Integration Services :: Restore Cube In SSMS

Aug 26, 2015

I have a cube that I cant restore in my SQL server management studio.

How to resolve it?? What are the steps to be done?

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Integration Services In SSMS

Jul 12, 2007

We use Windows Authentication to connect to SQL Server, is there any special permissions required to connect to Integration Services in SSMS?

Whenever I try to browse the servers available with Integration Services (from Object Browser), none of the servers gets listed. If I directly give server name and try to connect to Integeration Services I get the following error. But I'm able to connect to the database engine.

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to <servername>.


Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum)

For help, click:


Connect to SSIS Service on machine "<servername>" failed:
Access is denied.


Connect to SSIS Service on machine "<servername>" failed:
Access is denied.


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Integration Services :: SSIS - Can't Connect Using SSMS Remote (locally OK)

May 18, 2015

Error: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA) (Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSRuntimeWrap)
Here are the steps I followed:

To configure rights for remote users on Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP

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Integration Services :: Login To SSMS Got Access Denied Error

Sep 9, 2015

When I try to connect to "Integration services" in "SSMS" with my window authentication, for some servers can able to connect. But for some server i am getting error like "Access denied".

To fix these Access Denied, as per instruction from google, i have configured the Administrative Tools-->Component Services->Component Services-->Computer-->My Computer-->DCOM Config-> Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 11.0--> Right
Click-->Properties-->navigate to “Security”--> then adding the Active direcotry login in the "Launch and Activation Permissions", "Access Permissions" and "Configuration Permissions".

Then this issue was fixed. I want to know why this was happening to some servers only, what is the reason behind this.

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Integration Services :: Connect SharePoint List View To SSMS

Aug 31, 2015

I need to install SSIS/SSRS in SSMS. I have connected the SharePoint list view to excel for reporting purpose but due to data size the performances is very slow in excel and now I would like to connect the SharePoint List to SSIS/SSRS

I have windows 8, 64 bit system

I have installed SQL Server Management studio 2012 but I am unable to enable the Integration and Reporting Services

May be I have missed to choose the option during installation.

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Integration Services :: Cannot See Catalogs Node In Management Studio (SSMS)

Oct 12, 2015

I wanted to create a SSIS catalog and the way to create a catalog is to right click on "Integration Services Catalogs" node and select "Create Catalog" option.

However, I am not able to see the "Integration Services Catalogs" node in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) as shown in the following image.

What is missing so that I can see this node in SSMS?

FYI, I have SQL Server 2014 (Developer edition) and Integration Services 12.0 installed on my machine.

ProductVersion = 12.0.2269.0 (SELECT
SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') AS ProductVersion)

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Process Cube Using Integration Services

Sep 11, 2007


I want to process my cube using Process Data and Process Index instead of the Process Full. However, after configuring the 2 Analysis Services Processing Tasks (one for process data and the other for process index) and were executed sequentially (process data first then process index), I got this error:

Errors in the metadata manager. The process type specified for the CASES cube is not valid since it is not processed

Have I done the right thing?

The reason why I prefer using the Process Data and then Process Index, it's because it is much faster than the latter.


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Integration Services :: Run Master Package Containing Multiple Packages From SSMS Agent?

Jun 18, 2015

I have a MASTER package containing multiple packages using execute package task in SSIS.When am running  this MASTER Package in Sql server agent in SSMS, am getting error as below.

steps how to run this and let me know what information am missing to run the Master package.

ERROR :Failed to decrypt protected XML node “DTS: Password” with error 0x8009000B “Keynot valid for use in specified state”. You may not be authorized to access this information.

This error occurs when there is cryptographic error. Verify that the correct key is available. 

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Integration Services :: Cube Creation In SSAS

Aug 24, 2015

I need to create 3 fact table in a cube with dimensions ?? is it possible . What are the steps to do.

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Integration Services :: SP Runs Fine In SSMS But Failed In Execute Task / All Parameters Checked Ok

Jul 30, 2015

There is one SP with parameters varchar, int, varchar and int. It runs perfect in SSMS. Now, I've moved into a Execute SQL task with four IN parameters. In parameter mapping, data type is varchar, long, varchar, long and parameter name is 0,1,2,3. It worked before which is great. Today, I opened this pkg for another testing but failed with the following error:failed with the following error: "Incorrect syntax near ';'.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly,parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly.

I know SP is fine as tested in SSMS.  I could not understand where it could go wrong in the ssis package. Currently using Reporting Service 2000; Visual Studio .NET 2003; Visual Source Safe SSIS 2008 SSAS 2008, SVN --

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Integration Services :: Attribute Relationship Error When Tried To Build A Cube

Aug 25, 2015

When ever i tried to build a cube, i get stuck in this attribute relationship. either i shows a "yellow" icon in the hierarchy or "red" underline in the attribute column.I dont know how to rectify those errors.

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Integration Services :: How To Process SSAS 2012 Cube With SSIS 2014 And Script Task

Nov 11, 2015

Now I have a different constellation: Integration Services run on one server, in version 2014, the Analysis Services instance to process the cube database on runs on another server, version 2012.I tried several different combinations of SSIS version and Analysis Management Objects version, and got several errors while running the process package (e.g. object reference not set to an instance of an object, cannot find AnalyisServices.dll..)

Is this combination 2014/2012 possible at all?I assume the BIDS version has to be for SQL Server 2014, as I want to run SSIS packages on a 2014 server, is that correct? Does it matter at all, can I also deploy 2012 packages?Which version of Analysis Management Objects do I have to use? I assumed I have to use version 11.0 here, because I want to process a 2012 cube?If it is possible to use the "old" 11.0 version of AMO, do I have to do anything so that it can be found by the SSIS package running on the server (it was built on my local computer, there I have all SQL Server versions from 2005 to 2014 installed in parallel), or do I just have to copy it to the appropriate SQL Server folder?

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Integration Services :: Can't Import Excel 2013 Using SSMS Import Wizard (2008 R2)

Jul 29, 2015

I am trying to import an xlsx spreadsheet into a sql 2008 r2 database using the SSMS Import Wizard.  When pointed to the spreadsheet ("choose a data source")  the Import Wizard returns this error:

"The operation could not be completed" The Microsoft ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine (System.Data)

How can I address that issue? (e.g. Where is this provider and how do I install it?)

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SQL 2012 :: How To Backup And Restore Databases Using SSMS

Jun 18, 2014

how to backup and restore SQL Server databases using ssms in sql server 2012

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Restore Cube

Mar 3, 2005

I have an archieve cube as .cab file and i have restored my cube into analysis server , but i am not able to browse the datain the cube. My doubt is- Does the cube contains data with it to browse or not? or we have to explicitly enter data at the sql query analyser.

Thanks in advance.

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SSIS And SSMS Backup Wizard Integration Needed

Aug 15, 2006

I created a Backup plan using the SSMS Maintenance Wizard. It created an SSIS package for me but the package didn't delete files older than, say, 3 days. So I exported that package from MSDB, added a Script task to it (to do what I needed), and imported it back into MSDB. I can open the new package under SSMS and everything looked good ... until I double-clicked the Script task. That task is simply not supported under the SSMS Maintenance Wizard. Goin in and out of that task under SSMS gave me the following errors:

"Microsoft Visual Studio Macros: The operation could not be compelted. Call was rejected by callee.".

Or the ever popular "cannot show the editor for this task'.

I was asked to "Wait for Completion" or "Switch tasks or "Cancel".

It seems the only way to delete these files is to set up a seperate SSIS job that calls my Script task sometime after the nightly backup has completed. But now the completion of the Backup job and the file deletion processes are decoupled, which is not very good. Can you offer any ideas how to handle the gracefully? (The real problem is that the SSMS Maintenance wizard does not recognize the full set of SSIS tasks. It would be nice if double-clicking on the Maintenance plan pane opened up the SSIS editor but that's for a later day.)



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Data Access :: Restore Failed Because Licensed Limits 10240mb Per Database In SSMS

Jun 26, 2015

I've been restoring database from couple of times but getting failed because of following error.

I've been using SSMS free version from microsoft website.

Error create database  or alter database failed because the resulting cumulative database size would exceed your licensed limit of 10240MB per database.

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Reporting Services :: Error When View Reports Or Manually Processing TFS Data Warehouse And Analysis Services Cube

Apr 24, 2015

I am trying to configure the reporting for TFS using SQL Server. But I get following error when viewing any report:

So I try to manually process the cube to check if it works. I am following this article: [URL] ....

When I click on GetProcessingStatus and invoke it (with last field set as TRUE) I get following error:

How to resolve this issue and be able to see the reports.

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Reporting Services :: Cannot Click Restore Button In RS Configuration Manager To Restore Encryption Key

Oct 29, 2015

While migrating Report services in SQL Server 2005 to 2014, I am trying to restore the Encryption Key in RS Configuration Manager in2014. But I cannot click the 'Restore' button in RS Configuration Manager. So if I should be grant more right to do so or any other action?

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SQL 2012 :: Can't Connect To Reporting Services From SSMS

Nov 17, 2014

I am working with SSRS. I do have admin rights. I can connect to the url https://localhost/Reports and can create the new reports and subscription. Delete the reports and subscriptions.

But when I tried to connect to Reporting Services from SSMS, I am getting below error.

I used the windows authentication. It is showing that the user name or password is not valid or you don't have permission to access this server

I can connect to the database engine and Integration services but unable to connect to the Reporting services.

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User Un-able To Connect To Integrated Services Within SSMS

Apr 17, 2008

I am able to run an SSIS script from BI Visual Studio no problem, I am also able to connect to SSIS within SSMS successfully. I have system access rights to the Database Engine of the same server name.

However I have a user who also has full system access rights to the Database Engine of the same server name. However he can only connect to the database engine, he cannot connect to SSIS within SSMS, but he can successfully execute a SSIS script within BI Visual Studio which is targeted to the same server name which he cant connect to within SSMS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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How To Optimize Integration Pacakages Or Best Practices For Integration Services

Sep 11, 2007

Hello friends.
I managed to design an Integration service package,but the desired level of performance has not been achieved(i.e it is performing slow).
So I want to know what are the best practices for optimized solution .
In my package I'm exreacting data from XML file and Storing it in SQL server database with some processing dring data flow.

I'm using
1) Two Script Task Control -In these control,I m opening the connection to XML file through code and
iterating each record at a time.
2)Two OLE DB Command -Each fetched record from script task component is processed in OLEDB command through
stored procedure and then inseted into database.
3)One for Loop -This loop contains two script Task control and two OLEDB Command control,
(mentioned above),for fetching single record and inserting it in database.
4)One derived Column
5)One Multicast
6)One Character Map
7)One OlEDB Source

As with my current performance I'm able to insert one record in every .5 second (Which is much below to acceptable limits)
Is control lying disabled on SSIS designer pane also affect the performance of execution.

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Making Inegration Services Visible/available In SSMS 2005

Jan 28, 2007

I have installed SQL Server Management Studio 2005 and have beenfinding the equivalent of the Data Transfer Services in SQLServer2000. I think I have worked out that it is in SQL Server IntegrationServices but when I open File-New-Project I do not see the SQL ServerIntegration Services there, though Help assumes that it is availablefor selection when starting a new project..How can I make it visible in the New Project window?I have successfully used the import function so I think this meansthat Inegration Services is there somewhere.I would appreciate some advice,Best wishes, John Morgan

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Properties Greyed Out In SSMS On Windows 2008

Oct 17, 2008

Have installed SQL 2008 on Windows 2008 and have come across a strange issue.
When connecting to the Report Server cvia SSMS to enable "My Reports" (for example) the Report Server Properties are greyed out and we cannot alter them. This occurs when logged on both locally & remotely to the Win 2008 server.
Interestingly, we have another (XP Pro) box with SQL 2008 on it. If we connect to the Win 2008 SQL report server from the XP machine's SSMS, then we have full control and can access and change the report server properties on the Win 2008 server. 
The relevant domain accounts are in the Admin group on the Win 2008 server and the XP Server so we are confused as to why we cannot edit the Win 2008 report server properties locally.

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Analysis Services: Deploy A Cube

Jun 21, 2007

I'm making my first attempt at creating a cube using Analysis Services based on my exisiting datamart. Datasource, views, and dimensions have been defined. But comes deploying the cube, it's giving the error saying "A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running." The Deploy Target server and database are the same where my datamart is. Or, maybe I don't know what I'm doing.

Would appreciate any suggestion for my enlightenment. Thanks

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Analysis Services Hiearchy Cube

Jun 30, 2007

I setup Hiarchy in the dimentions of my cube, however when I go and look at it via proclarity, I can't see the hiearchy there.

I have one table that has:


And I have the hiearchy set from Subcategory to partnumber.

Then I go into proclarity and limit the category by "my catname" and I still see the 8000 partnumbers in the list.

Any ideas?

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Q: Analysis Services Cube Design

Jul 20, 2005

I have a (hopefully typical) problem when it comes to cube design. Westore millions of product records every year, broken down bymonth/quarter. Each product can be assigned to various heirarchialclassification groups etc. The data in an OLTP DB occupies roughly100G for a typical year.We're looking at breaking this out into OLAP to provide faster accessto the data in various configurations and groupings. This is not aproblem, as this is the intended use for Analysis Services.The problem is that we apply projection factors on the product pricesand quantities. This would be ok if it only happened once, however,this happens every quarter (don't ask why). The projection factorschange 4 times a year, and they affect all historical product records.This presents a challenge because to aggregate the data into a usefulconfiguration in the cubes, you throw out the detail data, but thismeans throwing out the price and quantities which are needed to applythe projection.So if you have Product A at $10 and Product B at $20, and roll both upinto Category X, you'll have $30, but you'll lose the ability to applya projection factor of .5 to Product A and .78 to Product B. They'rerolled up.I don't want to regenerate the cubes every 3 months. That's absurd.But we can't live without the ability of projection theprices/quantities on a product level (detail level). So how can thisbe achieved when the other cubes are created at a higher level withless details and sums of the detail data?My initial guess is that we have to update the product data, and thenreaggregate all the other data that is built upon that product data.Is there any other way to apply math to the data on the way out?Thanks in advance!Regards,Zach

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Parameters From Cube To Reporting Services

Mar 10, 2008

I'm trying to create report with datasource as a cube. I'm able to connect to datasource to pull data with a single parameter. But, I'm unable to succeed in the following scenario:
I have a dimension "Period" as Paremeter.
The Period dimension has a hierarchy as year- quarter- month.
So, I would like to create a drilldown parameter for period as year - quarter - month.

Please let me know, how to acheive this.


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Reporting Services On AS2005 Cube

Apr 27, 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a RS report that will use an AS2005 cube as a datasource. I did try to use the query wizard from reporting services to build the mdx statement but I'm having a hard time with it... How could I use the following MDX statement in a reporting services report?? Do you have to use the query builder?

Code Snippet

WITH SET [Last 5 Months] AS

{TAIL( NONEMPTY( {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].MEMBERS}, {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]} ) ,1).ITEM(0).LAG(1),

TAIL( NONEMPTY( {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].MEMBERS}, {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]} ) ,1).ITEM(0).LAG(2),

TAIL( NONEMPTY( {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].MEMBERS}, {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]} ) ,1).ITEM(0).LAG(3),

TAIL( NONEMPTY( {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].MEMBERS}, {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]} ) ,1).ITEM(0).LAG(4),

TAIL( NONEMPTY( {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].MEMBERS}, {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]} ) ,1).ITEM(0).LAG(5)}

MEMBER [Date].[Calendar].[AVG 5 months] AS

AVG([Last 5 Months])

MEMBER [Date].[Calendar].[Last Mth Var.] AS

(TAIL( NONEMPTY( {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].MEMBERS}, {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]} ) ,1).ITEM(0).LAG(1) - AVG([Last 5 Months]))

MEMBER [Date].[Calendar].[YTD] AS

AGGREGATE(YTD(TAIL( NONEMPTY( {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].MEMBERS}, {[Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]} ) ,1).ITEM(0).LAG(1)))


{[Last 5 Months],[AVG 5 Months],[Last Mth Var.],[YTD]} ON COLUMNS,

NONEMPTY([Product].[Category].Members) ON ROWS

FROM [Adventure Works]

WHERE [Measures].[Internet Sales Amount]

It's probably very simple to acheive but for some reason I can't get this to work properly...

I did a lot of RS against relational DB but reporting out of a cube is new to me.



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Analysis Services Help - Dim Builds, But Cube Fails.

Dec 8, 2005

If there are any AS gurus out there, I could use some help. I've been having some problems with particular AS dimension and cubes and it's driving me crazy! It doesn't matter what I do, nothing seems to work.

Anyway, here's what I'm trying to do. I've got a fairly simple dimension. There is a date stored in the dimension that is formatted as an int. The dimension needs to only display AGE, so I cast the int as a date and do a datediff to get AGE. The dimension builds just fine and I get the results I want. My problem is when I add the dimension to the cube. The cube fails to build and I get an error message - "Data source provider error: The column prefix 'MY TABLE' does not match with a table name or alias used in the query." Basically, AS is telling me that the table that is used for the dimension doesn't exist, even though the fact and the dimension are joined properly and I've validated the structure.

I've run a number of queries in QA on the two tables and everything works fine. No funky data issues. I've run the service packs a few times, but that didn't work either. I've tried making a cube that only has the just fact table and the one dimension table, and it still fails.

Basically, I'm out of ideas. Any help that anyone has is greatly appreciated.

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ALTER CUBE MDX DDL In A Reporting Services Query

Apr 2, 2007

Hi all,

I need to change the default member of my Time dimension according to a parameter received by a report in Reporting Services. When I code the MDX query I can't seem to be able to begin my statement with an ALTER CUBE to set the default dimension. It seems I can only do a SELECT..FROM..WHERE query.

Does anyone know how to set the default member of a dimension in a report ??

Many thanks,


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String Measures In Analysis Services Cube

Feb 22, 2006


I am having the requirement where I have to use string as measures. Is this possible in Analysis services 2K.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated

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Job To Query An Analysis Services 2000 Cube

Apr 10, 2008


How do I connect to an Analysis Services 2000 cube while in Integration Services? My idea is to execute an MDX query from within a package, and then stage the data to a SS 2005 table for a RS report to query.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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