i need toread SP and Views source code from VB6, if you know how to do thisplease answer me.Greetings.

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How To Get Read Only Control Value Through SQl Data Source

Nov 7, 2006

I am using this sql data source control.
<asp:textbox runat="server" id="txtFromDate" ReadOnly="true"></></asp:textbox>
<asp:textbox runat="server" id="txtToDate" ReadOnly="true"></asp:textbox>
<asp:sqldatasource id="dsClickInfo" runat="server" connectionstring="<%$ ConnectionStrings:activeConnectionString %>"
selectcommand="SProc_GetTransaction" selectcommandtype="StoredProcedure">
<asp:QueryStringParameter QueryStringField="Id" Name="MerchantID" Type="int32" />
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="txtFromDate" Name="StartDate" PropertyName="Text"
Type="String" DefaultValue="0" />
<asp:ControlParameter ControlID="txtToDate" Name="EndDate" PropertyName="Text"
Type="String" DefaultValue="0" />
I abouve code txtFromDate and txtToDate are marked as readonly so sqldatasource is not able to get value from these controls.
How is it possible?
Please help me..

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No Records Read From XML Source Xml File.

Apr 12, 2007

I have a simple data flow where I am trying to import data from an xml file into a SQL Server table. I have an xsd that seems to work because the XML Source can pick up all the elements in the xml file. The problem is that the process executes successfully without any rows being imported. The xml file has lots of data. But no messages or warnings are given to suggest why no rows are being written to the table.

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How To Read File Information From Source Folder!

Mar 6, 2008

I am new to SSIS and I am trying to do following thing using WMI Reader Task.

I have developed SSIS package which import data from flat files.
Now I have to add following functionality to SSIS package

Before SSIS package load data I would like to check If there are all files in source folder and check the files are with current date.
If both condition true then only load data.

After some research i found that WMI uses specialized query language known as WQL, which is similar to SQL, to obtain information on files and directories.

Also i found that Under WMI Reader Task editor properties you can write WQL query to receive file information from source folder.

Can Anyone suggest me What WQL query i have to write to retrive file information from Source folder?


Any Other suggesion i should approach?

Please advise me!...Any help would really appriciated...

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Read Source Data Without Waiting For Possible Locks

Mar 16, 2007


I wonder if anyone can tell me how we can run select queries in an OLE DB data flow task and tell the target SQL 2000 server it should allow reads at all time. Currently when a lock is on the source table our SSIS package will sit and wait untill the lock on the source table is gone.



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Transferring Data From Read-only Source To Destination.

Oct 17, 2006


I have read only permission in the source (OLTP) database. The source database is running in SQL Server 2000 and the size is more than 200 GB. I need to pull data from source and load target which is running in SQL server 2005.

Following are the objectives I want to achieve.

Data should be loaded on incremental basis.

Whatever changes take place (Update/Delete) in source, that should be replicated to already uploaded data.

Here I want to mention that, the source database does not have any identification key or timestamp column like Updated_Date by which I can filter the data which are recently inserted or updated into the source and upload the same. The source does not maintain any history data also. So I do not have any track of deleted record also.

I dont have any scope to change the schema in the source. In this scenario can anybody suggest me the best approach to achieve the above mentioned objectives?

Can I retrieve only the recent updated or inserted date form transaction log back up. Can log shipping solve the give the solution?

One more question. Say I have a table and I am exporting/importing all the data from/to my target table using SSIS or DTS. In this scenario does using query or using directly the table affects the performance?


Sudripta Rakshit

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SSIS Excel Source Read Problem

Jun 23, 2006

I have a problem with reading data from an Excel file in SSIS. I'm trying to read a column that mostly consists of decimal values, but there are couple places where column entry is 2 numbers separated by a slash (e.g. "100/6.0"). SSIS tries to be smart and identifies the column data type as decimal and when it reads the cell with the slash in it, it reads as NULL. I tried to make my excel source reader component to read that cell as a string, but it gives me an error. If anybody has come across something like this, I would highly appreciate some help


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Reg: How To Read Record One By One From File Source In SSIS

Apr 18, 2008


Is there any way to implement sequence data read.

source is .csv or flat file file
i want process the records one by one.

please give me the solution ASAP.


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SSIS Data Flow Source Component To 'read' A PDF File

Feb 13, 2008

At our business we are getting a lot of PDF documents that are being hand keyed into a database. Has anyone heard ior know of a SSIS Data Flow Source component that I coud use to read thos documents into a data stream (?) and process?

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Script Component As Source: The Collection Of Variables Locked For Read Access Is Not Available At This Point.

Jan 17, 2008

Hello, I am trying to configure a Script Component as a data source. Although this should be a simple exercise, I am running into a problem.

My control flow contains a Foreach Loop with a file iterator. The Directory Expression of the Foreach Loop Editor is supplied by an expression mapped to a package level variable called inputdirectory. The FileNameRetrieval Expression is mapped to a package scoped variable called filename.

My data flow is encapsulated by the Foreach Loop, and contains a Script Component as Source for the Data Flow Source, and a Flat File for the Data Flow Destination. The contents of the Script Designer are as follows:

Code Block
Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Math
Imports Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper
Imports Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Wrapper
Imports System.IO
Public Class ScriptMain

Inherits UserComponent
Dim thisFileDate As Date
Dim thisFileName As String
Dim thisFilePath As String
Public Overrides Sub CreateNewOutputRows()

thisFileName = ReadOnlyVariables("filename").Value.ToString()
thisFilePath = ReadOnlyVariables("inputdirectory").Value.ToString()
thisFileDate = File.GetCreationTime(thisFilePath & "" & thisFileName)
FileSpecBuffer.FileName = thisFileName
FileSpecBuffer.FullPath = thisFilePath & "" & thisFileName
FileSpecBuffer.CreateDate = thisFileDate
End Sub
End Class

When I debug the package, I get the following error:

The collection of variables locked for read access is not available at this point.

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ScriptComponent.get_ReadOnlyVariables()

at ScriptComponent_67311120e6eb4162a3ea1f70847f04de.ScriptMain.CreateNewOutputRows()

at ScriptComponent_67311120e6eb4162a3ea1f70847f04de.UserComponent.PrimeOutput(Int32 Outputs, Int32[] OutputIDs, PipelineBuffer[] Buffers)

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ScriptComponentHost.PrimeOutput(Int32 outputs, Int32[] outputIDs, PipelineBuffer[] buffers)

My googlefu fails me at reconciling this. I have read various posts about changing the line ReadOnlyVariables("filename").Value to ReadWriteVariables("filename").Value, and handling the buffer assignment in PostExecute. The problem is that all examples shown are either for Script Component as Destination or Script Component as Transformation. I have tried playing with the Custom Properties in the Script Commponent set the ReadOnlyVariables and ReadWriteVariables, using a PreExecute method, a PostExecute method, all with different errors returning. I'm at a loss here. Could anybody provide me with a simple working example so that I can correctly populate my output buffer in the context of Script Component as Source?

I fully understand that I could just run a Script Task Using System.IO.Directory, and System.IO.File, but I really want to make this package work in the manner I've described. Any help would be appreciated.


John T

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Integration Services :: Source Script Component To Read Data From Sharepoint List?

Apr 29, 2015

All examples I found refer to classes under Microsoft.SharePoint namespace. However, I have the SharePoint CSOM that only gives me the Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client namespace.

I need to read the selected values of a multichoice field, but not sure how to do it with classes in the namespace above.

everthing works, exept the TSQL_x0020_Reference_x0020_Numbe field.

my code looks like this:

Webweb = cont.Web;
Listsstest = web.Lists.GetByTitle("T-SQL
Code Review Tracking");
//CamlQuery query = CamlQuery.CreateAllItemsQuery();


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Error Source : Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package Error Description : Error Accessing Windows Event Log

Dec 13, 2007


I am running dts in Sql Server 2005 management studio from Management, Legacy and data Transformation Services.

Once the dts has run, I get this error message "Error Source : Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package Error Description : Error accessing Windows Event Log."

Please help me

thanks in advance


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An Error Has Occurred During Report Processing. A Data Source Instance Has Not Been Supplied For The Data Source DetailDS_get_o

Mar 13, 2008

hi ,

i am trying for a drill through report (rdlc)

ihave written the following code in drill through event of reportviewer, whenever i click on the first report iam getting the error like

An error has occurred during report processing.

A data source instance has no
t been supplied for the data source "DetailDS_get_orderdetail".

the code is

using System;

using System.Data;

using System.Data.SqlClient;

using System.Configuration;

using System.Collections;

using System.Web;

using System.Web.Security;

using System.Web.UI;

using System.Web.UI.WebControls;

using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;

using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;

//using Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data;

using Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms;

using DAC;

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page


protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


ReportViewer1.Visible = false;


protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


DAC.clsReportsWoman obj = new clsReportsWoman();

DataSet ds = new DataSet();

ds = obj.get_order();


ReportDataSource reds = new ReportDataSource("DataSet1_get_order", ds.Tables[0]);


ReportViewer1.LocalReport.ReportPath = "C:/Documents and Settings/km63096/My Documents/Visual Studio 2005/WebSites/drillthrurep/Report.rdlc";


ReportViewer1.Visible = true;


protected void ReportViewer1_Drillthrough(object sender, DrillthroughEventArgs e)


DAC.clsReportsWoman obj = new clsReportsWoman();

ReportParameterInfoCollection DrillThroughValues =


foreach (ReportParameterInfo d in DrillThroughValues)


Label1.Text = d.Values[0].ToString().Trim();


LocalReport localreport = (LocalReport)e.Report;

string order_id = Label1.Text;

DataSet ds = new DataSet();

ds = obj.get_orderdetail(order_id);


ReportDataSource reds = new ReportDataSource("DetailDS_get_orderdetail", ds.Tables[0]);


ReportViewer1.LocalReport.ReportPath = Server.MapPath(@"Reportlevel1.rdlc");




the code in method get_orderdetail(order_id) is

public DataSet get_orderdetail(string order_id)
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
cmd.Parameters.Add("@order_id", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50);
cmd.Parameters["@order_id"].Value = order_id;
ds = SQLHelper.ExecuteAdapter(cmd, CommandType.StoredProcedure, "dbo.get_orderdetail");
return (ds);
}pls help me.

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Error [I/O Error (bad Page ID) Detected During Read At Offset 0x000001ad65a000

Feb 24, 2005

When we try to run aggregation or purge queries on some tables
we are getting following message:

" error [I/O error (bad page ID) detected during read at offset 0x000001ad65a000 in file 'E:MSSQL2KDataGenesys_DataMartGenesys_Datamart.mdf '. Severity 24, State 2, Procedure 'PWMGENESYSDB1 n u! ll', Line 1]"

After this we executed DBCC CHECKDB. Attaching the output obtained after executing this command, to fix these errors we executed DBCC repair_allow_data_loss. I am attaching output for this also. Pls go thru the logs and pls let me know what could be the problem and how it can be addressed.

Thnx & Rgds

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SqlWb.exe : Application Error- Memory Could Not Be Read Error

Sep 14, 2007


I am trying to execute a SSIS package from a client through BIDS, but when I start BIDS, I am getting the error -

SqlWb.exe : Application error - The instruction at "0X77D...." referenced memory at "0X00000002". The memory could bot be "read".
Click on OK to terminate the program.
Click on CANCEL to terminate the program.

Please help.

Other information:

I have tried running the package on the server and it executes properly. I really dont know why this is a problem with the SQL Server clients alone. I have also tried googling around and could not find any resolution. Can anyone point me to the right direction please!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

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SQL 6.5/VB 6 &#34;Read Only&#34; Error

Dec 21, 1998

Hi all!

This is my first time to use SQL Server with VB, so if I've left out any relevant information, please let me know.

Here's my problem: When I try to execute the RDO AddNew method, I get an error -- "The Resultset is Read Only." When I click on the debug option, the code has stopped at the .addnew line.

When I connect to the SQL database, I use this code:

Set gcnPRP = rdoEnvironments(0).OpenConnection( _
dsName:="PropertyControl", _
Prompt:=rdDriverNoPrompt, _
Connect:="uid=pgmr;pwd=blue;driver={SQL Server];" & _
"server =nt3,database=testpropcontdb;")


Set grsPRP = gcnPRP.OpenResultset(gstrSQL, rdOpenDynamic, rdConcurRowVer, rdExecDirect)

I would really appreciate a gentle nudge in the right direction, even if it's only a recommendation for further reading I could do.

Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Fisher

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Flat File Source Error Output Conversion Error With UNICODE Files

May 14, 2008

i have a weird situation here, i tried to load a unicode file with a flat file source component, one of file lines has data like any other line but also contains the character "ÿ" which i can't see or find it and replace it with empty string, the source component parses the line correctly but if there is a data type error in this line, the error output for that line gives me this character "ÿ" instead of the original line.

simply, the error output of flat file source component fail to get the original line when the line contains hidden "ÿ".

i hope you can help me with issue.

Thanks in advance.

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SQL <->Access Replication Error (Source: MS.Jet.4.0 (Agent); Error Number: -1507)

May 22, 2002

I get this error in my Agent after starten to synchronise.

I see the access mdb been created and then deleted and renamed to

Do you have some help?


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DataReader Source - ERROR [42000] XML Parse Error At 162:1338: Not Well-formed (invalid Token)

Apr 1, 2008

Hello, I get the following error when I run my package interactively. From the logs written out by the driver, it appears that all is working well as far as connecting to the data source and pulling data. It seems as if this error occurs when the DataReader source tries to process the received data.

SSIS package "MyPackage.dtsx" starting.
Information: 0x4004300A at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: Validation phase is beginning.
Information: 0x40043006 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: Prepare for Execute phase is beginning.
Information: 0x40043007 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: Pre-Execute phase is beginning.
Error: 0xC0047062 at Data Flow Task, DataReader Source [1]: System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: ERROR [42000] XML parse error at 162:1338: not well-formed (invalid token)
at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcConnection.HandleError(OdbcHandle hrHandle, RetCode retcode)
at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcCommand.ExecuteReaderObject(CommandBehavior behavior, String method, Boolean needReader, Object[] methodArguments, SQL_API odbcApiMethod)
at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcCommand.ExecuteReaderObject(CommandBehavior behavior, String method, Boolean needReader)
at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
at System.Data.Odbc.OdbcCommand.ExecuteDbDataReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
at System.Data.Common.DbCommand.System.Data.IDbCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.DataReaderSourceAdapter.PreExecute()
at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.ManagedComponentHost.HostPreExecute(IDTSManagedComponentWrapper90 wrapper)
Error: 0xC004701A at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: component "DataReader Source" (1) failed the pre-execute phase and returned error code 0x80131937.
Information: 0x40043009 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: Cleanup phase is beginning.
Information: 0x4004300B at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: "component "OLE DB Destination" (691)" wrote 0 rows.
Task failed: Data Flow Task
SSIS package "MyPackage.dtsx" finished: Success.

I am not sure where to look next. Any help is much appreciated.


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How To Read Server Error Log Files From Another M/c??

Mar 28, 2000

I have a few servers registered in my Enterprise Manager which I am managing. Can I see the server error log files for these servers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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SSIS XML File Read Error...

May 12, 2008

Hi All,

I am reading multiple XML file and i am using for each loop to get file name. these xml files are create by other process.
If file is in use then i will get following error .

[Read XML file] Error: The component "Read XML file"
was unable to process the XML data. There is an unclosed literal string. Line 1300, position 26.

i know that this error is coming because file is under process but i want to skip reading file which is reurning error. i don't want to read any data from this file.

In Data flow task i am using following steps
1. Reading file through XML Source
2. inserting data through script component task.

Would you please help me?

Thanks in advance..

Manish Jain

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An Error While Trying To Read .sdf File From The Pc Application ? Please Help

May 8, 2006


i have a problem with reading sql mobile database existed on the pc

i made a sql mobile database connection with ( Add New Datasource ) and then set

the datasource of dataviewgrid to display the returned dataset .

at run time i have an exception said  :

cann't find the library with the name sqlceme.dll as i remember ,

can you help me solving this problem because i very need this step , please ?


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Replication Error Process Could Not Read File HELP PLZ

Jul 7, 2004

I am getting this error on replication and don't know why. Any ideas?

The process could not read file '\NJRARSVR00E9d$sqldatasystemMSSQL$P001ReplD atauncNJRARSVR00E9$P001_PTR_PTR20040707104224s napshot.pre' due to OS error 5.

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I/O Error (torn Page) Detected During Read

Mar 31, 2008

we are running a maintainance plan on sql 2000 standard edition, got the error,

[2] Database db_source: Check Data Linkage...
[Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)] Error 8928: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Object ID 1221579390, index ID 0: Page (1:197116) could not be processed. See other errors for details.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Table error: Object ID 1221579390, index ID 0, page (1:197116).
Test (IS_ON (BUF_IOERR, bp->bstat) &&bp->berrcode) failed. Values are 2057 and -1.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 2 consistency errors in table 'xxx'(object ID 1221579390).
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 2 consistency errors in database 'db_source'.
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]repair_allow_data_loss is the minimum repair level for the errors found by DBCC CHECKDB (db_source noindex).

when i run query on anlyzer select * from xxx, i got the error
Server: Msg 823, Level 24, State 2, Line 1
I/O error (torn page) detected during read at offset 0x000000603f8000 in file 'F:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQLdatadb_Data.MDF'.

Connection Broken

please help. thanks

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DTSRun Causes The Memory Could Not Be Read Application Error

Oct 29, 2005

Hi,I've got this dts package in sql server 2000 sp4 that has severaltransformation tasks with an oracle database (10g) as the destination.The package executes successfully when run through the dts designer butwhen run using dtsrun, I get the following error at the completion ofall tasks in the dts package. The data inserts into the oracle databasebut i always get this Application errorThe Instruction at "0x7c8327f9" referenced memory at "Oxffffffff". Thememory could not be "read"Does anyone know how I can fix this?ThanksLyn

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Pakcage Error...How To Read Files On A Different Domain?

Mar 2, 2006

So did some troubleshooting on the my previous post -http://forums.microsoft.com/forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=272319&SiteID=1

Thanks to everyone who tried to help... So I got some insight into what is happening.

My package was having trouble reading files on a remote domain although I mapped the drives locally. This does not cause either running the package to failed either through directly running under VSS, or Execution Utility. But it failed when I try to schedule it through SQL server agent.

I wonder if it is the security context problem and asking for help of how to get around that issue.

So I have a for each file loop container that retrieve filenames on a remote domain which has a different security account then my local account. So how I got around that was to map that drive locally to a drive letter...example W:

then I use W: as my path within my package. I was trying to figure out where I can declare the connection within my package specifically, but don't know if I could do that.

If I run this through VSS or exectuion utility, it works okay. I was able to see W: and all the files on that mapped drive and read in the data.

However, when I schedule it under SQL agent, it doesn't see any files then exited the package as success right the way, because it has nothing to do....

So is there a different between the security context on mapped drive between VSS and my SQL agent? If so...How do I get around that challenge?

BTW, the two domain do not have share accounts between each others. I had to specified and map the drives explicitly.


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Certain Numeric Fields Not Read From The Excel File When Using A Excel File Source.

Jul 20, 2006

I have the Excel Connection Manager and Source to read the contents from an Excel file. For some reason couple of numeric fields from the Excel worksheet are brought over as nulls even though they have a value of 300 and 150. I am not sure why this is happening. I looked into the format of the fields and they are set to General in Excel, I tried setting them to numeric and that did not help.

All the other content from the excel file is coming thru except for the 2 numeric fields.

I tried to bring the contents from the excel source to a text file in csv format and for some reason the 2 numeric fields came out as blank.

Any inputs on getting this addressed will be much appreciated.



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Transact SQL :: Making Server Database Read / Write From Read Only

Jan 12, 2012

i attached adventure works in sql server 2008 and it showing as read only ,make it read write or remove read only tag from database.

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Error: Invalid Attempt To Read When No Data Is Present

Jan 3, 2008

I am getting this error even though there should be data present.  When I test the SQL statement in query analyzer, it returns 1 row.
<%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.SqlClient" %><%@ Page Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master" Title="Blog" %>
<script runat="server">Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Dim strConnection As String = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("currentConnection").ToString      'currentConnection is defined in web.config and works when used in other pages on the siteDim dbConn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(strConnection)
Dim strSelectCommandFirstEntry As String = "SELECT MAX(blogEntryId) as maxID FROM site_Blog"Dim cmdFirstEntry As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(strSelectCommandFirstEntry, dbConn)Dim rdrFirstEntryData As SqlDataReader = cmdFirstEntry.ExecuteReader()Dim strFirstEntryData As Int32 = rdrFirstEntryData(0)       'error occurs here, i have also tried rdrFirstEntryData("maxID") with same errorrdrFirstEntryData.Close()dbConn.Close()
When debugging this code and stopping on this line:
 Dim strFirstEntryData As Int32 = rdrFirstEntryData(0)
rdrFirstEntryData has the following values:hasRows = True, FieldCount=1,  Item=In order to evaluate an indexed property, the property must be qualified and the arguments must be explicitly supplied by the user.   and when i click the refresh button...Item = Overload resolution failed because no accessible 'Item' accepts this number of arguments.
I suspect that the note for "Item" is my clue to the source of the problem, but I don't know what it means.  Please, help.

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