Sql Server Data To Cobol Format

Apr 16, 2007


I have a need to convert sql server data to cobol format. Has anyone done this?

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VSAM Cobol Files (Array Format): Connector For SSIS

May 14, 2007

Hi ,

Just wondering what is the way to connect to Cobol VSAM files (data in array format) using SSIS ?

Where can I get the OLEDB/ODBC drivers for the same?



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Cobol Data File To SQL Table Conversion

Jul 8, 1999

I am a novice in data base designing. I have MS certification in both design, implementation and administration. Can anyone help me provide information regarding converting from Cobol flat files to sql server tables ?
I will be very grateful.. This is my first assignment.. Got to prove myself... help....

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What Is The Best Practice To Handle Cobol Redeines In Flat File Data.

Mar 1, 2007

Here is my idea but I am looking for the best practice.

Each record can have 3 possibilites.

I would read and write the data 3 times to different tables and add an identity key on all 3 files then I would reassembe the data back together on the identity key and map the data to a fourth and final table.

Any other ideas?



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Cobol -&> SQL2005

Sep 22, 2006

I'm not "cobol person" but now, I have to bind a cobol application (from mainframe) to query SQL 2005

Have somebody had this task?

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Cobol Conversion

Aug 23, 2007

This nifty function convert COBOL value to equivalent integer.

If last characer is one of these alphanumeric charactersJ -1
K -2
L -3
M -4
N -5
O -6
P -7
Q -8
R -9
} -0it means that complete value is negative and last character is the equivalent numeric in table above.CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fnCobol2Int]
@Item VARCHAR(18)
WHEN @Item LIKE '%[^}jklmnopqr0123456789JKLMNOPQR]%' THEN NULL
WHEN LEFT(@Item, LEN(@Item) - 1) LIKE '%[}jklmnopqrJKLMNOPQR]%' THEN NULL
WHEN RIGHT(@Item, 1) LIKE '[}jklmnopqrJKLMNOPQR]' THEN '-'
END + LEFT(@Item, LEN(@Item) - 1) + CHAR(47 + CHARINDEX(RIGHT(@Item, 1), '}JKLMNOPQR0123456789}jklmnopqr') % 10) AS BIGINT)
E 12°55'05.25"
N 56°04'39.16"

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Upload Database From Sql 7 To COBOL???

Oct 21, 1999

I developed a database in MS SQL server7. But the main database was developed in COBOL. Is there anyway I can upload my
database to mainfram? Thank you in advance.

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I Want Ot Convert Xml Data Format Into The General Data Format

Jun 9, 2006

hi siri have table hh .it has two columnsone is hhno is integer datatype another hhdoc is xml data type likehh tablehhno hhdoc---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100<suresh>sfjfjfjfjf</suresh>....................................101<ramesh>hhfhfhf</ramesh>..................................how to convert the xml data format into the general data format plshelp me with examples

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SQL Server 2005 Data Format

Jul 5, 2007

I have a PC install the SQL Server 2005 Eng Version and have a database with table.In the table , there is a datetime format column.
So, I write a SQL Insert into Table1 (startdate) values ('4-Oct-2006 10:24:29 AM'), It works, record inserted.
I have another Server (Windows Server 2003 Chinese Version with SQL Server 2005 Chinese Version). Also,have a database with table and run the same sql statment
Insert into Table1 (startdate) values ('4-Oct-2006 10:24:29 AM'). It does not work, since the error message is in chinese, so I try to translate in english.
The error says something like, "when converting the string to datetime, it fails"
And then I try to rewrite the SQL into Insert into Table1 (startdate) values ('10/4/2006 10:24:29 AM'). It works.
So I want to ask and option I can set in SQL Server 2005 to make me use different kinds of date format in the SQL.
Please Help, thanks

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How To Transfer Gdb Format Data To SQL Server

Mar 7, 2004

My problem is aquisiton data with gdb extension.There is not driver of that type in DTS of SQL Server 2000.
Can anybody help??

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Transact SQL :: Call Cobol From Stored Procedure?

Jun 17, 2015

In DB2 stored procedures are calling external cobol code/program, I want convert DB2 stored procedure to MS SQL stored procedure, on that case, How to call call cobol from MS SQL stored procedure.

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How To Convert Cobol ZONED Decimal Using SSIS

Mar 14, 2007


I am new to this forum and SSIS also.

I searched but could not find any answer here so I am posting my question.

We get some cobol text file that has Zoned Decimal also.

We want to use SSIS to convert the file in to SQL Server Database but we want to avoid using 3rd party s/w..

In DTS it was not possible..

Is it possible to convert Zoned Decimal to Decimal in SQL Server.

Thanks in advance.


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SQL Server 2012 :: Putting Data Into XML Format

Oct 7, 2015

Need getting data into XML format as shown in the last code block.The datatypes and table structures are pretty much fixed, but I can re-hash data into another Temp Table, CTE, etc..This is a server running SQL Server 2012, but I'd guess any version that understands FOR XML PATH should be fine.

Source tables and data
if object_id('Tempdb..#Element1') is not null drop table #Element1;
create table #Element1 (
[Attr1] varchar(10)
,[Attr2] varchar(4)


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SQL Server 2012 :: Making Query For Presenting Data In Different Format?

Jun 18, 2015

I have below table:

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#complaints') IS NOt NULL
DROP TABLe #complaints

--===== Create the test table with

create table #cs([Year] float,
[Week] float,
[Month] float,
[C#] float,
[Dept] nvarchar(255)
,[Issue] nvarchar(255), [Type] nvarchar(255), [Dept age] nvarchar(255))

--===== All Inserts into the IDENTITY column

([Year], [ Week], [ Month], [C#],[Dept],[Issue], [Type], [Dept age])
SELECT 2015, 14, 4, 188, D1,I1,T1, 5 UNION ALL
SELECT 2015, 14, 4, 452,d1, I1, T2, 5 UNION ALL
SELECT 2015, 14, 4, 63, d1, I1, T1, 6 UNION ALL
SELECT 2015, 14, 4, 9, d1,I2, T1, 7 UNION ALL
SELECT 2014, 14, 4, 187, D1,I1,T1, 5 UNION ALL
SELECT 2014, 14, 4, 451,d1, I1, T2, 5 UNION ALL
SELECT 2014, 14, 4, 62, d1, I1, T1, 6 UNION ALL
SELECT 2014, 14, 4, 10, d1,I2, T1, 7 UNION ALL)

and i want to have a table in below format: (query for it)

Week, Month, C1#,c2# Dept,Issue, Type, Dept age
14, 4 188 187 d1 i1 t1 5
14, 4 452 451 d1 i1 t2 5

I.E. I WANT two columns C1# and C2#, where C1# contains data from 2015 and C2# contains data from previous year (2014). If 2015 data is not present, then C1# will contain data of 2014 and C2# will contain data of 2013.

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Integration Services :: Processing COBOL Copy Book And File With SSIS?

Nov 19, 2015

Is there a easier way to handle cobol book and file in SSIS ? 

I have a file that has records with in one line and they are recurring.  I am not sure how to explain but below is a sample format.


Header record1
Record 1 
record 2 
record 2 
Record 1 
record 2 
record 3

Header record2
Record 1 
record 2 
record 2 
Record 1 
record 2 
record 3

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Unable To Export Sub-report Data In Excel Format In SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service

Dec 20, 2006


I am using 'SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service' in my project. I am using sub-reports in many cases. Whenever I export such reports containing sub-reports to 'Excel' format which is the major client requirement in our project, the exported excel file shows 'Subreports within table/matrix cells are ignored.'

Can anybody tell me the solution for this? If not possible in reporting service then is there any other way to get data in excel format?



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How To Change The Data Format For A Single Database In A SQL Server Group Of Database

Nov 1, 2001

Hi all,

I have to change the date format for one database in a group of databases in my sql server 2000,Can you please tell me how to change the date format.

thanks in advance

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How Do I Send The Data From The Server Side To The Client Side Specifically In What Format And What Kind Of Connection Do I Use?

Feb 29, 2008

Hello friends....
my question is as follows:

How do I send the data from the server side to the client side specifically in what format and what kind of connection do I use?

waiting for answers.....

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Data Format Issue While Importing Data From Excel To SQL

Jul 17, 2007


when i m importing data from excel to Sql using DTS the column which has text content was not imported as same in excel sheet. whereas a special character is appearing in between the lines. the text field contains multiple lines but the conetent is imported in single line .



but i m getting imported

as :

How to Format a single column while importing?



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SQL Data Into XML Format

Mar 18, 2003

how can transfer sql server data into XML format?.

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Data Format

May 13, 2004

How can I display a value as 0.00 from a field of datatype numeric?

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Format DataSource Data

Oct 14, 2007

I have an SQL database with a number of fields, one of which is for storing the date (datetime).When I insert data into the table, I only supply the date because I don't want or need the time to be listed. However, when I execute a query, the data that shows up in my gridview is (e.g) 13/10/2007 12:00:00 AM.
What I want ti know is, how can I format the datetime when I run the query so that it only shows 13/10/2007?This is how I'm retrieving the data at the moment:
SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM tblMail", sqlConn);conn.Open()SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();dataGrid.DataSource = reader;dataGrid.DataBind();conn.close()
In my dataGrid, I have a number of fields that are bound to the data source, such as Date, Name, Address etc etcAnyway, any ideas on how I can format the SQL DateTime so it only shows the date in my datagrid?

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Exporting Data Into .CSV Format

Jan 17, 2008

I am trying to export data from SQL which is ok and I can do that part.  However from the result of the query I need to add the values of certain columns.  Because I'm a newbie to SQL I'll explain and try and show images as best as I can as we go....
So far I have written a query
select Stockitem.code, Warehouseitem.ConfirmedQtyInStock, Warehouseitem.UnConfirmedQtyInStock, Warehouseitem.QuantityAllocatedStock, Warehouseitem.QuantityAllocatedBOM, Warehouseitem.QuantityAllocatedSOP, WarehouseItem.WarehouseIDfrom WarehouseItem INNER JOIN StockItem ONWarehouseItem.ItemID = Stockitem.itemidINNER JOIN BinItem ONBinitem.itemid = stockitem.itemidwhere WarehouseItem.WarehouseID = '3403' AND BinItem.BinName LIKE 'S%' AND BinItem.BinName <> 'S' OR BinItem.BinName LIKE 'T%' AND BinItem.BinName <> 'T'order by stockitem.code
 This returns the following results....
 Code             ConfirmedQtyInStock      UnConfirmedQtyInStock      QuantityAllocatedStock        QuantityAllocatedBOM      QuantityAllocatedSOP       WarehouseID
12345             96.00000                        .00000                              .00000                                 3.00000                            13.00000                           3403
Now I am trying to find out the amount of freestock available for everything with the WarehouseID 3403.  Therefore in the example above to be able to workout how many '12345' (Code) we have in stock, the equation used to find out the free stock available is as follows....
 Free Stock = (ConfirmedQtyInStock + UnConfirmedQtyInStock) – (QuantityAllocatedStock+ QuantityAllocatedBOM + QuantityAllocatedSOP)
Therefore if I manually use the equation above the amount of freestock available =
 Free Stock = (96+0) - (0+3+13) = 80 (free stock).
Then once I have the equation to be able to output the 'freestock' quantity, I need to export the results into an excel spreadsheet with the following layout...
Hope I've explained this in a good manner, any help would be gratefully received.

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Data Format Transformations

Jun 18, 2008

I am using SQL 2005 SSIS.  I need to do a data conversion for a date field in a txt file.  I used the import wizard to bring my txt file into SQL 2005 but didn't convert the date.  The date is displayed in the flat file as 20070612.  Can someone help me convert the date.  I did add an OLE DB Source to the Data Flow screen and selected command what do I do next and what do I write?

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Format Column Data

Apr 3, 2006

I am entering values from .Net app to a table in Sql 2k. The Identity field needs to be in 'ABC0000012' format (3 fixed letters and 7 digits - incremented by 1). My code MUST BE within a stored_proc. I am trying to format the column to have reqd. number of preceeding zeros. How can I get those ?
Pls help.Sam

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Outputing Data In A Particular Format

May 31, 2006

I wish to extract the data from an SQL database table to a txt file. There are certain integer fields that I want to output as 7 chars long with leading zeroes. So for example if the column January_total contains the value 123 I would want that ouptut as 0000123. Can anyone advise me as to what the best way to go about doing this is - I've looked at how CAST and CONVERT work but they dont seem to to offer the functionality I require.

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Check Data Format

Jun 18, 2001

1)How would l write sintax to check data format in sql? Eg field customerNo should be 10 characters long and alpha numeric. Date should be etc.

2) How do l reference a value in another cursor?

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Export Data To XML Format

Jan 7, 2005


What's the best way to export data from SQL Server to XML format. I've taken over a VB application written to carry out this task but it seems more complicated than it needs to be. Is it possible to just miss out VB and use say a DTS program instead??

I have been given a schema(XSD) file and as far as I'm aware any xml has to be formatted according to this schema.


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Format Of Data - How It Works

Jun 20, 2014

i realized that there is much talk where data will be stored, what are the ways to organize data, but did not see anywhere what format this data. If they are text files they are .txt? All of them? Why Linux in a text file does not necessarily need to have this extension.For example, this forum, every time a thread is created it creates a text file with the contents of the thread inside a folder that represents the board? Is that how it works?

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Export Data From SQL To .PDF Format

Feb 6, 2007

is there a specific command that can do this using the query analyzer?

Please help me on this.

Thank you.

Your future is made by the things you are presently doing.

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Converting Data Format

Nov 16, 2007

hi guys how can I change this format

02/25/07| 00.00
02/26/07| 00.00

02/25/07| 0.00
02/26/07| 0.00

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Getting Data In Particular Format In View

Jul 20, 2005

I want a report in excel from my SQL database from one table. I wantto create a view and then use DTS package to export it to excelformat.But how can i get the following format in a view?? They should begrouped by date.Date Column 1 column 2 column 329/10/2003 one $30.00 somedatetwo $45.00 somedata2three $67.00 somedata3Total ******** $142.0030/1/2003 blah blah blahblah blah blahand so on . How can i get such a format in a view.Thanks in advance. I can't use SHAPE command in view i guess.

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Data In Desired Format

May 5, 2008

Select convert(CHAR(45),surname+','+fname) Name from beneficiary
Output from the above query:

I am desired Results as follows: Please help

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