Can't Make Database Role A Member Of Another Database Role In 2005.

Jan 9, 2006

In sql server 2000, I created some custom database roles called ProjectLeader and Developer.  I would make these roles a member in the fixed database roles so that I would only have to add the user to the ProjectLeader or Developer role once and they would presto-magico have the security I wanted them to have with no unecessary mouse clicking.  I'm not sure how to repeat this process in 2005?  Management Studio doesn't seem to allow you to add a role as a member in another role.  Is there a work around or solution for this?

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Sql 2005 Database Role Vs Application Role ?

May 18, 2007

Ive been reading over the documentation and some stuff online, but I still dont really understand what the difference is and when you would use one vs the other. Can someone put it in simple terms for this dummy (me) ?


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Adding A Member For Database Role

Nov 8, 2000


I have a login 'testuser' on test server.
This login was 'db_datareader' for database called 'invent_test' on test server.
I deleted the whole database and restored the production backup as 'invent_test' database.
Now I am trying to modify login 'testuser' by adding it as 'db_datareader' for 'invent_test' again but it gives me an error that 'this user or role already exists for current database'.

I can not see 'db_datareader' or even 'invent_test' options selected in login properties for 'testuser'. Also I can not find 'testuser' in database roles
-->db_datareader member list.
Is this a bug with sql server 7.0? Or how should I give this user priviledges to read?

I dropped the login and recreated it. Server is also rebooted meanwhile so there is no possibility for cashe problem. Still same error is there.
Is there any thing that I am missing here?

I really appreciate your help. I am very frustrated now.

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How To: Determine If Current Windows User Has Login Access, Database Access And If They Are A Member Of A Specific DB Role.

Mar 25, 2008

I need to determine the following about the current authenticated Windows domain user who is trying to access a SQL Server via a trusted connection.

1 Has the current user been granted login access to the trusted SQL Server?

2 Has the current user been granted access to a specific database?

3 Is the current user a member of a specific database role such as (DB_ROLE_ADMINISTRATORS)?


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Adding A Database Role To A Database Role

Feb 29, 2008


I have SQL server 2005 (Developer edition) installed and I want to add a database role to a database role. It is working on my SQL 2000 server,however, when I tried to do the same thing on SQL2005, It didn't allowed me.

When I go to the Add role and then adding members to the role, the browse screen does not allow me the choice of object type Roles. It only shows me "Users".

Can someone please help me with this and provide me some information of how / what should I set to get the Roles in object types list so I can add a role to a role.


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How To Drop A User Defined Database Role In 2005?

Mar 9, 2007

Using Studio, I created a user defined database role but I can not delete it because

"TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Drop failed for DatabaseRole 'test1'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)


An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)


The database principal owns a schema in the database, and cannot be dropped. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15138)

I am quite annoyed because the "owned schema" is db_owner, which can not be unselected. Quite an innovation. How do I drop this relationship?

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Find Out If Current User Is Member Of A Role

Aug 5, 2004

I need a stored procedure to find out if the current user is a member of a certain role. I want to pass the role name and return a bit to tell whether he is a member or not. I have this code to list the groups the current user is a member of but I don't know how to search or do a "SELECT FROM" on the results.DECLARE @usr varchar(32) SET @usr = USER EXEC sp_helpuser @usr But if the current user is a member of more than one role it returns multiple rows. So if I could do something like: DECLARE @grpName varchar(32) SELECT * FROM (EXEC sp_helpuser @usr) WHERE GroupName=@grpNameIF rowcount > 0 THENRETURN 1ELSERETURN 0END IF I know that doesn't work so how can I do this?

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Analysis :: Security Role Default Member

May 12, 2015

I am setting up some security requirements - the requirement is that team leaders get to view all teams within their division. What I would like it to do when they log onto their dashboard/ssrs report is that it defaults to the team leaders default team (they can still select from other teams if they require).If I can avoid I don't really want another parameter in the report for this.

In my cube I have an attribute under the people dimension (where teams and division also reside) called Fee_Earner_Effective_Flag and where this is set to Y this is their current team.

Under the Role properties security under the Fee_Earner_Effective_Flag attribute I have set the Default member to

[People Primary FeeEarner].[Fee_Earner_Effective_Flag].[Fee Earner Effective Flag].&[Y]

When I then logon as the user and try to access the cube I get the following

Errors in the metadata manager. The '[People Primary Feeearner].[Fee_Earner_Effective_Flag].[Y]' security default member from the '{' attribute returns a result from a different hierarchy.

I have also tried setting the default member in the cube solution and then processing but then the cube failed.

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Granting Permission To A Database User To Alter Database Role

Sep 5, 2006

I want a database user to be able to alter login, database user and database role from my application. so, i assigned that user to sccurityadmin server role, db_accessadmin and db_securityadmin database roles....By now, the user can add or remove login and database user. However, the user cannot add or remove any database role membership. What am I missing here?? What should I do so that the user can create, and alter database roles in the database??

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New Database Role

Feb 18, 2008


I have a database with 500+ tables and 1000+ views and equal no of stored procedures. I have a sql server login id which I have included in the following roles:


now the issues is.. i want to revoke delete permission from certain tables. Any revoke or deny do not affect the behaviour i.e. even after successfully executing revoke/deny statements on these tables for DELETE statement.. user is able to DELETE.

pl advise the best way to revoke delete permission from a few (half dozen) tables out of the total.


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Database Role Permissions

May 14, 2008

Can we assign serverrole to a database role.

For example i have a new role created as A
Now can i add A to any of the server role..

Please advice..


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Database Role Membership

Dec 12, 2007


I am using SQL server 2000 and when I look in the database role membership I have SuperUser as a role.

Can I have the definition of SuperUser?

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Database Role Properties

Dec 17, 2007

database role properties/ permissions
when i click permissions it takes forever to pop up the window.

Anyone know why and how do i make it faster.

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Create Database Role Via T-SQL

Feb 23, 2008

I have created the functionality to dynamically create databases and am now trying to figure out how to create database roles using T-SQL.

I keep finding information about the sp_addrole stored procedure which is the first step, but how do you go about defining what permissions this role has via T-SQL?


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Database Role Permissions

Oct 12, 2007


I've moved a database from 2000 to 2005 and in 2005 I cannot see the permissions for this Database Role that I created. In 2000 you just right-clicked, selected properies and clicked on permissions. Am I going mad here or is this not an option in 2005. If not, how do I see the permissions that have been given to the role?

The 2005 database I refer to is on standard edition SP2

Thank You

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Get The Currently Logged In User's SQL Role In A Different Database

May 14, 2008

NOTE: I am talking about roles in my sql server - NOT in I need to create a stored procedure that retrieves the roles that the currently logged in sql user has for a different database. I have the code that gets the roles for the user, but it only works if the user is in the database. I want to be in one database, and get the roles for a different database. I have tried using USE DATABASE, but this is not allowed in a store procedure.

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Connecting To A Database From VB Using An Application Role

Oct 6, 1999

I know how to create an Application role in SQL server 7. Now how do I connect to the database from VB using that Application Role? I can't find anything about this topic anywhere. Is this the purpose of an Application role or am I way off?

Thanks for the help

Steven Abt

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Add A Login To A Database Role (was Very Confusing)

Apr 4, 2006

This stuff makes no sense what so ever,

In the Books on Line of MSSQL2000
In "Adding a Member to a SQL Server Database Role"

There is this
"Note : When you add a Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 login without a user account in the database to a SQL Server database role, SQL Server creates a user account in the database automatically, even if that Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 login cannot otherwise access the database."

I mean how can anyone add a login to a database role without making the login a user of the database.:shocked:
Also if it worked, a new fancy feature to add new logins??:eek:
Plz help:S

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Database Role/User Query

Sep 21, 2006

Anyone have a tsql query that will give me a listing of database roles and their users already put together?

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Duplicating Permissions Of A Database Role

Jan 20, 2004

thanks for reading.

i would like to create a new database role that has exactly the same permissions as an existing database role. the combinations of permissions are complicated enough to make this a time consuming task worthy of a script of some sort. any suggestions?

i'm running SQL Server 2000 and can't find anything about copying roles unless it's through DTS from one DB to another. not sure if this is applicable to basically duplicating and renaming a role in one database.

in case you're wondering why anyone would want to do this you may not be surprised to know that it's a government thing. some policy about differentiating between 2 roles -- even though they currently have exactly the same permissions, the similarities might change in the future.

thanks in advance for your input.

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Copy Permissions Of A Database Role

Jul 23, 2005

Brief description of the problem:My production server has about 50 databases and various permissions aregranted to public role on all these databases. Because of this any newuser added to any database gets unnecessary access to objects by virtueof being a member of public by default. I would like to fix this flawin the way the server is setup as below:1. Setup a new database role called NewRole on all 50 databases andcopy permissions to NewRole from public.2. Add all existing users to the new Role.3. Remove all permissions from public.Any suggestions on scripting this task are welcome.

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Way To Retreive Database Role Permissions

Mar 13, 2008

I want to allow administrators of the program to change the permissions of the database roles. Is there a way to retreive the the specific permissions granted an denyed to a user and a database role. For instance, a store procedure that you call, pass it the database role and you get whether SELECT is allowed on table1, or if UPDATE is denied on table2, etc.

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How To Script Out Permissions For A Database Role

Oct 2, 2007

Is there a way to script out a database role from SQL management studio?
I can only get a script for create and drop. I am looking for a script that shows all object permissions that the role has in a database.


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Add Role To Analysis Services Database

May 23, 2007

Does anyone know if there is a way to use a SSIS task to add a role to SSAS cube? At the moment I use Management Studio, Right Click "Roles" under the cube and go through New Role wizard, but I'd like to be able to include this in a SSIS package instead.



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Create Database With Application Role...

Mar 22, 2007


I want my application to create database and I do the following things:

1)Create application role
2)Grant create database to application role
3)Activate application role
4)Create database

and I get the answer:

CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'.

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Create User - Permit In Database Role

Jan 7, 2004

I hv an application which is using The connectionstring in web.config is
<add key = "constring" value = "Initial Catalog=mydatabase;Data Source=mypc-pc;User ID=User1; Password=password1"/>

Then, i hv created a user in SQL Server 2000 which is User1. What should i put for the database role? db_owner or just db_datareader and db_datawriter?

pls help.


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User Or Role Already Exists In The Current Database

Oct 9, 2000

I've restored a backup from server A in server B. In server A I used to have a db_owner, called sitebase. After restoring the backup in server B, I created the user sitebase again and tried to grant him db_owner through Server Manager but I got the error: user or role already exists in the current database.
How can I avoid this situation and grant db_owner to him?

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User Not A Choice When Trying To Add To Db_owner Role For Database

Mar 14, 2008

How do I get a particular user to be a choice under the db_owner role for a particular database?
The user is listed under logins and even shows to be the db_owner for the database under the database access tab of the login properties. This is SQL 2000.
David P.

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Will User's Permission Be Overriden By Database Role?

Dec 26, 2006

in SQL server 2005, Database User's permission will be overriden by the database Role's permission or ottherwise? For example, a userA is owner of table AA so it has all permisions on table AA but the user is a member of GroupB but group B has no permission to access to Table AA. What happen on User A?. has it permission to access to table BB or not? How can I find document or example about this?
Please help me, thanks so much

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Determining Database Role Of Querying User

Dec 7, 2007

I know that I can use:

IS_MEMBER('MyRoleName') = 1

to determine if a user is a member of a predetermined role, but how do I ask what the role name of the querying user is instead? Basically I want to do something like:

SELECT * FROM CityTable WHERE City IN (SELECT City FROM CitySecurity WHERE SelectGroup = ROLE_NAME)

I'm doing this because the "CitySecurity" table contains security information from another system that has been imported into SQL Server, where the 'SelectGroup', as part of process, will be named the same as the SQL Server role.


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Server And Database Role Requests For Normal User

Jun 5, 2007


I want to know how to assign a normal user to take backup,Restore and attach and detach the database in sqlserver2000.

Please can anyone help me to find out which server role or database role will suites my requirements.

Md S.Hassan

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How To List Permissions For Public Role For A Database In SQL Server

Oct 17, 2007

Does anybody have the transact SQL to find the permissions granted to the public role in a Database ?

Also looking for the SQL to find the permissions granted to the user Guest in a database ?


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Transact SQL :: Database Role For Creating Stored Procedure?

Oct 2, 2015

I want to create database role which can be used for creating stored procedures like db_SPCreate.

User should be able to create SP on Schema PVR; and should not be allowed to create sP in otherthan schema and he can use any schema tables to create procedure.


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