How Do I Export A Table To Dbf (dbase) File ?

Dec 29, 2006

besides using the costly EMS Data export application?

I'm using the SQL 2005 Express version......I heard the enterprise manager can do the job but I can't afford a standard edition yet....

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Importing DBase Files With The SSIS Import/Export Wizard

May 5, 2006

I saw this post by dterrie in the Wishlist thread and I just wanted to second it:

"How about bringing back a simple dBase import. The SSIS guys are clearly FAR out of touch with reality if they think people who handle data no longer need to work with dbf files. I've seen alot of dumb stuff in my day, bit this is just sheer brilliance. I just love the advice of first importing into Access and then importing the Access table. Gee, why didn't I think of such a convenient solution. I could have had a V-8."

I've been struggling with this the last couple days and finally decided to import the dBase III file into Access and then import that into SQL Server 2005. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was the current recommended method.

That's just ridiculous. Can someone tell me why they would reduce some of the functionality of SQL Server from 2000 to 2005? This was a very easy process in SQL Server 2000...

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OpenRowset On A DBase IV File

May 26, 2000

Has anyone had any experience using the openrowset function to access a dbase IV file? I can access the file using ADO from within VB but not getting anywhere using openrowset. If anyone knows the syntax or has an example it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


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Trying To Access A DBase III File With A SSIS Package

May 4, 2006

I am trying to get a handle on the new SQL Server Integration Services in SQL Server 2005. There is a legacy DTS package that I need to get working on our new server (using SQL Server 2005) but I can't seem to get it to work.First, I migrated it and attempted to run the package. It gave me many errors. So, I thought I would just rebuild it in integrated services. Everything was going smooth until I got to the real data transformation part.I added a data flow task and it took me to the Data Flow tab. Then I added a DataReader Source. I am trying to read from a dBase III file and I assumed I would be using an ODBC driver for that. Well... it has been hell trying to get it to see the dBase III file and access it.I have tried two solutions from the internet.This one and this one (by Wenyang) with no positive results.No matter what I do I still get an error in the bottom of the Advanced Editor for DataReader Source that reads: "Error at Sales Transformation [DataReader Source [81]]: Cannot acquire a managed connection from the run-time connection manager."Has anyone attempted anything like this before? Are there any SSIS experts around here that can drop me a few pearls of wisdom?Thanks in advance... I'm dying here.

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Export Table To Dbf File

Jul 20, 2005

I need to export certain fields of a table from sql 2000 into a dbffile, but can't find the proper query command to make it work. I alsowant to set this up to run each night automatically.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Randy

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Table Data Export To .sql File.

Nov 16, 2006

Rookie qustion here quys,
Using SQL Sever 2005 Express and Visual Web Devoloper Express.
I'm trying to get data from my local SQL sever database to my shared hosting database. SImple enough but...
1.) GoDaddy does not allow remote connections to the DB server
2.) With GoDaddy you can't just upload an .MDF file to your remote directory and script a connection string. You have to reference the DB server. Can't upload DB file to DB server.
As a work around, I've seen several .sql files that have all the T-SQL that will create a database and tables then insert the data. I've google'd extensively and searched several forums with no luck as to how to export my local data to file. I could then copy and paste into an online utility GoDaddys has to insert the data.
Is there a relatively easy way to export table data to a .sql file??? When I try using SQL Server Management Studio Express and "Scipt Table As> Insert To> File", It just gives me something like the following...
INSERT INTO [pubs].[dbo].[authors]           ([au_id]           ,[au_lname]           ,[au_fname]           ,[phone]           ,[address]           ,[city]           ,[state]           ,[zip]           ,[contract])     VALUES           (<au_id, id,>           ,<au_lname, varchar(40),>           ,<au_fname, varchar(20),>           ,<phone, char(12),>           ,<address, varchar(40),>           ,<city, varchar(20),>           ,<state, char(2),>           ,<zip, char(5),>           ,<contract, bit,>)
Plenty of data in this table, no data in script   ???
Can SQL Server Management Studio Express do what I wanting to do? If not, any suggestions? Know of a better hosing company?

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Export Text File To A Table

Dec 5, 2000

Anbody please help
I am trying to export a text file to a table using enterprise manager
and all tasks
But the process keeps adding strange charater like squares at the end
of each line and also replaces each empty line in the text file with a record in the table with that square type character. I used the following code to delete all rows with that character (as a work around) but no joy. I am losing hope.

Code is
WHERE column1 = ' '

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Table Data Export Into An XML File

Sep 16, 2002


I need to export data from some tables into an XML file format.

Any help please?

John Jayaseelan

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How To Export Certain Columns From A Table Out To CSV File

Aug 24, 2015

I have a requirement to export data from a SQL Server 2012 table, to a CSV file. This needs to be done either every hour, or ideally if it is possible, whenever a new record is created or an existing record is updated/deleted.

The data to be extracted from SQL is:

Mxmservsite.siteid as Marker_ID, as Name, 'SITE' as Group, '3' as Status, '' as Notes, mxmservsite.zipcode as Post_Code, 'GB' as Country, '' as Latitude, '' as Longitude, '' as Delete
Where dataareaid='ansa'

How I can go about doing this?

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Export Data From Table To Text File

Apr 22, 2002

I need to export data from a table to a text file, where the data in the table is deleted after written to the file. It is simple using DTS, but I want to do the export in "chunks" of data, committing the delete say after every 1000 rows.

My thought was a stored procedure would be easy enough to do this (done these in Oracle many times), but I don't know the quickest way to export a row of data from a stored procedure to a text file. Isn't using a command-line shell too slow? What are my options?

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How To Export A Temp Table To A Text File?

Apr 24, 2006

Hello everyone:

I create a temperal table to load data in a stored procedure. At last I want to export this temp table to a text file.

Any suggestion will be great appreciated.


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Export Records Of A Table In TXT File (in Pivot Way)

May 23, 2014

I have to export the records of a table in a .txt file but in a strange way (in a column). For example I have this table with 3 fields:

create table prova
(cod varchar(1),
des1 varchar(2),
des2 Varchar (2)
insert into prova values (1, 'A1', 'A2')
insert into prova values (2, 'B1', 'B2')

I need to have the output in this way:

1 cod 1
1 des1 A1
1 des2 A2
8 S
1 cod 2
1 des1 B1
1 des2 B2
8 S

So, I have to put '1' at the beginning of every field and '8 S' at the end of every record.

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Export Table To A Text File Using Sqlcmd

Mar 26, 2008

How do i use sqlcmd to export the rows in a table to a comma-delimited text file?


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Problem With Export Of A Table To A Text File

Aug 24, 2006

Dear MSSQL- experts,I have a strange problem with SQLSERVER 2000.I tried to export a table of about 40000 lines into a text file usingthe Enterprise managerexport assitant. I was astonished to get an exported text file of about400 MB instead 16 MB which is the normal size of that data.By examining this file with a text editor I found that the fileincluded alongside the data of my table MANY zeros which caused the bigfile size.Does someone of you have an idea what could cause the export oftrillions zeros into my textfile and how to only export the significantdata of my table ?Best regards,Daniel

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Any Way To Export Table To Excel File With Leading 0s?

Feb 7, 2008

I have to export about 50 excel files from different tables. Some tables contain leading 0s in the columns. If I use bcp to export to xls file, the leading 0s will be missing. If bcp to csv or txt file, there will be no issue at all. But I have to export to xls file in order to let client update that xls file and reload to tables again.

Is there any other ways to do this task?

Thanks in advance.

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Export Data From SQL Database Table To Text File

Jun 22, 2001


I'm trying to export data from one of the table in my SQL 7.0 database into text file. Can someone tell me how can i do this using SQL Query instead of using BCP (command line) ?? Thank you in advance.

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How Can I Export/import Data On Table To/from Text File

Dec 24, 1998

I needs export data on table to text file so I can process this data
with another database engine ie. Informix.

Can anybody help me to solve this problem ?

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Export Data From Sql Server 2005 Table To Text File

Feb 27, 2008

I want to transfer data from table to a text file.I m trying to use bcp utility and xp_cmdshell.but the export is not successful.
My query is:

EXEC master..xp_cmdshell'bcp "Select * from test..emp" queryout "c:dept.txt" -c -T -x'

and its output is:

Starting copy...
3 rows copied.
Network packet size (bytes): 4096
Clock Time (ms.) Total : 16 Average : (187.50 rows per sec.)

but there is no row copied into c:dept.txt

where is the problem??


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What Is The Best Approach To Export A Table Or Subtable(resultset) To A Separate .sdf File?

May 3, 2007

hi, guys

How to move one table or a ResultSet to a separate database .sdf file in compact edition?

For example, I have handheld installed the compact edition to do some order works. After the job done, I want move the new table Orders to our server or other place. Of course I don't want to move everything in the .sdf file. So, what is the best way to move table Orders out to a sparate .sdf file? (In my case, I can not use RDA or replication. )


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SQL Server Linked Table To Dbase III Files

Feb 2, 2005


I am trying to use linked tables to connect SQL Server 2000 to a legacy system using dbase III files. (I need real time read only access to these files)

I have created a linked table from SQL server to a folder on the C drive which contains the dbase III files, using an ODBC DSN which uses "Microsoft dbase driver (*.dbf)". DSN tested successfully using Excel. Linked server connection is then created using "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC drivers".

The dbase tables appear OK in Enterprise manager, but I cannot get a query to work in SQL Anayzer, using the 4-part name syntax.

My query is just :
SELECT * FROM LinkedTable...customers

Error message is "Invalid schema or catalog specified for provider 'MSDASQL'". Now I am pretty sure dbase files do not support any sort of schema / catalog set up, so I suspect SQL Server is looking for something it is not going to get.

One clue might be that in Enterprise manager, under the catalog column, I get the pathname to the dbase file, ie c:customers.dbf, which I cannot enter in the 4-part syntax.

Any suggestion welcome !!!

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Insert Data From 1 Database Table To Another Dbase

Apr 4, 2008

how to insert data from 1 database table to another database tables

pls help me out
i m very much thank ful to u


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SQL 2005 -- Export Table To A Fixed Width Flat File -- Posting Again

Dec 7, 2006

I am sorry, I am posting this message again, since I did not get anyreply.I want to export a table into a "fixed width" file using SQL 2005import export wizard.This is the version I have:SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.2047.00For some reason it joins all the rows together. For EX: if the tableis like this:Create table Mytable (col1 varchar(50) null, col2 varchar(60) null,col3 varchar (100) Null)Insert into MyTable values ("abcdef", "12345", "8900")Insert into MyTable values ("xxxxxxx", "11111111", "22222222")Insert into MyTable values ("yyyyyyyyy", "5555555555555555","6666666666")Insert into MyTable values ("abcdef", "12345", "8900")Insert into MyTable values ("xxxxxxx", "11111111", "22222222")Insert into MyTable values ("yyyyyyyyy", "5555555555555555","6666666666")It is not exporting every row in a single line. Actually if I open itin "Ultra Edit", it is all in one line.I used to do this regularly with SQL 2000 import export wizard and itexported every row in one line.I looked at the setting:The header row delimiter has {CR}{LF}Code page has 1252 Ansi-Latin.In the Advanced tab:String:dt_str.I tried changing the header row delimiter to just {CR} or just {LF}.Also I tried changing the string to dt_text and nothing seems to help.Please help.Thank you

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Code To Find The Latest File In A Folder And Export It To A Sql Server Table

Feb 15, 2008

Hi Experts,

I have to find the latest file in a folder and export data to a table in sql server.
The code should be something that has to be incorporated into a t-sql stored procedure.

The file name would for example abc_defYYYYMMDD.xls.
would i be able to find the latest file in the folder using the the datestamp (YYYYMMDD) in the filename.

Please note i would have files in other format and names with datestamp attached to it, so the code has to pick specific file for which the file name starts with 'abc_def'

and export data to a table.

Any help would be highly appreciated

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Export Stored Procedure To Flat File And Add Aggregate To End Of The Text File?

Jan 31, 2008

What is the easiest way to accomplish this task with SSIS?

Basically I have a stored procedure that unions multiple queries between databases. I need to be able to export this to a text file on a daily basis and add a total records: row to the end of the text file.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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BCP Export Has CHR(0) In Export File

Mar 28, 2008


I am using BCP to export a Table to a TAB delimited file. This works great, but in some fields a NULL in the Table is being exported as a character zero in the Tab file. I confirmed this by looking at the Tab file with a Hex editor.

I am using the BCP options -T c -S.

Thanks for any ideas how to eliminate the chr(0).


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Export To XML File

Mar 12, 2007

Anyone have a good direct method to export to XML file?

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Export Tables To Csv File

Aug 5, 2007

Hi...I have 4 connected table in sql, and i have view that query this 4 and create 1 table, can i export that to csv file?thank you... 

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How To Import And Export CSV File

Aug 25, 2007

Hi frnz ,
i want to know how to import a CSV File and export CSV File From database SQLSERVER-2005 Using ASP.NET With C#
IF any one knows Help me

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Export MSSQL Db To Csv File?

Oct 19, 2007

 Hello, I am using Visual Studio Web Developer 2005 Express Edition with MSSQL 2005. I need to import my db into the db in web server. How do you know export MSSQL db in VSWD to csv file? I was trying Teratrax. But I am not sure how to browse for the database on my local machine.My local machine runs on XP Home Edition and I write my ASP.NET app with Visual Studio Web Developer Express Edition. How do I find out what my server name is so that I can connect to the database of my application? I don't think it is localhost because I don't have IIS running on my machine. From my understand VSWD has its own web server. But I am not sure how to connect to my data baswe so that I can export the database to CSV file using Teratrax.ThanksJacthemanus 

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How MSSQL DB Export To *.csv File?

May 15, 2008

How can I export a MSSQL DB (table, SP, View, data) to a single csv file? I can export them to a sql file through Publishing Wizard, but how can I export it to a csv file?
Thanks for help

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Rename Export File After DTS

Apr 18, 2000

Hi everybody,
I am running DTS export data evry night, where my MyTable is being transformed into MyTable.txt.
In my MyTable which sits in sql 7.0 I have a field which shows today's date as julian date ( today julian date is 109).
Is there a way to write a procedure/trigger which will rename MyTable.txt on daily basis into MyTable109.txt for today;
MyTable110.txt for tomorrow; etc...
Kind of stuck with that..
Thanks alot,

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Flat File Export

Jul 10, 2000

Hey all,

I'm trying to find a way to export data from a given table to a flat file without using xp_cmpshell (security reasons)

Is it possible to launch a DTS package from within a stored procedure ? if yes, how do I do it ?

Thanks in advance for any help



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Help With SQL EXPORT In Flat File

Oct 29, 1999

I am a novice with SQL script and I would like to know how can I make an export of my database in a flat file .txt after every new insert record on my database.
Can anyone help me where I can find the code or else....I am very alone and I am out of the way.


France - Paris

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