Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Show Blank Page When Executed From SharePoint

Sep 22, 2015

I have a set of SSRS reports published on the server. It can be accessed through a web application or through SharePoint. Most of the reports work fine through both - web app and SharePoint. However, one of the report, which returns large amount of data has some problem:

1. It generates fine from web app
2. It generates fine from SharePoint; only if one or two values selected from Filter dropdown
3. However, if all items (about 20 items) selected from Filter dropdown... and click on View Report, it processes for a while and then shows nothing. The page remains blank.

Did some research and felt the problem is with Distributed Cache Service.

Tried restarting it; tried changing SPDistributedCacheClientSetting settings - requestTimeout, channelOpenTimeout... but didn't work.

I checked Event Viewer logs, SharePoint logs and SSRS logs but couldn't find any relevant error messages.

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Reporting Services :: Blank Page In PDF Export - SSRS

Jun 30, 2015

I have the multiple pages with in the report. For Example,

1. Dashboard Page
2. Risk Summary Page
3. Issues Summary Page
4. Key Summary Page
I am using the rectangle for the physical page break and set the page break option as "Add a page break after" for each rectangle except for the last key summary page in the RDL
Other Report details
Report Paper Size is A4, Landscape, Width = 29.7cm, Height = 21cm
Report Margins - Left=0.2cm, Right=0.2cm, Top=0.25cm, Bottom=0.25cm
Rectangle size in the report body in each page as
Width=28.7cm, Height=17.5cm,
Header Height= 2cm
Footer Height = 1cm
Now, the issue is when I add the Tablix with the rectangle to display the details data, it also adds the blank page after the page and when I remove the Tablix and only keep the graphs within the rectangle then blank page issue get fixed.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2008 CSV Export Blank Report With Commas?

Sep 1, 2011

We have recently upgraded to SP1 of SSRS 2008. As a result, when we export a blank report to CSV, we now get a line of commas below the headings. Or found a way to not include the commas?
New SSRS Output

Old SSRS Output


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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Run Very Slow Using Mdx In Cube On SharePoint 2013

Nov 21, 2015

I have developed the SSRS report and  deployed them on SharePoint 2013 BUt when I run report  through  broswer It take long time to execute.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Drill Through Report Does Not Work When Deployed To SharePoint

Feb 17, 2012

I replied to an thread in the pre-2010 forum before I realized the forum I was in...

I'm using Visual Studio 2008 to Design my SSRS reports. The report viewer is using SharePoint 2010 SP1 integrated mode.

I am using a conditional statement to determine which report to drill to based on the SSRS textbox's column.

=iif((Fields!Type.Value =
(Fields!Type.Value ="Variance - (F)/U"),"DivisionSpendingReport","DivisionSpendingReportDetail")

Works fine in Visual Studio. Once deployed to SharePoint though, the drill through returns an error that says report can't be found. So I added the .rdl to the conditional statement in the report Design.

=iif((Fields!Type.Value =
(Fields!Type.Value ="Variance - (F)/U"),"DivisionSpendingReport.rdl","DivisionSpendingReportDetail.rdl")

It now works in SharePoint but not in Visual Studio...

Do I need to keep adding and removing the ".rdl" in order to make any changes to this report???!!!

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Reporting Services :: How To Show Databars Using SSRS Report

Nov 2, 2015

Requirement to display Databar in SSRS report. Refer the below example:

How to achieve the above outcome.

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Reporting Services :: Chart Not Displayed After Deploying SSRS Report In Sharepoint Server

May 22, 2015

I have created a ssrs report using ssrs-2012 that contains 2 tables 2 pie charts and 1 line chart. But I am unable to see 2 pie charts and and 1 line chart after deploying the rdl in sharepoint server.

Why I am not able to see those charts, or sharepoint server will not support charts at all.

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Reporting Services :: Datetime Conversion Of SSRS Report In SharePoint Integrated Mode?

Sep 1, 2015

i have created an report which retrieve data from table which contains a datetime field.  The data of that particular field is stored in UTC time. when i navigating the report from sharepoint site i wish the datetime field will be converted into local time based on the selected timezone of the user.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 Intermittent Report Reloading In SharePoint Integrated Mode?

Aug 17, 2015

issue where SSRS reports being executed from a report library in SharePoint intermittently are reloaded after hitting the apply button to run.  We are using SSRS 2010 and SharePoint 2013 in integrated mode. So a user clicks on the report, fills in the parameters and hits apply. Maybe 70% of the time the report runs fine.  The other 30% the report just reloads and wipes out any parameter selections. We do have a load balancer in front of the web servers.

I've ran fiddler to capture some of the error logging.

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Cache-Control: private
Content-Length: 16
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
SPRequestGuid: 3101219d-876e-60c8-a883-dcdee38b81b5
request-id: 3101219d-876e-60c8-a883-dcdee38b81b5


Things we have tried. Multiple versions of IE 8,9,10,11, Firefox, Chrome.  All browsers seem to exhibit the behavior.

We ran so more traffic monitoring and it doesn't appear on these refreshes that report actually connects to the data context so it seems to be failing prior to that. (Possibly at the SharePoint server. Logging from the server apparently didn't show much in terms of when this occurred) It doesn't seem to matter if the report has 1 or 10 parameters. 

We did notice that when we took the load balancer out of the equation and just hit the web server directly, the refreshes "appeared" to decrease in regularity but still occur.Also, the reports do not exhibit the refresh issue when running locally within Visual Studio 2013.

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Single Page Report In SSRS Is Printing With The Second Page Blank....URGENT

May 16, 2008

Hi All,
In my SSRS report. I have a report which has only one page. In preview it is showing as only 1 page but when I am printing the report. I am getting two printouts with the second page as a blank.. Please help me in printing the page that contains report. Intially I used a Page header, at that it used to print the blank page with a header only. Now as I removed the header it is printing the page without header i.e Blank Page.. So please help me in prinitng a single page that has the report. It is urgent,..


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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Parameters Getting Reset After Hitting Apply (Sharepoint Integrated Mode)

Mar 6, 2015

We have SSRS reports (pointing to SQL 2012) containing cascading parameters that we have deployed on SharePoint 2013 and once a user makes a selection to the parent parameter, child parameters are getting refreshed based on the selection in the parent parameter and then we see this:

Once we hit Apply, the Loading image comes up and approximately10 seconds later, The whole webpage gets refreshed and the parameter selections get reset to default parameters. 

This is getting frustrating because there are about 10 parameters in the report and once a user makes selections and hit apply if the page gets reset, the user has to make all the selections again.

We are working with Microsoft support on this who suggested us to increase the timeout setting of DistributedCache service on all our SharePoint servers which did seem to work initially but I do see this issue happening occasionally.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Page Break Out

Jul 9, 2015

I have a Report In that report I need to break out company code and export this report on excel and each company code shown its own tab in excel .I just add image about report details.I tried this issue but i cant get the exact names on excel sheet.

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Reporting Services :: Cover Page In SSRS Report

May 9, 2015

I have a report which shows around 8 columns. The report is in landscape mode(Width -11in and Height-8.5 in). I want to display only header in the first page means basically I want to add a cover page.

I have used tablix to display data. To display an empty page, I have added a rectangle before tablix and made add a page break after true. But while exporting to pdf, I am getting 2 blank pages with header. But I need only one.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS 2012 - How To Show Hovering Data In Exported Excel Report

Sep 23, 2015

We are showing hovering data in the report. When we hover the pointer of the mouse over cell, it shows the data. But when we export the report in excel, hover functionality is not working in exported report. Finding the solution to ensure hovering should work in the exported excel report.

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Reporting Services :: Show Current Month / Date And Year In Report Header In SSRS

Jun 29, 2015

How to show the CurrentMonthanddateandyear in my report header in ssrs?

1.How to show the currentdateandMonthyear exmple date format like June 29 2015 on my report header.

2.How to change the report rdl name with the same name like EmpUpdatedreportJune 29 2015.rdl ,it is possible to create and change the rdl file name with the current dateandmonth.

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Reporting Services :: Unable To Show Images From Folder By Reading Path From Database In SSRS Report

Apr 28, 2015

Basically i have 3 images capacity per record in my application. In there i am saving the image path with record id in database and image in my application folder.

Now i am creating SSRS Report in Report builder . In there i have taken one image control to show the images. In the Image properties in report builder i have chosen database under the select the image source field. then inside use this field i have chosen image url and in use this MIME Type i have selected image/jpeg. Now i have saved this report in report server folder.

Now while calling in .net web from through report viewer control. It is opening the report but wont showing the image.

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Reporting Services :: How To Limit Columns Per Page In SSRS Matrix Report

Oct 7, 2015

I have created the matrix report which has dynamic column, it grow columns(18) based on the 'MCU' field in PRD.MI table. I have added the 'MCU'(A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,...Q) on 'Columns' in matrix table, to create matrix report and I have added 'mcst' on 'Data' in matrix table and I have added the 'msp2' on 'Rows' in matrix table. I have created new column after row and I added USP2DS.Final output is as given below.I need the split the matrix column per page.

I have added the 'MCU' on "Column group and 'msp2' on Row group.

select mi.*, SUBSTR(SM.USP2DS,6,9)AS DESC from 
(SELECT a.mcu , a.msp2, SUM(a.mcst) AS Cost    
FROM PRD.MI as A                                    
WHERE a.myr=2015 and a.mpr=7                   
GROUP BY a.MCU, a.msp2                             
order by a.mcu, a.msp2 ) mi,                     

I have tried the below post, but I am not able achieve my output. [URL] ....

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Reporting Services :: Don't Include Last Page Of SSRS Report Based On Parameter

Mar 9, 2015

I created the report, which has 4 pages. Each page contains bunch of tables and charts, which display data in scope of dataset, created for each page and reflecting certain subject. Each page also has Header and Footer.

My users requested, the report has possibility to include or not include data on Page #4.

Other words, report should display 3 or 4 pages based on the entered parameter.

1. I created parameter named  “Include #### metrics”, which contains options: Y, N
2. For each object on the page 4 I added dependency on the selected parameter in  the visibility option.

Now if user select parameter Not include Page #4, report displays 3 pages as expected and page #4 is empty, but with Header and Footer.

The problem: Their preference is to not to show page 4 at all if someone chooses to not to include #### metrics.

My question is how to force the report to display just 3 selected pages.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS - How To Make Report Page Size Dynamic

May 22, 2015

How to make SSRS report page size dynamic, or in a way where viewer can set it to the size they want? 

Set to 0

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Output Displays Blank And Result Set Displays Correctly?

May 23, 2015

I have the SQL code for one of the select list columns as shown below in the SSRS Data set query level.

 Example : Select IsNUll(max(ET.[# Utilizations by Utilization Method]),0) as [Employee Period Total]

SQL Result Set Output :


The above code when run in SQL displays correctly with zeroes if NULL values are available from the Source tables.Now at the SSRS Report level design I have grouped with more than one values.Even at the expression  I have given  =Fields!Employee_YTD_Total.Value but report output displays blank In order to evaluate 0 from the SQL result set I even tried equating the values to 0 like = Iif(Fields!Employee_YTD_Total.Value = 0 ,0,Fields!Employee_YTD_Total.Value) but still the report outputs is blank.

Issue/Query : Why it displays blank and I should have this as 0 in the report output to eliminate blank as this would be not appropriate to the end users to validate. What has to be changed either at the SSRS level or at the SQL level.

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Report Page Footer - How To Fix At Absolute Bottom With Dynamic Body Content

May 20, 2015

We have the customer requirement to display the footer of a SSRS Report fixed at the absolute bottom of a DIN A4 format page. The footer contains information like company address and stuff.

I searched quite a while on this topic and only found workarounds for SQL Server 2005 with Custom Code in the SSRS Report to calculate the size of the body content and then insert some empty lines to get the space needed to push the footer to the bottom of the page. But this won't work in SQL Server 2012. And I wasn't able to figure out how to achieve this yet.

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Reporting Services :: Blank Page Reporter

Jun 27, 2015

I can not access the url of reporting services.Reports_REPORTER, gives me a blank page.I tried to change service accountand plugged network services, but the same is not working.

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Reporting Services :: Every Other PDF Converted Page Is Blank

May 8, 2015

I have created a report and convert it to PDF. Every other page on pdf is blank. I have checked the margin and could not fix on the report.

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SQL Reporting Adding Blank Page In The Middle Of A Report

Apr 18, 2008

I build a long report in sql reporting(5 pages)

It has many lists.

on the 3rd page it is inserting a blank page with just the report header

I check the list before and after the page

Insert Page break before and after is "unchecked" on both the list and its grouping.

Is there anything else I can verify to find a solution to print no blank pages. The client will have my head if it is there.


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Controls Are Hidden. Blank Page Occurs In Reporting Services

Dec 26, 2007

We are using SSRS 2005.We designed one report.This report contains Table and chart controls .When Table is hidden,chart only is visible, this chart is going to show only on last page.There is a white space in top of the chart while hiding the table control.

Consider for an Example Report one tables and one chart . We want to show only chart,So we made Table's visible property is false.Total Number of pages is five and table has only four pages and chart has only one page that is in last page. Now the report showing Four pages are empty with header and footer and last page have a chart with header and footer.

Any suggestions how to avoid the empty pages?

I tried to Filter property to filter the table.Same empty page with header and footer is only visible

Thanks In Advance

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Reports Not Running Through Sharepoint

Sep 29, 2015

We couldn't get the report through SSRS deployed URL.  We found dead locks in SQL DB to proceed further issue resolution.

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Reporting Services :: How To Get Add-in For SharePoint Version To Sync With SSRS Engine

Oct 23, 2015

I have installed SQL 2012 on my DB Server. The SSRS database version table(s) list the current version as 163. The Version number that's displayed in the Programs and Features for SSRS Add-in for SharePoint (yes, on the db server) is 11.2.5623.0.

On my two SharePoint servers the version number for SSRS Add-in for SharePoint shows 11.2.2058. I have installed SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2 on all three machines. When the SharePoint box calls into SSRS to render a report I get this error:

The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is '163'. The expected version is '162'. --->


The version of the report server database is either in a format that is not valid, or it cannot be read. The found version is '163'. The expected version is '162'.

what else I need to install - and where - to correct this error. What is expecting version '162' and why?

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Reporting Services :: How To Get Distinct Values Of Sharepoint Column Using SSRS

May 13, 2009

I have integrated sharepoint list data to SQL Server reporting services. I am using the below to query sharepoint list data using sql reporting services.

<Query>   <SoapAction></SoapAction>  
<Method Namespace="" Name="GetListItems">     
<Parameters> <Parameter Name="listName">       

[Code] .....

By using this query, I am getting a dataset which includes all the columns of sharepoint list. Among these columns, I wanted to display only 2 columns (i.e Region and Sales type) using chart. I have created a Region parameter but when I click preview, the drop down box is giving me all the repeatative values of region like


I wanted to display only distinct values of Region parameter so that whenever end user select region from the parameter drop down, it will display the respective value of Sales type column.Also when I select only RG1 parameter, it is giving me a chart including the sales type of all the Regions. (it should display me only the sales type of RG1) How can I link these 2 columns so that they will display the values respectively.  

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Reporting Services :: SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions In SharePoint

Sep 30, 2015

I am looking for a good tutorial on how to set up Data Driven subscriptions through the SharePoint 2012 version of SSRS. I am needing to set up a Data Driven subscription that uses one report, but sends out the specific portion of the report to the appropriate recipients. I have used the information located at URL.... but it doesn't seem to provide all the steps needed to schedule the reports needed. It focuses around setting up the reports to go to shared folder locations. I need something around setting it up to go to email recipients. 

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Reporting Services :: SSRS - SharePoint Integrated Mode - Reports Are Not Functioning

Jul 8, 2015

We have a Report Server integrated with SharePoint. A month ago we deployed a report (rdl file) in SharePoint, but the person who deployed it was no longer connected with us. So we decided to deactivate it in our Active Directory. Yesterday, our users returned issues regarding they are unable to access their report. I believe the issue was "object reference not set to an instance of an object".

So I tried to download the rdl file and redeployed it but i am getting error upon deploying to SharePoint. My workaround is to delete the rdl file in SharePoint, redeploy the shared datasource and shared datasets and the rdl file. It went and was now able to run the report in SharePoint.

Is there something relation/happened when deactivating the account in AD that users unable to access the report in SharePoint?

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Reporting Services :: Where To Install SSRS SharePoint Mode In A Multi-server Environment

Aug 17, 2015

I am setting up sharepoint and sql server integration environment. I am considering the following topology: PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 and Reporting Services in SharePoint mode Two Server Deployment


I am looking to follow the topology example by the letter, which involves installing PowerPivot for SharePoint (aka SSAS in SharePoint mode) in the same server as my SQL, and installing SSRS in SharePoint (SP) integrated mode in the same server as SharePoint.

I understand, however, that if I wanted to install SSRS in SP mode in the same server as SQL, I could but only if the server contains the SP Object Model.

My first question is, what would involve having the SP Object Model in the SQL Server?

Would only installing SP binaries be enough; or Do I need to do a minimal install of SP in the SQL server enough for it to joing the SP farm? And most importantly, what would be the licensing implications for SP in case I want proceed down this route and have SSRS in SharePoint mode installed in the same server as the SQL?

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Reporting Services :: Sharepoint Dropping Link To Data Source For SSRS Reports

Oct 9, 2008

I have published SSRS reports to sharepoint and used the Reporting Services Report viewer to present the reports on a Page.  Everything works fine for the day, however in the morning, when I go to view the page, I get an error message 

The report server cannot process the report. The data source connection information has been deleted. (rsInvalidDataSourceReference)

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Reporting Services :: Using SharePoint Checkbox / Choice Column In Multi-value SSRS Filter

Jul 7, 2015

In one of my datasets, my field "Team" is a SharePoint choice column that is a checkbox, so multiple entries are in it. In my Parameter, I have it as a multiple-value, and I'm specifying the values directly in both available and default.For my filter, I have [Team] IN [@Team], which is where the problem comes in. It will only filter the results of entries that only have ONE listed in Team. 

For example: One entry has "Building" in Team column which SSRS is displaying. But it will NOT display entries where "Building" and "Clerks" are displayed. I believe this is because SSRS sees this as 1 line of text, so it does not just see"Building" but "Building" and "Clerks" so it will omit it.I've tried to have my parameter set to "Get values from a query" but the problem there is the drop-down is too confusing since it interprets it as "Building" and then "Building, Clerks", and then "Building, Clerks, Economic Development' as another drop down, which defeats the purpose of the filter.

how I can get SSRS to show ALL entries that contain "Building" when I choose "Building" as a drop-down choice in my parameter? Instead of only showing ones that is Building only and dismissing other teams?

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