Analysis :: Writeback To Local Cube File Possible?

Nov 11, 2015

We are using a SSAS Server in order to analyse financial data. To create forecast scenarios, we would like to use the "what-if-analysis"-feature of Excel.  With this feature, data that was changed in Excel can be written back into the cube.

There are several data analyists who should be able to create scenarios on their own, that's why, each of them gets his own offline cube (a .cub file that is stored in the file system) whose data is extracted from the SSAS Server. 

Unfortunately, we found no way to write back data in these offline cubes. Due to the error message,  Excel failed to establish a connection to the external data source. Is there a way to writeback data to a local cube?

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How Can I Connect OWC PivotTable To A Local Cube File?

Aug 4, 2004


I want to use the Office Web Components (v10) PivotTable embedded in a web page. The examples and tutorials I've been able to find on MSDN all use the same architecture: The initial pivottable configuration is created by instantiating the object server-side and programmatically configuring it. The XMLDATA property is then read and sent to the client. At the client, script sets the XMLDATA property. So far so good, all makes sense. Then my problem: The PivotTable is then connected to Analysis Server using an http connection string (through IIS). As my users do not have database accounts, only application accounts, I cannot allow database connection information on the client. Trouble is, the PivotTable generates MDX queries when a user reconfigures the view, and there are no hooks (events or other means) to programmatically obtain the generated MDX query - a fact that is explicitly confirmed in MSDN documentation.

This clearly means that the PT must be connected directly to it's data source. So I thought I could just create a local MOLAP cube file and download it to the client (permissible as it runs as a trusted application). But nowhere can I find any example or documention on how to do this.

This is driving me slightly insane and I have little hair left now; if anyone knows how to do it or where to find proper PivotTable documentation (rather than a collection of examples that do something else from what I need to do!) then help is greatly :p appreciated!


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Analysis :: ABF File - Restoring SSAS Cube

Oct 25, 2010

I have a .abf file, which I am attempting to restore. I go to Management Studio and attempt to restore the cube.

However, whenever I attempt to restore the following error message occurs:

"File 'C:/.......' specified in restore command is damaged or is not an AS backup file.

The following error occured:

Access is denied (Microsoft SQL Server 2008  R2 Analysis Services)

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Is It Possible To Create Cube File Without Microsoft Analysis Services

Aug 11, 2004

Can I create a cube file, .cub ,without the Microsoft Analysis Services

Pls Guide me as I am new in this field.


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Analysis :: Creating Cube With AMO - Cube Has No Measure Groups?

May 19, 2015

I have problems creating a cube with AMO.

I can add the cube to the database object and fill it with dimensions and a measuregroup (see code below).

If I call cube.Update() it says something like "Error in meta data manager. Cube has no measuregroups." (getting the message in german language)

The error in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.OperationException.Results.Messages is -1055653629

I can't find any documentation about this (or any other) error code in Microsoft documentation.

Here's my Code:

Cube newCube = database.Cubes.Add("MyCube","MyCube");
newCube.Language = 1031;
newCube.Collation = "Latin1_General_CI_AS";
CubeDimension dim = newCube.Dimensions.Add("dim1","dim1","dim1");
CubeAttribute attrib = dim.Attributes.Find("dim1Attr1");


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Analysis :: Cube Needs To Be Deployed From VS After SSIS Analysis Services Processing Task Completes?

May 13, 2014

I have a cube that we are processing nightly via an Analysis Service Processing Task in SSIS.  In order to increase the performance of the processing time, we elected to use a lot of rigid dimension attributes, and do a full process of everything in the SSIS task.  The issue that I am having is that after that task completes, I need to go into Visual Studio to deploy the cube becuase we are unable to browse or use the cube.  This issue seemed to start once we changed the SSIS Analysis Service Processing Task to do a full process on the dimensions, rather than an incremental.

I would expect that once development is done, and it is processed and deployed, that is it.  My thinking is that the SSIS task should just update the already deployed cube,

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Restrict Local Cube

Mar 13, 2006

Does anyone know how can we prevent users from creating offline/local cube (in Excel) from our OLAP/Analysis Service server ?
Thank you.

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OWC Cannot Open Local Cube???

Jan 20, 2008


I have an ASP.NET web application with a pivot table OWC that reads data from a local cube.

Everything works fine when I run it locally but when I run it on machine client the pivot

table Can not open cube 'c:cube.cub'.

i have installed in the client the Version 6.0 of the Microsoft XML library (MSXML, Version

6.0) and Analysis Services 9.0 OLE DB Provider but it's not possible open cube.

i am creating the local cube with SQL Server 2005 SP2, with the Creat Global Cube Command.

maybe is it a problem ?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Diego Bayona

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Create Virtual Cube From Local Cubes?

Oct 22, 2005

I have a big problem to solve:
I use MsSqlServer 2000, Analysis service. I have cubes and virtual cubes. I have a dimension of consult, they have a hierarchy that change every month. for example: In june the consult "John" is in D11, in September he is on D14,...
Hierarchie: D10 -> D11, D12, D13 - > C1, C2..
For this reason when i want analysis The consult John in a year(12 months) my result is wrong. With this changes in the hierarchie my analysis become wrong!
I thought in the end of every month store the cube in a local cube, like a picture of every consult, with his sales e others measures. With this i can analysis the consult in a specific month rightly, but i need the anlysis in a year. And in a year i would have 12 local cubes, then i could acess them and do a right analysis. How could i access 12 local cubes? Can i create a virtual cube with this 12 local cubes? Is there another solution for this problem?


BI Analyst

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Programmatically Create AS2005 Local Cube (C#)

Mar 4, 2008


Here's what I need to do. I need to programmatically create offline cubes for multiple customers. Using VS2005 (C#) and SQL Server 2000, I am able to do this using the CREATE GLOBAL CUBE command. However, I need to create cubes from SQL Server 2005 as we have upgraded and the CREATE GLOBAL CUBE command does not work as it did before. I've search and found examples using AMO, but they create a server cube. I already have a server cube.
I need to be able to create filtered offline cubes from the existing server cube. I've also read much on XMLA, but that doesn't do it for me either. The code below creates an empty offline cube. However, is there a way to use this to create a cube with data?
I am creating this in a windows application.

Server server = new Server();

server.Connect(@"Data Source=C:MyLocalCube.cub");


Can anyone help? This is driving me nuts!

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Opinion On Cube Analysis

Feb 7, 2008


I was talking to my boss to day and our report request are not very consistant. We always having someone coming back to change something in our report. We were thinking of useing something called the Cube Analysis. Then it give our employees the raw data for them to run any standard query for themself. We have folks that want a report one way, but then they changed their minds and we are creating yet another report 4 or 5 times. what are your thoughts about this type of database?

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Needful Parts Of MSSQL To Create Local Cube

Jan 16, 2004

I'm creating local cube with Delphi. On my server with MSSQL it work well, but i need to know, which parts of MSSQL is needful to create this local cube (on the server) if i will creat and instal new server with MS SQL.

Thanks for reply.

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Create && Filter AS2005 Local Cube Programmatically

Mar 12, 2008

Although I can create the local cube, the cube that is created is very large because it brings over all accounts for the employee. In AS2K, it filtered automatically and only returned accounts that had revenue, which is what I'm trying to do using AS2005. I've read some of the responses about using XMLA and AMO, but I am not sure how to use these within the VS2005 windows application that I use to create and distribute the local cubes. Does anyone have a good example of how to use XMLA, AMO or anything else that would allow me to programmatically create and filter offline cubes using C#?

For instance, this code DOES create an empty cube. But how would I go about getting data into this cube?
Server server = new Server();
server.Connect(@"Data Source=c:MyLocalCube.cub");

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Analysis Services: Deploy A Cube

Jun 21, 2007

I'm making my first attempt at creating a cube using Analysis Services based on my exisiting datamart. Datasource, views, and dimensions have been defined. But comes deploying the cube, it's giving the error saying "A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running." The Deploy Target server and database are the same where my datamart is. Or, maybe I don't know what I'm doing.

Would appreciate any suggestion for my enlightenment. Thanks

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Analysis Services Hiearchy Cube

Jun 30, 2007

I setup Hiarchy in the dimentions of my cube, however when I go and look at it via proclarity, I can't see the hiearchy there.

I have one table that has:


And I have the hiearchy set from Subcategory to partnumber.

Then I go into proclarity and limit the category by "my catname" and I still see the 8000 partnumbers in the list.

Any ideas?

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Q: Analysis Services Cube Design

Jul 20, 2005

I have a (hopefully typical) problem when it comes to cube design. Westore millions of product records every year, broken down bymonth/quarter. Each product can be assigned to various heirarchialclassification groups etc. The data in an OLTP DB occupies roughly100G for a typical year.We're looking at breaking this out into OLAP to provide faster accessto the data in various configurations and groupings. This is not aproblem, as this is the intended use for Analysis Services.The problem is that we apply projection factors on the product pricesand quantities. This would be ok if it only happened once, however,this happens every quarter (don't ask why). The projection factorschange 4 times a year, and they affect all historical product records.This presents a challenge because to aggregate the data into a usefulconfiguration in the cubes, you throw out the detail data, but thismeans throwing out the price and quantities which are needed to applythe projection.So if you have Product A at $10 and Product B at $20, and roll both upinto Category X, you'll have $30, but you'll lose the ability to applya projection factor of .5 to Product A and .78 to Product B. They'rerolled up.I don't want to regenerate the cubes every 3 months. That's absurd.But we can't live without the ability of projection theprices/quantities on a product level (detail level). So how can thisbe achieved when the other cubes are created at a higher level withless details and sums of the detail data?My initial guess is that we have to update the product data, and thenreaggregate all the other data that is built upon that product data.Is there any other way to apply math to the data on the way out?Thanks in advance!Regards,Zach

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Analysis :: Create Cube With 2 Table

May 6, 2015

i want to create cube withe 2 fact tables. is it possible?? if it is could you show me how !!

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Analysis :: Using Calculations In SSAS Cube?

May 21, 2015

how can use this mdx script in the calculation part of a cube, will i simply dump it in the script form by starting with the 'create member current cube.

[measures].[abc] on 0,
[xyz].[xyz].(&0):[xyz].[xyz].(&60) on 1
(tail([month].[month].[month].members,6))on 0

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Analysis :: Measure Value Needs To Be Manipulated In Cube

May 18, 2015

The data attached below is from a Fact table. When this data is browsed in the Cube the end user is only interested in value of Measure 1 when it is not equal to zero. Measure 1 is a base measure .how to suppress the value 0 for Measure 1 in the Cube.

Measure 1
Measure 2
Measure 3


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Analysis :: How Is Cube Physically Stored

Nov 23, 2015

I know where the data files are etc, but what is the physical structure of a cube like on disk?

Logically we see the data as a star. Is the physical file akin to a star also? Or is a single file a measure group containing all the required member and measure data - thereby eliminating the need for physical join operators.

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Analysis :: Implement Security In Cube

Oct 14, 2015

I am planning to implement the security in my cube..

Total sales is 1000..

Customer Sales
A 100
B 200
C 300
D 400

Total Sales 1000

When i want to give access to the customer A, he can capabule of viewing only A value 100... But the problem is A is able to see total sales 1000.. How can i restrict the sales a value to 100 in the cube.. Where i have to set the property to fix this issue.....

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Analysis :: Only One Fact Table Per Cube?

Nov 22, 2015

Is it correct to say that for each cube you can have only one Fact Table? I am having a funny dispute just now. 

According my experience I never built cubes with more than one fact table, if I want take data from more than one table I write a view and I use it as Fact table...but a cube with two or three fact tables? Never tried..

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Analysis :: Distinct Count On Cube

Jun 12, 2006

i am currently trying to build a distinct count on my cube (mssql2005 analysis services).But after i added the discount count on the field i want to and start the processing, the following errors appear.Errors in the OLAP storage engine: The sort order specified for distinct count records is incorrect.

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Analysis :: Cube XML Is Different Than Design View

Aug 4, 2015

I have a cube. Its xml is different at some point than its design view. Suppose for some dimension and its attributes, source table is different than what it showing in the properties window for them..

Is this possible? How to read cube xml because there are repeating tags in it. There are two type if dimension tags.. one has only attributed and other has all properties.

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Analysis :: More Than One Cube In One SSAS Database

Dec 13, 2010

Is it possible to have more than one cube under one SSAS database? For example I have a database "Test" and in this the cube exist is "TestCube", is iit possible to deploy another cube "TestCube2" under the Test databse?

If yes then what is the process to do that, the reason I am asing is there are some common dimensions used n both the cubes and I am not sure what is the best way so that I can use the shared dimension?

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Analysis :: Cube Attributes Translations

Nov 3, 2015

How can we select translated text of cube translations, like measures, dimensions, dimension attributes. I have below query which return translations of dimension attribute's memebers

MEMBER Measures.CategoryCaption AS Product.Category.CurrentMember.MEMBER_CAPTION
MEMBER Measures.SpanishCategoryCaption AS Product.Category.CurrentMember.Properties("LCID3082")
MEMBER Measures.FrenchCategoryCaption AS Product.Category.CurrentMember.Properties("LCID1036")
{ Measures.CategoryCaption, Measures.SpanishCategoryCaption, Measures.FrenchCategoryCaption } ON 0
,[Product].[Category].MEMBERS ON 1
FROM [Adventure Works]

I am getting translations of product category members but I want to get translated text of "Category"?

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Analysis Services Help - Dim Builds, But Cube Fails.

Dec 8, 2005

If there are any AS gurus out there, I could use some help. I've been having some problems with particular AS dimension and cubes and it's driving me crazy! It doesn't matter what I do, nothing seems to work.

Anyway, here's what I'm trying to do. I've got a fairly simple dimension. There is a date stored in the dimension that is formatted as an int. The dimension needs to only display AGE, so I cast the int as a date and do a datediff to get AGE. The dimension builds just fine and I get the results I want. My problem is when I add the dimension to the cube. The cube fails to build and I get an error message - "Data source provider error: The column prefix 'MY TABLE' does not match with a table name or alias used in the query." Basically, AS is telling me that the table that is used for the dimension doesn't exist, even though the fact and the dimension are joined properly and I've validated the structure.

I've run a number of queries in QA on the two tables and everything works fine. No funky data issues. I've run the service packs a few times, but that didn't work either. I've tried making a cube that only has the just fact table and the one dimension table, and it still fails.

Basically, I'm out of ideas. Any help that anyone has is greatly appreciated.

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Analysis :: AttributeKey Not Found When Processing The Cube

Apr 21, 2015

I have designed a cube. It has two fact tables and some dimensions. Fact table to fact table is many to many relationship.

For example

DataKey(PK), StartDateKey, PostCodeKey, TotalCost
DataKey(FK), ProductKey(FK), Position  - PrimaryKey on DataKey + ProductKey + Position
ProductKey(PK), ProductCode

Cube is built successfully, processed successfully.When I try to process the cube from agent job, I am getting error "Attribute key not found: tablename, value..." I have added a job step to run AnalysisServices Command. I have taken the command from cube process script(taken from manually process the cube and take script generated). I used ProcessAffectedObjects = "true" in the script. When I checked the tables, the key does exist. Why am I getting this error?

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Analysis :: Deploy Cube Without Overwriting Database

Jun 30, 2015

I have a TEST database which contains 1 cube.

I have created another cube and I want to add this cube to the TEST database also.

However when I deploy the cube it overwrites the database with the new cube and the old cube is gone.

How can I have the 2 cubes within the TEST database.

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Analysis :: Add Population Data In SSAS Cube

Aug 7, 2015

I want to implement population data in sales cube.

Fact table has customer code which is foreign key of Customer master dimension which in turn is linked to census data dimension. Census data dimension have city wise population data having foreign keys of zone and state.

We want to add population data in fact table.

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Analysis :: How To Update Cube To Get MDX Working Fine

Oct 5, 2015

I have been trying to get the ValueR column of the following query through the MDX but instead getting ValueW as output of the MDX

    exp(Log(sum(MTMROR)+ 1 ))-1 as ValueW,
    exp(sum(Log(MTMROR + 1)))-1 as ValueR
    where Rundate in ('2015-03-01','2015-03-02')

MDX written for the above query is

    Member [Measures].[LogValuePre]
    as ([Measures].[MTMROR] + 1)
    Member [Measures].[LogValuePre1]
    as VBA![LOG]([Measures].[LogValuePre])

[Code] ...

[MTMROR] measure has the aggregate function Sum. What i can get from this behavior is MDX is first aggregating the result and default aggregation function is Sum. When i try to see the value with more granular data by having the date dimensions on the row (un-commenting the date dimension) i get the correct log and exp log values. Its showing the correct value as date dimension is most granular level in the fact table. While trying to get the data at less granular level(Fund level), getting the sum function applied automatically.   

If i set AggregateFunction to none in the cube structure, i get null as the output.

How could i apply the log function before the sum function in the [MTMROR] measure?

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Analysis :: Cube Restoration In Different Storage Location

Aug 6, 2015

I am in process of automating a cube migration from SSMS 2008 to SSMS 2012.

In this process iam deleting the existing cube databases and restoring them on a different location on the same server.
When i try to execute the restore command or restore using UI i get a wierd error message like this below:
"TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
 File system error: The following error occurred while opening the file 'DrivePath3F9D4D128D5E417FA6F2[CUBEDBNamepath]'.
Server: The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed.

[Code] ....

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Analysis :: How To Print Dimension Usages For Any CUBE

May 5, 2015

Best way to print Dimension Usages with Measure Group for any CUBE.

This actually facilitate business people to understand which dimensions mapped to which measure group.

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