SQL 2012 :: SSIS To Load Files From Two SFTP Location

May 18, 2015

How to load files with similar format , from two different locations into same database with same ssis.

Lets say
Location 1: C:LoadFilesCust1APP_123445.txt
Location 2: D:LoadFilescust2VDD_543121.txt

Currently we have one ssis which loads and process files from C:LoadFilesCust1 only. we have to modify the existing package it to load files from Location 2 (D:LoadFilescust2) as well. Also while loading, the ssis should assign a value to existing column CustID depending upon the file name. File names always start with APP_ in first location. VDD_ in second location

Assign CUSTID as 100 if file name starts with APP_
Assign CUSTID as 200if file name starts with VDD_

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SQL 2012 :: Load Files In Date Order In SSIS

Apr 10, 2014

I have files which has date in file name and I want to load all files in sequential order.

Here I am giving you an example of my file name.


These are my files in that I want to load files sequentially means jan 1st, 2nd like this way.

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Integration Services :: Automate SFTP Download But SSIS 2008r2 Does Not Have A Sftp Task

Sep 22, 2015

Need to automate a sftp download but ssis 2008r2 does not have a sftp task?

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Integration Services :: How To Download Files Via SFTP Using SSIS 2014

Jul 14, 2015

We are using SSIS 2014 and need to download files from sftp. Is there a SFTP control flow task for SSIS 2014? If not then what other options do I have?

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SQL 2012 :: How To Run SCP Or SFTP From Within A SSIS Package

Jul 15, 2014

We have SQL Server 2012 running on Windows 2008 Server. We would like to use a SSIS Package to generate a text file and then secure copy it to a vendor's ftp site. Would it be best to use an FTP Task or Execute Process Task (to call the batch file)? Would I need to install some software like winscp or does the Windows O/S has some secure copy or ftp programs that may be used?

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Processing Last Created/modified Files From A Location Using SSIS Package

Mar 12, 2008

We have a scenario to process last created/modified files from a location using SSIS package , eventhough the folder contains multiple files with same name and extension.

Kindly give respond to this if any one has worked on this.


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Copying Files From A Sharepoint Location To Local Machine Using SSIS

Apr 20, 2007

I have to copy files from a sharepoint or extranet location (basically https://.....) location to my local server using SSIS.

Any kind of early help would be really great.

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SFTP Ing Files From SQl Server 2003

Nov 27, 2007

I can't help but think SQL has a way to send files to another server via SFTP.Any leads? THanks  Dan 

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Load XML Files Into Tables Via SSIS

Jul 19, 2007


I am new to SSIS and am looking to load XML files (with a DTD definition) into tables via a SSIS package. I have created a XML task and am able to load the XML and output it to file. I have also stripped out the DTD definition and am able through a dataflow using XML source an OLE db Destination load and map the XML to table sin my DB. But have no idea how to get the data in when it has a DTD definition included. I either want to put each file into a row in a table then query it. Or from the SSIS package input the relevant info into a set of staging tables or the real tables.

Any help/pointers would be appreciated.

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How To Load Zip Files Using FTP Or Other SSIS Tasks

Mar 7, 2008

HI All,
I have Uzip Files to be downloaded From ftp.companyname.com, the zip files get updated everyday thus i have to download the newly added files, the Zip file has got 13 text Files within it, the issue is:
1. how do i download it for the new zip file only, the zip files are shown below, i am trying using FTP Task, but need more info or other alternative.
2. (Optional) How do i UnZip it and and take the text files and then load them to sql server 2005, each text file has to be loaded to sql server tables.
3. How do i automate it, i mean every time i run the package (on Job based) it has to look the new file only, see the zip file below to understand what i am saying about.

02/25/2008 09:02PM 2,780,729 CompanyName_2008-02-22.zip
02/27/2008 09:04PM 1,274,557 CompanyName_2008-02-23.zip
02/25/2008 08:57PM 1,383,112 CompanyName_2008-02-24.zip
02/26/2008 04:21PM 3,327,882 CompanyName_2008-02-25.zip
02/27/2008 08:44PM 3,623,334 CompanyName_2008-02-26.zip
02/28/2008 05:27PM 3,570,243 CompanyName_2008-02-27.zip
02/29/2008 04:20PM 3,444,375 CompanyName_2008-02-28.zip
03/01/2008 04:17PM 2,655,782 CompanyName_2008-02-29.zip
03/03/2008 04:09AM 1,179,338 CompanyName_2008-03-01.zip
03/03/2008 05:21PM 1,267,777 CompanyName_2008-03-02.zip
03/04/2008 04:49PM 3,238,121 CompanyName_2008-03-03.zip

As you can see the Zip file names are the blues color, they are added at different time, when you browse the ftp.companyname.com you will get the blue color files, thus what i need is to download only the current Zip file (i mean i have to downLoad only the newly added Zip file (recent one)). Thus the SSIS Task has to go to this FTP server and look the newly added zip file. (Optional) if possible, After that i have Unzip it b/se i have 13 text files there, and then Load them to Sql Server 2005.

Please get help on this, the deadline is near by time, if possible try as soon as possible, I would like to say Thank you for every help you do and try.

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SSIS Packages That Load Different Text Files Into Tables

Jan 25, 2013

So i have about 80 different SSIS PAckages that load different text files into tables. each package has a config file that contains password, server name and user id. I want to forward these packages to a use who will execute them. So instead of giving the user 80 packages to execute manually, how do i put these packages into one parent package so that the user has to only execute this parent package instead of executing 80 different packages NB. package exec is manually. (we will automate later) so this is a temp measure.

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Integration Services :: SSIS - How To Load 2 Different Excel Files To 2 Different Tables

Jul 29, 2015

I have 2 different excel files file1 and file2. file1 should be loaded to table1 and file2 should be loaded to table2. Both of the files will have 1 sheet inside. Do I need to create separate excel source for file1 and file2? I mean file1 in one excel source and that will be connecting to 1 execute sql task. file2 in other excel source and that will be connecting to another execute sql task. Is this the way I should proceed or is there any looping should be done?  I need to schedule this activity to run every week. So, I'll get new files every week with the same file names and sheet names. Do I need to consider anything for this requirement also?

I'm planning to do truncate and reload not an incremental load.

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Trying To Load Multiple Excel Files Into A Db Table Using For Each Loop Container In SSIS

Oct 24, 2007

I am getting the following error when trying to load multiple excel files using for each loop container in SSIS, I tried to put the quotes in several different ways but still can't get rid of this error. I was able to successfully load single excel file, but when I use the for each loop container that's when I am having problems. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx.

TITLE: Package Validation Error

Package Validation Error


Error at Package1 [Connection manager "SourceConnectionExcel"]: The connection string components cannot contain unquoted semicolons. If the value must contain a semicolon, enclose the entire value in quotes. This error occurs when values in the connection string contain unquoted semicolons, such as the InitialCatalog property.

Error at Package1: The result of the expression ""Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + @[User::Folder] + @[User::file] + ";Extended Properties="Excel 8.0;HDR=NO";"

" on property "ExcelFilePath" cannot be written to the property. The expression was evaluated, but cannot be set on the property.




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Can SSIS Do SFTP? And How?

Feb 1, 2007

I want to know whether SSIS can do SFTP. If yes, how does it work?



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Integration Services :: SSIS Fails To Load Files From Network When Executed Via Agent (2008 R2 SP2)

Aug 5, 2014

I have a simple SSIS package that reads a flat file and copies it into a SQL Server table.

When the flat fiel is on the C drive I have no problem runnign this package from SQL Server Agent, but as soon as I update the path to a network location the package only works when I run it manually, but fails when is executed via the SQL Server agent job.

The error says "cannot open the datafile", while the datafile location is valid.

Is this a kind of limitation of a SQL Server Agent that only local files are allowed to be processed?

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Connect To Sftp Using Putty Ssis

Apr 10, 2008


I want to connect to SFTP server and download files using SSIS. I know ssis doesn't support sftp connection. I was told i can use putty to do the job(I dont want third party components).

Is it possible you guyz show me how to do this, using a tutorial or how to create the batch file and call it in ssis package.


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SSIS Job Fails For Package Containing Script Task With Error The Script Files Failed To Load.

Apr 10, 2006

I have developed a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) package that includes a Script Task on a 32-bit machine.  The PrecompileScriptIntoBinaryCode property is set to True.  After I build the package, the .dtsx file includes a <BinaryItem> element for that Task.  Package runs fine on the dev machine, both in BIDS and as SQL Server Agent job.
When I deploy the package to a 64-bit server, it runs fine when I execute the package ad hoc from SQL Server Management Studio.  However, when I schedule the package for execution as a SQL Server Agent job, the package fails with the message: "the script files failed to load."
I have reviewed posts on this error from late 2005, but the solutions don't work in this case.  Specifically:
1. The Precompile property is already set to True.
2. I have already verified that the script was compiled.
Any further suggestions?

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SQL 2012 :: Loading XML Files Into Tables By Using SSIS?

Apr 6, 2015

Currently we are trying to load the xml files into sqlserver tables by using ssis 2012,We are getting xml files as a column in source table ,so we have to push these xml files into destination tables.

I'm following the below way to perform this activity


But We have standard XSD structure for all the xml files ,and if xml file matches the XSD structure then only we have to load ,else it should skip to next xml file.

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Package - How To Get Dynamic Date Files From FTP

Nov 11, 2014

I am working on FTP TASK in SSIS Package. i have to get files from FTP that file names are like 20141110.txt. i want to download any particular date file from ftp. How to i set expression in Remote path?

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SQL 2012 :: Upgrading SSIS Packages With Miscellaneous Files

Mar 2, 2015

I have an SSIS package that was originally written for SQL Server 2008 that needs to be updated. I am interested in moving it to 2012 and using the project deployment model, but it includes a plain text script file in an Execute Process Task call to WinSCP for an SFTP transfer. It appears that by moving from package deployment to project deployment that this file would no longer be bundled with the deployment package.I guess I could copy the WinSCP script to an external file path, but I'd prefer to keep them together for version control if possible.

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How To Transfer Files From One Server To The Other Server By Using FTP And SFTP

Mar 14, 2008

Can any body guide me how can i transfer files from One server to the other server by using FTP and SFTP?
you help is soo appreciable.

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS FTP - Invalid Local Path / Trying To Send Files

Oct 27, 2015

I have created a FTP Task which is returning the value, "Error: 0x0 at FTP Task, SFTP Task: Invalid local path."

In my DB Table, the table contains a field for the location of files to be Ftp'd which is: C:/temp/ftp/OB/*

I believe my settings are correct and am curious to know if the above string should work or if I need a different syntax for the local variable.

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS FTP Task Error Handling - Files Not Found

Nov 2, 2015

When my ForEach Loop runs, when a file does not exist on the server, I am getting a File does not exist error.I would prefer to write a mesaage to my log and then move on to the next step successfully.When I got to Event Handlers and select OnTaskFailed, what do I want to do from here?

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SQL 2012 :: Running 2005 SSIS Packages That Read FoxPro Files?

Aug 26, 2013

We are in the process of upgrading to a new SQL 2012 server but we have many packages that load data from dbf files created with FoxPro into one of our databases. We have not converted the packages and run them with DTS but we get the following error:

Error: 2013-08-26 11:05:27.36
Code: 0xC0209303
Source: BenchmarkLoad Connection manager "OLEDB NPIONE.Investment.middleTierSQL"
Description: The requested OLE DB provider SQLNCLI.1 is not registered. If the 64-bit driver is not installed, run the package in 32-bit mode. Error code: 0x00000000.

[Code] .....

I searched for OLEDB and ODBC drivers for SQL 2012 64 bit but cannot find any that is newer than the 2005 that we have. What can I do short of changing the source files to overcome this issue?

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Project Deployment Model Miscellaneous Files Not Being Deployed

Jul 9, 2015

I have an existing project that I have added a simple text file. I am using the Project Deployment Model for this project. I save the project, close it and open the project and the file is there under the Miscellaneous folder. I successfully deployed the project to the server. When I retrieve the project using the Integration Services Import Project Wizard, all of my package modifications are there and the packages up to date but the txt file I added to the Miscellaneous folder is not there.

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Location Of .MDF And .LDF Files

Mar 27, 2007

Does anyone know where a good article pertaining to where you should locate your Data and Log files (in SQL Server 2005)?
I read an article several years ago stating that Log files should be on a seperate RAID 1 and Data on a seperate RAID 5.
Anyway, any help is appreciated.

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How To Separate Data&#39;s And Log&#39;s Files Location.

Sep 26, 2000

Hi everybody,

On the time of installation SQL Server asking me where I wont to locate the DATA files and the PROGRAM files. Itís giving to me choice to put database AND log files on one disk and program files on separate. But what about to separate LOG and DATA files. I have RAID1 especially created on F: drive for LOG files and RAID 5 on E: for DATABASE files. When I have to separate that if not on the time of installation? How I can do that?


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Change Location Of Template Files

Aug 8, 2006

In SQL2000, there's an option to change the location of the template folder. This allows me to create a customized set of templates on a network folder and have all the developers reference the centralized location. Can the same be done in SQL2005 and how would I go about doing so?


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Copy Folders And Files To Different Location

May 15, 2007

I have a situation from where I need to loop through different folders and files in these folders. After processing these files, I need to archive these folders to different location.

e.g., C:MainFolderMar01 ==> Multiple files in Mar01 folder

C:MainFolderMar02 ==> Multiple files in Mar02 folder

Does any one know the best way to do this in SSIS?

Thanks in advance.


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Data Files Path Not Location

Jan 28, 2008

Hi All,

Can plz any one help me, acutally as i know sys.files table gives you the acutally physical location of the database fiels with name as well like this


but what i m looking is, is there any qury or script that will give me only the path of the data,log, index files like this


Thanks and looking forward.


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Move Mdf Files For System Databases To Another Location

Mar 18, 2008

Hello there,
I've been told that it is good practice to keep mdf and ldf files in another location... We have it in place for all our user databases, however mdf and ldf files for our system dbs are still at the same location. I was wondering what is the right way of splitting those should be?

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DB Engine :: System Database Files Location

May 16, 2015

I have C,D,E drives on server. Data files will be on D and Log on E. My question is what is best practice for data and log files for system databases during sql server installation selection? Should they be on C drive along with SQL Server installation or D & E? If they should not be on C then what is the reason and what is benefit to move them on other drives.

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Transact SQL :: Move Files From One Location To Another Using Powershell

Jul 12, 2015

I have a job which copies .txt files 24 hours 7 days a week to c:TempSource

What I am planning to do is copy the files from one location to another say c:TempTarget

So I have written the Powell shell script and when i put that in the sql agent job i get below error ;

A job step received an error at line 5 in a PowerShell script. The corresponding line is '$filesToMove = $files | Where -Property "Name" -NotLike -Value $newestFile.Name'. Correct the script and reschedule the job. The error information returned by PowerShell is: 'A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'Property'. '. Process Exit Code -1. The step failed.

$sourceFiles = "c:TempSource*.txt"
$targetFolder = "c:TempTarget"
$files = Get-ChildItem $sourceFiles
$newestFile = ($files | sort LastWriteTime -Descending)[0]
$filesToMove = $files | Where -Property "Name" -NotLike -Value $newestFile.Name
$filesToMove | ForEach { Move-Item $_ $targetFolder } 

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