SQL 2012 :: Renaming Columns Surrounded In Double Quotes?

Sep 10, 2015

How do I delete a post?

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Single Quotes And Double Quotes

Jan 3, 2002

I had a procdure in SQL 7.0 in which I am using both single quote and double quotes for string values. This proceudreused to work fine in SQL 7.0 but when I upgraded SQL 7.0 to SQL 2000, this proceudre stopped working. When I changed the double quotes to single quotes, it worked fine.

Any Idea why ??



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Double Quotes

Jul 25, 2007

I am creating a flat file connection to a .csv file
In the columns section of the flatt file connection manager editor, I am not sure why the texts in the .csv file are shown with double quotes arouond them.
They do not have "" in the .csv file.

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BCP And Commas/double-quotes

Jul 30, 1999

Hello all,

I am using SQL Server 6.5 SP5a.

I have to use bcp to import two text files everyday for database update. The problem is that some of the character fields that are being imported have double-quotes and/or commas in them. When these are imported into the SQL Server tables additional double quotes are being added into these strings.



I have searched through BOL and have not been able to find any information.

Does anyone know what is causing this and if so how to correct it?


Bryan Ziel

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Remove Double Quotes

Aug 14, 2002

if l have a field conating data that has quoutes around it like field idno "2809085009084 ". How would l remove the quotes ????

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Inserting Double Quotes

Jan 24, 2014

I have to insert "" in data and in column name in the output .csv file.I tried using Quotename function

for ex : QUOTENAME(policy.policyid, '"')AS PolicyID


But i need policyId(i.e columnname) uswell in ""


How to amend the query.

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Double Quotes Replacement

Sep 5, 2005

Hi,It seems to be simple, however, it stumbles me.how to replace all the double quotes (") within the followingsentence (or a column) with single quotes ('),colA = this is a freaking "silly" thing to dointocolA this is a freaking 'silly' thing to doSelect Replace(colA,'"',''')[color=blue]>From tblXYZ[/color]won't work,Select Replace(colA,'"',"'")[color=blue]>From tblXYZ[/color]won't work neither.How come? Thanks.

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Contains Predicate And Double Quotes

Jul 20, 2005

I have been searching for an escape character or a way of escapingdouble quotes that are actually in a string that I am using in thecontains predicate.Here is an exampleselect *from tablewhere contains(field, '"he said "what is wrong", that is what hesaid"')I need the double quotes in the string because they are part of thetext. Of course, Fulltext search raises the errorServer: Msg 7631, Level 15, State 1, Line 1Syntax error occurred near 'what is wrong", that is what he said'.Expected ''''' in search condition '"he said "what is wrong", that iswhat he said"'.If I remove the double quotes, the search does not return the properresults.Thanks in advance for the helpBill

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Handling Double Quotes

Jun 4, 2007

i am importing data from table to flat file(csv). i have two problems
1. if a column has commas(,) it should not create a new column i.e the column in csv file can have commas
2.if a column has double quotes then csv file column should have double quotes. please help me.I am using derived column I dont know how to search double quotes in string.

if my table has 2 columns

col1 col2

a abc,"scfddf"ghisk

b bc,de

c de

my csv file should look like this

a abc,"scfddf" ghisk

b bc,de

c de


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Losing Double Quotes??

Aug 10, 2007


I have written a little bit of VB.NET code that basically takes three strings, transforms them, and returns a single string to be stored in my table.

I am running into a strange problem, however... for some reason, a number of my processed rows are missing a pair of double quotes (").

The vast majority of the records are formatted properly, and have the double quotes in the expected locations.

The most frustrating thing about it is that I have included the offensive input strings in my Test.sql test script, and when I step through the entire routine, the return value is perfect...

i apologize for being the worst ever at posting questions here, please let me know if i can add anything

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Double Quotes In CSV File

Oct 24, 2006

I have a lot of data coming in from CSV files.  I have many CSV files (~20), with varying amounts of data- but some are quite large (largest file is ~230mb)

I'm trying to import it into a SQL database via SSIS, but the data is a little bit frustrating. 

I have data that looks like this:

"Text from vendor ""Vendor Name, Inc."" blah blah", "Next string", "", 1234

Many things to notice here - as well you can imagine some of the difficulties here.

After parsing, this data should have 4 columns-

Column1                                                                          Column2              Column3               Column4

Text From Vendor "Vendor Name, Inc." blah blah      Next string            <blank>                1234

The biggest problems stem from the double quotes mixed in with the comma because it is a comma delimited file with quotes as the text qualifier.  The other problem is the double quotes with blank text ... which prevents me from doing a replace on the double quotes ... I think ...

What would be your suggestions to help me parse this out?  (don't forget, some of these are large files with about 260,000 records- )

Thanks in advance,


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SP Parameter With Imbedded Double Quotes

Apr 30, 1999

From Access97 I need to execute a SQL 7.0 stored procedure that accepts several input parameters. A few of these are strings that can have imbedded single and/or double quotes (used as feet and inch identifiers). I've tried extra double quotes around the string, square brackets etc. in every combination that I can think of, with minimul success.

Can anyone provide the correct syntax?


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Double Quotes In Error Messages!

Jul 3, 2007

I have a problem when trying to display an error message from sql server 2005 on a web page with an alert (javascript command).

The Sql server 2005 returns a message like:

Insert statement conflicted with foreign key constraint "bla bla". The conflict occured indatabase "databasename", table "tablename", column 'columnname'.

In sql server 2000 the error message is the same except all names (constraint, database, table) is in single quotation marks; just like the columnname in the above example.

Is it a configurable issue on the sql server. I would prefer not to solve this issue on a number of different web pages!

Thanks in advance.


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Double Quotes In ASCII File

Feb 1, 2006

I've an issue with double-quotes in CSV file. One of the columns may contain this kind of value: "STATUS ""H"" "

I've got quote set to "

The file source fails on such records.

I found this thread and Scott tells us there that the file can't contain " in data.

Is this 100% correct?

I've got mutliple text columns and the pain is that I don't know which column might have these cases in future. To create a script means to write my own file parser for all files I use.

Any ideas?


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Single - Double Quotes Problem In Query

May 19, 2008

Hi All, I am facing quotes problem. Without using the quotes
my query is running fine, but I need to use IIF condition so for that I
need quotes adjustment. I didn't figured it out how to adjust them, try
several techniques but no success. I am using dotnetnuke. {IIF,"[frmradio,form]=text"," SELECT Docs.FileName, Dept_LegalLaw.MediaID, Dept_LegalLaw.ID, Dept_LegalLaw.LevelID, Dept_LegalLaw.LawID, Dept_LegalLaw.LawDate, Dept_LegalLaw.Agreement, Dept_LegalLaw.Name, Dept_LegalLaw.NameSearch, Dept_LegalLawType.LawType, Dept_LegalLaw.LawNo, Dept_LegalMinistries.RegID, Dept_LegalLaw.IssueNo, Dept_LegalLaw.Attachment, Dept_LegalLaw.Amendment, Dept_LegalLaw.Scanned, Dept_LegalLaw.Html, Dept_LegalMinistries.Description FROM OPENQUERY(LEGALDBSERVER, 'SELECT Filename FROM SCOPE() WHERE Contains('" @FilterAnyWrd ")' ) AS Docs INNER JOIN Dept_LegalLaw ON Docs.FileName = Dept_LegalLaw.FileName INNER JOIN Dept_LegalMinistries ON Dept_LegalLaw.RegID = Dept_LegalMinistries.RegID INNER JOIN Dept_LegalLawType ON Dept_LegalLaw.LawID = Dept_LegalLawType.LawID ", " "} {IIF,"'[frmradio,form]'='title'"," SELECT MediaID, Dept_LegalLaw.ID, Dept_LegalLaw.LevelID, Dept_LegalLaw.LawID, LawDate, Agreement, Name, NameSearch, Dept_LegalLawType.LawType, LawNo, Dept_LegalMinistries.RegID, IssueNo, Attachment, Amendment, Scanned, Html, Dept_LegalMinistries.Description, Dept_LegalLaw.FileName FROM Dept_LegalLaw LEFT JOIN Dept_LegalMinistries ON Dept_LegalLaw.RegID COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT = Dept_LegalMinistries.RegID COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT INNER JOIN Dept_LegalLawType ON Dept_LegalLaw.LawID COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT = Dept_LegalLawType.LawID COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT WHERE @FilterLawNo AND @FilterLawID AND @FilterRegID AND @FilterIssueNo AND @FilterFromDate AND @FilterToDate AND @FilterNtContNew AND @FilterAgreement AND @FilterAllWrdNew AND @FilterExWrdNew AND @FilterAnyWrdNew ORDER BY [SORTTAG] ", " "} Thanks for any help

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BCP Output - Putting Double Quotes Around Text

Feb 10, 2006


How can I program BCP to output text items in double quotes (")?
Here is an example (please try it) that trys to output some columns from a table to csv file. However, due to the existence of commas within the fields, the comma separation gets messed up.


IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM sysobjects WHERE name = 'mcg1')


INSERT INTO mcg1 (Address_1, City) VALUES ('100 Road1, Suburb1' , 'BigCity1')
INSERT INTO mcg1 (Address_1, City) VALUES ('200 Road2, Suburb2' , 'BigCity2')


Exec Master..xp_Cmdshell 'bcp "SELECT Address_1, City FROM mcg1" queryout "C:mcg1.csv" -c -t,"'

The output I get is below. You can see how the use of commas in the text makes the comma separate list all confused
100 Road1, Suburb1,BigCity1
200 Road2, Suburb2,BigCity2

Thus what I want is
"100 Road1, Suburb1","BigCity1"
"200 Road2, Suburb2","BigCity2"

You can do this OK in DTS by specifying the text identifier to be double-quotes.
I do NOT want to use DTS and want to be able to do via a T-SQL procedure. Note that the real table I will export from has numeric datatypes and I would prefer NOT to wrap them in double-quotes too.

Thus, how can I alter the Exec Master..xp_Cmdshell command, to wrap each text field in double quotes. I may have to use a format file in which case please provide the format file too.

Thanks in advance

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Remove Double Quotes From Column Data?

Jun 17, 2014

I imported data from flat file to SQL Server database table. After execution one of column got data with double quotes. It look like:

22222.....02/14/2014....."Smith, John"
333........02/14/2014....."Brownies, Alian"

How to remove quotes?

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Insert Double Quotes Into Sql Server Table

Jul 23, 2005

hi,just wanted to know if i need to insert a string with double quotes init into a sql server table, do i need to use any delimeters, like "?an insert like:insert into producttable values(key, "double quote text")where i need the "double quote text" to go in like that, with the " "at both ends.Thank you.

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How To Handle Double Quotes In The Source CSV Files

Apr 27, 2007

I am running into an issue with the SSIS when I try to load a CSV file that contains double quotes wrapped around a field (CSV files have double quotes when field contains a comma; example: "Streams, Inc")

Has anyone worked around this issue?

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Integration Services :: How To Add The Double Quotes In Csv Files

Aug 31, 2015

i have csv files, it contains 5 columns.

i need to add the double quotes in all the records from start and end.

source data
col1     col2            col3          col4
1        abdul   this is email      it was very good ,and very relative posts.
Target data
col1  col2         col3                          col4
"1" "abdul"   "this is email"    "it was very good, and very relative posts"

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Trouble Importing Data With Double Quotes

Jul 23, 2007

I have to import a flat file with commas and double quotes as the text qualifier in a SSIS package. However, when I try to import the data into a table, the data moves the information to right, therefore, the last field will capture mulitple fields worth of data. When I create the Connection Manager for the flat file, I have the format as [Delimited] and Text qualifier as ["]. I do not check the unicode button, but under Advanced, make each field a Unicode string [DT-WSTR]. I have included a sample of my data below.

"Internal Sales Document ",9/23/2005 0:00,0.58,"STORES ISSUES","TAPE, PACKING, 2" X 55 YD, CLE ","EP0079771","US363800","2065431980"
"Internal Sales Document ",10/7/2005 0:00,3.76,"STORES ISSUES","Post-It Note Pads, 3"x3", Cana ","EP0079770","US363799","2065431980"

As I highlighted above, I will have a description field that will have double quotes and commas within the text before the end of field.

Please let me know if this is user error. Thanks,

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Newbie Q: Inserting Strings With Single Or Double Quotes

Sep 15, 1999

Hi: Got a newbie question that's been giving me fits! Basically I'm replicating what's going on here on this board...creating a "posting" interface that takes the "message" and inserts it into a table using an ADODB connection (using INSERT INTO table name,tablecells and VALUES)

However, if someone types in a single or double quote in the body of the message, I get an error similar to this:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14'

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 's'.

/test.asp, line 29

I think I understand why it's happening (SQL is interpreting the quote mark as a string-end), but what am I supposed to do to get around it?

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DTSX Package Not Generating Double Quotes Properly

May 8, 2012

We have a DTSX package that was imported from SQL 2000 that is not generating double quotes correctly in SQL 2008. The package works in SQL 2000.

Expected result:
"Flat I-22, Block ""I"", Diamond District"
Actual Result:
"Flat I-22, Block "I", Diamond District"

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How To Import Flat Files With Single And Double Quotes Imbedded In Them?

Aug 8, 2006

I've got a flat file data source, that is to large to edit with most Windows apps on my server that contains both single and double quote characters that I need to load in a varchar column.

So I attempted to do it with a Replace in data transformation, but I can't get SSIS to allow me to use a variable or pair of single or double quotes within the replace.

If I don't replace the single quote characters with a pair then the records containing these characters all end up in my failed records output file.

Here are 5 example property legal descriptions from my FLAT FILE data source:

COM 441'6" N OF SW/C OF NW4 OF SEC 22-29-20 ELY1340' N200' CROSSING THE CNTR OF TR AT 100 WLY1240' S200' TO POB CONTAINING 6 3/10 ACRE MOL

N 50' OF S 330' OF W 122' OF E 735' OF SW4 OF NE4 OF SEC 28/28/18 A/K/A LOT

271 BLK "M" OF$PB 14/36-T

LOT 9 BLK "BA" OF$PB 39/1

OVERCODED POST LTS 17 21-42 47-55 & 69 PB 27/110 "ALL" SECS 16-21, 28 29/31/19 & "ALL"

N 100' OF S 815' OF TR "H" OF PB 28/58 LESS W 15' FOR ESMT ESMT DESC AS W 15' OF S 815' OF TR "H" OF PB 28/58

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: When Script Out A Stored Procedure It Encloses Strings In Double Quotes

Jul 10, 2014

All of a sudden hen I script out a Stored Procedure it encloses strings (edit) in Double Quotes?

For example ANDPromo.[Group] IN (''FL_Small'',''FL_Large'')

Also it generates this code that I do not want. I just was Create Procedure...

IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[usp_IncentiveReport]') AND type in (N'P', N'PC'))
EXEC dbo.sp_executesql @statement = N'

What options do I need to set?

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Form Field Returns Name With Double Quotes Instead Of Single Quote During Update Process.

Oct 3, 2007

I've a weird problem in my application. In of the pages, while trying to update the text box "Name", when I enter Linda's test, it gets saved as Linda''s test. I'm not sure if this is a problem due to SQL server. When I look at the stored procedure, I don't anything different. Also, when I update the table directly in SQL Server, the result is displayed in single quote. But if I update the field thro' the application, the returned name is with double quotes instead of single quote.  Has any of you faced problems like this? What am I missing? What do I need to do to get the name saved the way I entered (with single quotes) instead of double quotes?

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Problems Importing Text Files With Double-quotes As Text Qualifier

Jul 14, 2006

I have text data files from a third party and they use comma as field delimiters and enclose the text for each column in double-quotes. Not a problem for most of the data files until they start sending files where there is " within the column values. SSIS package fails with the error:

The column delimiter for column "Column 1" was not found.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.Thankspcp

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SQL Server 2014 :: How To Insert CSV Data Into DB Where Some Data Don't Have Double Quotes

Aug 11, 2015

Example of data in CSV are as follows:

"XXX","0001",-990039739 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0
"ABC"," ",-3422054702 ,0 ,481385 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0
"JJZ","0001",0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0 ,0Here's my format:
1 SQLCHAR 0 0 """ 0 "" ""
2 SQLCHAR 0 5 "","" 1 OKCCY SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

[Code] ....

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Renaming Columns.

Aug 8, 2007

Hi all,

I need to rename the Columns of a table in SQL Server 2005.
The table is consisting of nearly 200 columns and the requirement is that every column needs to be appended with a name that would be given by me.


Let the name of the table be "Applicationdata"
let it contain columns say


now I need to add a code say "Appl" before every column so that after the code is run, the column names sholud be changed as


Do we have any procedure like that, if yes, please post it.

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Question On Renaming Columns

Apr 16, 2004

Quick question!
Is there anyway to rename a column such that it reflects all columns on all reference tables, stored procedures,views, etc.,
Ex. table1 is with col1 (primary key)

table2 with col2, col1(FK--table1(col1)

if i try to rename col1 on table1 it has to rename col1 on table2 automatically.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Renaming Columns Via Query Analyser

Dec 19, 2006

Could somone advise on how to change Names of Columns in a table
via a script rather then Enterprise Manager. I have lots of columns (need to do it in bulk.) called like SUM(abc1...etc), which I can not change. This upsets the Business Objects because it thinks it needs a GROUP BY statement.
I know in MapBasic there is something like " Alter Table "tablename" ( rename Date Date_of_Day ) " Is there an equivalent for TRANSACT SQL?.
Please help, (and Happy Xmas!)

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Any Good Workarounds For Renaming Columns?

Sep 23, 2005

I have copied a long dataflow from one package to another (I wish I could reuse it without copying & pasting it, and thereupon being required to maintain two copies).

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Renaming Columns Based On Data Using Transact Sql

Jan 18, 2008

A happy belated New Year to all!

Can someone please help me with the following. How do I, in SS 2000, use a value to label a column?


Col A Col B Col C Col D
CA '12/1/07' '11/1/07' '10/1/07'

I want to use the month and year of the date to rename the column.

Col A 12-2007 11-2007 10-2007
CA '12/1/07' '11/1/07' '10/1/07'

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


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