Integration Services :: Empty String Is Showing As NULL Value In Database?

Oct 8, 2015

In my source table, I have columns FirstName and LastName, both of datatype nvarchar. In my dataflow, I created two new derived columns mapped to these two columns. When pushing data to the source, I noticed that the FirstName column had a value of NULL while LastName was just an empty string (for rows that did not have any value).

My question is, why my source table column FirstName is showing a NULL value when the derived column datatype is string and the source is string? It should just be showing an empty string right?

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Integration Services :: How And Using Which SSIS Component To Change Empty String Value To 0

Oct 4, 2015

I have my SSIS package that reads elements from a Sharepoint list to a SQL table. The data type of my source is string and the destination is integer. The source column can sometimes be an empty string "" (not a required column)

Which expression to use and "where" or "what" SSIS component can I add this expression to? Like I know that I can use the "Conditional Split" to filter the data so for my expression which component can I use?

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Empty String To Null

Jul 11, 2001

create view v_GuestOrder
Select T1.id_Guest,T2.OrderName
from Guest T1
left join Order T2 T2.id_order = T1.Id_order

select * from v_GuestOrder
Id_Guest OrderName
-------- -----
1 spoon
2 phone
4 tv

I need something similar to

case orderName
when '' then Null -- Sql server gives error in thsi case
end as orderName
from v_GuestOrder

So I need to assign NULL to OrderName is query return empty string,
it will be treated by Crystal reports as Null

Please help , thanks

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Checking If String Is NULL Or EMPTY In SQL

Nov 9, 2007

I need to check in my Stored procedure if the information passed is null or empty so I can decided to insert the new value or keep the old. How do I accomplish this please in T-SQL. Thanks in advance.

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Insert Empty String Or Null To Sql Db

Jan 12, 2008

Trying to insert null value into sql table, but not working, if I use:
 if (strMyText.Length == 0)        command.Parameters.Add("@Text", DBNull.Value); // or using:("@Text", null), or using:("@Text", DBNull) else         command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Text", strMyText); 
When I go back to table, I see the value is: 'NULL', has single quotation mark, suppose to be: NULL
Where is the problem?
Thanks a lot.

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Null Or Empty String Use More Space?

Aug 9, 2005

Hi all,   I have some columns in my database which allows null.  I want to know if leaving the field to be NULL or storing an empty string into the field, which will take up more space?? if the field type is varchar(100)

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HELP : Empty String To Null Conversion By SQL

Nov 10, 2005

Hi folks,

I've have about 100 tables, for some reasons, column values that are originally NULL was inserted as emtpy string. So, I am wondering if I can write JUST ONE SQL (hopefully don't have to specify the field names in the SQL as well) for each table so that all the empty strings will be converted back to NULL.


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Integration Services :: SSIS Reads Nvarchar Values As Null When Excel Column Includes Decimal And String Values

Dec 9, 2013

I have SQL Server 2012 SSIS. I have Excel source and OLE DB Destination.I have problem with importing CustomerSales column.CustomerSales values like 1000.00,2000.10,3000.30,NotAvailable.So I have decimal values and nvarchar mixed in on Excel column. This is requirement for solution.However SSIS reads only numeric values correctly and nvarchar values are set as Null. Why?

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Import_CustomerSales](
 [CustomerId] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
 [CustomeName] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
 [CustomerSales] [nvarchar](50) NULL

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NULL Values Vs Empty String Vs Space

Oct 25, 2006

How do I define a field to have the default value = ''. Not NULL but not a space either in SQL Server 2005?

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Detect And Convert An Empty String (from Textbox) To Null?

Jun 9, 2007

 Hi all,I have this code that I use for my Search function:SELECT DISTINCT [MUSIC_TITLE], [MUSIC_ORIGINAL_SINGER], [MUSIC_PERFORMER]FROM t_musicWHERE (@MUSIC_TITLE IS NULL OR [MUSIC_TITLE] LIKE '%' + @MUSIC_TITLE + '%') AND (@MUSIC_ARTIST IS NULL OR ([MUSIC_ORIGINAL_SINGER] LIKE '%' + @MUSIC_ARTIST + '%' OR [MUSIC_PERFORMER] LIKE '%' + @MUSIC_ARTIST + '%')) But right now if I don't enter anything in one of the textbox (2 have two, either of them can be left empty), the above Sql statement doesn't return anything since ADO.NET can't tell an empty textbox and treat it at null... So anyone please help me how to detect an empty textbox and set that to null for the above SQL statement to work. (It work in SQL Manager Studio, when I set one of the parameter = null.) I'm very new to ASP.NET stuffs, so if someone can help me to convert that function to code-behind and help me to call it from the .aspx, that would be even better as I don't want to put the code in my .aspx page... But I'm not quite there yet. Thank you all,Kenny.  

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Converting Empty String To Null When Inserting/updating

Mar 10, 2006

    I am using the following query to calculate date differences:select ..........DATEDIFF(d,  recruitment_advertising.advertising_date, career_details.RTS_Email AS Datetime) AS Ad_to_RTS_days FROM .....I have stored all my dates as NVARCHAR because of the issues with localization.If the value is an empty String my output is eg: -38700. which is way off and incorrect. Some of the values in my table are NULL and they produce the correct result.Is there a T-SQL statement to replace empy Strings with the NULL value in my tables.I'd like to use it as a trigger when inserting or updating to convert empty strings to NULLbefore the values are inserted.Thanks guys.

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Oracle Empty String == NULL Behavior In SQLServer 2k5?

Feb 15, 2007

I'd like to have Oracle's empty string behavior in SQLServer 2k5. Oracle treats an empty string as NULL's.

In PL/SQL can do:
... and it'd return rows containing NULL's as well as empty strings.

Can this be done? I couldn't find a setting for it.



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Anyway To Check If A Text Field Is Blank (not Null But Just A Empty String '') ?

Oct 27, 2004

i have a trigger on a table right now... when fields are inserted, theres a text field inserted and i want to check if that text field = '' (the empty string, not NULL) and if it doesn't equal that, then perform some row updates on other tables, but if it is empty, to not do anything else in the trigger... right now i have this:


IF ((SELECT Note FROM XATPoDetail WHERE ReqNbr = (SELECT ReqNbr FROM Inserted)) LIKE(''))

Note is the text field, XATPoDetail is the table where its being inserted into. I had to do the select FROM the table because it wouldn't let me select a text data type from the "Inserted" virtual table

but it tells me me "Error 279: The text, ntext, and image data types are invalid in this subquery or aggregate expression"


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Anyway To Check If A Text Field Is Blank (not Null But Just A Empty String '') ?

Oct 27, 2004

i have a trigger on a table right now... when fields are inserted, theres a text field inserted and i want to check if that text field = '' (the empty string, not NULL) and if it doesn't equal that, then perform some row updates on other tables, but if it is empty, to not do anything else in the trigger... right now i have this:

IF ((SELECT Note FROM XATPoDetail WHERE ReqNbr = (SELECT ReqNbr FROM Inserted)) LIKE(''))

Note is the text field, XATPoDetail is the table where its being inserted into. I had to do the select FROM the table because it wouldn't let me select a text data type from the "Inserted" virtual table

but it tells me me "Error 279: The text, ntext, and image data types are invalid in this subquery or aggregate expression"


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Derived Column Logic To Replace Empty String With Null?

Nov 7, 2006

Ok.. so I have a fixed position data feed. I read the file in as just whole rows initially, process a specific position and evaluate a conditional split to determine direction of the file for proper processing (file contains multiple recors with different layouts). This all works fine. I then use the derived column feature to process all the columns.

Most of the columns are as simple as SUBSTRING(RecordData,1,10) for example to get the first column. This all works for string data. I then have a column that is a date field. The problem occurs that the code SUBSTRING(RecordData,20,10) returns either a date or empty set of data if no date was in the original file. When this gets sent to the OLEDB connection (SQL Server 2005) into the date field it fails. If the record has a date it works, but if it is empty it fails the insert.

I tried to replace empty strings with NULLs with this code. REPLACE(TRIM(SUBSTRING(RecordData,20,10)),"",NULL(DT_WSTR,10)). This does not work. So my question is how do I bring a date field from a fixed flat file into a SQL datetime field using a derived column? More specifically is how do I set it to NULL if its empty data? When I use the above code it inserts all the rows from the file, but it sets all rows to NULL not just the empty ones.


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Default To NULL Instead Of Blank/empty String During Flat File Import

Aug 15, 2006


In SSIS flat file import using fastload, I'm trying to import data into SQL 2005 previously created tables.

The table may contain column that are NULLable BUT there is NO DEFAULT for them.

If the incoming data from flat files contains nothing either between the delimeters, how can I have a NULL value inserted in the column instead of blank/empty string?

I didn't find an easy flag unless I'm doing something wrong. I know of at least two ways to do it the hard way:

1- set the DEFAULT(NULL) for EVERY column that needs this behaviour

2-set up some Derived Column option in the package to return NULL if the value is missing.

Both of the above are time consuming since I'm dealing with many tables. Is there a quick option to default the value to NULL WHEN there is NO data ELSE insert the data itself? So the same behavior that I have right now except that I want NULL in place of empty string/blank in the varchar(x) columns.



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What Is The Difference Between Updating Null Value Vs Empty String To Varchar/char Field?

Aug 29, 2007

What is the difference updating a null value to char/varchar type column

versus empty string to char/varchar type column?Which is the best to do and why?
Could anyone explain about this?


Table 1 : tCountry - Name varchar(80) nullable
Table 2 :tState - Name char(2) nullable
Table 3 :tCountryDetails - countryid,state (char(2) nullable) - May the country contain state or no state
So,when the state is not present for the country ,i have two options may be - null,''
tCountryDetails.State = '' or tCountryDetails.State = null?

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Integration Services :: SSIS Insert Non Null Value Into Null Rows

Jul 15, 2015

I have a flat file with the following columns

SampleID   Rep_Number   Product  Protein   Fat   Solids

In the flat file SampleID and Product are populated in the first row only, rest of the rows only have values for Rep_Number, Protein, Fat, Solids.

SampleID and Product are blank for the rest of the rows. So my task is to fill those blank rows with the first row that has the sampleID and Product and load into the table.

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Integration Services :: SSIS ToolBar Empty

Jun 8, 2015

I have installed VS community edition 2013 on a widows 7 PC. When I try to create a ssis package the ssis tool bar comes up empty.It just says "loading" on the panel .

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Integration Services :: For Each File Enumerator Is Empty

Oct 9, 2012

I am using Sql server 2012. In my project whenever I run the Package individually, it run successfully. But while executing the package through SSIS task, I get the following warning and not able to transfer the data from flat file to DB.

Foreach Loop Container:Warning: The For Each File enumerator is empty. The For Each File enumerator did not find any files that matched the file pattern, or the specified directory was empty.

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Integration Services :: SSIS Balanced Data Distributor Control Not Showing In VS

Oct 25, 2015

I installed the Feature Pack Balanced Data Distributor control on my PC to use with SQL Server 2014 64 bit.  I have used the control with SQL Server 2014 and SSDT so I was familiar with the process. Unfortunately, I cannot get the control to appear in the toolbox. No error messages appear, BDD just doesn't appear in the toolbox.  I have tried un-installing, reinstalling, installing SQL Server 2014 SP1, installing again, rebooting a number and nothing works.  The control just does not appear in the toolbox. It doesn't not appear when I go to choose items either. What does it take to get BBD to appear in the SSIS Toolbox for VS?

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Reporting Services :: Hiding Column Based On A String Value But Showing It For Others?

Nov 20, 2015

I need to hide a column just for certain values from a table like contract decorators I tried using

=IIF(Fields!MainTrade.Value = "Contracts Decorator, Bricklayer", True, False)

But it just hid the column for all values, then i tried this but it doesn't seem to work (Think it's not correct though)

=IIF(Instr("Contracts Decorator, Bricklayer","," & Fields!MainTrade.Value & ",") > 0,true , false).

Below is the table and the highlighted column i am trying to hide just for those two fields. The table has a page break so that it would be displayed on a different page for each value, but i'm not sure it is possible as i have only done it for integers and rows before.

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Integration Services :: Detecting Empty Flat File With Script Task

Jun 17, 2015

I am attempting to get this script provided by Microsoft to work to no avail. Specifically, when I set the variable FFNonDataRows to 1 (in order to accommodate for the header row), the variable is not being set to False as expected. I don't know enough about C# to understand why this script isn't working. How to get this script to work in this manner?

[URL] ....

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How To Pull Null (empty) Records From SQL Database

Dec 5, 2007

How to pull null (empty) records from SQL database,

what query am I suppose to use to get result

help me

thank you

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Integration Services :: Handling Empty Text File Load Into Table Through SSIS Data Flow?

Jun 16, 2015

We have created SSIS package to load a text file into a table. Source system shares 10 text files and recently they stopped generating data for one of the text file (comping empty), after few months they will start generating the data for the empty file batch processing. 

The Issue here is Data Flow task is getting failed while loading empty text file into table. How to handle this empty file load issue in SSIS package.

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How To Pass Null Value To The Database If A Form Field Is Empty?

May 31, 2004

How can I pass into the database (@User_fax = null) if the fax form field is empty, from a command type Stored Procedure? For example:

Dim CmdUpdate As New SqlCommand("Form2_NewUser", strConnection)
CmdUpdate.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure

CmdUpdate.Parameters.Add("@User_fax", SqlDbType.char, 9)
CmdUpdate.Parameters("@User_fax").Value = fax.Text()


And, the stored procedure inside Sql server:

USE market1
ALTER PROC Form2_NewUser
@User_id bigint, @User_fax char(9),...


SET User_fax = @User_fax, ...

WHERE User_id = @User_id

Thank you,

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DB Design :: What Is Default Database Value For Empty String

Sep 10, 2015

What is the format for the SQL Server empty string default value?

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Business Intelligence Project/Integration Services Project Not Showing Up In Visual Studio 2008

Mar 31, 2008

I have visual studio 2005 and sql server 2005 with integration service installed on my machine. Couple of days ago, I installed visual studio 2008 professional. When I go to create SSIS project I dont see it in visual studio 2008. What do I have to do to make it appear in visual studio 2008 so that I can create SSIS projects.


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Transact SQL :: Database Null Value And String Null

Oct 27, 2015

We have a case where in we should show date based on conditions for e.g if we had a column defined as

col varchar(10) then we would show col as 'NULL' for some condition and actual value when no condition

Normaly date values are stored here e.g under col 20150901 .

when col>'20150901' then 'NULL'
else col
end as Derivedcol

Note this is an extract process and we are presenting data by pumping the data in a table .

Now there is another similar column -colz varchar(10)  which stores date but doesnt have case condition so whenever date has no value its shows null which is database null.

So whats the difference between database null and string null ?

 How can we show database null for the case condition instead of string "null"?

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Integration Services :: Connection String In Dev And Production?

Apr 21, 2015

I have a several servers that i want to pull data from.I put the connection string in a OBJECT variable that come from configuration table and use it in the for loop mapping the value to local variable called connectionstring, this variable is the expression for the connection string property.So far everything is working as expected.

my problem is that on my development i put my local server in the connection string variable so i will be able to connect to the server so i will be able to map source to destination.

When i deploy the solution to production the data in the configuration table is different obviously but i get a connection error that saying that it try to connect to my dev server.why?

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Integration Services :: Converting String To Date

Nov 24, 2015

I am trying to convert a string to date in a variable. But I am not able to do so. the string format is "2015-11-24".

I am also attaching a screenshot of the error ....

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Integration Services :: How To Convert From String To Binary

Jul 21, 2015

In Source, we have a column of datatype string(varchar/nvarchar).


In Target we need to map the column which is of type binary. Binary column accepts only 1,0.

how to achieve this? can this be done in derived column?

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Integration Services :: Excel Source On SSIS 2008 Brings Null Values

Apr 20, 2010

I'm trying to import some XLS files that I receive from some suppliers. The problem is that every time they send some columns with text values but formatted as number. When I read those columns with SSIS Excel Source, they come all with null values.

I don't want to change the columns data types every time, so I would like to know if there's a way to bypass the column types that are already there.

I tried to use both the Jet driver and the Office 12 driver. I've already used the IMEX=1 on ExtendedProperties too with no success. Is there a way to force reading the columns as text, even if they have data types assigned to them?

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