Generating Script For MSSQL 2000 From MSSQl 2005?

May 3, 2008

We are using SQL 2005 and now we are planning to use SQL 2000. what are the ways to do the process.

We taken the script spcificall for 2000 and run it in SQL 200. But we are getting the error in SCRIPT?

Could you please give me the step to do?

Sankar R

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Server Configuration For MSSQL 2000 And MSSQL 2005

Sep 6, 2006

Does enabling/disabling Data Execution Prevention have a performanceimpact on SQL 2000 or SQL 2005?For SQL best performance - how should I configure for:Processor Scheduling:Programs or Background servicesMemory Usage:Programs or System Cache

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Creating Index In MSSQL 2000 From MSSQL 2005

Mar 24, 2008


I am a bit new to the MSSQL server. In our application, we use so many SQL queries. To imporve the performance, we used the Database enigine Tuning tool to create the indexes. The older version of the application supports MSSQL 2000 also. To re-create these new indexes, I have an issue in running these "CREATE INDEX" commands as the statements generated for index creation are done in MSSQL 2005. The statements include "INCLUDES" keyword which is supported in MSSQL 2005 but not in MSSQL 2000.






Any help in creating such indexes in 2000 version is welcome.


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MSSQL Express 2005 Vs. MSSQL 2000

Jun 15, 2006

Ben writes "I have a sql script that doesn't function very well when it's executed on a SQL 2000 server.

The scrpt looks like this:

USE [master]
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM master.dbo.syslogins WHERE loginname = N'SSDBUSERNAME')
USE [master]
If EXISTS (Select * FROM master.dbo.syslogins WHERE loginname = N'SSDBUSERNAME')
USE [master]
IF EXISTS (select * from dbo.sysdatabases where name = 'ISIZ')
USE [SurveyData]
exec sp_adduser 'SSDBUSERNAME'
USE [SurveyManagement]
exec sp_adduser 'SSDBUSERNAME'

I need to be converted to a script that can be executed on both MSSQL 2000 and MSSQL 2005.

I was wondering if somebody there could help me with this problem?!


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Migration MSSQL 2000 32-bit To MSSQL 2005 64-bit

Nov 17, 2007

I've been tasked to move our production databases on MSSQL 2000 to 2005. I've supported MSSQL since version 6.5 and performed migrations to successor versions.

Current Environment is MSSQL 2000 32-bit with current Service Packs.

I've performed mock migrations on Test servers upgrading all Production instances simultaneously from MSSQL 2000 to 2005 32-bit. The Test environment is identical to Production minus server name, IP etc. Also I have a separate server with MSSQL 2005 installed where I use the DETACH / ATTACH and BACKUP / RESTORE method for migration / acceptance testing. There are approximately 30 databases totaling 70 GB. This has gone as expected and fairly successful. Vendors have been coordinated with to update code and staff for acceptance testing.

I'd prefer going directly to MSSQL 2005 64-bit instead if possible due to memory benefits etc. This is where I'd like some feedback prior to borrowing a 64-bit server for testing.

Upgrade options:

1. Is it better to migrate from MSSQL 2000 32-bit to 2005 64-bit via:
c. Is one method more advantageous relating to the end result?
2. Regarding XP clients, have issues been experienced with the default SQL Server driver or is an alternate recommended for XP clients to connect to a MSSQL 64-bit server databases?
3. If you have performed this migration and have relevant experience please pass them along.

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Conversion Of MSSql 2000 Database To MSSQL 2005 Database

Jan 18, 2008

How to convert a database in MSSQL 2000 to MSSQL 2005 database.Is there any tool or documentation available for this?

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Deploying MSSQL 2005 Express DB To MSSQL 2005 WKGP Errors

Sep 29, 2006

DB is developed on local computer with MSSQL 2005 Express. My host is on MSSQL 2005 workgroup. Are they compatible, because I am getting errors? Is my approach wrong?

I have tried several approaches.

A) I created a backup of database on my local, then placed a copy on the server. Then I tried to restore through Server Management Studio. I get this error.

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio


An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)



The backed-up database has on-disk structure version 611. The server supports version 539 and cannot restore or upgrade this database.

RESTORE FILELIST is terminating abnormally. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 3169)

For help, click:





B: I also have tried copying the database. I put it in the same path as the other databases that can be read with server management studio on the server. Then, tried to get to it through server managements studio and it did not appear. So I tried to attach it. Then I received this error:

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio


Attach database failed for Server 'MROACH1'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

For help, click:



An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)


Could not find row in sysindexes for database ID 10, object ID 1, index ID 1. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysindexes.

Could not open new database 'LodgingDB'. CREATE DATABASE is aborted. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 602)

For help, click:





C: I have also tried opening the Database, and back up file through Server Management Studio. without success.

D: I also tried Windows and Software update at microsoft update, but no updates were recommended for Version on Server.

I'm surprised this is so hard. My original data base was created in same family of software. 2005 MS SQL Express. I could use some direct help from someone experienced with this. Am I doing it wrong or are the DB versions incompatible.

Mark Roach

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Reverting From MSSQL 2005 To 2000-Help Please....

May 12, 2007

I have installed MSSQL 2005 on my D: drive of my windows 2003 server, but now need to install MSSQL version 2000 b/c I realized I have one less license than I thought I had. I have build no databases, only the default information. Can I install another instance (being the 2000 instance) on the same drive? If I can't, can I install it on the Crive without a lot of issues???? Or would it be easier to remove 2005 and just start from scratch? The sql version is 9.0. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.!!!!!

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Migrate MSSQL 2005 Express -&&> MSSQL 2005 Srv

Apr 25, 2006


What is the best way to migrate MSSQL 2005 Express -> MSSQL 2005 Srv?

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MSSQL 2005 Schemas Vs SQL 2000 Users

Aug 20, 2007

I think now MS SQL 2005 support packaging database object into schemas which may be granted access by any of the db users, while SQL 2000 only we could use the database creator user instead of schema. my case is i am working in a system with more than one module, e.g. HR + TaskManagemt.
Both HR and TaskManagement objects are in the same database, and there are some common objects.
I want to isolate the HR objects from the TaskManagemt objects, so i can package any module separated from the other, suppose i want to buy only the HR module, so that i want only to exctract the HR Object + the common objects but not the TaskManagement objects.
So how can i accomplish such operations using SQL 2005 schemas AND using SQL 2000 users.
P.S. i have two servers one with 2000 and the other with 2005, so i want to find solutions for both 2000 and 2005
 Thanks in advance

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MSSQL 2000 And SQL Server 2005 Express

Jul 5, 2006


Does anybody know if MSSQL 2000 and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition can live together on the same machine?

I need to keep MSSQL 2000 up and running while evaluating the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.

Thank you,

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Running MSSQL 2000 Database In A 2005 Server

Jun 26, 2006

I'm running 2000 databases in a 2005 server. Can anyone tell me if there are adverse effects in doing this?
As I understand it, the 2005 performance benefits are available to databases running as 2000(Ver80) But some of the new futures may not be available..
And any documentation from Microsoft/white papapers regarding this subjects are appreciated..

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Running Scheduled Stored Procedures MSSQL 2000/2005

Jul 15, 2007

 Hi allI am looking for the best method to automate a website's database management. Lets say I have a user registration database and the users register. This sends an automated email to the user with a link to activate the users registration. If the user does not register within 24 hours, his registration must be automatically deleted from the database using a stored procedure.I know how to do this using the global.aspx file, however there must be an alternative way of doing this, especially if the database is an SQL database. I do not know how much MSSQL server access is given to a developer by an as ISP who hosts the website.Can anyone tell me what would be the best method to use.ThxWarren 

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Upgrade From MSDE 2000 To MSSQL 2005 Workgroup Edition?

Aug 1, 2006

I have clients that have the MSDE version installed and we need to upgrade there program to the MSSQL 2005. Is there an easy way to convert the data? Should or Could I uninstall MSDE and than install MSSQL2005 WorkGrp? Will there data be affected? Any tips would be appreciated.Thanks!

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How Many Result-rows Does Mssql Return Should Be Used Asynchronous Method To Use Mssql Cursor?

Aug 11, 2004

How many result-rows does mssql return should be used asynchronous method to use mssql cursor, can get the best performance in any time in any result offset?

i want to make the cursor fast in any time whatever how many results returned

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Database Migration Plan - (mssql/msde To -&> Pgsql/mssql)

Feb 10, 2008


i was planning to create a database migration tool ..
its a certain database of a DMS (document management system) to
another DMS (two different DMS)... from DMS using msde 2000 server .. and tranfer to a DMS using a postgre sql or mssql .. depends ..

they have different table structures and names . . :D

i was thing of what language shall i use.. or what language is the best to work on this kind of project :)

hoping for your kind help guys. thanks :)


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Run Mssql 6.5 Client And Mssql 7.0 Server On Same Nt Workstaton?

Oct 26, 1999


I am currently work on mssql 6.5. On my workstation, I have mssql 6.5
cient software.

However, I would like to install mssql 7.0 server on my nt workstation
and work with it to become familiar with 7.0. Can I install mssql 7.0
server on my nt workstation? Can mssql 6.5 client coexist with mssql 7.0
on the same machine if they are in different directories?


David Spaisman

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MSSQL 2000 Bcp

Oct 22, 2007

helo guys,
can someone send me the script/procedure in performing bcp on ms sql 2000? pls help me, i badly need it.. thank u so much!:)

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Xml Into Mssql 2000

Mar 25, 2007

HelloI watchet some posts but did not find answer to my question : how toimport data from xml into mssql 2000 using t-sql?i tried:USE Northwindif(object_id('dbo.test_xml') is not null)drop table dbo.test_xmlgocreate table dbo.test_xml (Id int identity(1,1), col1 text)goinsert into test_xml(col1) values('')godeclare @cmd varchar(512)set @cmd = 'D:Progra~1Micros~3MSSQLBinnTextCopy.exe /S /U[user] /P [password] /D Northwind /F c:pobierz.xml /Ttest_xml /C col1 /I /W "where Id = 1"'exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmd, 'no_output'godeclare@hdoc int, @doc varchar(1000)select @doc = col1 from dbo.test_xmlexec sp_xml_preparedocument @hdoc out, @docselect @hdoc as hdoc-- * from openxml(@hdoc, ...--...exec sp_xml_removedocument @hdocBut my documet have more than 1000characters and more than max varchar. Sohow to do that?Best regardsAJA

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MSSQL 2000

Apr 20, 2007

MSSQL 2000 Replication between two servers on a workgroup

Is it possible? How do you set it up?

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How To Use Mssql-2000

May 30, 2007

I am using Visual Studio 2005 and MSSql-2005 Server. But i also want to add MSSql-2000 Server Database.

Both the servers are running but when i provide the connection string of MSSql-2000 in SqlConnection to access data base, i get an error. It says like MSSql-2005 is not allowing to access.

So, How can i add MSSql-2000 to Visual Studio-2005???

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Insert Xml Into Mssql 2000

Feb 8, 2007

Hi,I have app with file selection field. Users can shoose xml file from their local hard disk and click Save. When they click save, content of xml file should be inserted into mssql 2000.What is the most efficient way to do this using C#2005 and mssql2000?Any good article or tutorial? 

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MsSql 2000 Question ??

Feb 26, 2008

I have a single table "amount" which has only three columns such as memberid referenceid and AMOUNT with following data ........
memberid referenceid AMOUNT
L001 L001
L004 L003
L003 L002
L002 L001
and so on
my needed query willbe if i choose L003 from referenceid the query should select the column where it was a memberid and again it choose the same row refernceid of(L003) as L002 where L002 was a memberid and choose L002s referenceid which is L001
Finally i should REACH the memberid(L001) and
the other one i need is i should return the count of no of rows crossed ,
and my biq question is everytime the query gets into new row i should add some data in amount (50,25,12.5,10,7.5,5,4,3,2,1)for (immediate row,next row,next row and so on)
how can i do this in MSSQL2000??
I have crossed accross many forums pls help im stuck up

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Log Shipping In Mssql 2000

Mar 25, 2004


I am now trying to configure Log Shipping in my compeny but I have encountered some difficulties. The destination site and the source site are far from each other and the transaction logs are too big, this situation causes an huge overload on our private network (we use WAN which is complitly disconnected from the internet). Is there any way to compress the transacion logs with zip or rar and combine it in the log shipping mechanizem?

Is there another way for making this files smaller?

I would be greatful for any ideas in this matter.

Thanks in advance,
Zvi Gilinsky

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MSSQL 2000 Does Not Install

Jul 28, 2007

Dear Community,

I have recently downloaded the MSSQL 2000 Evaluation package from microsoft website,but i can't get it to install.I run the autorun normally,but when i select the option install database server nothing happens.I am trying to install it on Windows XP Service Pack 2 Edition 5.1....As this would help,in 3-4 hours of computer inactivity,i see the setup loader but nothing happens,it says not responding.

Thanks in advance,

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MSSQL 2000: Scheduling Jobs?

Sep 22, 2006

Could anyone help me with, or point me to information regarding, scheduling jobs for MSSQL 2000?  I need to execute a SQL Command, monthly, which sets a budget field to a fixed ammount, something like:  UPDATE Programs SET Budget = 500.
--Kyle Johnson 

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What Is The Better Way To Store Images In MSSQL 2000?

Jan 2, 2004

hi guys, are there any official or some sort of documents to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of storing image in the SQL's Image datatype field or storing the pointer to the image file? i have lots of static images (no more than 1MB each) that requires little updating and i need to retrieve them constantly. i am really struggled here on which method i should store the images: to store the images as Image datatype in SQL or save them as files and store the paths to the files. i would like to know, in my case, would there be any performance and efficient difference on using either method?
naturally, i'd think the 1st method seems like a better solution. it's easier to back up and it protects integrity. But at the same time, i am not sure if the constant inserting and retrieving of images will affect the performance? also, i want to share the images and may create a ticker thing (using JavaScript) to display the images on the web page randomly and it seems like the 2nd method is easier to program. if you were me, which method would you use and why? thanks!

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Dbcc Scans On MSSQL 2000

Oct 21, 2003

hi, i'm monitoring a SQL server 2000 and every 5 minutues aprox. a dbcc scan is triggered on 2 databases only.

how can i deactivate this scans or how can i define a longer period of time between them?


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MSSQL 2000 Installation Problem

May 13, 2004

I am installing MQQSQL2000 onto NT4 SP6. Installation prompts me this msg "Setup failed to configure the server". I click on, it terminate.

Below is the sqlstp.log file for reference.

Any one got any idea ?? The error at the last few lines.


13:01:27 Begin Action BuildServer:
13:01:27 C:TEMPSqlSetupBinscm.exe -Silent 1 -Action 5 -ExePath "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL$MOMSERVERinnsqlservr.exe" -Service "MSSQL$MOMSERVER"
13:01:27 Process Exit Code: (0)
13:01:27 Begin Action: CreateRegistrySetSQL
13:01:27 End Action: CreateRegistrySetSQL
13:01:27 Begin Action: RegWriteSetupEntry
13:01:27 End Action: RegWriteSetupEntry
13:01:27 Begin Action: CreateSer
13:01:27 End Action: CreateSer
13:01:27 Begin Action: SkuIt
13:01:27 End Action: SkuIt
13:01:28 SetFileSecuritySQLAndAdmin for C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL$MOMSERVER returned: 0, 0
13:01:28 SetRegSecuritySQLAndAdmin for SoftwareMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL ServerMOMSERVER returned: 0, 0
13:01:28 Begin Action: UpdateSystemPath
13:01:28 Path successfully updated.
13:01:28 C:PROGRA~1COMMON~1UeWI;C:PROGRA~1UeWISYS;C: PROGRA~1UeWICommon;C:PROGRA~1UeWI;%SystemRoot% system32;%SystemRoot%;C:Program FilesUeWIReconin;C:Program FilesUeWIRecondll;C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80ToolsBinn
13:01:28 End Action: UpdateSystemPath
13:01:29 Grant Right for MOMDEVAdministrator returned : 1, 0
13:01:29 Grant Right for MOMDEVAdministrator returned : 1, 0
13:01:29 Grant Right for MOMDEVAdministrator returned : 1, 0
13:01:29 Grant Right for MOMDEVAdministrator returned : 1, 0
13:01:30 C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80ToolsBinncnfgsvr.exe -F "C:WINNTsqlstp.log" -I MOMSERVER -V 1 -M 0 -Q "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" -H 65908 -U sa -P
################################################## #############################

Starting Service ...


-m -Q -T4022 -T3659

Connecting to Server ...

driver={sql server};server=SG-ISDEV-1MOMSERVER;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]ConnectionOpen (Connect()).

driver={sql server};server=SG-ISDEV-1MOMSERVER;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]ConnectionOpen (Connect()).

driver={sql server};server=SG-ISDEV-1MOMSERVER;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]ConnectionOpen (Connect()).

SQL Server configuration failed.

################################################## #############################

13:03:27 Process Exit Code: (-1)
14:06:27 Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and C:WINNTsqlstp.log for more information.
14:06:30 Action CleanUpInstall:
14:06:30 C:TEMPSqlSetupBinscm.exe -Silent 1 -Action 4 -Service SQLAgent$MOMSERVER
14:06:30 Process Exit Code: (1060) The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

14:06:30 C:TEMPSqlSetupBinscm.exe -Silent 1 -Action 4 -Service MSSQL$MOMSERVER
14:06:50 Action Exit Handler:
14:06:52 StatsGenerate returned: 2
14:06:52 StatsGenerate (0x0,0x1,0xf0000000,0x600,1033,303,0x0,0x1,0,0,0
14:06:52 StatsGenerate -1,Administrator)

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MSSQL 2000 ODBC Driver

Apr 11, 2005


I normally use Microsoft Access to retrieve data , via ODBC connection, from a table in a SQLserver database. One of the fields in the table has a value 1 but at times when the data is retrieved into MS Access it turns out to be 100 in Access. Moreover, when I try to change it in Access my computer hangs or it takes a long time before the change is effected. It does not matter from which client Pc this action takes place it remains the same. I am using ODBC SQLserver ODBC driver version 2000.81.9042.00.

I would be grateful if you could help me out of this strange situation.



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Need Help With Raiserror Function In Mssql 2000

Dec 7, 2007

I have a stored procedure that raises an error just fine, but the problem is when i want to catch that particular error in client code, how do i go able doing so, i want to display a message in a label when that particular error occurs.

right now all i know about the raiserror function is RAISERROR("Message", Severity, Stage) how do i give it number so i can catch it in code?

ALTER Stored Procedure [dbo].[spName]


IF (@DummySetKey IS NULL)

RAISERROR('Error: This setkey number does not exist as a valid entry.', 11, 1);




client code:

Public Function ExecuteNonQuery(byval connstr as string) as boolean

dim conn as new SqlConnection(connstr)
Dim cmd as sqlCommand(spName, conn)
cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure



dim rowsAffected as Integer = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery()

If ex.ErrorCode = 5021 Then
' display in textbox
End If
end try

if rowsAffected > 0 Then
return true
return false
end if
End Function

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Backup MSSQL 2000 On ASP Server

Dec 21, 2006

Hi I'm an experienced programmer, but just don't have much experience with ASP or MSSQL. I inherited a website and now need to set up an automated backup system for a fairly large (40MB) MSSQL database hosted by a 3rd party provider of reasonable quality with ASP and SQL Server 2000. Let's avoid ASP.NET solutions since the website I inherited is written in "straight up" ASP (old school).

I have access to the database, login etc. I'm thinking I should combine an ASP script with the database connectivity and write daily/weekly backups to a dir on the hosting server.

Where do I begin? Tools? Examples?

Thanks for any assistance.


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MSSQL 2000 Replication Issue

Jul 4, 2007

Hi all

I've got a nagging problem with the snapshot agent not being able to connect to the distributor.... I have a set up as follows.

I've set up the machine as a publisher, and as it's own distributor. Both the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent services are configured to run as the Administrator user (not ideal I know), and I've created a publication ready for replication. (the agent and distributor are on the same machine)

When I try and run the snapshot agent, Enterprise Manager just times out but a log in the event log says:

Event ID: 203
step 2 - The process could not connect to Distributor 'X'.

Thats about all the info I can find, nothing else is being logged.

Can anyone suggest anything I might have missed? - it's driving me up the wall!

Thanks in Advance.


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