Process Task Hangs Running Bcp

Jun 26, 2006

We are attempting to use Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Designer
Version 9.00.2047.00 to run a BCP command from a Process task. We are able to do so without a problem when running it interactively, but when run as a SQL Server Agent job the bcp process never completes and the job hangs indefinitely.

We also tried using a Script task for this, with the same result.

Has anyone else run into this problem?



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Running C#.exe From Execute Process Task

Mar 13, 2008

My problem is that I am trying to set up an Execute Process Task to run a C# executable. The .exe captures information from an ftp site and downloads it into a directory on our server. Here is the command line run:


I have set the Execute Process Task up as follows:

Require Full name: True
Executable: C:SaxoEODobjReleaseSaxoEod.exe
FailTaskIfReturnCodeIsNotSuccessValue: False

I have the FailTaskIfReturnCodeIsNotSuccessValue set to False because when it is set to true I get the following error:

Error: 0xC0029151 at Execute Process Task, Execute Process Task: In Executing "C:SaxoEODobjReleaseSaxoEod.exe" "" at "", The process exit code was "-532459699" while the expected was "0".

Setting FailTaskIfReturnCodeIsNotSuccessValue to False does not work either because the files are not downloaded from the FTP site.

I am relatively new to the SSIS arena. I have googled this thing to death and have not found an answer. Any help in the right direction is appreciated. Thanks.

Dave Christman

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What Task Can I Use To Stop My Control Flow Process From Running

Apr 24, 2007


What SSIS Task or process can i use to stop my Control Flow Process from running?

I created a SQL Task to do a count on a table to see if there is data, if the count is > 0 then the Control Flow task must continue, else it uses a RAISERROR statement which i use with the event handler, but i want to put something in the event handler to stop the process then and not continue?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Carel Greaves

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Execute Process Task - Warnings When Running DTExec

Jun 22, 2007

I have a manager SSIS package that calls a generic loader SSIS package, via the 'Execute Process Task'. The manger package (amongst other things) creates a config file and and then executes DTExec passing the config specification in the Arguments property, i.e. '

'/FILE "D:AudiencePackagesUKDW_Core_Loader_Persist.dtsx" /CONFIGFILE "D:AudienceDataSCPmystery.dtsconfig" /MAXCONCURRENT " -1 " /CHECKPOINTING OFF"

It works as expected, but, I always get the warning message 'File/Process "DTExec" is not in path.', I know that it is because the exe runs and loads the correct package which then performs the correct actions.

Have I dropped the ball here? I cannot see any reason for the warning as DelayValidation==True, I could set RequireFullFileName==True, but I do not know where SQL is installed on the various nodes.

Any input would be warmly received


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SQL 2012 :: Execute Process Task Error When Running Under Agent?

Jul 11, 2014

I have an execute process task in SSIS that executes a .Net program.When this is running as a Sql Server Agent job in Sql Server 2005, I have no issues. The operating system of the server is Windows Server 2003 R2.

Now I'm trying to get this working as a Sql Server Agent job in Sql Server 2012. The operating system of the server is Windows Server 2012 R2. And now I have issues.

If I run the SSIS package in Visual Studio debug mode, I have no issues! It's only when I try running the same package from a Sql Server Agent job that there are problems. The .Net program errors out with a System.TypeInitializationException.

I thought this might be an issue running the .Net program as 64 bit so I changed the agent setting to 32 bit. That didn't work. I thought it might be an issue with authorization (since I can run it in debug with me as the user). I put in a class in the program that changes the user through impersonation. That didn't work either.

Since I don't have a full-blown version of Visual Studio on the database server, I haven't been able to capture the error and debug the program to see where it is blowing up.

why something like this would work in Sql Server 2005/Windows 2003 but not in Sql Server 2012/Windows 2012 when run as an agent job? And on top of that, why would it work when I run it manually in debug mode but not when run as an agent job?

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Running EXEs On Prod SQL Box Through Execute Process Task - Best Practices

Apr 8, 2008

Hi All,

We're trying to run an EXE from SSIS through "Execute Process" task.

The EXE folder contains other DLLs as well.

The EXE interacts with the database and reporting services and sends some e-mails(max 500 a day) out to customers.

My question is:
Is it ok to run this kind of EXE on the production SQL box?
If not, why?
(People argue that running EXEs is not advisable on production boxes)

Q: Why did Microsoft introduce "Execute Process" task when we cannot run EXEs on the production box?

If somebody can educate whether it's ok to run such EXEs on prod SQLs.

In either case, some explanation is greatly appreciated.


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Running A Ssis Package In Sql Server Agent With Execute Process Task

Apr 1, 2008


I'm trying to run a task that executes a script file (cmd). When i run it with in bids with my own users (domain admin) it works. When i start a cmd prompt and try to run the cmd file directly from the network location where it is it works (with my own rights and with the sql server agent user).

Now when i try to run in from smss > agent jobs > job and run job it never completes. Im not getting any error message either it just keeps on running on the step ??? It seems like a rights issue, but the account running the sql server agent is able to execute the cmd file directly from the command prompt.

There are no errors in any error logs anywhere and no error is displayed...

Ps. Im running the job step as a integration service pacgake.

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Xp_sendmail Process Hangs...

Aug 13, 2001

I have setup SQL mail on SQL 7 sp3 running on NT 4 sp6a using a POP3 account (Lotus Notes 5.03 Domino Server.) I can bring up Outlook (2002) and send/receive works. Also, if I send a test mail from Operators this works as well. The problem is when using xp_sendmail the thing just hangs (xp_sendmail 'dmccallie@olanmills', 'Test') and I am left with a couple of processes in SQL that I can't kill. Is SQL mail really this hard or is it just a POS? I had been using a domain administrator account to start MSSQLServer and MSSQLAgent so I created a new domain account SQLSrvr with the same results.

Thanks in advance and any help would be great...DeWayne

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[Execute Process Task] Error:The Process Exit Code Was -1 While The Expected Was 0.

Mar 11, 2008

Dear list
Im designing a package that uses Microsofts preplog.exe to prepare web log files to be imported into SQL Server

What Im trying to do is convert this cmd that works into an execute process task
D:SSIS ProcessPrepweblogProcessLoad>preplog ex.log > out.log
the above dos cmd works 100%

However when I use the Execute Process Task I get this error
[Execute Process Task] Error: In Executing "D:SSIS ProcessPrepweblogProcessLoadpreplog.exe" "" at "D:SSIS ProcessPrepweblogProcessLoad", The process exit code was "-1" while the expected was "0".

There are two package varaibles
User::gsPreplogInput = ex.log
User::gsPreplogOutput = out.log

Here are the task properties
RequireFullFileName = True
Executable = D:SSIS ProcessPrepweblogProcessLoadpreplog.exe
Arguments =
WorkingDirectory = D:SSIS ProcessPrepweblogProcessLoad
StandardInputVariable = User::gsPreplogInput
StandardOutputVariable = User::gsPreplogOutput
StandardErrorVariable =
FailTaskIfReturnCodeIsNotSuccessValue = True
SuccessValue = 0
TimeOut = 0

thanks in advance

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Execute Process Task Error - The Process Exit Code Was 1 While The Expected Was 0.

Jan 30, 2007

How do I use the execute process task? I am trying to unzip the file using the freeware PZUnzip.exe and I tried to place the entire command in a batch file and specified the working directory as the location of the batch file, but the task fails with the error:

SSIS package "IngramWeeklyPOS.dtsx" starting.

Error: 0xC0029151 at Unzip download file, Execute Process Task: In Executing "C:ETLPOSDataIngramWeeklyUnzip.bat" "" at "C:ETLPOSDataIngramWeekly", The process exit code was "1" while the expected was "0".

Task failed: Unzip download file

SSIS package "IngramWeeklyPOS.dtsx" finished: Success.

Then I tried to specify the exe directly in the Executable property and the agruments as the location of the zip file and the directory to unzip the files in, but this time it fails with the following message:

SSIS package "IngramWeeklyPOS.dtsx" starting.

Error: 0xC002F304 at Unzip download file, Execute Process Task: An error occurred with the following error message: "%1 is not a valid Win32 application".

Task failed: Unzip download file

SSIS package "IngramWeeklyPOS.dtsx" finished: Success.

The command in the batch file when run from the command line works perfectly and unzips the file, so there is absolutely no problem with the command, I believe it is just the set up of the variables on the execute process task editor under Process. Any input on resolving this will be much appreciated.



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Execute Process Task - Error :The Process Exit Code Was 2 While The Expected Was 0.

Mar 20, 2008

I am designing a utility which will keep two similar databases in sync. In other words, copying the new data from db1 to db2 and updating the old data from db1 to db2.

For this I am making use of the 'Tablediff' utility which when provided with server name, database, table info will generate .sql file which can be used to keep the target table in sync with the source table.

I am using the Execute Process Task and the process parameters I am providing are:

WorkingDirectory : C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server90COM
Executable : C:SQL_bat_FilesSQL5TC_CTIcustomer.bat

The customer.bat file will have the following code:
tablediff -sourceserver "LV-SQL5" -sourcedatabase "TC_CTI" -sourcetable "CUSTOMER_1" -destinationserver "LV-SQL2" -destinationdatabase "TC_CTI" -destinationtable "CUSTOMER" -f "c:SQL_bat_Filessql5TC_CTIsql_filescustomer1"

the .sql file will be generated at: C:SQL_bat_Filessql5TC_CTIsql_filescustomer1.

The Problem:
The Execute Process Task is working fine, ie., the tables are being compared correctly and the .SQL file is being generated as desired. But the task as such is reporting faliure with the following error :

[Execute Process Task] Error: In Executing "C:SQL_bat_FilesSQL5TC_CTIpackage_occurrence.bat" "" at "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server90COM", The process exit code was "2" while the expected was "0". ]

Some of you may suggest to just set the ForceExecutionResult = Success (infact this is what I am doing now just to get the program working), but, this is not what I desire.

Can anyone help ?

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Restore Process Hangs When Restoring Sql 2000 Db

Dec 18, 2007

i did a full backup of a database on machine 1 and am trying to restore it to machine 2.

when i try and restore on machine 2 it brings up the restore process window and just hangs, nothing happens. i'm restoring through EM

i've done plenty of restores on sql 2005 and never ran into an issue like this.



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SSIS Package Hangs Running From SQL Agent Job

Oct 19, 2007

I have a number of packages that I have moved from an old server. Each package was scheduled with a SQL Agent job. On the old server everything ran fine. All of the packages run fine from VS, from DTEXECUI and I have tried one from the command line with DTEXEC and it worked.

When I run from the SQL Agent job, I don't get a failure, the package just hangs. I let one of the agent jobs sit for an hour with no progress. The package typically takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Below is the output from my package log up to the point that it hangs:

#Fields: event,computer,operator,source,sourceid,executionid,starttime,endtime,datacode,databytes,message

OnInformation,SIC0AD12,NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE,Item Pool,{0E40BC3D-A3E3-406A-B80B-D5989C49A589},{94F0C620-67CA-4DB7-8E68-F562ABC1450C},10/19/2007 4:23:24 PM,10/19/2007 4:23:24 PM,1074016266,0x,Validation phase is beginning.

OnProgress,SIC0AD12,NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE,Item Pool,{0E40BC3D-A3E3-406A-B80B-D5989C49A589},{94F0C620-67CA-4DB7-8E68-F562ABC1450C},10/19/2007 4:23:24 PM,10/19/2007 4:23:24 PM,0,0x,Validating

OnProgress,SIC0AD12,NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE,Item Pool,{0E40BC3D-A3E3-406A-B80B-D5989C49A589},{94F0C620-67CA-4DB7-8E68-F562ABC1450C},10/19/2007 4:23:24 PM,10/19/2007 4:23:24 PM,50,0x,Validating

I've been reading all of the posts concerning using a Proxy. I tried to set that up and got the same results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Running Packages Hangs Microsoft Visual Studio

Jan 24, 2007


I have around 160 packages in SSIS. When i run these packages, after some times the errror comes that the system is low on virtual memory and then visual studio freezes. I have a machine with 1G memory. All these packages are not running parallely but they have some dependencies defined on them.

Please let me know if theres some way to configure it correctly,



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Execute SQL Task Hangs...

Mar 21, 2007


I'm having a problem with one 'Execute SQL Task' calling a stored proc...

The problem is that once the stored proc has finished executing after 10 mins (I know it has thanks to an audit log table entry ), the SSIS task carries on hanging for another 20mins before it gets the task execution result and moves to the following task.

I tried:

- adding/removing a return statement at the end of the stored proc. It doesn't solve the problem

- running the package without debugging and outside visual studio, and I'm still getting the same problem. so it's nothing to do with the debugger...

- tried various settings for the transaction and isolation settings... not getting any better

- changed the stored proc so that it processes less data. Execution time goes down to a couple of minutes and the SSIS tasks only hangs for 2 mins... better but not really helping...

Any clues? I'm new to SSIS so I must have certainly missed something!


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Delpoyed Task Hangs On Executing

May 12, 2008

I have a task thet writes to an Oracle database.It works correctly from my development machine, but when I run it from the SQL Server it hangs on "Execute". I installed the Oracle Client on the server and tested it by making an ODBC connection and testing the connection. The task sat on "Executing" for 6 hours before I manually stopped it. It should only take about 1 minute or less. There are no errors in the history log. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to determine why the task hangs on "Execute".


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DTS Hangs When Editing Data Transfer Task To Oracle

Feb 5, 2003

I have several DTS packages that connect to various Oracle databases. An upgrade has recently been done to one of the databases from 7.3 to 8i. The other databases were always 8i. Last week, I could edit data transer tasks normally, this week, DTS hangs and I have to use task manager to kill the process. It worked fine last week. I can successfully run the packages, I just can't edit them. I have no trouble editing or running packages that connect to databases other than the one recently upgraded. I have tried both OLE DB and ODBC connections with the same results. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Script Task Hangs When Trying To Download Missing File From A URL?

Oct 12, 2014

I have an SSIS package that inserts website URLs from a SQLServer table into a variable used by an HTTP Connection Manager, then downloads the data files from those URLs using a ForEach Loop and a Script Task. Works beautifully when a data file is found at the URL, but hangs if no data file is found. I've set the Timeout property on the HTTP Connection Manager to 30 seconds, but doesn't work. how to first check if a data file exists, of if the request returns nothing, or how to trap this situation in a try-catch?

Here is the VB code I'm using in the Script Task:

Public Sub Main()
' Connect to website using HTTP connection manager
Dim nativeObject As Object = Dts.Connections("HTTP Connection Manager").AcquireConnection(Nothing)
' Create a new HTTP client connection
Dim connection As New HttpClientConnection(nativeObject)


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Long Running Process

Jan 10, 2001

Hi all,

I have 3 three scheduled job: one runs onece a day, one runs once per hour, and another runs every 17 minutes. It is a NetIQ application. I just scheduled SQL Server maintianace job last night which ran at 2:00Am and 4:00Am. This morning, I came in office and found all my jobs were still running; and they were all blocked by the first 3 jobs. I had to kill all of them. In this afternoon, I kicked off one of my many DTS packages which runs usually about 40 minutes, but it failed. I tried several times but no luck. I suspected one of user tables corrupted or one of stored procedures corrupted. After I recycle the server, and dropped the table and the stored procedure, and recreated them, the package went fine. The store procedure involves many updates and inserts.

The question I have is: is it possible to cause this problem because I killed the unfinished jobs (especially the sql maintanace job)?

NOTE: the sql maintanace job does not include the backup of database and transaction log.

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Exact SQL For Running Process

Aug 27, 2007

For a long running stored procedure, how can I determine the SQL statement within the stored procedure that is currently running?

The Activity Monitor only shows the name of the stored procedure and whether it is a SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE, never the complete statement.

Thank you.

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Running Process() Within SQLCLR

May 11, 2006

By using impersonation I am able to push data to network path / old fashioned DBF's. Of course, I must use unsafe. I am unable, however to successfully run a "cmd.exe" process(), even if I populate the Username, Domain and password (with securestring). It authenticates correctly (checked by giving wrong password or bad username). But when it runs (even just a "cmd.exe"), I get an access is denied error...

StreamWriter sw = File.CreateText("C:\Error.txt");

WindowsIdentity clientId = null;

WindowsImpersonationContext impersonatedUser = null;

clientId = SqlContext.WindowsIdentity;

impersonatedUser = clientId.Impersonate();

System.Security.SecureString password = new System.Security.SecureString();

foreach (char c in "secret")


Process p = new Process();

ProcessStartInfo si = new ProcessStartInfo("cmd.exe");

si.UserName = "MyName";

si.Password = password;

si.Domain = "MySecretDomain";

si.UseShellExecute = false;



p.StartInfo = si;



catch (Exception ex)


//handle the exception here (This exception handler will not handle the exception, but I get a

//Window popup (While executing my CLR!!!)






The message popup says: The application failed to initialize poperly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application. I'm kind of at a loss...

I'm using a Windows 2003 server box with the latest SQL Server 2005, .NET 2.0/2005. Let me know if you need anything else.

Oh, just FYI - I am moving replicated data from SQL2005 server to a legacy app using DBF (FoxPro driver). I really need an external DOS app to process some data for the DOS application (Clipper).

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Throttling A Long-running Process

Apr 13, 2007

I have a SQL procedure that can take several minutes to complete.  I allow users to initiate the process through a web site and view a progress bar.  When the process is running, though, the site slows to a crawl or times out completely.  That long running process seems to block all other queries on the database.  Is there a way to give this process a low priority or somehow throttle its resource use so that the other web processes can get a chance to run in a timely manner?
Thanks for any advice.

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Kill Process That's Running Xp_cmdshell

Feb 1, 2001

I executed xp_cmdshell command.
More than 24 hours this process still running.
I tried killing this process with enterprise manager and query analyser, both
gave me a message saying its successfully killed. But when i do a sp_who,
the process still their executing.

how can I kill this process that's running xp_cmdshell


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Integration Services :: SSIS Package Hangs On Validation Of Single Task In Visual Studio

Jun 16, 2015

I've built an SSIS package in SSDT 2014. The package was running successfully

When I close and open the package it hangs on validation of single task out of all.


I have tried several times to close the SSDT and open but facing same issue.

These seems like bugs in SSIS/SSDT. What would cause the relocation of some script code to hang the validation process like this?

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Obtain The Query Plan Of A Running Process

Sep 21, 2006

Hi,Is there a way to findout the query plan of the executing process usingthe SPID/KPID information.Thanks in advance,Thyagu.D

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Want To Block All Other Db Activity While My Archive Process Is Running...

Oct 29, 2007

i'd like to block all other processes that interact with my database while my archive process is running on that database. Can this be done?

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Error In DTSX At The End Of Long Running ETL Process

Feb 14, 2006


We have a DTSX in which parallel threads are processing ETL. There is a Final step in the DTS to do cleanup tasks. we are getting the following error after ETL completes. This is not consistently reproduced.

Description: An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Native Client" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "Login timeout expired". An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Native Client" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "Unable to complete login process due to delay in prelogin response". An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft SQL Native Client" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "Shared Memory Provider: Timeout error [258].

Connection manager is set as Localhost.

Can somebody help us out here?


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The Process Is Running And Is Waiting For A Response From One Of The Backend CONNECTI

Sep 22, 2006

We are useing merge replication with MSSQL Server 2000 for our two location, we have more than 6 database in replication on has issue following error and few time not updated data due to this error -

The process is running and is waiting for a response from one of the backend CONNECTION

With regards


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DB Engine :: Running Performance Monitor While ETL Process Is In Progress?

Jul 21, 2015

know if running performance counters during ETL process is running will impact performance on the server, I have win 2008 r2 server with sql server 2008 r2. I want to measure performance of server while ETL is in progress.

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Ssis Package Hangs On Script Transformation When Running On One Machine Not Developing Machine

May 4, 2007

I am using Script Transformation to output a new column as image[DT_IMAGE]
field to store serialized object. In the VB script, the sample code as

Row.serializedobject.AddBlobData ( binaryArrayReturnedFromC#dll )

The package always runs fine on my developing machine and will halt on other
machine at AddBlobData after certain number row records were processed. I am
stuck here. Anyone has any suggestion?

What I need is reading data from mutiple tables in one database and writing
into a single table in another datable. In order preserve all the columns
data, I use input column fields to construct a new object and then serialize
it, and store the serialize data into detination db table. (The object and
serialization function is coming from c# dll.)

Dim b As BusinessLicense = New BusinessLicense()
b.ApprovalDate = Row.approvaldate
b.BusinessId = Row.busid
b.BusinessName = Row.busname
b.NaicsCode = Row.naicscode
b.NaicsDescription = Row.naicsdescr
b.OwnerName = Row.ownername
b.Phone =
b.Pkey = Row.pkey
b.RenewalDate = Row.renewaldate
b.StartDate = Row.startdate
b.Suite = Row.suite

Row.serializedobject.AddBlobData(Serializer.Serialize(b)) '''----This is blocking line
Row.infoType = BusinessLicense.TYPE

Both machine is xp with sp2. and standard SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.1399.06


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Integration Services :: Error Running A Fuzzy Grouping Process

May 26, 2015

I have a table that I need to identify similarities so I'm running a Fuzzy Grouping Process. I'm getting the follow errors and I can't identify the problema since all the fields are varchar, except for the first that is int but not use in the fuzzy.

, orgname
, address1
, cityname
, statename
, countryname
from [sales].[vw_Fact_VolumeSales] a
inner join [GMOFBI].[dbo].[vw_Dim_MSS_Organization] b
on a.EndCustomerOrganizationKey=b.MSSOrganizationKey


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Execute Process Task

May 9, 2007

I want to pass in a text file to execute process task.Is it possible???????

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Execute Process Task Cmd And Net Use

Mar 20, 2008

Hello all,
I have the need to connect to a network drive as a different user id when my SSIS package runs. If I stick the command into a batch script (forums don't play well with Opera, so sorry for code block not working)

@echo off
C:windowssystem32cmd /c net use \ServereeShare SecretPassword /usererverSecretUser

If I call that batch script from SSIS, at the conclusion of execution I'll have a share mapped. To ease deployment and maintenance, I want to refrain from using the batch script. So, I set my task as so
Executable: cmd.exe
Arguments: /C
WorkingDirectory: C:windowssystem32
StandardInputVariable: User::FileShareMappingParameters
StandardOutputVariable: User::FileShareMappingOutput
StandardErrorVariable: User::FileShareMappingError

and the rest are the default values. The value of User::FileShareMappingParameters is "net use \ServereeShare SecretPassword /usererverSecretUser"

My task does not fail nor do the output or errors variables get populated but I do not get my share. Anyone out there run into a similar situation or have a pointer on this one?

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