How To Pass Null Parameter In Reporting Services(11th)

Mar 11, 2008

Hi all

How to pass Null parameter in Reporting Services.

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Unable To Pass Null Value With DropDownList Parameter In Reporting Services 2005

Dec 3, 2007


I have a stored procedure that on two fields it allows null. On the report, I have two DropDownList boxes that are populated with data, however, I would like the user to be able to have the option of not selecting an item from these list, thus passing null to the stored procedure.

When I goto "Report | Report Parameters" I have set these fields to "allow null" and "allow blank" and at the bottom I also gave it the default value of null.

When I run the report in preview mode, those two dropdownlist have a <Select a Value> and my assumption is since I want them to pass null, I will just leave them that way. However, when the report is ran, I receive an error saying "Please select a value for the parameter: (my parameter)". So it forces me to select an option at which I don't want to do.

How can I set this to pass a null?


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Pass Parameter From Reporting Services

Dec 11, 2007


I am trying to build a Reporting Services report that reads data from SSIS package based on a parameter specified.
In the RS report I created a parameter and added it to the dataset (no changes in data source though, only -f <path to dtsx file).
In the SSIS package I created a user variable scoped to Package, in the default User userspace. No mapping has been done as I don't know where (and if) should I set it up.
The problem is I get an error message when trying to view the report in RS saying "A requested parameter does not exists in the package".

Any help and/or ideas are appreciated, I couldn't find anything on "the internets"

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Reporting Services :: Give Meaning Full Name To Allow Null Value Check Box In Report Parameter Instead Of NULL?

Oct 20, 2015

In my report i have CNAME parameter , which allows null value. I checked Allow null value check box in report parameter properties.

when i preview the report , it displays checked NULL check box beside CNAME parameter . I want to give some meaningful name(i.e.ALLCustomers) to this checkbox instead of NULL. 

Is it possible through SSRS designer?

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Reporting Services :: How To Pass A Blank Parameter

Nov 24, 2015

I have 5 Parameters created in my report.

1, 2 and 3 parameter are text inputs. 4th is multi-value parameter and 5th is again a text input. I need to Pass a blank parameter to my 5th parameter.

1) I tried the below Expression in the "UploadedEnt" DataSet Properties and not in the "Main" DataSet.

=IIF(Parameters!UploadedEntiParam.Value ="",Nothing,Parameters!UploadedEntParam.Value)

I have taken the actual sql query (file) and I have just placed the select statement.

DataSet Name: UploadedEntselect distinct UploadEnt
SELECT DISTINCT col1, col2...
....) Ent

Order by 1OR logic has been applied in the Tablix Properties Filters as an expression.=Fields!value1.Value like Parameters!value1Param.Value Or Fields!value2.Value like Parameters!value2Param.Value Or Fields!value3.Value like Parameters!value3Param.Value Or Fields!value4.Value = Parameters!value4Param.Value(0) Or Fields!UploadEnt.Value = Parameters!UploadedEntParam.ValueFilter: Expression = TRUE2) I tried applying NULL check box which works perfectly but I do not want to apply that here.How to Pass a Blank Parameter?

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Reporting Services :: Share Point List Data Set Parameter Allow Null In Multivalue Drop Down Parameter

Aug 28, 2015

my dataset from sharepoint list. and this dataset value assign to parameter. i want when no any parameter is selected than it should filter like "ALL". when i select alow null value it give me prompt error you  can not select null in multivalue parameter.How can i do it. i am using share point list.

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Reporting Services :: Pass A Parameter To LDAP Query In SSRS

Aug 20, 2015

Is it possible to use a parameter in a ldap query using the ADsDSOObject provider?  I keep getting an error "The ICommandWithParameters interface is not supported by the "ADSDSOObject" provider".  Command parameters are unsupported with the current provider.

I don't have a linked server on my DB server to Active Directory so I'm just querying in the SSRS report design.  Here is my query for my dataset.  If I hard code an example it works.  Just doesn't work when I pass a parameter. I've tried making it an expression (= sign), Tried several syntax's, Tried everything I can think of.  Is this possible? or do I just need to push for a linked server?

="SELECT sAMAccountName, displayName, distinguishedName " +
"FROM 'LDAP://DC=xxxx,DC=xx,DC=xx,DC=xx,DC=xx,DC=xx' " +
"WHERE objectCategory = 'Person' " +
"AND objectClass = 'user' " +
"AND memberOf = '" + @GlobalGroup + "'"

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Reporting Services :: Pass Selected Parameter To Store Procedure Used To Populate Filter

May 12, 2015

I am working on a report where some customization is need to be delivered.. situation is , i have some parameter in report @USER_ID , @Report_Type where i am proving selection to user to select Report Type (Pending Or Completed) and passing USER_ID auto matically from URL string of user login(C# code).

I have another parameter @USER_IDS which is multiple selection for user and it will be filled with the users which lie under passed @USER_ID means i just need to add dataset with the query to select users from mapper table where reporting_head =@USER_ID, simple, but i have requirement to populate the underlined users with the selection of @USER_ID and @Report_Type and it need some TSQL code to populate so i am using Another store procedure and using same parameter as my main store procedure has .

Now i am using dataset with this store procedure  to fill my @USER_IDS  parameter 

Both parameters value will be passed from main report parameters now , when i am previewing a report i am getting error

and i also tried to write exec statement in dataset query with the main repport paramters but exec is not supported ..

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Reporting Services :: DateTime Parameter With NULL Value Is Default

Jul 4, 2015

I have a report with datetime parameter which is required to be optional (there should be an option not to select this parameter which would cause in not narrowing result of this report by this parameter).

I used datetime parameter

@daTo (to have the calendar control for selecting date) and check on "Allow Null" value. Here is default Value.

I've also tried to set DefaultValue expression was "=Nothing".  

IN my query of data set, here is the part I use the parameter @daTo
 ... Where (@daTo IS NULL OR TRUNC(@daTo) >= TRUNC(pe.start_time) ....

But when I run the report, I got below error:

ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected DATE got NUMBER

I think it @daTo value actually not null so it try to TRunc the value

I don't know how to set null value default in my report.

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Reporting Services :: Null Value Not Appearing In SSRS Multi-Select Parameter List

Apr 16, 2009

I am trying to get a null value to pass to a multi-select parameter in SSRS 2005.  The multi-select box is getting its possible values from the following query:


This query is pre-pending a row with NULL as the first ID.  The resulting data set is exactly what you would expect - Row 1 has a null in column CMP_ID, and <all companies> in column COMPANY.  All the rest of the rows have proper data. My multi-select parameter box is of type Multi-value Int, with possible values populated by this query and a default of NULL. However, when I preview the report, the <all companies> row disappears. 

It's not even in the list, and it's not getting selected by the default selector.  So, of course, when I try to View Report without selecting anything, I get prompted to select a company. Why the prepended row in my dataset is getting dropped from the multi-select box at display time?  And yes, I have to be able to pass a null value because the stored procedure on which the report is based expects this parameter to be optional.

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How Can I Pass NULL To A Parameter

Dec 11, 2006

How can I pass NULL to a parameter, if now entry is made in the textbox?
Dim KeywordParam As New SqlParameter("@Keyword", Me.KeyWordText.Text)

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HOw To Pass The Null Value To The Parameter Of The Stored Procedure

May 11, 2005

sSQL = "spBPT_Fuel_Set_Status_Approved"
cmdDailyPrices.CommandText = sSQL
cmdDailyPrices.Parameters.Add("@user", "Philippe")
cmdDailyPrices.Parameters.Add("@verbose", "0")
cmdDailyPrices.Parameters.Add("@Day_1_add", rowBand1.Cells(DayParameters.AddFactor).Value)
cmdDailyPrices.Parameters.Add("@Day_1_multiply", rowBand1.Cells(DayParameters.MultiplyFactor).Value)
cmdDailyPrices.Parameters.Add("@Day_2_add", "NULL")
cmdDailyPrices.Parameters.Add("@Day_2_multiply", "NULL")
For @Day_2_add and @Day_2_multiply parameters I want to pass the value as NULL not string "NULL"
could you please let me know how to do this?

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Pass Null To The Parameter In The Stored Procedure

Jul 12, 2007

Hi there,

I am using SQL Reporting Services to generate reports. I am calling the stored procedure from the reporting services. The procedure has parameters which take null. I am stuck with passing null to the parameter from the reporting services. I shows the error and the report is not generated. Could you please suggest the way to pass null to the stored procedure parameter from the SQL Reporting Services.

Kindly reply me with the possible solution ASAP.

Thanks in advance

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Pass Multivalue Parameter To Reporting Service.

Jul 24, 2007

How can I pass multivalue parameter to reporting service using post method? I cannot use URL because it would be too long.

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How Do I Pass Parameters In Reporting Services Over The Internet ?

Sep 15, 2007

I have developed some Reports using Reporting Services and I want to deploy them for access over the Internet.

These Reports allow the Users to specify parameters, such as Start and End Dates.

I am told that a User Interface has to be developed manually to provide this facility for some kind of security reason.

This seems very bizarre and the reason doesnt make much sense.

Is this really true ?

Thanks very much


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Reporting Services :: Preview Has One Extra Parameter Than Parameter List - SSRS

Aug 21, 2015

I am working on existing ssrs report. When I see the preview I could see the extra parameter than the actual parameter. 

How do I know , when this parameter is coming in the preview ?

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Reporting Services :: Multi-value Parameter Not Passing In Subreport Parameter List

Jul 29, 2015

I have two report , first is main report which is matrix and have one parameter User_ids which is multi value selection and my second report is basic chart of user_wise performance.

Now, my main report (matrix ) works fine for Multiple selection of users and i have putted one textbox on main report chart which has action properties set for chart report, when user click on chart button it must goes to chart with user selected in main report. Now , i have used expression for parameter to send it like ..

=join(parameter!user_id!value,",") which pass selected value to chart 

And when I am selecting single user it passing that value to chart parameter list but , when it is more than one user it errors with conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '121,128' to data type int. But my chart also works when passing 121,128 in user parameter in preview of report .

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Reporting Services :: Hide / Unhide A Parameter Based On Another Parameter?

Oct 18, 2015

I am using reporting services 2012, Can we make visibility of report parameter dynamic, ie can we make parameter visible or hide on certain condition or its visibility depends on other parameters Is this feature  available in any other updated version of ssrs? 

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Reporting Services :: Displaying Report Parameter Based On Another Parameter

Aug 10, 2015

I am using report builder 3.0.

I have a report parameter called para1 which is a drop-down list and what I want to do is display another report parameter based on the para1 selection.

So for example, para1 contains a, b, c choices.  if a user selects b, I would like para2 to display but if the user selects a or c, I don't want the para2 to display.

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Reporting Services :: Passing Parameter Via URL Using Javascript - Missing Parameter Value

Dec 3, 2015

Using SQL Server 2008R2 and Report Builder 3.0..I have an action set in a text box of a table. My intent is to pass the value of that text box (which is variable) to a sub-report in a popup window. Here's my code: URL....The parameter of the report I'm trying to open is @SONum.I'm guessing my error is involved in the formatting of how the value of the parameter is being passed. I've also seen examples where the report server and report values were parameterized, but I don't know where to define

Parameters!ServerAddress.Value anywhere.Do I need to have something set up a certain way within the report I'm opening? Here's the report Parameter settings on the report I'm trying to open.

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Reporting Services :: How To Pass Field Values As Parameters In A URL

Nov 23, 2015

We have an SSrS report that has a tablix cell with a textbox that is a hyperlink to another SSrS report.  We pass parameters to the report using the textbox properties>Action set to "Go to report" and setting the parameters to the value of a field and a parameter as shown below.  We want to set action to "Go to URL" and to pass these variable parameter values in the URL.  How is that done? URL....

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Reporting Services :: Adding Dataset Parameter Doesn't Add Report Parameter In Visual Studio 2008 SSRS

Apr 22, 2015

I'll go to a dataset, open up the query designer, add a new parameter, then refresh the fields, but the parameter won't be added as a report parameter.  If I go to the dataset properties under the list of parameters, the value in the dropdown will be blank.  However, sometimes this will automatically add. 

Is this a bug in Visual Studio?  How do I get around this? 

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Reporting Services :: How To Pass Processed Value From Subreport To Main Report

Nov 27, 2015

I have a main report and 2 sub reports. I would like to pass the total Premium Paid from 2nd Sub report , and Total Bonus received from 3rd Sub report back to main report.

My scenario is actualy much more complicated than what i had attached below, which i cannot join the query for the 3 different reports together. But for demo purpose, i created the following sample scenario.

My main report is to display the sales summary by person by location.

A person may have more than 1 account number, and each account number is entitly for bonuses. As illustrated below.

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Reporting Services :: Pass Multiple Values From Field To Sub Report

Dec 3, 2015

I would like to know how does subreport accept multi value, and how should i modify my expression so that the sub report will display correctly.

My main report will pass dynamic number of account number to sub report, it depends on how many account number a person has. I have my sub report parameter Data Type set as "Allow multiple values" and the visibility is "Visible".

Currently, I am using the following expression to try to pass multi value from main report to sub report. I had tested the result of that expression. It is showing the following result when there are 3 account numbers to pass to sub report.


With that expression, when only one account no is pass from main report to sub report, the sub report will display the result. But when more than one account numbers are passing over, the sub report display nothing, it is blank.


*Note: I cannot put the account number into a multivalue parameter in the main report and pass from that parameter to sub report. I know this will workd BUT I had tried that by setting the default value in the multivalue parameter to the dataset that consists of the account number. That involves 100 thousand plus plus account numbers and it will for sure over the limit of 8000 characters.

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Integration Services :: Pass Multiple Parameter Values To SSIS Package In 2012 Through Stored Procedure?

Jul 9, 2015

we can  assign one parameter value for each excecution of  [SSISDB].[catalog].[set_object_parameter_value] by calling this catalog procedure..

Example: If I have 5 parameters in SSIS package ,to assign a value to those 5 parameters at run time should I call this [SSISDB].[catalog].[set_object_parameter_value] procedure 5 times ? or is there a way we can pass all the 5 parameters at 1 time .

1. Wondering if there is a way to pass multiple parameters in a single execution (for instance to pass XML string values ??)
2.What are the options to pass multiple parameter values to ssis package through stored procedure.?

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Reporting Services :: Pass Parameters - Error In List Of Values In IN Clause

Nov 30, 2015

I have created a ssrs report which connects to vertica database through odbc connection. When I try to pass parameter value through parameter (e.g.:  column name  IN (@parameter) )  then getting error message in query designer prompting  "Error in list of values in IN clause.  Unable to parse query text. ". Using sql server 2012 , visual studio 2010 version and HP Vertica 7.1 . 

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Reporting Services :: Unable To Pass Parameters Dynamically In SSRS 2012

Oct 1, 2015

I am creating simple report in ssrs and pass one parameter only. It will work perfectly (here user enter the parameter value). but i need that i should select the value in drop down box. i had tried many time and did different ways but I am unable to do it.

First i gave the parameter in my sql query in Data set (like WHERE COUNTRY = @COUNTRY) and i checked the Parameters tab in the data set. Here by default comes the Parameter Name: COUNTRY and Parameter value: [@COUNTRY].

Next i select COUNTRY Parameter in the Report Data Pane. and go to properties Here in General Tab: Name COUNTRY Prompt: COUNTRY, Select Get values from query in available values Tab (and also i tried with Select Get values from query in Default Value Tab) and Select Data set: Data Set1, Value field: COUNTRY and Label Field COUNTRY. And Click Ok

And tried to preview the report, it throwing below error

"An error Occured during local report processing.  The definition of the report is invalid. The Report Parameter 'COUNTRY' has a DefaultValue or a ValidValue that depends on the report parameter "COUNTRY". Forward dependencies are not valid.

How can I achieve dropdown list.What i missed? Even i unable to do it Multi valued parameters and Cascading parameters.

Actually i am working on SQL Express 2012 version.

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How To Pass Pass The Parameter In SQL Command In SSIS Package

Jul 31, 2006


   We already used Oracle Datasatage Server the following Query statement for Source and there is parameter maping in the SQl Statement . How can achive in SSIS the Folowing Querystatment?


Query 1: (source View Query)
REPORT_DATE = (select max(report_date) from V_RDP_GOLD_PRICE where source_system_id = 'RM' )


Query 2: (look up )


report_date = TO_DATE(:2,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')  AND


please anyone give the sample control flow  and how to pass the parameter?


Thanks & regards



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Reporting Services :: IIF Statement And Null Value

Aug 12, 2015

In ssrs, I want to display a column "Actual Value", which is a currency field.

If the field is null, I want to display a "0.00" value, otherwise I want to display the actual value with 2 decimals as well

Not sure how to do this. Below is what I have so far....


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Reporting Services :: How To Exclude NULL From SUM In Charts

May 15, 2015

I have some data from SQL server which contains NULL values for certain fields. I have to create a chart with sum of a field. There is no category and series groups, we are just showing the total sum of a field in chart. Since I have NULL in my source data, nothing is displayed in the chart. I cannot exclude this record  from dataset as I have to use this record for other charts. I have to do some filtering in the chart area itself. I have given IsNothing() in the filter of chart properties. It does not work for me. Even I tried to give IsNothing() in the exp of  Sum() .

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Reporting Services :: How To Include Null Results

Apr 27, 2015

I have a report with a field as follows:


This field has 25 different Interventions type. i.e

Referral to Physician = 2
Referral to homecare=20

How do I format that so that the results include not only Intervention type with a value but Interventions with a value of 0 as well...

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Passing Null To Stored Procedure In Reporting Services

Jun 27, 2007


I have a report. I need to make a drop-down parameter optional. I've setup the parameter to use a dataset as its source, and I need to allow the value to be null. I've selected allow nulls check box, and I've even tried setting the default value to System.DBNull.Value. But, when the entry is not selected (blank), no data ever comes back. If the data is blank or null, my procedure works (I've tested it). How do I send a null value to the database through reporting services report? I was hoping to avoid creating a special query just for that purpose.


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Reporting Services :: SSRS Parameters Default Or Null Value

May 12, 2015

I'm trying to have a default or null value in the dropdown list of the parameters on SSRS report. The dataset is bound with the Dynamics-AX 2009 AOT query. In the screen shot below you can see that I need a show All option in the dropdown list.

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