Integration Services :: Pass Variables Parent To Child Packages In SSIS 2012

Aug 8, 2013

How to pass variable from Parent to child and child to Parent Packages  is this possible in SQL SSIS 2012. I need this only in SSIS 2012 ...

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Integration Services :: Executing Child SSIS Package In Parent SSIS

Oct 9, 2015

I want to achieve the following in (SSIS/SSDT for SQL 2012) - 

I have a generic SSIS package which simply sends out email notifications using SMTP email task (this package is within its own project, and has project level input parameters).

I need to be able to call this package in the Event handler section of every package (numbering in about less than 60) that we have. These packages are within their own respective projects.

I thought I could use the "execute package task", but it turns out , using this, I cannot call a package that is part of some other project. I also cannot call a package that is stored in the CATALOG. Is there any way I can do this ?

When I call the child package , I should be able to send in parameters like - error information and package name of the Parent package.

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Integration Services :: Deploy SSIS Packages 2012 And Run Job Through Powershell

Jun 1, 2015

Any script  in ssis 2012 packages deployment  and create the jobs though power shell script.

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Integration Services :: Assign Values To Variables Dynamically In 2012 SSIS Package

Jul 16, 2015

Can I assign values to variables in 2012 using below command? I have used the same command in 2008 and it works fine.

/SERVER"XXXXXXXXSQLSERVER2012"/SQL"Mypackage.dtsx"/SETPackage.Variables[FilePath].Value;"C:Test estvariable.csv"

Wondering is there a different way in 2012 to pass values to variables dynamically.

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Integration Services :: Pass Multiple Parameter Values To SSIS Package In 2012 Through Stored Procedure?

Jul 9, 2015

we can  assign one parameter value for each excecution of  [SSISDB].[catalog].[set_object_parameter_value] by calling this catalog procedure..

Example: If I have 5 parameters in SSIS package ,to assign a value to those 5 parameters at run time should I call this [SSISDB].[catalog].[set_object_parameter_value] procedure 5 times ? or is there a way we can pass all the 5 parameters at 1 time .

1. Wondering if there is a way to pass multiple parameters in a single execution (for instance to pass XML string values ??)
2.What are the options to pass multiple parameter values to ssis package through stored procedure.?

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Integration Services :: How To Pass Multiple Dtsconfig To Child Package Call

Nov 24, 2015

I have a job/step that call a Fileprocessor.dtsx package with 4 different config files. I need to make a enhancement to the job to call the same package using a new (parent) package with multiple iterations based on some business condition.

I am going to modify the job/step to call ParentFileprocessor now with same all 4 config files which in-turn have a call to run Fileprocessor.dtsx; my problem is, how do I pass all 4 config files for child call? Using which task?

I m not allowed to modify Fileproessor.dtsx (to be child pkg) SQL2012, MSDB package deployment model.

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS FTP Task - Can't Move From Child Folder To Parent

Jan 13, 2015

I have set up an FTP connection that tests successfully. I can log on to the FTP site with the same credentials and see my root folder, and within that, two more folders. In my FTP task, I want to receive files to my local machine. The problem is that the only remote path available is not at the root level, and the only thing I can see are files from one of the child folders, but not the child folder I want.

Is it possible in the remote path to change folders? The remote path just shows a "/", which I thought would be the root level, but it is somehow linked to a child folder.I've tried various combinations to get to the folder I want, /root folder/child folder, but that gives the error that the folder does not exist.

If I open the FTP Task Editor, click on File Transfer, and click the ellipses for the Remote Path, the Browse For File box opens, with a "/" in the Location section, and a list of files in the child folder that I do not want to be in. If I click the "Up Directory" button, I get the message "Already at top level directory".

how I can get the files from one particular folder on the FTP site?

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SQL 2012 :: Dynamically Calling Child SSIS Packages Within A Project

Mar 9, 2015

I've not really used SSIS for a while, and I'm now building some in 2012 and trying to utilise some of the features in the 2012 SSIS catalogue; however I've hit a bit of a stumbling block.

What I'm trying to do is have a master/child package relationship, with several child packages and where the child packages themselves are dynamically called (i.e. the master package may call a different child package based upon some value or state of data already processed.)

When I try and create an expression for the PackageNameFromProject property... well, that property doesn't appear to set dynamically. I know how to do this for old style packages by creating expressions for the package name etc; but that way I can't use the package parameters I have from my master package.

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Integration Services :: Remotely Execute Packages On SSIS Server - Packages Are Deployed In File System

Apr 22, 2015

We manage some SSIS servers, which has only SSIS and SSIS tools installed on them and not the sql server DB.

SSIS packages and configuration files are deployed on a NAS. We run the SSIS packages through DTEXEC by logging in to the server.

We want to allow developers to run their packages on their own on the server, but at the same time we dont want to give them physical access on the server i.e we do not want to add them into RDP users list on server properties. We want them to allow running their packages remotely on the server.

One way We could think of is by using powershell remoting and we are working on that. But is there any other way or any tool already present for the same.

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Execution Of Child Package From Parent Package In Sql Server 2005 Integration Services

May 21, 2007


I created a package which passes some infornmations( through parameters) to its child package.

I need to do some processing in parent package based on execution status of child package.i.e.

if child fails then some operation and if child succeeds then other operation.

To determine the status of execution of child package I am using two differnt constraint constraint is having value "Success" and other having value "Failure".

My problem is that when child packge is executed successfully the constraint with value = "Success" works properly but when child fails the constraint with value "Failure" does not work.


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SQL 2012 :: Group By Parent With One Child And Multiple Child Information?

Jul 25, 2014

Basically i have three Tables

Request ID Parent ID Account Name Addresss
1452 1254789 Wendy's Atlanta Georgia
1453 1254789 Wendy's Norcross Georgia
1456 1254789 Waffle House Atlanta Georgia

Bid_ID Bid_Type Bid_Volume Bid_V Bid_D Bid_E Request_ID Parent ID
45897 Incentive 10 N/A N/A N/A 1452 1254789
45898 Incentive 10 N/A N/A N/A 1453 1254789
45899 Incentive 10 N/A N/A N/A 1456 1254789

Bid_Number Bid_Name Request_ID Parent ID
Q789456 Wendy'Off 1452 1254789
Q789457 Wendy'Reba 1452 1254789
Q789456 Wendy'Off 1453 1254789
Q789457 Wendy'Reba 1453 1254789
Q789456 Wendy'Off 1456 1254789

I want the Result

Parent ID Bid_Type Bid_Volume Bid_V Bid_D Bid_E AutoGeneratedCol
1254789 Incentive 10 N/A N/A N/A 1
1254789 Incentive 10 N/A N/A N/A 2
Bid Number AutoGeneratedCol_Link
Q789456 1
Q789457 1
Q789456 2
Request ID AutoGeneratedCol_Link
1452 1
1453 1
1456 2

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SQL 2012 :: How To Add Variables To SSIS Packages Per Batch

Nov 18, 2014

I am using Variables to configure a lot in an SSIS Packages.

Over the years you add new variables that are usefull to your default-package.

However to use those in "older" packages you have to open add them manually.

Any way (e.g. skript) to add a set of variables to every SSIS-package in a folder ?

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Passing Variables In Dts From Parent Dts To Child Dts

Dec 24, 2004

Any one have any ideas or links to point me to ???

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Nested Parent-Child Packages

May 17, 2007

I have a fairly simple SSIS project that has nested parent-child packages.
I am trying to find the best way to manage the connections strings so as to make the package portable across machines and environments. Currently there is one "master" package which calls 6 child packages. 1 of these child package calls 3 child packages of its own.

For the database connections, I've settled on creating a standardized .dtsConfig file for each server/login. This is a relatively small number (intially 8) that I don't expect to grow much.

I've taken a different approach for the file-system connections used by Execute Package components that call the child packages. For each package that has child packages, I store all the connection strings (paths) to the child packages in a single .dtsConfig file. This works well for the top-level "master" package where I can pass in the .dtsConfig file (that has the paths to the child packages) as a run-time option in the Execute Package Utility.

However, this approach seems to fall apart for the 2nd generation package that in turn call 3rd generation packages because I don't know how to get the .dtsConfig file (with the 3rd generation .dtsx package paths) path to this downstream dtsx package.

Though I'm sure there are others, the only two solutionsI can think of now are
(a)don't nest packages beyond 1 parent/child relationship -- not really an option or
(b)Store the path of .dtsConfig files for each .dtsx package as an environment variable on each machine. This option is unappealing because it would require adding an environment variable for every .dtsx package that has child packages. I don't think it would take long for this to grow into a large number, that would make managing environment variables cumbersome.

So far my experience with SSIS has been that there was a simple solution for each scenario I had. So this hoop jumping I'm going through seems to indicate I am just missing something.

Is there a better way I am just not getting?

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Debugging Parent / Child Packages

Mar 2, 2007

Hi there,

I have a Business Intelligence project containing 4 packages. One of the packages is a parent package that just runs the other 3 packages sequentially (passing in variables via Package Configurations).

When I set the properties of the Execute Package tasks in the parent package, it seems that I can only select SQL Server or File System locations for the child packages.

What I want to do is for the parent to run the packages in the Visual Studio Project so that I can debug the whole process. I don't want to be bothered deploying the child packages so that I can run them from the parent, at least not while I am debugging the whole process.

How do I get the children to run within Visual Studio as well as the parent? I can't for the life of me find anything on the MSDN about this.

Many thanks in advance.

Richard F

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Parent / Child Package - Connections, Variables Etc.,

Aug 13, 2007

In respect to Parent / Child packages, can some one correct me if I'm wrong.

Even if connection managers are created in Parent package, the same needs to be created in child packages if they need to connect to database. On the other hand I can just create connection strings in variable in parent package(instead of connection managers itself) and use parent package variable configuration to configure the connection string of child package with the variable value.

Sorry If I'm confusing

The same with variables, the parent variable needs to be mapped to a child variable(using parent package variable config) to be used in child package, it cannot be used as it is.


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Using Variable/Expression To Log With Parent/Child Packages

Aug 17, 2006

I have one package that executes 4 child packages (5 total). All 5 packages are set to log information using a connection string with a variable set at runtime for the location. The child packages use a parent variable to get the log connection string from the parent package.

The parent package logs fine, but a strange behavior occurs with the child packages.

The child packages all log data to the location used in the configuration file variable during runtime (like it's supposed to). However, I would get an error right before the first child package finishes execution saying path not found. Just for giggles, I created the folder I use in my development environment on the production environment. The error goes away, but the log file is created in that folder with no data in it. Subsequently, the log file with the data is created in the location set in the configuration file. Now I have two log files!!!!

Anybody know how to fix this?!

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Package Configuration, Parent-child Packages And Job Scheduling

May 3, 2007


I've found this problem that when I change settings in my configuration file it does not automatically apply to all child packages which uses the same configuration file if run from a job in SQL Server Agent. I need to open the package and save it again from BIDS. I use one "load group" package to execute all other packages.

Is there a way from the job configuration to set a setting so the package allways will have the newest configuration?


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Parent/Child Packages And Transaction Option Not Working As Expected

Dec 18, 2007

Has anyone had experience of using Parent/Child packages while enlisting them in Transactions.
I tested this on a small sample and thought that I had got it to work, but in my real-world package it does not.

The parent package essentially calls three child packages.
In each child package there are multiple DFT's that import and transform data into SQL Server.
All data must be imported or not at all.
Therefore I created a FELC container into which three Exec child package tasks were placed.
The FELC is set to Trans Option 'Required' and the Exec child package tasks to supported.
Unfortunately upon failure of one of the DFT's in the child the data was not rolled back.

So initially we had in terms of container hierarchy for the Trans Option property:
Parent package Supported
FELC for calling child packages Required
Task execute child package Supported
Child package Suppored
Tasks Suppored

Looking at this more closely we thought that we would need
Parent package Supported
FELC for calling child packages Required
Task execute child package Required
Child package Required
Tasks Suppored

for it to work.
However, the latter now gives us failures with error messages on the tasks on the child packages.
[Execute SQL Task] Error: Failed to acquire connection "Conn ECARS1CEDImport". Connection may not be configured correctly or you may not have the right permissions on this connection.

Even more strange the first couple of tasks in the child pkg complete successfully even though they use the same connection listed in the error.
These tasks also have Event handlers.

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Parent Child Integration Using Configuration File

Jul 11, 2007

Hi All,

I though i'd been going about setting up my SSIS package to run via a SQL job in the correct way. It would appear however that is not the case.

I have 4 SSIS packages, one of which is the parent package which calls the other three in sequence. I want to run this from a SQL job so that it calls the parent package and it deals with the others. There are connection managers in the package which use a SQL account to access the relevant databases. In addition i have encrypted the package.

I have set up a configuration file which holds the password package and the BillingSystem connection manager password. This file is re used by each package.

After deployment i have set up the SQL agent job to run the parent package. The job returns an error. Looking at the SSIS logging it appears that it completes the SQL task in the parent package and then fails when trying to launch each of the sub packages with an error stating that the SQL account used in the connection manager login failed. It looks as though the sub packages are not getting the password value from the configuration file and this is causing the failure. I though that each package would automatically pick up the config file as it has been setup to do. I have specified the configuration file in the SQL job but this appears to make no difference. Running the integrations seperately i have to add the configuration file in manually to the Run Package dialog box before they will work. This is not saved for the next run.

Can anyone help me get around this problem as i think i have the wrong idea as to how it is supposed to work.



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Integration Services :: Documenting SSIS Packages

Nov 10, 2010

What is the best way of documenting SSIS packages?I am not interested in purchasing any software, any general template that covers the key information of any SSIS package that should be defined and documented.

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Transact SQL :: Parent / Child Tables - Pivot Child Data To Parent Row

May 19, 2015

Given the sample data and query below, I would like to know if it is possible to have the outcome be a single row, with the ChildTypeId, c.StartDate, c.EndDate being contained in the parent row.  So, the outcome I'm hoping for based on the data below for ParentId = 1 would be:

1 2015-01-01 2015-12-31 AA 2015-01-01 2015-03-31 BB 2016-01-01 2016-03-31 CC 2017-01-01 2017-03-31 DD 2017-01-01 2017-03-31

declare @parent table (Id int not null primary key, StartDate date, EndDate date)
declare @child table (Id int not null primary key, ParentId int not null, ChildTypeId char(2) not null, StartDate date, EndDate date)
insert @parent select 1, '1/1/2015', '12/31/2015'
insert @child select 1, 1, 'AA', '1/1/2015', '3/31/2015'

[Code] .....

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Integration Services :: Pass Parameters To SSIS Execute Process Task?

Nov 3, 2015

Got a powershell script to split a large XML file to split in smaller chunks. I have Execute ProcessTask in SSIS with: 

Executable: %windir%system32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe

argument: -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -command ". 'C:WorkspacesSplitToytPMFile.ps1'"

I need to pass File Name as parameter to the PS script. I tried using the StandardInputVariable but it doesn't work. 

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Integration Services :: How To Copy All SSIS Packages From One Server To Another

Jun 12, 2015

I am currently moving everything from SQL Server 2005 SP2 to SQL Server 2012. I have a method for getting users, logins, roles and SQL jobs. But I also have to get copy all of the SSIS packages from 2005 to 2012. I know I can go to the 2012 SQL Server and click on the MSDN folder and choose import. However, this only enables me to import one package at a time. I have 95 packages. Is there a way to get them all from the 2005 SQL Server to the 2012 SQL Server in one shot? I am not a SQL developer nor am I a DBA but I have been assigned this task.

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Integration Services :: How To Run SSIS Packages From Different Projects In Sequence

May 19, 2015

I have a SSIS package that needs to run before another SSIS package. 

At the moment I have deployed it to the SSISDB, and have set up parameters to enable it run on the right server.

I have not yet experimented with SQL Agent yet, but based on what I have read, it is not possible to do so.

What is the best way to schedule these 2 jobs to run one after the other on a periodic basis using the correct environment and variables set up?

I thought about importing one package into the other, but this creates a copy and any changes to the original will not be replicated.

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Integration Services :: Creating SSIS Packages With Condition Split

May 18, 2015

i am creating ssis packages  with condition split . condition is SUBSTRING(EnglishProductName,1,1) == "A".  pacakge is successfully  executived  but data is not  move to condition split  transformer to  oldeb destinations. it not showing any error.

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Integration Services :: SSIS - Can Use Variables In A Data Flow Task Command

Jul 2, 2010

In my SSIS Data Flow Task, I have a query that retrieves data based on a couple of date parameters. Is there a way we can pass/use the Variables defined in the SSIS package in the query ?

(I am assigning values to those variables from C# code)

The query should look like this:

select ordernumber, customerid from salesorder

where statecode=3 and datefulfilled between @variable1 and @variable2

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Integration Services :: Query SSIS Packages Details From File System

May 1, 2015

I have around 500 packages (SQL 2005) deployed in file system & all this packages are running on daily basis via SQL agent. Now I need to migrated all 500 packages into SQL server 2008 R2.

There is no inventory to track which package belogs to which team and any other information.

Now, I need a method to query the pakages connection string details with database respective. Is there any method?

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Integration Services :: How To Run All SSIS Packages In A Folder Using Execute Package Task

Jun 26, 2015

I have created for each container to call all the packages in a folder like below, also created a variable.

Then I add execute package task inside of foreach container and selected file system in a location and in connection called currently creating package name finally in connection properties i added variable in expression which i created and mapped into for each loop container. I referred below link 

[URL] ....

All the packages are running but its not ending once all the packages executed its re run and continue the running process, how to stop once all the packages execute. 

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Integration Services :: SSIS Execute Multiple Packages Based On Conditional Split

Sep 4, 2015

We are building a dataload application where parameters are store in a table. And there are multiple packages for each load.There is a column IsChecked column if it is 1 then only the child package should execute.Created a master package. In which i have taken execute SQL task in that storing a results in variable and based on the result the child package should execute. But In executesql task i selected result set as full result set.  I am getting the below error.

[Execute SQL Task] Error: Executing the query "SELECT  isnull(ID ,0) AS ID FROM DataLoadParameter..." failed with the following error: "The type of the value (DBNull) being assigned to variable "User::LoadValue" differs from the current variable type (Int32). Variables may not change type during execution. Variable types are strict, except for variables of type Object.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly.

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Integration Services :: Execute Process Task / Passing In Variables From SSIS To Powershell Script

May 15, 2015

I am using SSIS 2012 to dynamically backup stored procedures on a list of Servers and Databases.Here are the steps in my package,

1. Execute SQL Task: Captures a result set (configured to save the data set in an Object variable) with all the Servers and Databases on which stored procedures exist.

2. For each loop that is configured to get each each row(server name @[User::Server_Name] and databases name @[User::DataBase_Name]) from the object variable (@[User::Connection_Strings])and pass it to a connection manager that has an expression for servername
and database name.

2a)  Within the for each loop, i have an execute process task that is configured as

 i) Executable:  C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe
 ii) Arguments:  Configured this to fetch value from an expression. The expression i am using is,'C:batch - CopyPowerShell Scripts to Backup Stored ProceduresScriptOutSPs.ps1' -$Server_Name "+ @[User::Server_Name]+ " -$Database_Name "+ @[User::DataBase_Name]
Note:  @[User::Server_Name] is the Servername from object variable and so is @[User::DataBase_Name] for database name . The execute task is to run a command line that triggers a powershell script with parameters. Here is the powershell script that i am using,

$Server = $Server_Name
$Database = $Database_Name
$savePath = "SalesDepartmentsData ScienceUsersSANDEEP PStoredProcedures_Backup"


When i execute the script, by passing parameters from arguments, it executes successfully but nothing happens. Passing wrong arguments in the expression?

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Integration Services :: SSIS Foreach Loop Container Passing Variables To Store Procedure

Sep 8, 2015

I am having a challenge to pass the filename variable from SSIS Foreach Loop Container to SQL store procedure.  I have an "Execute SQL Task" inside "Foreach Loop Container" which will receive the input filename parameter passed by the Foreach Loop Container.  The store procedure command line is defined as "EXEC sp_mySQLStoreProcedure  ?" within the "Execute SQL Task".  The Foreach loop container will gather the filenames from File System then put it in the filename variable one by one.  I would like to pass the filename variable as the input parameter to the sp_mySQLStoreProcedure in the "Execute SQL Task".  How can I connect the variable and the store procedure so that it will process all the input files gathered by the Foreach Loop Container?

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Integration Services :: How To Change SSIS Packages Deployed To MSDB - Image Data Type

Jun 22, 2014

Is there a way to change an image data type? I want to make a change to some deployed SQL 2008 SSIS deployed packages. I have a TSQL SELECT that searches the packages for a string. But I would like to be able to change a string. I have googled it but cannot find anything.

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