SQL Server 2012 :: Read Dynamic Columns From Excel File Into SSIS

Nov 11, 2014

I have an excel file which has dynamic columns

i.e. Col1, Col2, Col3 this week. next week i will have a new Col4 in the sheet. This will keep on adding every week.

My problem is to Unpivot the data

Date 8/2/2013 8/9/2013 8/16/2013

Stock 1,561 1,661 1,761

i.e. the abobe table should become as

Date Stock

8/2/2013 1561
8/9/2013 1661
8/16/2013 1,761

How can I unpivot the dynamic columns given that the columns will keep on increasing every week.

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Integration Services :: SSIS - Read Multiple Excel Sheets From One Excel File

Sep 13, 2015

We have 10 sheets in Excel File and 10 sheet contains errror data. How to load 9 sheets data in to 1 destination and error data in to other destination?

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SQL 2012 :: Creating Dynamic SSIS File Format - Dynamic CSV File As Output

Mar 2, 2014

I am trying to create an ssis package with dynamic csv file as output. and out format contains query output.

sample file name:

Unique identifier + query output + systemdate();

The expression is looking like this.

@[User::FilePath] + @[User::FileName] + ".CSV"

-- user filepath is a variable from ssis package. File name is the output from SQL query. using script task i have assigned the values to @[User::FileName] .

When I debugged the script task the value getting properly but same variable am using for Flafile destination. but its not working.

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SQL 2012 :: OPENROWSET To Read In Data From Excel 2010 File (XLSX)

Jun 12, 2015

I have a test server (TEST1) running SQL 2012 and Windows 2012R2. One of the developers wants to use OPENROWSET to read in data from an Excel 2010 file (an xlsx file).

I have loaded the Microsoft Drivers in "AccessDatabaseEngine_64.exe" and enabled the Ad Hoc Distributed Queries option in SQL.

This is the sample code we are working with:

'Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)};DBQ=etworkserverFolder1Folder2MEMBIDs.xlsx',
'SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$]'
) AS X

I can run the sample query from my laptop with SSMS (I have admin rights) and I can also run it as SA from my laptop. So all is good, right?

But if I RDC into TEST1, I cannot run the query. I get this error:

OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "(null)" returned message "[Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Your network access was interrupted. To continue, close the database, and then open it again.".
OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "(null)" returned message "[Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]General error Unable to open registry key Temporary (volatile) Ace DSN for process 0x574 Thread 0xb74 DBC 0x1d07f08 Excel'.".
OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "(null)" returned message "[Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver]General error Unable to open registry key Temporary (volatile) Ace DSN for process 0x574 Thread 0xb74 DBC 0x1d07f08 Excel'.".
Msg 7303, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "(null)".But wait! It gets better.

I can run the query as SA from TEST1.

And of course, the developer can't run it either.

And it works fine in the production server.

I'm thinking the basics are there but something isn't right in some permission somewhere.

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Integration Services :: How To Make SSIS Read Excel File

Dec 7, 2011

I’ve been trying for a while now (won’t say how long), to get BIDS to read a very simple Excel file. 

I’m talking SIMPLE!!  No matter what I don, SSIS keeps throwing an error, and of course it doesn’t say what the error is, so I can’t really debug it. 

I’ve tried this at least 20x with flat files, and it works perfect each time. I’ve done Data Conversions, Sorting, Union All, and several other Transformations; all work perfect. 

Trying to used Excel as a data source, is proving to be a mind numbing experience. Of over 20 different attempts, it hasn’t worked even once. I can make it as simple as you can possibly imagine, and SSIS, refuses to even perform the first step (I’m not even trying to create a table in SQL Server anymore). 

I have the Excel file path (very simple)

I have the Excel version (very simple)

I have the Connection Manager (very simple)

I have the Sheet name (very simple)
All I can do is see a preview of the Excel sheet before the process runs.  As soon as I het F5, I get an instant error, for no reason whatsoever, and no debugging options,whatsoever.

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SSIS - Dynamic Excel File Name

Feb 13, 2007

I have a SSIS Package that exports data from Sql Server to an Excel file.
I need help figuring out how to have the file name be "Report_02132007.xls".  Basically I want to append the date to the file name.
Any ideas?

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SQL 2012 :: Reading From Excel File Into SSIS?

Nov 17, 2014

I have an excel file which i am reading through SSIS through MICROSOFT Office 12.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider. My problem is that if the Excel file has data in a column as 123.45 which is displayed as 123. SSIS is able to pick 123 only and not 123.45. however if I change the data type to Numeric in the excel, SSIS is able to read data as 123.45.Any solution other than changing data type in Excel?

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SQL 2012 :: Is JET Or ACE Is Used By SSIS For Excel File Import

Jun 28, 2015

I want to import excel file in sqlserver , i was informed that we have to pay of drivers like .jet and .ace.

i have sqlserver and OS windows licences and do not want to pay just to import excel in sqlserver.

q1) Is ssis requires .jet or .ace or any other componenet for xls import which is lincenced.

apart from sqlserver and OSwindows licence ,.

Q2)is it possible to convert xls into micorsoft word and then transport it.

Q3) do i have to pay any thing if i use bulk insert to import .txt or .csv file.

what other type of files can be imported by bulk insert.

Q4) how many type of files like .txt or .csv , can be imported using bcp?

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Importing Excel Sheet Which Have Dynamic Column Name And Dynamic Number Of Columns

Aug 25, 2007

Hi Craig/Kamal,

I got your email address from your web cast. I really enjoyed the web cast and found it to be
very informative.

Our company is planning to use SSIS (VS 2005 / SQL Server 2005). I have a quick question
regarding the product. I have looked for the information on the web, but was not able to find
relevant information.

We are getting Source data from two of our client in the form of Excel Sheet. These Excel sheets
Are generated using reporting services. On examining the excel sheet, I found out that the name
Of the columns contain data itself, so the names are not static such as Jan 2007 Sales, Feb 2007 Sales etc etc.
And even the number of columns are not static. It depends upon the range of date selected by the user.

I wanted to know, if there is a way to import Excel sheet using Integration Services by defining the position
Of column, instead of column name and I am not sure if there is a way for me to import excel with dynamic
Number of columns.

Your help in this respect is highly appreciated!


Hi Anthony, I am glad the Web cast was helpful.

Kamal and I have both moved on to other teams in MSFT and I am a little rusty in that area, though in general dynamic numbers of columns in any format is always tricky. I am just assuming its not feasible for you to try and get the source for SSIS a little closer to home, e.g. rather than using Excel output from Reporting Services, use the same/some form of the query/data source that RS is using.

I suggest you post a question on the SSIS forum on MSDN and you should get some good answers.


Craig Guyer
SQL Server Reporting Services

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Certain Numeric Fields Not Read From The Excel File When Using A Excel File Source.

Jul 20, 2006

I have the Excel Connection Manager and Source to read the contents from an Excel file. For some reason couple of numeric fields from the Excel worksheet are brought over as nulls even though they have a value of 300 and 150. I am not sure why this is happening. I looked into the format of the fields and they are set to General in Excel, I tried setting them to numeric and that did not help.

All the other content from the excel file is coming thru except for the 2 numeric fields.

I tried to bring the contents from the excel source to a text file in csv format and for some reason the 2 numeric fields came out as blank.

Any inputs on getting this addressed will be much appreciated.



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SQL 2012 :: SSIS And Excel - Import Some Data From XLSX File

Mar 7, 2014

I am using VS2012 and creating a package on a 64bit machine to import some data from a .xlsx file. My question is that I am getting an error for the Excel connection manager, do I need to install some kind of excel drive or excel itself on the machine in order to be able to import the data?

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS - Import Date As Variable From Excel File

Feb 5, 2015

I am using vs 2010 and I have an .xls file that I am trying to import into SQL Server 2012, and I have most of it figured out, but I have a date field that is giving me problems, and what I would like to do is put that date in a variable so I can add it to every record in my SQL Table.

I am using a SQL Task Editor with an excel connection and I have no problem getting other data from the excel document and putting into my variable, its just the date that I have problems.

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Integration Services :: Using Excel 2012 File In SSIS Connection Manager?

Jul 30, 2013

I need to process a 2012 Excel file. In SSIS Connection Manager, I am only given an option until Excel 2007 version. When I use this in my connection for Excel Source, I am prompted with this error when I attempt to select the name of the sheet:

"Could not retrieve the table information for the connection manager 'Excel Connection Manager'.

Failed to connect to the source using the connection manager 'Excel Connection Manager'"

Also my Run64BitRuntime is set to false.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Dynamic Table Pivot With Multiple Columns

Jan 23, 2014

I am trying to pivot table DYNAMICALLY but couldn't get the desired result .

Here is the code to create a table

create table Report
deck char(3),
Jib_in float,
rev int,
rev_insight int,
jib_out float,

[Code] .....

Code written so far. this pivots the column deck and jib_in into rows but thats it only TWO ROWS i.e the one i put inside aggregate function under PIVOT function and one i put inside QUOTENAME()

SET @columns = N'';
SELECT @columns += N', p.' + QUOTENAME(deck)
FROM (SELECT p.deck FROM dbo.report AS p
GROUP BY p.deck) AS x;

[Code] ....

I need all the columns to be pivoted and show on the pivoted table. I am very new at dynamic pivot. I tried so many ways to add other columns but no avail!!

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SQL Server 2012 :: How To Join Pivot Results With Dynamic Columns

Mar 5, 2015

I have a lookup table, as below. Each triggercode can have several service codes.


I then have a table of accounts, and each account can have one to many service codes. This table also has the rate for each code.

11518801DSRDISC -2
11571901BBRZFET 5
11571901RBNDLOC 0
11571901CDHCTC 0
17412902CDHCTC1 0
14706401ULDBND2 2
14706401RBNDLOC 3

What I would like to end up with is a pivot table of each account, the trigger code and service codes attached to that account, and the rate for each.

I have been able to dynamically get the pivot, but I'm not joining correctly, as its returning every dynamic column, not just the columns of a trigger code. The code below will return the account and trigger code, but also every service code, regardless of which trigger code they belong to, and just show null values.

What I would like to get is just the service codes and the appropriate trigger code for each account.

SELECT @cols = STUFF((SELECT DISTINCT ',' + ServiceCode
FROM TriggerTable
).value('(./text())[1]', 'VARCHAR(MAX)')

[Code] ....

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SQL Server 2012 :: Convert Rows To Columns Using Dynamic PIVOT Table

Feb 3, 2015

I have this query:

SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.Filteredfs_franchise.fs_franchiseid AS FranchiseId, dbo.Filteredfs_franchise.fs_brandidname AS Brand,
dbo.Filteredfs_franchise.fs_franchisetypename AS [Franchise Type], dbo.Filteredfs_franchise.fs_franchisenumber AS [Franchise Number],
dbo.Filteredfs_franchise.fs_transactiontypename AS [Transaction Type], dbo.Filteredfs_franchise.fs_franchisestatusname AS [Status Code],

[Code] ....

I need to pivot this so I can get one row per franchiseID and multiple columns for [Franchisee Name Entity] and [Franchise Name Individual]. Each [Franchisee Name Entity] and [Franchise Name Individual] has associated percentage of ownership.

This has to be dynamic, because each FranchiseID can have anywhere from 1 to 12 respective owners and those can be any combination of of Entity and Individual. Please, see the attached example for Franchise Number 129 (that one would have 6 additional columns because there are 3 Individual owners with 1 respective Percentage of ownership).

The question is how do I PIVOT and preserve the percentage of ownership?

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SQL Server 2012 :: Dynamic Pivot Statement To Calculate And Organize Columns

Mar 11, 2015

How to write a Dynamic Pivot Statement to Calculate and Organize Columns like:

Name varchar(50),
GA int,
GB int,
startdate DATETIME,
enddate DATETIME

[Code] ...

Below is Our Sample Table Data.

Name GAGBstartdateenddate
Pavan 261/1/20151/1/2015
Hema 561/1/20151/1/2015
Surya 501/1/20151/1/2015
Pavan 811/2/20151/8/2015
Hema 311/2/20151/8/2015
Surya 121/2/20151/8/2015
Pavan 1041/9/20151/15/2015
Hema 301/9/20151/15/2015
Surya 6131/9/20151/15/2015

How to write Pivot Satement to get Oupt like below:

1/1/2015 Pavan Hema Surya SumTotal
Total 8 11 5 24
GA 2 5 5 12
GB 6 6 0 12

1/8/2015 Pavan Hema Surya SumTotal
Total 9 4 3 16
GA 8 3 1 12
GB 1 1 2 4

1/15/2015 Pavan Hema Surya SumTotal
Total 14 3 19 36
GA 10 3 6 19
GB 4 0 13 17

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Integration Services :: SSIS Package Which Read Excel Files Fails On Server Agent

Oct 19, 2010

I have a SSIS package which reads an excel file and loads data into a table using script component(C#) as a source. The package runs without any errors when I manually run it on my machine and on the server. But the package fails when run as a SQL Server Agent job.

I tried all the possible fixes I found on the web but still can't get it to work.

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Integration Services :: How To Upload Excel File Using SSIS With Out Excel Installed On Server

Jul 25, 2015

Trying to upload excel in server where excel is not installed. BIDs was there in the server, when i am trying to craete Excel source I am not able.what the workround for this.. How to upload excel without excel installed on the server.

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Export To Excel: Read-Only Columns?

Feb 7, 2008

When exporting a report to excel is there any way of marking certain columns as being readonly in the excel file?


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SSIS - DataFlowTask - Excel Source - Dynamic Excel Template

Mar 13, 2008


I am creating an SSIS package witha a Dataflow task, which reads from an Excel source and then uses script component to dumpt the data to multiple tables in Sql Server database

I need to some how make my Excel source dynamic, that is my excel template which i would be using to map the excel columns to script component's input columns would be dynamic..

In other words, I should be able to define the Excel Source, Column Mapping Information, Precedence constraint to the Script component dynamically

Please suggest how could i accomplish this


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Is There A Way To Read A Excel File

Apr 23, 2007

into the sql query analyzer?


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SQL Server 2012 :: Select Query To XLS Output - Export Data In Columns To Separate Tabs In Excel

Apr 21, 2015

Using below script to export the select statement result to .xls

declare @sql varchar(8000)
select @sql = 'bcp "select * from Databases..Table" queryout c:bcpTom.xls -c -t, -T -S' + @@servername
exec master..xp_cmdshell @sql

But result is not exporting in seperate tabs, all 4 column details are exporting in single cell.

how to export the data in columns to separate tabs in excel.

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Using A Excel Source To Get The Data From An Excel File Gets Null Values For A Couple Columns

Nov 19, 2007

I am using a Excel Source to get the data from an excel file to sql server 2005 table. A couple columns are coming in a double precision float, but some values have characters in them, but those values are coming out as null, even though I changed the datatype from float to unicode string. Any inputs on resolving this will be much appreciated.


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How To Update Selected Columns Of A Table In SQL Server Db Using Data From A Excel File?

Apr 4, 2007

Hi,I have an Excel file with 400 rows of old values and the correspondingnew values. My table currently has 10 columns out of which 3 columnsuse the old value specified in the excel file. I need to update thoseold values in the columns with the new values from the Excel file.Please guide me as to how to proceed with this.Thanks in advance!

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SQL 2012 :: Excel Spreadsheet Data Connection To Read-only Database

Aug 10, 2015

I've created an excel spreadsheet with a data connection. This data connection uses a query that runs against a read-only database.

The issue I'm having is that the query never seems to finish running against the database, whether I open the Excel spreadsheet to view the data or run the query in SSMS.

I created the connection on the Data ribbon by going to From Other Sources --> From SQL Server and using the Data Connection Wizard.

Is there some kind of setting or property I'm missing that would allow this query to finish running?

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Read From Multiple Excel Sheets Using SSIS

Dec 14, 2007

How can I read from the multiple excel (sheets) file using SSIS? I want to read it using C# - desktop application.

Please let me know.


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SSIS Excel Source Read Problem

Jun 23, 2006

I have a problem with reading data from an Excel file in SSIS. I'm trying to read a column that mostly consists of decimal values, but there are couple places where column entry is 2 numbers separated by a slash (e.g. "100/6.0"). SSIS tries to be smart and identifies the column data type as decimal and when it reads the cell with the slash in it, it reads as NULL. I tried to make my excel source reader component to read that cell as a string, but it gives me an error. If anybody has come across something like this, I would highly appreciate some help


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SQL 2012 :: How To Do Selective Read Of File Stored In File Table

Jul 2, 2015

I have a filetable that contains a binary file. I need to do a selective read of the file stored in the file table. I can write a C# CLR function that will open the file, read n bytes the from a starting byte. Or I can write a SQL statement that reads the stream in the filetable into a VARBINARY variable using SUBSTRING beginning at the starting byte (offset from 1) for the same n bytes.

Both give me the same result. However, the SQL statement takes considerably longer to read. I know there is overhead in reading through SQL (interpreted language), but the difference in performance is substantial, and I can only attribute this performance degradation if SQL first tries to "load" the entire stream before it identifies the portion of the stream that it needs to read beginning at the starting byte offset.

I wonder if this is the case or if there is another option to read a stream from a filetable directly through SQL queries that is more efficient.

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Integration Services :: Export To Excel Dynamic Number Of Columns

Sep 11, 2015

We have a requirement to produce adhoc Excel reports with a standardized header page with a disclaimer attached. We want to be able to feed in a SQL Statement, or a table with the resultset from a SQL Statement and have SSIS populate an existing blank Excel workbook, which the disclaimer attached. The use of xp_cmdshell is not an option.I've spent a lot of time looking for solutions on the web and it seems though its not possible - although many articles are 3-5 years old. Before I throw in the towel, I just wanted to get feedback from this group if it still is not possible in the latest versions of SQLServer and SSIS, or to ask if there are any other 3rd party solutions that can do this today.

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SQL Server 2012 :: Query From A List In Excel File

Feb 11, 2014

I have database tables for

StoreId, Name

ProductId, Name

TransactionId, StoreId, ProductId

I was just given an excel file with a list of 300 Stores.

I need to find out if these stores are selling our products and if they are , how many products they are selling.

One way of doing this , that I can think of right now is individually querying the Transactions table for each of the store in the excel sheet and then copy the results output back to the excel sheet.

Is there a way I can write a query against all the Store names from the excel file ? I need to get this done in the next few hours.

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SSIS Read Excel Rows And Create New Output

Feb 1, 2013

I have an excel file with following data:

Agent State Exposure Insured Name
Rogers Inc MA 100,000 John Smith
SAN Group RI 200,000 Jim Morrison
SAN Group RI 100,000 Jimi Hendrix
123 Agency MA 300,000 Mickey Mouse
Rogers Inc MA 50,000 Mike Greenwell

I want to be able to read the file and create new excel files for each Agent listed. So for Example, the above file would create 3 separate files since there are 3 different Agents listed. Each Agent file would contain the same information from the original file. The name of the file would be somethign like AgentName.xls...So the SAN group file would have this:

Agent State Exposure Insured Name
Rogers Inc MA 100,000 John Smith
SAN Group RI 200,000 Jim Morrison
SAN Group RI 100,000 Jimi Hendrix

Is there a way to accomplish this in SSIS?

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Read CSV File - Save Columns Into Rows

Jan 11, 2007

I want to import CSV file and convert columns into rows depending on Customer count(2nd record in each row of CSV file) and save to SQL table

--CSV file format
State, Customer_Count, Name_1, Total_1,Name_2, Total_2,Name_3, Total_3..can go upto 600

GA,2,'John Doe',14.00,'Roger Smith',15.00
FL,3,'John Doe',14.00,'Roger Smith',15.00,'Sally Cox',16.00
SC,5,'John Doe',14.00,'Roger Smith',15.00,'Sally Cox',16.00,'James Brown',17.00,'Rick Davis',18.00

Data in SQL table from csv file should look like this

GA,John Doe,14.00
GA,Roger Smith,15.00
FL,John Doe,14.00,
FL,Roger Smith,15.00
FL,Sally Cox,16.00

I have multiple CSV files with millions of records. How can i achieve this using Integration Services or Bulk Data Import.

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