Reporting Services :: Report Not Running After Adding Cascading Parameters

Sep 2, 2015

After adding cascading parameters my report which was running earlier is failing. I'm using Report builder 3.0, windows 2008r2, am running the report from the server

Error message "An error has occurred during report processing.(rsProcessingAborted)

Query execution failed for dataset 'LastName' (rsErrorExecutinGcOMMAND)
Incorrect Syntax near ','."

Is there a way where i can look up the code in xml using report builder or some other way so that i can delete the extra '','.

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Reporting Services :: Running Report Initially Before Parameters

Jul 20, 2015

On my report, I have two parameters that are used to filter my report. I would like for the report to initially run without filters and without having the user required to input parameters. I know that this can be accomplished by using the multi value parameter and having it "Select All" by default, but for my parameters, I would like for each parameter to only allow the user to select one value. Is it possible to have this requirement without having to enable select multi values?

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Reporting Services :: Adding Drill Through Parameters Increasing Rendering Time On Report Server

Nov 2, 2015

I have a report which takes around 5 seconds when run in BIDS but takes around 20 seconds when deployed on report server.Execution log says TimeDataRetrieval is around 3-4 seconds and  rendering time is around 15-17 secs.From this report I am passing 8 parameters to a  drill through report and there are 36 text boxes where I have defined these parameters for drill through action.All these parameters are populated in main dataset.When I deployed the same report without any drill through action and parameter, it takes 5 seconds.So I am suspecting that because of drill through parameters report is taking more rendering time on server.I am using 2008R2 and IE11.

Is it expected behavior that due to so many parameters for drill through action, report will take more rendering time?If yes, then why is it not taking same time in BIDS?

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Reporting Services :: Adding Values To Parameters In Dropdown Prompts In Reports In BIDS Or Report Builder

Nov 20, 2015

I run these stored procedure to build the report and I am able successfully to build the report but I need some prompts to in the report to get the specific data .

PROCEDURE [dbo].[Sharepoint_Ticket_Report]

[Code] ....

And for prompts how to create created_by and message_type dropdowns as shown in picture.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Cascading Parameters

Jun 26, 2015

I am using SSRS 2008 with a SQL Server 2008 R2. It's been many years since i have used SSRS but i have used this and some other reporting tools in the past.I have created a cascading parameters where upon selecting 'ALL' or one of the other values in parameter A , the other values gets displayed in paramter B which is working in the Report builder. i am handling this in the dataset  query where i handle that through a case statement ( something like WHERE 1 = (CASE WHEN @Prm_A = 'ALL' THEN 1 END) OR  column_X= ( CASE WHEN  @Prm_A <>'ALL' THEN   @Prm_A END ).Also tried WHERE @Prm_A = 'ALL' OR column_X=  @Prm_A

This seems to work in the report builder on my machine or when i run it by editing the report on the web, but when i publish it on the report server, i don't see that behavior, meaning it does not cascade. I also tried to simplify it by making the query simple(WHERE column_X=  @Prm_A ),  but it still would not cascade on the web. 

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Reporting Services :: Start And End Date Parameters Report In SSRS 2008 Is Not Running On Runtime?

Aug 27, 2015

I made one report in SSRS 2008 in which getting data from one SharePoint List.

three parameters in report :


I am using query which I created with CAML.

query is running well and data is coming correctly if I run this on Query designer.and date format must be YYYY-MM-DD.but when I try to run through on run time then the date control is showing format dd/mm/yyyy.

I change the regional settings of windows and SharePoint site to English(United States). and when I select date control it is also putting date in format like "YYYY-MM-DD'. and in that format report is working well in Query designer view.But on run time still it is not working.

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Reporting Services On Cube: Stop Parameters From Cascading

Aug 27, 2007


I'm using a SSIS cube as source for reporting services. In my DataSet I have 3 parameters: Year, ProductGroup, Product. By default all parameters are cascading when defined on the DataSet. This is great for ProductGroup -> Product, but I don't want it for Year -> ProductGroup (I want to avoid the roundtrip). I removed the link in the generated MDX, I removed the parameters on the DataSet, but when I run the report, ProductGroup is still grayed out until I choose a year.

Suggestions are very welcome...

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Cascading Parameters In SQL Server Reporting Services 2005

May 29, 2007

I have a Reporting Services 2005 report which uses cascading parameter multi-select drop-down boxes. The report runs perfect after making initial selections. However, each subsequent parameter selection causes the page to refresh to a blank page until the View Report button is clicked. What I would like to happen (which should be the norm) is for the user to be able to make all necessary selections without the page auto-refreshing after each selection. The user would then click the View Report button to regenerate the report. We are currently using reports which contain up to 5 cascading parameters. This becomes very time-consuming when the page refreshes after each selection.

Has anyone come across a solution or code alternative to this problem??

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.


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Reporting Services :: Multi Value Cascading Parameters Not Working

Apr 23, 2015

I have created two report parameters and want them as Cascading. District Parameter depends on Region Parameter which should allow Multi selection. When I select single value in Region it works perfectly. But when I choose multiple values, District turns out to be a blank text box. I have used the In clause in my code :


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Reporting Services :: Passing Cascading Parameters In Drill Through Subreport

Nov 10, 2015

I have two reports.

1. Main Report
2. Sub Report.

I have cascading parameters in 'Main Report'. When i try to pass cascading parameters in to sub-report, I could pass only 'first parameter' value to sub-report.Is there a way that i can pass cascading parameters to the child report?

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2008 R2 Cascading Parameters - Visible Only When Certain Criteria Previously Selected

Oct 22, 2015

I am creating a report where there are 3 tables in one report which have visibility set as an expression so that when a certain criteria is selected in the "Report" parameter, a different table is shown below.  This works as expected.

When table 3 is shown, I want a new parameter to be visible to the user called "Ward" where the user will select the ward they are interested in and the table will display data below just for the ward selected.  However, I don't want the ward parameter visible when either of the other 2 options are selected. Is this possible and how to do this? 

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Reporting Services :: Subscription Of A Report RDL Still Running Even When Report Does Not Exist

Oct 1, 2015

I'm still receiving the emails of some subscriptions of reports that were already deleted, how these subscription could be deleted or turned off.

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Reporting Services :: Passing Cascaded Parameters From Main Report To Drill Through Report In SSRS?

Sep 16, 2015

I am trying to develop a report from cube,and it has one drill through report.when i click on sales amount field on main report,then it open the drill through report with details.Here i passed the **(category,subcat,product)parameters(Cascaded)** to drill through report in action part of main report.In my main report i have two columns .

columns are **Level**  and              **Salesamount**.  

Values are like  

**[-]category**              **100**
    **[-]subcat**             **50**
         **product**          **30**

when i click on 100, parameters are passed & it open the detail report correctly, but when i click on 50,the values for subcat parameter is not getting values in detail report and same as the product also.

Here i used the expressions in parameter values




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Reporting Services :: Way To Subscribe SSRS Report Using Dynamic Parameters For Email And Trigger Report

Feb 8, 2015

Is there a way to subscribe SSRS report using dynamic parameters for email and trigger the report from autosys job so that report should generate the exact time the job is triggered.Let me describe, my SSRS report should be triggered on success of one autosys job. i need to send email parameter and time of report schedule from this autosys job.

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Report Parameters In Reporting Services

Nov 21, 2004

Hi guys & gals

I'm just setting up Reporting Services for our company and it's a great product, no doubt about it. However, I've come across a problem I can't solve and I wonder if any of you can help.

I've produced a sales report and I want my users to be able to enter a list of sales periods to include on the report. For example, the user might want to view the report for periods 10,11,13,14 and 17 and exclude periods 12,15 and 16. Obviously, the underlying query will probably involve an IN() clause but I'm struggling to think of a way that the user might be able to enter these parameters.

The most obvious way might be by typing in a comma separated string, but I don't know how to then put those values into the query.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Jan 5, 2007

i am trying to generate a report based on 3 parameters
age, location, ethnciity

every thing works fine in data and layout tab,
when i run the preview tab, it give me the option to input paramaters and then when i hit veiw report, it shows processing report.... (indefinite) time.

i tried executing the query in data tab, it takes less than a sec.

any ideas??

am i doing somethign wrong in parameters??

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Reporting Services :: Same Report Different Parameters

Sep 8, 2015

1 report but different departments run this report with different parameters. Atm I have copied this report for the 4 departments and adjusted the default parameters accordingly (highly inefficient). Isn't there a way to just have one report and that I can adjust the default parameters in code based on user or group ?

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Cascading Parameters In Report Builder Reports!

Mar 15, 2007

Is it possible to create cascading parameters with in Report Builder? I have done this with Report Designer but i need a solution with Report Builder.

(I need the structure: First the user selects the state, afer the postpack the cirties of the state are listed in another dropdownlist for selection).

Thanks in advance

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Reporting Services :: Running Report In A For Loop

Oct 27, 2015

My problem is:

I have an order , (order id) and multiple boxes (ex: 7 boxes)
I must create a report, that contains among others a bar code => composed like this : "orderId+01" for the first box, "orderId+02" for the second box, .... , "orderId+07" for the 7-th box

I need this report to repeat itself for each box , only the bar code is changed.

Once I call it , it must generate 7 labels in this example.

Now i am able to generate only one report. Iam using report builder 3.0

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Reporting Services :: Adding New Line In Report Builder Expressions

Mar 14, 2014

I typically use Report Designer, but I have a new project requiring Report Builder 3.0.  In Report Designer (BIDS), I can take more complex expressions (ie SWITCH with 5 or 6 options), and put each pairing on a new line to be able to better read the code.

In the Expression Editor in Report Builder, pressing the ENTER key on my keyboard closes the Expression dialog box and saves the changes.

Is there any way to add line returns in the code to make it more readable?  The expression editor wraps when it runs out of room, but this doesn't make it more readable, in some cases, it wraps in the middle of a field name, making it even less readable.

The 2012 version also has this same "feature".

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Reporting Services :: Using Parameters To Filter A Report?

Jul 7, 2015

I have a report I'm working on that provides a census of members. These members have certain properties;

Load date,Report Type,Clinic,Care Manager,PCP Name.

The census is from an outside group and what I do is massage it for our internal databases and reports to our care managers.

The report starts out by returning only those entries that were received in the last report from the outside vendor and I filter each of the parameters by using a WITH statement and an INNER JOIN, as follows;

WITH Date_of_Most_Recent_Census AS
MAX(Load_Date) AS [CurDate]

[Code] ...

The default is for all parameters to start out with all possible values for the current load date. But, I need to be able to filter the available - and default  - values for each parameter based upon the selection of the other parameters.

So, the Load Date is built in by use of the CTE that is a part of all the parameters. But, I need the report to allow the end user to select from each of the others, but limiting what is avaliable for selection based upon the settings of the other parameters.

For example, the second parameter is the Report Type. It can be either "Hospital," or "SNF." But, not all Clinics, Care Managers or PCPs may have an entry in both types. So, if the user selects, say, "Hospital," all the parameters would alter their available and default values such that they only include options where the census shows they are a "Hospital" entry.But, not all Clinics in the most recent census may have both report types. So, if the end user selects a particular clinic, it would also recalculate the available and default values for Report Type, as well as those beneath it on the list. And, likewise for the remainder of the parameters.

My initial thought was to add WHERE statements to the datasets controlling each parameter, but SSRS keeps asking me to define the parameters when I click out of the dataset's properties. Now, I know that SSRS is a single pass process - and, I'll cross the bridge on adjusting parameters defined earlier in the list when I come to it - but I thought that parameters lower in the list would update, since they'd have their values defined.For instance, the Clinic parameter is after Report Type, so the code I used to set up Clinic was;

WITH Date_of_Most_Recent_Census AS
MAX(Load_Date) AS [CurDate]


But, this asks me to define @ReportType, even though it precedes Clinic on the parameter list.

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Cascading Parameters Based Off Analysis Services

Jun 6, 2007


I was trying to do cascading parameters based off my cube and I wasn't able to do this. Is it possible?

For example, I have a dimension that has Products so I first select the parameter for product type (Dairy, Frozen, Candy) and then I have another dropdown listbox that has the name of each product (Milk, Ice Cream, Lemon Drops). The second dropdown listbox should only contain the products that match what parameter was selected in the first dropdown.

When I couldn't get that to work, I went to the source system containing the Dimension tables and just did nice and easy SQL statements from there. It worked but I, for some reason that I can't explain, think this is not the proper way to do it.

Also, is there a way to have a default on the second parameter based on the first parameter selected? I would assume that default would be [All].

Thank you.


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How To Create Cascading Parameters In A Report With Cube As Datasource

Mar 11, 2008

I'm trying to create report with datasource as a cube. I'm able to connect to datasource to pull data with a single parameter. But, I'm unable to succeed in creating a cascading parameter.
The following scenario:
I have a dimension "Period" as Paremeter.
The Period dimension is cascaded to year- quarter- month.
So, I would like to create a cascading parameter for period as year - quarter - month.

Please let me know, how to acheive this.


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Reporting Services :: Adding A Quarter Column Every Three Months In A Report In SSRS?

Sep 15, 2015

I want to create a report of our customers displaying the monthly sales totals and display the Quarter totals at the end of  every third month, e.g.

Customer       Jan Feb Mar Quarter1  Apr May Jun
Quarter2 Jul  Aug...

I've created the report with the Quarter totals and the far right end, but I can place my finger on how to do it every three months.

My data exists in one table. Here is the query:

SELECT customer
, customercode
, city
, state
, salesperson
, invoiceYear
, invoiceMonth
, CAST(SUM(netSalesValue + discValue) / 1000 AS decimal(10, 1)) AS grossSales


My query results are as follows:

Customer Name | 0000305 | Orange | CA | SalesPerson Name | 2015 | 1 | 8.4 | Q1 | True

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Reporting Services :: Scheduling MS Report With Date Parameters

Jun 2, 2015

I need to schedule a report with date ranges which change from month to month.  Is there a scheduler date function I can place in the parameter field(s) for that report?

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Reporting Services :: Placement Of Parameters In Report Header

Jul 2, 2015

I've got a feeling that the answer is, "can't be done," but I'll go ahead and ask the august members of this forum, anyway. Is it possible to alter the placement of the Parameter fields when previewing a report?

At the moment, it seems that they form in a column of twos, reading from left to right. I see how the ORDER is affected, by changing the order of the parameters in the Report Data window, but can I change the number of columns?

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Reporting Services :: How To Retrieve Computer Name Of The Person Running A Report

Oct 9, 2009

How can I identify the computer of the person running an SRS report?  If I query HOST_NAME() it gives me the host of the reporting server, not the person browsing.So, for example, Melissa opens a browser from computer named AAA to the SRS and pulls up her report.  How do I get that report to show that the user is browsing from AAA?

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Reporting Services :: Report Parameters PTimeframe (Day - Week - Month)

Aug 6, 2015

I'm using Server 2012 R 2 with SQL Server 2012 Reporting Configuration Manager 11.0.5343.0 . The default time values (pTimeframe) for generating the report of my DPM Summary are the default values Day - Week - Month.

How can I define the value "Last 24 hours" for example?! Because the DPM Server does it backups the whole night starting at 08:00pm the day before and the result of the finished Backups of yesterday won't be shown when I use the defaut value "Day".

I want to send a subscription every morning for the backups only of the night before (not the whole week).

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Reporting Services Data Extension - Passing Report Parameters

Jul 24, 2007

I have created a custom data extension.

I am using this custom data extension from BI Studio.

Que1: I want to create report parameters from BI studio and capture them in my Data Extension.

Que2: Every report parameter has so many properties, like hidden, internal, default value etc, how do capture that information in my data extension, the parameters only give me name and value.

Que3: I know I can capture command Text. So My command can be Select * From tablename where fieldname= @myFieldname. Once I get this commandText in my data extension, How do extract parameters of the command?

Que4: If I have any custom attributes in my RDL file, Can I capture them in my Data Extension ?

Any help is appreciated...

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Reporting Services :: Parameters Drop Down Selection Not Showing In The Report?

Aug 31, 2015

I created a re port using the Report builder. The report runs fine. I want to create a parameter on the report. I created a new dataset with the query "select distinct dept from table" . Then i created a new parameter to get the values from the second dataset. After running the reports when i selected 2 departemnts, its still showing all the records.

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Reporting Services :: Send A Report To Various Email ID Based On Parameters?

Jun 9, 2015

I need to send a report to various email id based on parameters.

I have a report which has a dropdown which shows the list of parameters. I need to send report to 3 different email ids with different parameters. How to do that?

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Reporting Services :: Parameters Needed For Connection And Again At Report Run-time

May 5, 2015

In VS2008 SSRS, when creating a dataset, only the name of the stored procedure was required.  When populating the dataset, VS prompted for the parameters, whether or not there were any.  In VS2010, the name of the stored procedure is not enough if there are parameters.When creating a dataset in Visual Studio 2010 for databases and stored procedures in SQL 2012, I must provide (what should be) run-time parameters to obtain a field list and then to preview the report. 

So the embedded dataset looks like this (wherein the only parameter is a password): exec dbo.spu_procedure1 @PW='999'.This works well and as expected during report design and development.  But 999 must be provided at run-time by the requester, and not in the dataset definition.  If I remove the parameter in the dataset's exec string before deploying the report, the field list is cleared and the report is unusable. So I cannot overcome what seems a contradiction: necessary to obtain a field list, but "yet-to-be-provided" when the user selects the report.

By keeping @PW='999' in the dataset specification, the user cannot override the parameter and automatically has a password to view the report.  

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Reporting Services :: Unable To Generate Report With URL With StartDate And EndDate Parameters?

Aug 14, 2015

i have problem generating the SSRS Reports. 

i have Report URL  with 2 parameters-- @StartDate and @EndDate

when i hard coded the values and copy the URL in IE, Report gets generated

sample URL's:


but when i use Parameters--Report is not getting generated.


Below is the error;

Reporting Services Error

The value provided for the report parameter 'StartDate' is not valid for its type. (rsReportParameterTypeMismatch)

SQL Server Reporting Services

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