Run Mssql 6.5 Client And Mssql 7.0 Server On Same Nt Workstaton?

Oct 26, 1999


I am currently work on mssql 6.5. On my workstation, I have mssql 6.5
cient software.

However, I would like to install mssql 7.0 server on my nt workstation
and work with it to become familiar with 7.0. Can I install mssql 7.0
server on my nt workstation? Can mssql 6.5 client coexist with mssql 7.0
on the same machine if they are in different directories?


David Spaisman

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GUI Client For MsSQL (was: MSSQL Help)

Sep 25, 2007

I have my MSSQL hosted, any interface i can use so i can't connect to the data source?

for Mysql, i know i can use phpmyadmin, or mysql interface.

i have no idea for MSSQL, any advices?

i know there is one, which is Toad, but it has a lots of limitations, any good idea?


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Girl In Need! Anyone Do This: Unix Client -&> ODBC -&> MSSQL Server

Jul 28, 2004

Anyone support a config where you have an unix/linux (AIX here) ODBC client connection to SQL Server database? I am looking for a simple, supportable configuration that does not require me to learn perl or instal a bunch of crap gnu shareware on enterprise class machines.

Please help!

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Server Configuration For MSSQL 2000 And MSSQL 2005

Sep 6, 2006

Does enabling/disabling Data Execution Prevention have a performanceimpact on SQL 2000 or SQL 2005?For SQL best performance - how should I configure for:Processor Scheduling:Programs or Background servicesMemory Usage:Programs or System Cache

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How To Find Client's Hostname Using RDP From MSSQL Command.

Apr 7, 2008

Can anyone help, how to find client's hostname using RDP from MSSQL command.
In simple words,
I am connecting to Remote desktop and using MSSQL server management studio in the remote desktop. And when I run select host_name(), it returns the RDP machine name. However, I wish to see my own computer name.
Thanks in advance.

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Extremely Slow Client Connection To MSSQL

Jan 26, 2007


i'm experiencing an extremely slow connection from a WXPP Sp2 client to a MSSQL2000 running on a W2k server. The client is running a VB6 application that connect with Windows authentication: every form requesting data opens with a long delay at the first launch; next attempts run normally fast.

In the same LAN there are some others identical clients, all running fine.

Every other network activity from that client is ok.

Where should i start to investigate from?

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MSSQL 2005 Express Client Installation

Mar 18, 2008

I need to install the 'MSSQL 2005 Express Client' on a computer that will be hosting a copy of an MSSQL 2005 Standard Edition database.
Question: Should I install both the DataBase Services feature and the Client Components feature?

Many thanks, for your help on this.

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How Many Result-rows Does Mssql Return Should Be Used Asynchronous Method To Use Mssql Cursor?

Aug 11, 2004

How many result-rows does mssql return should be used asynchronous method to use mssql cursor, can get the best performance in any time in any result offset?

i want to make the cursor fast in any time whatever how many results returned

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Database Migration Plan - (mssql/msde To -&> Pgsql/mssql)

Feb 10, 2008


i was planning to create a database migration tool ..
its a certain database of a DMS (document management system) to
another DMS (two different DMS)... from DMS using msde 2000 server .. and tranfer to a DMS using a postgre sql or mssql .. depends ..

they have different table structures and names . . :D

i was thing of what language shall i use.. or what language is the best to work on this kind of project :)

hoping for your kind help guys. thanks :)


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Creating Index In MSSQL 2000 From MSSQL 2005

Mar 24, 2008


I am a bit new to the MSSQL server. In our application, we use so many SQL queries. To imporve the performance, we used the Database enigine Tuning tool to create the indexes. The older version of the application supports MSSQL 2000 also. To re-create these new indexes, I have an issue in running these "CREATE INDEX" commands as the statements generated for index creation are done in MSSQL 2005. The statements include "INCLUDES" keyword which is supported in MSSQL 2005 but not in MSSQL 2000.






Any help in creating such indexes in 2000 version is welcome.


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Generating Script For MSSQL 2000 From MSSQl 2005?

May 3, 2008

We are using SQL 2005 and now we are planning to use SQL 2000. what are the ways to do the process.

We taken the script spcificall for 2000 and run it in SQL 200. But we are getting the error in SCRIPT?

Could you please give me the step to do?

Sankar R

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MSSQL Express 2005 Vs. MSSQL 2000

Jun 15, 2006

Ben writes "I have a sql script that doesn't function very well when it's executed on a SQL 2000 server.

The scrpt looks like this:

USE [master]
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM master.dbo.syslogins WHERE loginname = N'SSDBUSERNAME')
USE [master]
If EXISTS (Select * FROM master.dbo.syslogins WHERE loginname = N'SSDBUSERNAME')
USE [master]
IF EXISTS (select * from dbo.sysdatabases where name = 'ISIZ')
USE [SurveyData]
exec sp_adduser 'SSDBUSERNAME'
USE [SurveyManagement]
exec sp_adduser 'SSDBUSERNAME'

I need to be converted to a script that can be executed on both MSSQL 2000 and MSSQL 2005.

I was wondering if somebody there could help me with this problem?!


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Migration MSSQL 2000 32-bit To MSSQL 2005 64-bit

Nov 17, 2007

I've been tasked to move our production databases on MSSQL 2000 to 2005. I've supported MSSQL since version 6.5 and performed migrations to successor versions.

Current Environment is MSSQL 2000 32-bit with current Service Packs.

I've performed mock migrations on Test servers upgrading all Production instances simultaneously from MSSQL 2000 to 2005 32-bit. The Test environment is identical to Production minus server name, IP etc. Also I have a separate server with MSSQL 2005 installed where I use the DETACH / ATTACH and BACKUP / RESTORE method for migration / acceptance testing. There are approximately 30 databases totaling 70 GB. This has gone as expected and fairly successful. Vendors have been coordinated with to update code and staff for acceptance testing.

I'd prefer going directly to MSSQL 2005 64-bit instead if possible due to memory benefits etc. This is where I'd like some feedback prior to borrowing a 64-bit server for testing.

Upgrade options:

1. Is it better to migrate from MSSQL 2000 32-bit to 2005 64-bit via:
c. Is one method more advantageous relating to the end result?
2. Regarding XP clients, have issues been experienced with the default SQL Server driver or is an alternate recommended for XP clients to connect to a MSSQL 64-bit server databases?
3. If you have performed this migration and have relevant experience please pass them along.

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Warning Messages && Failure Installing MSSQL 2005 Enterprise Client Tools

Jul 5, 2006

I am trying to install the client tools for management purposes only on a IBM T42 laptop which meets all the hardware and software requirements listed on MS support including the HCL list, the Readme, the forums and MSDN but the install still shows the following log messages when the install fails.

AdminMessage = Setup requires user to be in the administrator group in order to continue the installation process. Setup is aborting as the current user is not in the administrator group.

(I am an adminsistrator on this machine)

Property(S): SupportedOSMessage = Installation of this product failed because it is not supported on this operating system. For information on supported configurations, see the product documentation.

Property(S): SupportedProcTypeMessage = This Microsoft SQL Server Native Client package is not supported on the current processor type.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Deploying MSSQL 2005 Express DB To MSSQL 2005 WKGP Errors

Sep 29, 2006

DB is developed on local computer with MSSQL 2005 Express. My host is on MSSQL 2005 workgroup. Are they compatible, because I am getting errors? Is my approach wrong?

I have tried several approaches.

A) I created a backup of database on my local, then placed a copy on the server. Then I tried to restore through Server Management Studio. I get this error.

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio


An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)



The backed-up database has on-disk structure version 611. The server supports version 539 and cannot restore or upgrade this database.

RESTORE FILELIST is terminating abnormally. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 3169)

For help, click:





B: I also have tried copying the database. I put it in the same path as the other databases that can be read with server management studio on the server. Then, tried to get to it through server managements studio and it did not appear. So I tried to attach it. Then I received this error:

TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio


Attach database failed for Server 'MROACH1'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

For help, click:



An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo)


Could not find row in sysindexes for database ID 10, object ID 1, index ID 1. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysindexes.

Could not open new database 'LodgingDB'. CREATE DATABASE is aborted. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 602)

For help, click:





C: I have also tried opening the Database, and back up file through Server Management Studio. without success.

D: I also tried Windows and Software update at microsoft update, but no updates were recommended for Version on Server.

I'm surprised this is so hard. My original data base was created in same family of software. 2005 MS SQL Express. I could use some direct help from someone experienced with this. Am I doing it wrong or are the DB versions incompatible.

Mark Roach

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Conversion Of MSSql 2000 Database To MSSQL 2005 Database

Jan 18, 2008

How to convert a database in MSSQL 2000 to MSSQL 2005 database.Is there any tool or documentation available for this?

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MsSQL And Php Resources (was: Need Mssql)

Feb 17, 2008


till now i have used mysql with i want to use mssql with php and apache versions are
php 5.2.3
apache 2.2.4

from where i can get mssql and what i need to run my php scripts with mssql database.iam newbie in mssql.any of your help will be surely appreciated


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Migrate MSSQL 2005 Express -&&> MSSQL 2005 Srv

Apr 25, 2006


What is the best way to migrate MSSQL 2005 Express -> MSSQL 2005 Srv?

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SBS Server With MSSql

Nov 23, 2006

I have setup a new server.
MS Small Business Server 2003 Premium
It is supposed to come with Sql Server 2000
I see some services but for the life of me I can find Enterprise Manager anywhere. Any suggestions? Did I mess up the install and need to reinstall?


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Mssql Server

Jul 20, 2005

hellocan anyone tell me if it is possible to use activeX components (com/dcom) inMS-sql stored procedures?tia

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Connec To MSSQL Server

Mar 5, 2008

Hi, I am using VS2008 without SQL Server Express Edition.I am trying connect to MSSQL Server 2005 at localhost. How could I connect success using AspNetSqlProvider ? How to write connectionString in web.config ?  Regards. 

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Articles On VSS && MSSQL Server - ??

Jan 11, 2004

Hi every1,

Does anyone know where i would be able to find good articles on this subject:

-Best Practices (Logical - planning & Physical) in Setting up Database Projects for MSSQL Server 2000 with Visual Source Safe 6.0

*It would also be helpful if articles take replicated environments into consideration.


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Has Anyone Tried - OpenCMS On W2K Server With MSSQL

Sep 20, 2004


Has anyone tried or Running ???

openCMS on W2K Server with MSSQL and tomcat4,

Please share your thoughts and feedback on this

Any Resources - Links, websites, Books


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Help W/ MSSQL Server Problem

Oct 2, 2007

Hello, I recently got a MS SQL server problem thrown at me and I'm stuck.
I have MS SQL Server 2000 hosting two databases. The problem is that when connecting via ODBC to the databases users can no longer edit or update fields. I can update and edit them through Enterprise manager, and through a PHP webinterface that also uses ODBC. If you create a new database all is well, but the other two are "locked" somehow. It was working great one day and then the next it wasn't. Can anyone direct me in the right direction. I don't even know where to start searching.

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From MSSQL Server To MySQL

Feb 3, 2006

Hi everybody,

I have to port a database from MSSQL to MySQL.
I'm really a newbie with MSSQL and I need some hints on how to do this task.

I received a .bak file which my boss told me that this a backup of the database
I have to port.

Then I installed MSQL 2000 developer edition on my workstation and then started
playing with it.

The problem is that I don't know how to connect to the database... and with what
application do some queries. In mysql I use phpMyAdmin which is really useful.
Is there something similar for SQL server? Or something like sqlplus under Oracle?

Moreover how can I install the .BAK file they sent me on my MSSQL install in order
to recreate the db on my workstation??

Thank you.


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How To Get Server Name? (Using VC++, MSSQL && ODBC)

Jun 9, 2006

Hi. Is there a way in order to get the Server name using MSSQL ODBC in Visual C++? Here's my code:

CString wstr_connect ;
wstr_connect.Format( "DSN=%s;UID=%s;PWD=%s", gstr_DBName, gstr_UserID, gstr_Password ) ;
CDatabase mydb ;
BOOL ret = mydb.OpenEx( wstr_connect, CDatabase::noOdbcDialog ) ;
CString info = mydb.GetConnect( ) ;

GetConnect only returns the database name, user ID, password and WSID. How do i get the server name?

Thanks in advance!

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Apr 30, 2007

Please tell me the equivalent of the below MySQL query in MSSQL Server .

tempvar1 varchar(12) NOT NULL default ''
KEY Firstkey USING BTREE(tempvar1)

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Free MSSQL Server

May 13, 2007

I need na free MSSQL sever hosting. I've been looking for it everywhere and i found this forum. I hope you will help me.

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MSSQL Server Service

Jan 4, 2007

Candy writes "I have a computer tower icon on the bottom toolbar/launchbar next to the time on my computer there is a round white circle super imposed on the left side.

I have had a recent power outage that messed up the computer and I reinstalled XP and both Office 2000 and the update 2003 full install. Then all the updates and service packs which have indicated they came in correctly.

My computer has been going into programming language like we used to use in the early 90's with dos. It shuts down before I can read any thing.

When I click on the icon left click a little box comes up saying server with a drop menu and service with a drop menu and they are blank. beneath that are start stop and pause buttons, beneath that is a box to be ticked that says auto start service when OS starts. No check in the box. AND, beneath that at the very bottom, it says Unknown-//- MSSQL Server.

I have no clue, can you tell me what is wrong?"

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Will MSSQL DB Server Perform Better With 2k3?

Jul 23, 2005

hey guys--i need some expert advice!we have a Dell PE 2650 with 2GHz and 2MB RAM with 2000 Server. on it wehave about 6 MSSQL DB's. a couple of the DB's are the back-end for adecent sized web app (5-10 users on average, 20 users at most). manytimes, the cpu skyrockets on our db server when using the web app.sometimes things timeout, other times not. at this time, upgrading thehardware is not an option. aside from increasing the timeout periods, iwas wondering if windows 2003 server would utilize the processor better(even just a little bit?) enough to know the difference.should i attempt the upgrade, or is 2003 no more efficient withprocessor resources?thanks a bunch!

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Cannot Start MSSQL Server 7

Jul 23, 2005

I am not able to start the MSSQL Server service on my system ever sinceI shifted my house and got a new network provider. Earlier, I was onthe local cable hub, now my computer is on a DSL network. I don't knowif the network would have something to do with it, but I am justproviding information for the sake of completeness.When I try starting MSSQL Server from the Services applet in theAdministrative Tools in Control Panel, I get a message saying,The MSSQLServer service on Local Computer started and then stopped.Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, forexample, the Performance Logs and Alerts service."Please help.

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MSSQL Server Accounting

Jul 20, 2005

Hello,How can I see which login make more traffic to MSSQL ? Not by IP andexternal firewall , but with binding to database login

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Transfering MSSQL Database To Server

Sep 9, 2004

Has anyone had a problem transfering a database to a server.
This is the first time I have done this.
I have a site and sqldatabase hosted by a hosting company and I am supposed to transfer my database
This is what I'm doing

From the Start Menu, select "Programs" -> "Microsoft SQL Server" -> "Import and Export Data" then click "Next".
In the "Server" field, type in the Name or IP of the source server (your server), choose "Use SQL Server Authentication," type in your username and password, choose your database from the "Database" field, click "Next".
Note: You can also use Windows Authentication if the SQL server is a local server.
In the "Server" field, type in the hostname of the DiscountASP SQL Server (this is listed in your hosting control panel), choose "Use SQL Server Authentication," type in your DiscountASP database username and password (this was sent in your database order confirmation email), choose your database from the "Database" field, click "Next".
Choose "Copy objects…", click "Next".
Uncheck Use Default Option.
Click Options, uncheck "Copy Database users and database roles", "Copy SQL Server logins", "Copy object-level Permissions".
Leave next window as is, click "Next".
Click "Finish".

It seems to work ok untill it gets to about 90% done then a message says "There has been an error" and gives no more info.
Can anyone help me out

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