How To Use Convert Date Statement In CmdInsert.Parameters.Add(Date,SqlDbType.DateTime).Value = Date

Sep 21, 2006

I am using SQL 2005, VB 2005
I am trying to insert a record using parameters using the following code as per MotLey suggestion and it works fine
string insertSQL;
insertSQL = "INSERT INTO Issue(ProjectID, TypeofEntryID, PriorityID ,Title, Area) VALUES (@ProjectID, @TypeofEntryID, @PriorityID ,@Title, @Area)";
cmdInsert SqlCommand;
cmdInsert=new SqlCommand(insertSQL,conn);

My query is how to detail with dates my previous code was
insertSQL += "convert(datetime,'" + DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yy") + "',3), '";
I tried the code below but the record doesn't save?
string date = DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yy");
insertSQL = "INSERT INTO WorkFlow(IssueID, TaskID, TaskDone, Date ,StaffID) VALUES (@IDIssue, @IDTask, @TaskDone, convert(DateTime,@Date,3),@IDStaff)"; 
cmdInsert.Parameters.Add("IDIssue", SqlDbType.Int).Value = IDIssue.ToString();
cmdInsert.Parameters.Add("IDTask",SqlDbType.Int).Value = IDTask.Text;
cmdInsert.Parameters.Add("TaskDone",SqlDbType.VarChar).Value = TaskDoneTxtbox.Text;
cmdInsert.Parameters.Add("Date",SqlDbType.DateTime).Value = date;
cmdInsert.Parameters.Add("IDStaff",SqlDbType.Int).Value = IDStaff.Text;
Could someone point to me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance

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How To Convert A Date (date/time) To A Julian Date

Jun 13, 2002

In SQL Server 2000:

How do I convert a Julian date to a Gregorian date?

How do I convert a Gregorian date to Julian?

Examples please.

Many thanks in advance.

Gary Andrews

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Transact SQL :: Convert Server Date MM/DD/CCYY To Oracle Date Formatted As NUMBER (8,0)

Apr 30, 2015

So I have to build dynamic T-SQL because of a date parameter that will be provided. The Date Parameter will be provided in SSRS in normal MM/DD/CCYY format. So how do I then convert that date to my Oracle format


I tried this...


but that put it in the format of...


Which is close...I think I just need to lose the "-"

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Help Needed Little Urgent---how To Convert The String Date To Standard Date Format In SQL Table

Sep 28, 2007

Using DTS package in 2000 version, I am dumping TXT file contents into SQL Table,

I have one column having date in format YYYYMMDD(20070929) and corresponding column in SQL is datetime, but it fails on data type mismatch.

I have no choice of making date column in SQL to string or Varchar etc,

is there any way to make that date column in SQL to convert the value upon transformation from format (YYYYMMDD) to M/DD/YYYY (9/29/2007).

many many thanks,

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How Do I Convert A Unix Date/Time Field To A Date When The The SQL DB Stores That Data As Char 11?

Nov 13, 2007

Hi there.
I'm trying to extract data from my SQL server & everything in the script I've got is working (extracting correct data) except for one field - which is for the most part it's off by +2 days (on a few occasions - I see it off by just +1 day or even +3, but it's usually the +2 days).

I'm told that it's due to the conversion formula - but - since SQL is not my native language, I'm at a bit of a loss.

The DB table has the date field stored as a type: CHAR (as opposed to 'DATE')
Can anyone out there help?

Please advise. Thanks.


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Convert Datetime String To Datetime Date Type

Mar 11, 2014

I am inserting date and time data into a SQL Server 2012 Express table from an application. The application is providing the date and time as a string data type. Is there a TSQL way to convert the date and time string to an SQL datetime date type? I want to do the conversion, because SQL displays an error due to the

My date and time string from the application looks like : 3/11/2014 12:57:57 PM

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Convert Date-string To Datetime

Jan 6, 2015

I am trying to convert a date-string of this format (DDMMMYY - ex. 06JAN15) to datetime but I keep on getting errors:

codes that I tried:
convert(datetime, '06JAN15', 6)
convert(datetime, '06JAN15', 112)

What date format code should I use for DDMMMYY?

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Convert DateTime To Date Using Rounding UDF

Feb 25, 2006

This UDF will strip off the time portion of a DateTime. It can give you either midnight last night, or midnight tonight.

Lets say you have two datetime values @dateStart and @dateEnd, and you want to select records between these dates (excluding any time portion), then you would do:

FROM MyTable
WHERE MyDateTimeColumn >= dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound(@dateStart, 0)
AND MyDateTimeColumn < dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound(@dateEnd, 1)

If you want to display dates, without the time, then do:

SELECT dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound(MyDateColumn, 0) AS [My Date]
FROM MyTable

PRINT 'Create function kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound'
IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.sysobjects WHERE id = object_id(N'[dbo].[kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound]') AND xtype IN (N'FN', N'IF', N'TF'))
DROP FUNCTION dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound
@dtDatedatetime,-- Date Value to adjust
@intRoundint-- 0=Round down [Midnight last night], 1=Round up [Midnight tonight]
RETURNS datetime
* kk_fn_UTIL_DateRoundConvert date to midnight tonight
*For a "limit" date of '01-Jan-2000' the test needs to be
*MyColumn < '02-Jan-2000'
*to catch any item with a time during 1st Jan
*SELECTdbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound(GetDate(), 0)-- Midnight last night
*SELECTdbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound(GetDate(), 1)-- Midnight tonight
* Returns:
* datetime
* 28-Jul-2005 KBM Started

SELECT@dtDate = DATEADD(Day, DATEDIFF(Day, 0, @dtDate)+@intRound, 0)

RETURN @dtDate

SELECT'01-Jan-2000', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('01-Jan-2000', 0)
SELECT'01-Jan-2000', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('01-Jan-2000', 1)

SELECT'01-Jan-2000 01:02:03', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('01-Jan-2000 01:02:03', 0)
SELECT'01-Jan-2000 01:02:03', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('01-Jan-2000 01:02:03', 1)

SELECT'28-Feb-2000 01:02:03', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('28-Feb-2000 01:02:03', 0)
SELECT'28-Feb-2000 01:02:03', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('28-Feb-2000 01:02:03', 1)

SELECT'29-Feb-2000 01:02:03', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('29-Feb-2000 01:02:03', 0)
SELECT'29-Feb-2000 01:02:03', dbo.kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound('29-Feb-2000 01:02:03', 1)

--==================== kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound ====================--
PRINT 'Create function kk_fn_UTIL_DateRound DONE'


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How To Convert Datetime To DATE '1936-04-13 07:00:00.000'

Jul 23, 2005

Does anybody can help me to convert datetime value let's '1936-04-1307:00:00.000' to DATE as '04/13/1936'. I need this value in the Excell asa DATE format.Thanks in advance

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Convert Numeric Date To DateTime

Apr 29, 2008

I have a column called 'FileDate' that is NUMERIC (18,0). The format is YMMDD. A sample of March 1st and 2nd, 2008:


Is there a way to convert/cast this to DateTime or SmallDateTime?

Thank you for your help!


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How To Convert Date-field To Date With Time Zone

Jul 4, 2014

I have passed createdDate from UI to Stored procedure.createdDate field declared with is having value 2014-07-01.I need to fetch records from the database based upon the created field.but Create_TM in database having value Date with how would i change the createdfield in stored procedure.

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[ByDateRange]

@Feed VARCHAR(50),

@CreatedDate DATETIME

select * from Date_table where Create_TM = @CreatedDate

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Convert String To Date Independent Of Date Format

Feb 15, 2008


I Have this simple convertion in a Script component

Dts.Variables("dateOfProcess").Value = CDate(lineMCF.Substring(30, 2) + "/" + lineMCF.Substring(28, 2) + "/" + lineMCF.Substring(24, 4))

this works fin in my development environment which has a spanish version of SQL Server and uses "DD/MM/YYYY" as date format.

but the production environment has an english version of SQL Server and "MM/DD/YYYY" date format, so the package crashes in this server.

How do I convert the string to date not depending on the SQL server language.


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Turning Off Calendar Date Picker On Date Parameters

Oct 24, 2007

Any way to disable the calendar datepicker show it does not even show up on the report?

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SQL 2012 :: Convert Datetime Into Date In SSIS

Dec 7, 2014

I have define two variable of Datetime type @Sdate and @Edate.

1. @Sdate = DATEADD ("DD", -5, GETDATE())
2. @Edate = GETDATE()
3. Using Forloopcontainer for pulling the data into batches
( @sdate = dateadd ( "HH" , 1, @sdate))

Now since i am using getdate() to define @Sdate. my variable gets data as ( 2014/12/08 11:43:00AM)

Converting GETDATE( 2014/12/08 11:43:00AM) to only date 2014/12/08 00:00:00AM.

I tired using DT_WSTR which works fine (converting datetime int String).

Problem occurs when i am going through For Loop container . Since i have used assignment of @Sdate is says its not allowed.

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Convert A Date Stored As A String Into A Datetime

May 28, 2007

Hello forum,
Is it possible to convert a date stored as a string into a datetime with integration services 2005? My attempts with the data conversion? fail. The string type form of the date is yyyy-mm-dd and the desired result for use in a Union All is dd/mm/yyyy 12:00:00AM. This outcome is needs so that match on the date can populate a fact table, as the results are coming from two different databases.
All advice/help welcomed.

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Convert Datetime Field To Display Date

Aug 9, 2006

I have a field that I would like to only display the date as mm/dd/yyyy. Current field shows mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Convert Datetime To W3C Date And Time Format

Dec 21, 2014

I have a standard datetime and I need to convert it to the client specification of:

eg: 2009-04-16T19:20:30+08:00

I am not sure of the easiest way to do this.

The test code below gets me part of the way but I am unsure on how to get the offset on the end without hardcoding to much.

DECLARE @datetime DATETIME = '2014-12-20 12:30:00'
SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(30),@datetime,127)

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Concatenate / Convert Date And Time Into Datetime

Aug 3, 2015

We have 2 columns:

StartDate - data type Date
StartTime - data type Time

I need to combine them into a DateTime data type. For now, I convert each of them into varchar, insert space in between, and convert to DateTime, like this:

convert(datetime, convert(varchar(10), EndDate , 101) + ' ' + CONVERT(varchar(20), EndTime,24))

Is there a better, more elegant way to do this?

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How To Convert Date String To Date Time

Jan 8, 2013

I have a table in which a date value is stored as varchar.some of these values are stored ina dd/mm/yyyy format and other values are stored in a yyyy-mm-dd format..Now I wish to retrieve some data by querying between two dates. However I need to convert the varchar date value to datetime in order to do this but since the date value is in two different formats, the following doesn't work.

select date_value
from my_table
where CONVERT(DATETIME, date_value, 103) between @date1 and @date2

How can you convert the date value to datetime when its stored in mutiple formats. I can't change the table itself as I dont have admin privelages.

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Convert A Date Specified As An Integer (e.g. 20070101) To A Date

May 28, 2007

My source database stores dates as integers (e.g. 20070101). I need to convert to a "real" date for my target system.

I'm guessing I need to create a derived column - could someone help me out with the appropriate expression?



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Transact SQL :: Date Arithmetic With Date And Datetime

Sep 21, 2015

if I do this:

print @@version
print 'arithmetic with datetime'
begin try
declare @datetime datetime = getdate()

[Code] ....

... I get this:

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP2) - 10.50.4042.0 (X64) 
Mar 26 2015 21:18:04 
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
Express Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.2 <X64> (Build 9200: )

arithmetic with datetime
@datetime = Sep 22 2015  1:39PM
arithmetic with date
Msg 206, Level 16, State 2, Line 3
Operand type clash: date is incompatible with int

Why the inconsistency? Datetime is lenient in this regard - I can even do set @datetime += 0.5 (although the meaning is less intuitive).

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Remove 'All' From 'From Date' And 'To Date' Report Parameters

Mar 31, 2008


I'm using the following code (created by Report Designer) to populate the From and To data controls in my report;

WITH MEMBER [Measures].[ParameterCaption] AS '[Check Date].[Date].CURRENTMEMBER.MEMBER_CAPTION' MEMBER [Measures].[ParameterValue] AS '[Check Date].[Date].CURRENTMEMBER.UNIQUENAME' MEMBER [Measures].[ParameterLevel] AS '[Check Date].[Date].CURRENTMEMBER.LEVEL.ORDINAL' SELECT {[Measures].[ParameterCaption], [Measures].[ParameterValue], [Measures].[ParameterLevel]} ON COLUMNS , [Check Date].[Date].ALLMEMBERS ON ROWS FROM [MyCube]

The report parameters for From and To contain a first item of 'All' which I don't want. How can I remove this please?


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Cannot Convert Yymmdd Unicode Date String To SQL Server DateTime

Jan 28, 2008

I have tried a few different things within a Derived Column transform to convert a unicode yymmdd date string to SQL Server DateTime.

Does anyone have ideas on how to do this?

Thank you for your help!


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How Can I Convert A Date And An Amount In My Select Statement

Jan 17, 2007

I need to convert a date like 08/1/2009 to 0809
I also need to show currency as 100.00 and not 100.0000
How can I do these in a select statement?
SELECT CONVERT(Varchar(20),ExpirationDate,10) AS ExpirationDate, Amount FROM tblPayment
I appreciate any help!

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How To Get Date Only From A Date Datetime Stamp

Oct 30, 2006

I have a date and time variable like dateVariable = '30/10/2006 12:45:36 AM'.(DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS)

From this variable how to fetch only the date part in the format of MM/DD/YYYY

How to write sql query
I mean the result should be like 10/30/2006.


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How To Convert Long Date Format To Short Date Format In Store Procedure.

Feb 1, 2008

E.g, i have a store procedure. The start date is long date (4/15/2007 3:00pm). i want to select the start date with a particular date (short date format 4/15/2006). Thanks in advance.

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SQL 2012 :: Use Date Trunc Or Date Function To Select Date Range For Month On Month View

Jul 29, 2015

My goal is to select values from the same date range for a month on month view to compare values month over month. I've tried using the date trunc function but I'm not sure what the best way to attack this is. My thoughts are I need to somehow select first day of every month + interval 'x days' (but I don't know the syntax).In other words, I want to see

Jan 1- 23rd
feb 1-23rd
march 1-23rd
april 1-23rd

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How To Convert Datetime Field To A Date Field So Excel Recognize It As Data Type

May 17, 2015

I embedded a SQL query in excel that gets some datetime fields like "TASK_FINISH_DATE" .

How can I convert a datetime field to a date field in SQL in a way that excel will recognize it as a date type and not a text type?

I tried:

**all of the above returned text objectes in excel and not date objects.

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DB Design :: Convert Integer Date (MMDDYY) And Integer Time (HHMMSS) To DateTime Format?

Jul 20, 2015

Working on a new database where the Date and Time are stored in a Date Time Field.

Then working on an OLDER database file within the same SQL Database contains these 2 items as integers:

transDate = "71615" (July 16, 2015)
transTime = "12345" (01:23:45 AM)

How do we convert both of them into a single SQL DateTime field such as "2015-07-16 01:23:45.000" so that it can be used in a join restricting to a date time in a different SQL File that properly has the DateTime in it?

This works well for converting the transDate Part in the select statement:

   dbo.IntegerToDate(at.transDate) as transDate

   * That returns: "2015-07-16 00:00:00.000"

* The resulting data must work directly in a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Query using either using the "on" statement or part of the "where" clause. In other words, NOT as a stored procedure!

Also must be able to be used as a date difference calculation when comparing the 2 files Within say + or - 5 seconds.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Finding Beginning Date From Multiple Lines Of Date Ranges?

Mar 20, 2015

I am trying to find a beginning date from multiple date ranges, for example:

RowNumberidBegin dtEnd Dt

For this id: 0793319, my beginning date is 2011-09-06

408203492011-12-122012-07-03--not a continuous date range

For this id: 0793319, my beginning date is 2012-09-04


For this id: 0820349, my beginning date is 2014-09-02

To find continuous date, you look at the beginning date in row 1 and end date in row 2, then if no break in dates, row 2 beginning date to row 3 end date, if no break continue until last date There could multiple dates up to 12 which I have to check for "no break" in dates, if break, display beginning date of last continuous date.

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Match Two Different Date Columns In Same Table And Update Third Date Column

May 30, 2015

I want to compare two columns in the same table called start date and end date for one clientId.if clientId is having continuous refenceid and sartdate and enddate of reference that I don't need any caseopendate but if clientID has new reference id and it's start date is not continuous to its previous reference id then I need to set that start date as caseopendate.

I have table containing 5 columns.



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Date Function - Conversion Failed When Converting Date And / Or Time From Character String

Mar 18, 2014

I have the following

Column Name : [Converted Date]
Data Type : varchar(50)

When I try and do month around the [Converted Date] I get the following error message

“Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.”

My Query is

month([Created Date])
FROM [FDMS_PartnerReporting].[Staging].[Salesforce_MarketingReporting]

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SQLS7&&VB6 Date Update Gives Syntax (Not Date Format) Error In Stored Procedure

Jul 20, 2005

Hi,I have a problem with updating a datetime column,When I try to change the Column from VB I get "Incorrect syntax near'942'" returned from [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]'942' is the unique key column valueHowever if I update any other column the syntax is fineThe same blanket update query makes the changes no matter what isupdatedThe problem only happens when I set a unique key on the date field inquestionKey is a composite of an ID, and 2 date fieldsIf I allow duplicates in the index it all works perfectlyI am trying to trap 'Duplicate value in index' (which is working onother non-date columns in other tables)This is driving me nutsAny help would be appreciated

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