SQLS7&&VB6 Date Update Gives Syntax (Not Date Format) Error In Stored Procedure

Jul 20, 2005


I have a problem with updating a datetime column,
When I try to change the Column from VB I get "Incorrect syntax near
'942'" returned from [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]

'942' is the unique key column value

However if I update any other column the syntax is fine

The same blanket update query makes the changes no matter what is

The problem only happens when I set a unique key on the date field in
Key is a composite of an ID, and 2 date fields

If I allow duplicates in the index it all works perfectly

I am trying to trap 'Duplicate value in index' (which is working on
other non-date columns in other tables)

This is driving me nuts

Any help would be appreciated

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How To Convert Long Date Format To Short Date Format In Store Procedure.

Feb 1, 2008

E.g, i have a store procedure. The start date is long date (4/15/2007 3:00pm). i want to select the start date with a particular date (short date format 4/15/2006). Thanks in advance.

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Format Date In A Stored Procedure

Nov 13, 2006

Dear friends,

I have a stored procedure that returns some fiels. One of the fields is a datetime type.

The field return in the follow format : 2006-11-13 0:00:00

How can I return only 2006-11-13? How can I use the format function?


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How To Know Latest Update Date Of Each Stored Procedure ?

Aug 3, 2006

on SQL Server 2000
They show only Create date
but I need know update date
because I install my system on customer's site and solve problem on customer site
and I can't bring all stored procedure back to my office and restore all stored
because of my database have two projects.
Please Help me.....

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Stored Procedure - Update Date Difference In The Table

Apr 12, 2014

I created one stored procedure to update the date difference in the table . in this table i have dt1,dt2,dt3... column and diff1,diff2... I wanted to find the difference between dt2 and dt1, and dt4 and dt3 and put it in separate column.

When I compiled the stored procedure, it did not show any error. But when i execute, it shows the error:

Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string.

ALTER procedure [dbo].[autopost1]
declare inner int

[Code] ....

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Jul 20, 2005

What getdate() syntax command can give me time in the following format:10:41:55 AMRegards,Addi

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SQL Query Syntax To Format Date Fields

Oct 21, 2005

Hi! Good Day!

What is the syntax to format the datefield? The value of my datefield is like this:

10/13/2005 5:15:02 PM

What is the select query to filter the date only. My desired result should be:



Thanks :)

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Stored Procedure Giving Error When Searching On Date Range

Aug 20, 2007

I've  a report whose columns are returned from a stored procedure. Now I want to display the report based on a date range. The date field is Received. It's in dbo.master. I added 2 parameters start date and end date. When I check the condition if dbo.master.Received>StartDate and dbo.master.Received < EndDate directly I'm getting error. Could someone tell me what mistake I'm doing? Thanks for your help!ALTER Procedure [dbo].[USP_Reports_NewTier1]
@ClientCode VARCHAR(7) = '',@UserID INT = 0
,@OrderID INT =0
,@StartDate datetime,@EndDate datetime
IF @ClientCode <> '' and dbo.master.Received > StartDate and dbo.master.Received<EndDateBEGIN SELECT --Root Select --ClientName @ClientName = (Select Name  FROM dbo.customer c     WHERE   c.Customer = @ClientCode)     ,@TotalDollarValue = (SELECT SUM(m.current1-m.paid1)     FROM dbo.master m     WHERE phase=1     AND m.Customer = @ClientCode    AND M.Status <> 'PIE')
 ,@AverageAge = ISNULL((select avg(age) from    (select datediff(day,Received,CASE WHEN clidlp>clidlc then clidlp else clidlc END)* -1 as age    from dbo. master M    WHERE phase=1 AND customer = @ClientCode AND M.Status <> 'PIE') x),0)END

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SQL's America Date Format Conflict With Australian Date Format

Nov 14, 2006


I am trying get my VB6 application to insert a record into a table (SQL Express) which has a datetime column but it would not process if the data format is differ to *American Date format*.

The date() function in VB returns 15/11/2006 which is in Australian Date format (DD/MM/YYYY) according to my setting in "Reginal and Lanuage Option-> Locale 0> English (Australia)" setting.

I get the following error:

Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Server KITSQLEXPRESS, Line 1
The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.
The statement has been terminated.

My computer's locale is set to English (Australia) and I expect the datetime format would follow what is set in system locale

I've read an article somewhere on the net about how SQL 2005 eliminate the confusion of date conversion when read/write datetime records into a table...but it seems to me that it is still as in-flexible as MS Access

Is there a setting in the database that takes care of it?


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How To Update A Date With Dd/mm/yyyy Format

Jan 28, 2008

How do I update a date with this format?  I put HTMLEncode = false and dataformatString = {0:d} so I can just have the date and drop the time.  Now it's not updating in the database.
Here's my stored procedure:
CREATE PROCEDURE [UpdateRtnDate]  @loanrequestid int, @returndate datetime  AS Update LibraryRequest
set[returndate]=@returndatewhere loanrequestid = @loanrequestid 
It doesn't go into the database what am I misisng?

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Converting SQL Date Format To Oracle Date Format

May 28, 2008


I have a column date in my database which I should send it to Oracle database. The Date format in Oracle is number. I don’t know how should I convert the date to that format?
Example :
SQL FormatOracle Format
02/16/05 105046


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Help Needed Little Urgent---how To Convert The String Date To Standard Date Format In SQL Table

Sep 28, 2007

Using DTS package in 2000 version, I am dumping TXT file contents into SQL Table,

I have one column having date in format YYYYMMDD(20070929) and corresponding column in SQL is datetime, but it fails on data type mismatch.

I have no choice of making date column in SQL to string or Varchar etc,

is there any way to make that date column in SQL to convert the value upon transformation from format (YYYYMMDD) to M/DD/YYYY (9/29/2007).

many many thanks,

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Sharepoint Integration With Erroneous Date Format In Date Time Picker

Sep 5, 2007

Dear Expert!

A server with SQL 2005 sp2, Reporting Services and Sharepoint services (ver 3.0) (in integrated mode) gives an odd error. When viewing a Reporting Services report with a Date Time Picker, the date chosen is wrong. The preferred setting is Danish with the date format dd-mm-yyyy. The date picker shows the months in Danish but when selecting a date, and clicking on the Apply-button, the date reformats to US (mm-dd-yyyy).

When choosing 5th of September 2007 and clicking apply, it shows in the picker, 9th of May 2007.
When choosing 26th of September 2007 and clicking apply, it shows, again in US format, the RIGHT date but adds a timestamp 12:00 AM? in the end, making further enquiries to fail.

The report itself receives the right date and shows correctly. The only case it fails is, when the time stamp appears.

The server is a 32-bit one with 4 GB RAM. A testserver with identical collation on the Reportserver database cannot recreate the error. The site containing the reports has been set to Danish in the regional settings. To Reinstall is not an option.

The test report has no database connection whatsoever.

When setting the site to US, the timestamp wont appear at all.

The server has been restarted and the installation procedure was of the simple kind. No special tweaks at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Johan Rastenberger

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SSRS Date Parameter - Showing Date Format On Right Hand Side

Jul 24, 2007

I am having report parameter end date I am showing the default value "5/21/2007 11:59:59 PM" in the end date paramter. And also I want to show date time format "(MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMS)" in the right hand side of the parameter. How to do this?

Thank You

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Integration Services :: How To Load Multiple Date Format Column Date Into Table Using SSIS

Jun 15, 2015

i have a excel file in which i have a date column it having the below date formats below 

Install Date










So using SSIS how we would load this date column into the table into one format like dd/mm/yyyy or any single date format

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Date Format - Column Which Select First Day Of Given Month Of Converted Date

Oct 21, 2013

Aim – Convert the following field ”[INSTALLATION_DATE]” date format from “20090709” Into this “2009-07-09” ,

Also create a new column called “BegMonth” which selects first day of the given month of the converted date column

The table is ;

FROM [FDMS].[dbo].[stg_LMPAB501]


Required Results

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Date Picker In Web Browser Shows Incorrect Date Format

Apr 10, 2008

I am using reporting services, when I go to view my report in Report Manager (web browser is IE7), I choose a date from a date picker control, and the date that populates the date field is in US format mm/dd/yyyy, however in my regional settings, although I have English(United States) I have altered my short date format to be dd/mm/yyyy.

Currently my report will display an error saying the date is an invalid format if I pick a date that violates the mm/dd/yyyy format. I want it to display the date format that I have defined in my regional settings, without modifying the 'Language Preference' settings for IE.

The report properties has =User!Language for the 'Language' property.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Stored Procedures-date Time Format

Apr 25, 2001

I have many existing tables within my db with the date format mm/dd/yyyy
Is it possible to run a stored procedure in order to convert the EXISTING records to the date format dd/mm/yyyy?

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How To Get Todays Date In Format YY/MM/DD And To Compare It To Another Date Passed Into The Sql

Dec 11, 2007

I need to do the following and am hoping someone can help me out.
I have C#(asp.net app) that will call a stored procedure. The C# will pass in a date to thestored procedure. The date is in the format YY/MM/DD. Once inside of the stored procedure, the datepassed into the stored proc needs to be compared to todays date. Todays date must be determined inthe SQL.
So basically here is my pseudo code for what I am trying to accomplish. Basically I just am afterthe comparison of the two values:
If @BeginDate < TodaysDate
The difficult part is how to obtain the value for "TodaysDate"
Taking into consideration that "TodaysDate" should probably be in the format of YY/MM/DD considering that is how the date it is to be compared with is being passed in.
Can someone please code this out for me in Microsoft SQL. I would be forever grateful.

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Convert String To Date Independent Of Date Format

Feb 15, 2008


I Have this simple convertion in a Script component

Dts.Variables("dateOfProcess").Value = CDate(lineMCF.Substring(30, 2) + "/" + lineMCF.Substring(28, 2) + "/" + lineMCF.Substring(24, 4))

this works fin in my development environment which has a spanish version of SQL Server and uses "DD/MM/YYYY" as date format.

but the production environment has an english version of SQL Server and "MM/DD/YYYY" date format, so the package crashes in this server.

How do I convert the string to date not depending on the SQL server language.


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MSDE Update SQL Stored Procedure Syntax

May 10, 2004

I have 2 tables, table A and B. Table A has the following fields; Phone (nvchar), Fname (nvchar), Lname (nvchar), DNC (bit). Table B has one field, PhoneNo (nvchar). I would like to update the field DNC in Table A to True(1) if the values Phone in Table A = PhoneNo in Table B.

I tried this syntax but it never updated:

WHERE (Phone = 'SELECT MAX dbo.B.PhoneNo FROM dbo.B')

These tables have over 100K records and I would like to make sure it runs through and checks every single record and not just the first 10000.

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Correct Syntax For An Update Stored Procedure

Nov 24, 2005

This is probably a very simple question but i would appreciate some helpwith the correct syntax for and update stored procedureI  have created  user form that allows the user to update the name and address fields in a datatable called  customers based on the input value customer ID =  ( datatable/Customers)customerIDI have got this far and then got lost:Create SP_UpdateCustomer(@customerID, @name, @address)As Update customers ( name, address)Where customerID =  @customerID GOCould anyone tell me what the correct sntax should be.many thanksMartin

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Invalid Date Format Error ... Please Help ...

May 2, 2002


I'm using ODBC (System DSN) to connect to SQL Server 7.0 Database.
Whenever I try to connect to SQL Server Database from my client
application, I'm getting the following error message -

Microsoft SQL Server has reported the following error:

[Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] Invalid Date format

After this message, I'm getting another error message -


Cannot create a record in table SysConfig (SysConfig).
The SQL Database has issued an error.


Subsequently, I get another error message -

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid date format [INSERT INTO SYSCONFIG


) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)]

The application that I'm trying to connect from is a package from 3rd
Party. I do not have any control over it.

But I think the problem could be from the side of SQL Server. Can someone
look into this please?


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Date Time Format For Date Parameter

Jan 24, 2008


I am using the calender parameter and I need to convert my data date format to the one that matched that is returned on selecting a date from this calender. Can you show me what this format is.

how can I convert my existing date format to this format. The existing date format is 2007-07-26 21:27:13.000

thank you

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Match Two Different Date Columns In Same Table And Update Third Date Column

May 30, 2015

I want to compare two columns in the same table called start date and end date for one clientId.if clientId is having continuous refenceid and sartdate and enddate of reference that I don't need any caseopendate but if clientID has new reference id and it's start date is not continuous to its previous reference id then I need to set that start date as caseopendate.

I have table containing 5 columns.



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Default Date(current Date) Function W/ Update?

Mar 10, 2008

I have a reference table that currently has no web front-end. It's a small table(<10 rows) that's not going to change very often (maybe once every few months).

We manually update rows on the table via the GUI table interface in Enterprise Mgr., not in T-SQL.

What I'd like to do is have SQL Server automatically update the "Last_Modified" column with the current timestamp. I can do it on an Insert using the GetDate() function, but if I update a row, this doesn't work.

Is there a function I can use that can auto-populate for both insert and updates?

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Julian Date Into Our Date Format

Nov 11, 2002

anybody has query regarding converting date from Julian into our our dateformat?.
Your Help really apreciated,

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ERROR:Syntax Error Converting Datetime From Character String. With Stored Procedure

Jul 12, 2007

Hi All,

i have migrated a DTS package wherein it consists of SQL task.

this has been migrated succesfully. but when i execute the package, i am getting the error with Excute SQL task which consists of Store Procedure excution.

But the SP can executed in the client server. can any body help in this regard.

Thanks in advance,


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Stored Procedure With Date

May 7, 1999

There is a stored procedure to run each Sunday. I would like to get the order date from previous Sunday through Saturday. Right now we code as
"OrderDate Between convert(datetime, '05/02/99') AND
convert(datetime, '05/08/99') "
Each week the dates have to be manually changed. How to use the date function to make it automated?

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Date Stored Procedure

Jul 20, 2005

Hi all,I am trying to write a stored procedure that will delete records in atable that are older then 30 days. I am checking against a field thatis called PositionDate. Can someone point me in the right direction?TIA

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ASP Script Update Date Error, Please Help

Sep 25, 2007

user_id int(4)
user_name varchar(20)
rec_date datetime

c_user_id = trim(request("user_id"))
c_user_name = trim(request("user_name"))
c_rec_date = now()

Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

sql = "update ABC.dbo.member set user_name = '"& c_user_name &"', rec_date = #"& c_rec_date &"# where user_id='"& c_user_id &"'"

conn.Execute sql
set rsinsert=nothing


error :

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E14)
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '上?'.

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Alias &#043; Stored Procedure Syntax Error

Jun 21, 2008


Im new to this forum and new also to SQL SERVER Edition Express.

Im trying to creat stored procedure. My main problem is that I need to display an alias consisting of 2 fields in a combobox (VB.Net) using also an innerjoin. Can anyone help me find my mistake please

My code is here and the error is :
Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Procedure LA_suppName, Line 16
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'INNER'.


@supplierFID int,
@supplierID int,
@LANo nvarchar(15) OUTPUT,
@suppName nvarchar(MAX) OUTPUT



-- Insert statements for procedure here

SELECT tb_LA.LANo, tb_supplier.suppName AS OrderSupplier
INNER JOIN tb_supplier ON tb_LA.supplierFID=tb_supplier.supplierID
Order by tb_LA.LANo



Eventually I would need to use tb_LA.LANo and make a query to populate the tb_LABooks in another combobox on selectvaluechanged. Is this possible please???

Many thanks

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Group By Date In Stored Procedure

Sep 12, 2007

I am trying to to a transaction count (per day) running a stored procedure that does a group by date. The problem is that since the date has a time stamp (I assume) it sees each date as a different group even if it's the same day. Is there a way to format the date in the stored procedure so that it sees all of the transactions on the same day as one or is there another way to do this.
Select count(recordid),transactiondatefrom sometable group by transactiondate
in advance

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