Export SQL Svr '05 Table To FoxPro DBF

Dec 14, 2007

Does anyone know how I can, using SQL and/or T-SQL syntax (although I could do a CLR in C# too..), export a SQL table from SQL Server 2005 to a new Visual FoxPro 9 DBF (table)? The DBF would need to be created on the fly too because this will have to basically be able to export any SQL table...

Thanks ahead of time for any and all assistance...

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Foxpro Export

Jun 1, 2007

I'm trying to export the data from sql to foxpro dbf file. I can't seem to find the OLE in 2005 any where. Can some one give me the direction how to export and connect to foxpro dbf file from import/export wizard


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Sql To FoxPro Export

May 24, 2006

I have 2 packages, one to import data from Foxpro to Sql and another to send the data back from Sql to FoxPro.

The time it takes to execute the package that moves 2 million rows of data from FoxPro to Sql takes about 18 to 25 mins. Not bad. However, moving approximately the same number of rows from Sql back to FoxPro takes about 8 hrs. Not acceptable. I have tried several things with no luck.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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How To Use INSERT INTO.... SELECT FROM Query To Export MS SQL Data In FoxPro 2.6 DBF

Nov 28, 2006

Hi all,

This is my very first post to this forum. How to use the INSERT INTO... SELECT FROM query to export MS SQL 2000 data into FoxPro 2.6 DBF file? I want to write a VB 6.0 program, and already connected to MS SQL 2000 Database by MS SQL ODBC connection. Now I want to Export this MS SQL data to FoxPro 2.6 DBF. I found ROWSET option, but don't know how to use it for FoxPro.
Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.

Rajeev Vandakar

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How To Convert Foxpro Table In To MSSQL Table

Dec 7, 2005

I am trying to convert foxpro database table example mytable.dbf in to MSSQL Database table. I have created odbc connection to foxpro database, Then i have created an data set in which i have fill the mytable (stucture and data) by odbc adapter. Now i want to import this Data Set in to the sql database. My table (stucture and data) is in memory and my proble is that how i can write to sql data set or create data table which i can see in MSSQL Database.
Please Suggest
Thanks in Advance.

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Convert Foxpro 3.0 Table

May 6, 2004


I've got about 6000 tables in foxpro 3.0 and a database in sql srv 2000.

now i've to convert the data of these 6000 tables into the database. the problem is that i have to convert all the tables seperatly!

is there a tool where i can convert these tables automatically?

i know it can with DTS, but the 6000 tables are divided over 1400 directories. So with DTS i can't convert them automatically.

does anyone know a solution?

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FoxPro Triggers Call FoxPro Stored Proc Calls SQL Server Stored Procedure

Mar 10, 2005

I didn't want to maintain similar/identical tables in a legacy FoxPro system and another system with SQL Server back end. Both systems are active, but some tables are shared.

Initially I was going to use a Linked Server to the FoxPro to pull the FP data when needed. This works. But, I've come up with what I believe is a better solution. Keep in mind that these tables are largely static - occassional changes, edits.

I will do a 1 time DTS from FP into SQL Server tables.

I then create INSERT and UPDATE triggers within FoxPro.

These triggers fire a stored procedure in FoxPro that establishes a connection to the SQL Server and fire the appropriate stored procedure on SQL Server to CREATE and/or UPDATE the corresponding table there.

In the end - the tables are local to both apps.

If the UPDATES or TRIGGERS fail I write to an error log - and in that rare case - I can manually fix. I could set it up to email me from within FoxPro as well if needed.

Here's the FoxPro and SQL Server code for reference for the Record Insert:

FOXPRO employee.dbf InsertTrigger:
employee_insert_trigger(VAL(Employee.ep_pk),Employ ee.fname,Employee.lname,Employee.email,Employee.us er_login,Employee.phone)

FOXPRO corresponding Stored Procedure:
PARAMETERS wepk,wefname,welname,weemail,WEUSERID,WEPHONE

nhandle=SQLCONNECT('SS_PDITHP3','userid','password ')

IF nhandle<0
IF !USED("errorlog")
USE tisdata!errorlog IN SELECT(1)

SELECT errorlog
INSERT INTO errorlog (date, time, program,source,user) ;
values (DATE(), TIME(), 'EMPLOYEE_INSERT_TRIGGER','nhandle<0 PARAMS: '+STR(wepk)+wefname+welname+weemail+WEUSERID+WEPHO NE,GETENV("username"))

IF m.errclose
USE IN errorlog

nquery="exec ewo_sp_insertNewEmployee @WEPK ="+STR(wepk)+",@WEFNAME ='"+wefname+"',@WELNAME ='"+welname+"',@WEEMAIL ='"+weemail+"',@WEUSERID ='"+weuserid+"',@WEPHONE='"+wephone+"',@RETCODE =0"


IF nSucc<0
IF !USED("errorlog")
USE tisdata!errorlog IN SELECT(1)

SELECT errorlog
INSERT INTO errorlog (date, time, program,source,user) ;
values (DATE(), TIME(), 'EMPLOYEE_INSERT_TRIGGER','nSucc<0 PARAMS: '+STR(wepk)+wefname+welname+weemail+WEUSERID+WEPHO NE,GETENV("username"))

IF m.errclose
USE IN errorlog


SQL SERVER Stored Procedure called from FOXPRO Stored Procedure
CREATE procedure ewo_sp_insertNewEmployee (
@WEPK int,
@WEFNAME char(20),
@WELNAME char(20),
@WEEMAIL char(50),
@WEUSERID char(15),
@WEPHONE char(25),


insert into WO_EMP (


IF @@ERROR <> 0

return @RETCODE

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Dec 10, 1999

I know that the DTS Wizard is supposed to be able to handle heterognous
data imports but I can't get it to work with a free FoxPro table. I have to export to a text file and then import from the text file and spend an hour renaming columns and farting around with datatypes.


I don't fully understand some of the questions the DTS Wizard is asking. Can anybody give me a blow by blow account before I ring the Samaritans?

Thank you and Happy Christmas - it may be my last if I can't speed up these imports. Either I'll jump under a bus or my boss will make mince pies out of me.



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Convert Foxpro Memo Field To SQL Table

Sep 12, 2000

Hello All,

Does anyone know how to convert data in a Memo field from Foxpro into a Text field in SQL table? Straight import via DTS package seems to entirely ignore this memo field and result in blank.
Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Error Exporting FoxPro 2.5 DOS Table To SQL Server

Mar 1, 2006

Using the Import/Export Data Wizard, I'm trying to export a FoxPro 2.5 DOS (as dBase III) table of 15,000 records to SQL Server 2000. I keep getting this error message:
Insert Error, Column 32 ('PROG_START',DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP), Status 6: Data Overflow.
Invalid character value for cast specification.

I have SQL Server create the table each time I run the wizard. The new table allows NULLS in this column and I made sure to overwrite the empty date fields in the FoxPro table with blanks to make sure it would result in NULL. Originally SQL Server tried to put this as SMALL DATETIME, but when I got the message earlier, I changed it to DATETIME.

Any suggestions?

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Linked Server For Visual Foxpro (DBF) Table

Jul 13, 2015

I'm running SQL Server 2008 (x64) version.

How can i create a linked server for Microsoft Visual Foxpro databases ?

I'm using Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 driver.

I success create a linked server, and can browse all tables from linked server connections, but why when query data using

SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY(PIP_TEST,'select * from tbctrl')

It getting error message

Cannot process the object "select * from tbctrl". The OLE DB provider "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" for linked server "pip_test" indicates that either the object has no columns or the current user does not have permissions on that object.

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Export Out Of Table

Mar 28, 2007

I have two tables in a SQL server 2005 database. They have the same column names. I want to append older date captured in one table to the other. When I run a script to insert the data I get an identity error. Please help.

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Export Table Containing BIT Data

Sep 2, 2004

I'm trying to export a table that contains a bit field into a text file to be used for a bulk insert into another database.

when i export the data from SQL enterprise manager, the bit field is exported as the text TRUE or FALSE ???!!!

this data then cant be bulk inserted as its not a BIT anymore.

how can bit fields be properly exported as 1 or 0 ?

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Backup Or Export Of One Table With T-SQL

Jan 23, 2002

is there a quick T-SQL that backup a table to a file
that it is possible to restore the data in the future to the same table ?


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Export A Table In Package

Mar 22, 2007

I have created a package which export a table in SQL2k5 to a dbase file. I created a SQL native client and a MS Jet 4.0 OLE Jet DB provide. I make Source point to SQL native client connection manager and OLE DB destination point to MS Jet 4.0 OLE Jet DB provide connection manager in Data Flow specification. When I try to run the package, it saids all the columns cannot between unicode and non-unicode string data types. Is there any setting I need to change. Please help. Thanks.

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Export And Import Table?

Oct 19, 2013

I have a table that contains about 50 millions of records and i would like to know which is the fastest method to export this table - bcp, DTS/SSIS, impot and exports wizard? What is the best way to import text file to SQL Server?

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Export Table To Dbf File

Jul 20, 2005

I need to export certain fields of a table from sql 2000 into a dbffile, but can't find the proper query command to make it work. I alsowant to set this up to run each night automatically.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Randy

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Import-export Table

Mar 23, 2007


Hoe can i correct some data in a table? We have imported data from a number of hospitals (hospital ID, room number, bed) Something went wrong during the import and wrong data are imported, so we see the room and bed numbers of location 195 as being room and bed nummers of 190. I have tried to import the correct data using the wizard but i get an extra table instead of correcting the table with the wrong data. It has to be an easy way to do this? I have tried to export them in Excel, i have corrected the data and then i imported the data again. Could anyone please help me? Thanks


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Export Table To Excel

Aug 1, 2007

how should I go about exporting a couple of columns of data from a specific database table to an excel spreadsheet stored locally on a client machine (the one the script is being executed from). I am using SQL server 2000 SP3.

I'm fairly new to using SQL server, and not experienced at all with Transact-SQL.

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FoxPro To MS-SQL ?

Sep 30, 1998

I found toll for migrating FoxPro( 2.6 and 3.0) databases to Oracle but I need one
for FoxPro DB to MS-SQL. Any idea where to find it( if there is any ?)


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FoxPro Vs. SQL

Nov 1, 2006

Hello everyone,My company uses a FoxPro database right now as an interfaceand a database. For our situation, I have come to the conclusion thatit would be a better choice for us to move to an SQL server of somesort. I have been given the task of overseeing the overhaul on theprogram. I am paranoid about security and uptime, and so is the CEO andthere is more and more demand for the company to get on the interactiveinternet. I'd like our clients to be able to submit data to ourdatabase and pull data from it (only certain data of course). My ideais to convert the FP tables to and SQL server and write an internalapplication(or web-based - advantages? I dunno) for the interface. Forthe internet side of things, my idea is to have seperate web database(SQL) that will put information from web clients. Through the internalinterface, internal users would then be able to pull data from the webdatabase to the internal SQL. And through the internet (authenticatedof course), the web users would pull data though the web database, whopulls information from the internal SQL database. Would someone pleasetear this idea apart w/ advantages and disadvantages. Also, if this isthe best route, tell me how I can sell this idea to my boss. What's sogood about using SQL vs. FP over the internet? What about internally?What about security? Cost is going to place a big role on the what theCEO decides, unless I can sell him otherwise. Should I tell him that weshouldn't do it now and save some money to do it right? Or what? Somehelp please. Thanks.Alex

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Table Data Export To .sql File.

Nov 16, 2006

Rookie qustion here quys,
Using SQL Sever 2005 Express and Visual Web Devoloper Express.
I'm trying to get data from my local SQL sever database to my shared hosting database. SImple enough but...
1.) GoDaddy does not allow remote connections to the DB server
2.) With GoDaddy you can't just upload an .MDF file to your remote directory and script a connection string. You have to reference the DB server. Can't upload DB file to DB server.
As a work around, I've seen several .sql files that have all the T-SQL that will create a database and tables then insert the data. I've google'd extensively and searched several forums with no luck as to how to export my local data to file. I could then copy and paste into an online utility GoDaddys has to insert the data.
Is there a relatively easy way to export table data to a .sql file??? When I try using SQL Server Management Studio Express and "Scipt Table As> Insert To> File", It just gives me something like the following...
INSERT INTO [pubs].[dbo].[authors]           ([au_id]           ,[au_lname]           ,[au_fname]           ,[phone]           ,[address]           ,[city]           ,[state]           ,[zip]           ,[contract])     VALUES           (<au_id, id,>           ,<au_lname, varchar(40),>           ,<au_fname, varchar(20),>           ,<phone, char(12),>           ,<address, varchar(40),>           ,<city, varchar(20),>           ,<state, char(2),>           ,<zip, char(5),>           ,<contract, bit,>)
Plenty of data in this table, no data in script   ???
Can SQL Server Management Studio Express do what I wanting to do? If not, any suggestions? Know of a better hosing company?

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Export Sql Server 2005 Table To Xml Using VB Or C#

Jul 2, 2007

Hi All,
I am looking for a way to export a sql server 2005 table to xml using VB or C#. This is done easliy with MS Access but I am having trouble finding any information for SQL SERVER 2005.
Thanks for the help,

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Export Sql Data Table To Excel

Jun 6, 2008

hi ,
Can any body help me export data from sql database to excel? I am using datagrid method but it is not transferring complete table's data at a time through LAN .i.e. it works on local host ,but not working if I accessing this project from other computer.
public class gridviewexport
      public gridviewexport()
            // TODO: Add constructor logic here
    public static void Export(string fileName, GridView gv)
            "content-disposition", string.Format("attachment; filename={0}", fileName));
        HttpContext.Current.Response.ContentType = "application/ms-excel";
        using (StringWriter sw = new StringWriter())
            using (HtmlTextWriter htw = new HtmlTextWriter(sw))
                //  Create a table to contain the grid
                Table table = new Table();
                //  include the gridline settings
                table.GridLines = gv.GridLines;
                //  add the header row to the table
                if (gv.HeaderRow != null)
                //  add each of the data rows to the table
                foreach (GridViewRow row in gv.Rows)
                //  add the footer row to the table
                if (gv.FooterRow != null)
                //  render the table into the htmlwriter
                //  render the htmlwriter into the response
    /// <summary>
    /// Replace any of the contained controls with literals
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="control"></param>
    private static void PrepareControlForExport(Control control)
        for (int i = 0; i < control.Controls.Count; i++)
            Control current = control.Controls[i];
            if (current is LinkButton)
                control.Controls.AddAt(i, new LiteralControl((current as LinkButton).Text));
            else if (current is ImageButton)
                control.Controls.AddAt(i, new LiteralControl((current as ImageButton).AlternateText));
            else if (current is HyperLink)
                control.Controls.AddAt(i, new LiteralControl((current as HyperLink).Text));
            else if (current is DropDownList)
                control.Controls.AddAt(i, new LiteralControl((current as DropDownList).SelectedItem.Text));
            else if (current is CheckBox)
                control.Controls.AddAt(i, new LiteralControl((current as CheckBox).Checked ? "True" : "False"));
            if (current.HasControls())

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Export SQL Table Using SQL Enterprise Manager

Apr 25, 2005

How do I export an sql table from a server db using SQL Enterprise Manager?
I have tried using Microsoft Web Data Administrator but it can't connect to the db.
The db that is live has all the data, but I don't have a copy locally (I accidently deleted it)...which is why i need to export it to an sql file.
Can someone please help me as I have exhausted my own knowledge.

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Export Data From Table As SQL Inserts

Jul 21, 2005


I have data in an old database I would like to capture for my new
system but I dont have the original insert scripts.  Is there a
tool (in SQL Server 2000 or thirdparty) that will help me export the
data as SQL inserts?



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Export Text File To A Table

Dec 5, 2000

Anbody please help
I am trying to export a text file to a table using enterprise manager
and all tasks
But the process keeps adding strange charater like squares at the end
of each line and also replaces each empty line in the text file with a record in the table with that square type character. I used the following code to delete all rows with that character (as a work around) but no joy. I am losing hope.

Code is
WHERE column1 = ' '

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Table Data Export Into An XML File

Sep 16, 2002


I need to export data from some tables into an XML file format.

Any help please?

John Jayaseelan

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How Do I Export A Table To Dbf (dbase) File ?

Dec 29, 2006

besides using the costly EMS Data export application?

I'm using the SQL 2005 Express version......I heard the enterprise manager can do the job but I can't afford a standard edition yet....

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SQL 2012 :: Export Table To Excel

Jan 27, 2015

while exporting database table to ms excel, i m getting yellow marked icon on selected columns. Why is it so?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: XML Export From A Denormalized Table

Aug 12, 2015

I have a de-normalized table that I need to export to XML using For XML, but put all of the related rows under the same node.The table is alot more complicated than the example below, but for proof of concept purposes, i'll keep it really simple:

Campaign, Price
C1, 4.00
C1, 6.00
C1, 10.00
C2, 1.00
C2, 13.00
C3, 20.00

If I have a table of campaigns and prices, I would like to output it as XML like the following:

<Campaign name="C1">
<Price value="4.00"></Price>
<Price value="6.00"></Price>
<Price value="10.00"></Price>
<Campaign name="C2">
<Price value="1.00"></Price>

The default behaviour gives me this:

<Campaign name="C1" price="4.00"/>
<Campaign name="C1" price="6.00"/>
<Campaign name="C1" price="10.00"/>

Is there an existing option that deals with this automatically, or do I essentially need to do a group by to output the campaign element, and then union an ungrouped select to output the price element?

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NEW SQL- How To Export Table To Excel Spreadsheet?

Dec 18, 2005

Hi All,

I am new to SQL program. I did little management for SQL 2000 before.
I need to export from a table or view to excel spreadsheet for company's marketing resourece. Is there any easy simple way to do it?

Thanks all for your help.

Perry Yang

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Export SQL Table Names To Excel.

Jan 12, 2007


I was wondering if there is a way to export just the table names of all the tables in a sql database to an excel spreadsheet. Can I also see the table structure, like which are the parent tables and which are the child tables? Please let me know. I'm using SQL server 2005.


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