T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Create Dynamics View Which Contain Data Of All Table

Apr 16, 2014

I have view something like

Create view All_employee
SELECT Emp_Name, Emp_code FROM dbo.Employee
SELECT Emp_Name, Emp_code FROM Emp_201402.Employee

But we have a different "Schema" for same table because we have archive table with same table name but with different schema name. Now we have req to make view which contain data of all table. But I can't seem to figure out how to do it in a view.

SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY SCHEMA_ID), Name FROM sys.schemas where name like '%emloyee%' ORDER BY schema_id ASC

[Code] ....

Don' think that works.

Is this possible with a view or it other way to do it?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Create Union View To Display Current Values From Table A And All Historical Values From Table B

May 6, 2014

I have 2 identical tables one contains current settings, the other contains all historical settings.I could create a union view to display the current values from table A and all historical values from table B, butthat would also require a Variable to hold the tblid for both select statements.

Q. Can this be done with one joined or conditional select statement?

DECLARE @tblid int = 501
SELECT 1,2,3,4,'CurrentSetting'
FROM TableA ta
WHERE tblid = @tblid
SELECT 1,2,3,4,'PreviosSetting'
FROM Tableb tb
WHERE tblid = @tblid

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SQL Server Admin 2014 :: Create Temporary Table With Dynamics Column

Jun 10, 2014

I have created a stored procedure for retrieving column name, as shown below

CM_id, CM_Name, [Transaction_Month], [Transaction_Year], [Invoice raised date],[Payment Received date],[Payout date],[Payroll lock date]

Now I am trying to create a temporary table using the above generated coluimns from Stored Procedure with datatype.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Pivot Query - Convert Data From Original Table To Reporting View

Apr 8, 2014

I want to convert the data from Original Table to Reporting View like below, I have tried but not get success yet.

Original Table:
Id || Id1 || Id2 || MasterId || Obs ||Dec || Act || Status || InstanceId
1 || 138 || 60 || 1 || Obs1 ||Dec1 || Act1 || 0|| 14
2 || 138 || 60 || 2 || Obs2 ||Dec2 || Act2 || 1|| 14
3 || 138 || 60 || 3 || Obs3 ||Dec3 || Act3 || 1|| 14
4 || 138 || 60 || 4 || Obs4 ||Dec4 || Act4 || 0|| 14
5 || 138 || 60 || 5 || Obs5 ||Dec5 || Act5 || 1|| 14

View For Reporting:

Row Header:
Id1 || Id2 || MasterId1 || Obs1 ||Desc1 ||Act1 ||StatusId1||MasterId ||Obs2 ||Desc2 ||Act2 ||StatusId2 ||MasterId3||Obs3 ||Desc3 ||Act3 ||StatusId3||MasterId4||Obs4||Desc4 ||Act4 ||StatusId4 ||MasterId5||Obs5 ||Desc5 ||Act5 ||StatusId5||InstanceId

Row Values:
138 || 60 || 1 || Obs1 ||Desc1 ||Act1 ||0 ||2 ||Obs2 ||Desc2||Act2 ||1 ||3 ||Obs3||Desc3 ||Act3 ||2 ||4||Obs4||Desc4 ||Act4 ||0 ||5 ||Obs5 ||Desc5 ||Act5 ||1 ||14

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Create Numerous Directories On Server Using Data From Table

Apr 15, 2015

SQL 2008

I have a table that has company id, attachment file name, folderexists columns.

First what I need to do is create a series of folder or directories on a networked server using the company id as the folder name where the folder name does not already exist.

Second I need to move files based on attachment file name and company id to the proper folder.

For those who want to know, this is a remediation project because of a bug in our application.

The application is supposed to created the folder based on company id and then put the attachment in that folder.

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Problems On Create Proc Includes Granting Create Table Or View Perissinin SP

Aug 4, 2004

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a proc for granting permission for developer, but I tried many times, still couldn't get successful, someone can help me? The original statement is:

Create PROC dbo.GrantPermission
@user1 varchar(50)


Grant create table to @user1

Grant create view to @user1

Grant create Procedure to @user1

Thanks Guys.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Procedure That Create Views With Table Name And A Table Field Parameter?

Aug 4, 2015

I would like to create a procedure which create views by taking parameters the table name and a field value (@Dist).

However I still receive the must declare the scalar variable "@Dist" error message although I use .sp_executesql for executing the particularized query.

Below code.

ALTER Procedure [dbo].[sp_ViewCreate]
/* Input Parameters */
@TableName Varchar(20),
@Dist Varchar(20)
Declare @SQLQuery AS NVarchar(4000)
Declare @ParamDefinition AS NVarchar(2000)


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Create Table From Text File, Extract Data, Create New Table From Extracted Data....

May 3, 2004

Hello all,

Please help....

I have a text file which needs to be created into a table (let's call it DataFile table). For now I'm just doing the manual DTS to import the txt into SQL server to create the table, which works. But here's my problem....

I need to extract data from DataFile table, here's my query:

select * from dbo.DataFile
where DF_SC_Case_Nbr not like '0000%';

Then I need to create a new table for the extracted data, let's call it ExtractedDataFile. But I don't know how to create a new table and insert the data I selected above into the new one.

Also, can the extraction and the creation of new table be done in just one stored procedure? or is there any other way of doing all this (including the importation of the text file)?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Create Table Dynamically?

Sep 5, 2014

I am having SP which gives, two result sets. The columns which are coming from result sets are also dynamic.
i.e. some time 5 columns and some time 10 columns.

Now I want to load this output into 2 different tables on daily basis. This would be truncate/delete table and load again.

Now my problem is that as I am not sure about columns, Is it possible to create table(Physical Table) depends on output of SP, and after load data into it.

During each load we can drop table, No issue and we can handle this through SSIS Package.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Blank Space In Integer Data Type Column View

Apr 4, 2014

I am dealing with what I believe is Oracle that is the source of a SQL View.

I am seeing a data type of Integer in the View, but I am not able to see what makes up that View. When I query the View, I can see that an Integer data type column is storing a blank space. I use ISNUMERIC(ColumnName) = 0 and there are a lot of rows that show as a zero length blank space, or text, or something. I just know that it is not an Integer.

I have attempted to CAST and Convert this value, but it will not. I have changed the data type on the table that is being inserted in too, and it still fails with a Conversion error. I have tried REPLACE(), but still the same conversion error.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Generate Script For View Dependencies Of User Defined Table Types?

Aug 25, 2014

T-SQL script for the following request ?

Generate script for view dependencies of user defined table types ?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Create A Table Valued Function?

Oct 20, 2014

I would like to create a table valued function using the following data:

create table #WeightedAVG
Segment varchar(20),
orders decimal,
calls int
insert into #WeightedAVG


I would like to create a function from this where I can input columns, and two numbers to get an average to output in a table ie,

CREATE FUNCTION WeightedAVG(@divisor int, @dividend int, @table varchar, @columns varchar)
returns @Result table
col1 varchar(25),
WeightedAVG float

[Code] .....

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Create View From Table

Oct 6, 2014

I want to create a view from table j25_teamlist2014 with the 7 columns shown below. But I only want the rows which don't have a Status of 'Not Available'.This sql works fine apart from the Team Name and Team Captain columns display the team which is an interger ie Row 1 shows 1 in the Team Name and Team Captain columns instead of 'My Team' and 'Jo Bloggs'.Also when viewing the original table and the new view the structures are slightly different.

CREATE VIEW j25_availableteamlist2014 AS
SELECT Team, Day, Time, Lane, Team Name, Team Captain, Status
FROM j25_teamlist2014

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How To Create Table From A View

Nov 7, 2006

Dear all,

Can I create a table from a view like Oracle? The syntax is something like as the below.

create table table1 as select * from view1;


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Create A View For One-to-many Relationship Table

May 8, 2006


I would like to create a view for two tables which have a one-to-many relationship.


Table: Supplier


How can i create a view that has columns like below:
Supp_ID, Stock

Thanks in advance.

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Create Temp Table Instead Of View?

Aug 23, 2013

I have a view which works fine but I cannot display the data in the Report tool because its

CCSID is HEX. If I could create it to temp table

I think then there would be an easy way to get around this problem.

This is the code:

CREATE VIEW astlib.acbalmpk AS (
'' as IEPRT#, '.00' as IEQOH#, '' as IELOC1, '' as IELOC2, '' as
IELOC3, '' as IERIDC, '' as IEWHS#

[Code] ....

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Create A View To Add Lines To Table

Mar 16, 2008

I have two tables. OrderDetails and StockTransactions

OrderDetails contains:

Item, Description, QtyOrdered

StockTransactions contains:

OrderDetailID, ActionType, Qty, Date

I would like to create a view as follows:


Item, Description, QtyOrdered, InStock, ToShip, TotalShipped, Backordered

the first three columns come directly from the OrderDetails table, InStock is computed by finding the sum of Qty of all of the lines in the StockTransactions table for this item. ToShip is a field for the user to enter a value they'd like to ship currently. TotalShipped is the sum of what is in the ToShip box and all previous entries in the StockTransactions table related to the current OrderDetail record. Backordered is computed by taking ToShip and subtracting InStock (if the value is a negative number, then display zero).

The objective is to create a user friendly way to enter lines into the OrderDetailsTable. the values place by the user in the Qty field for the items listed in front of them should be saved as entried in the StockTransactions table with ActionType = 1.

I'm not sure if a view is the best way to go about this.

Any comments or suggestions?

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-W In OSQL And Create Table From View

Jan 31, 2008

I read that the there's no equivalent command of sqlcmd's -W in osql - we only have to resort to LTRIM(RTRIM(). However, just wondering if anyone has a better solution?

I also would like to create a table from a select statement that has UNION in it. For instance, in Oracle, it would be like:

Code Snippet
create table mytable as
select a,b,c from table1
select a,b,c from table2

How do i do this in SQLServer?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Identify Columns Which Will Create Unique Record In A Table

Sep 15, 2014

I am looking to create a script that will go through a table a pick out the necessary columns to create a unique record. Some of the tables that I am working with have 200 plus columns and I am not sure if I would have to list every column name in the script or if they could be dynamically referenced. I am working with a SQL server that has little next to no documentation and everytime I type to mere some tables, I get too many rows back.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Create UDF To Query A Table On A (random) Remote Server

Jan 30, 2015

I'm trying to write a function that will retrieve the last backup date/time of a particular database on a remote server (i.e. by querying msdb.dbo.backupset). Unfortunately, you can't use sp_executesql in a function, so I can't figure out a way to pass the server name to the query and still be able to return the datetime value back to the calling TSQL code (so that rules out using EXEC().

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Create A Column In A View Without Data

Feb 28, 2008

Hey everyone,

I have a view that shows the email address and first name of a Membership table. I need to add a column to this view that doesn't have a corresponding column in the original table that has some default value.

i.e. the view currently shows:

John john@something.com

I need it to say:

John john@something.com EmailBlast

The third column will always have that value.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance!


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Iterate Field In Table And Create A View

Jul 14, 2015

I have a table that houses fully qualified table names, roughly 15. How can I iterate that table and create a view ? For example, something like this

Create Table tocreateviewfrom (dbname varchar(100))
Insert Into tocreateviewfrom Values (foxfire.dbo.abcd), (foxfire.dbo.abcde), (foxfire.dbo.abcdf), (foxfire.dbo.abcdg), (foxfire.dbo.abcde), (foxfire.dbo.abcdl)

--Then somehow iterate each value in the field dbname to create a view something like
Create View viewcreatedfromtable As
Select * from foxfire.dbo.abcd
Union All
Select * from foxfire.dbo.abcde

[Code] ....

I tried this, but it is only printing the last result returned not the entire result set

Declare @database varchar(max), @sql varchar(max)
Declare c1 Cursor For
Select Program
from tocreateviewfrom
Open c1

[Code] .....

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Create An Indexed View And Replicate To Table

Mar 20, 2008


I have a huge problem to solve.

1) Need to create an Indexed View that joins multiple tables.I know how to create a regular View, but How do I create an Indexed View ?

2)Need be able to replicate the Indexed View [above] across to another server B into a table.

I have to get this done and seriously don't know where to start.

Do HELP me out .Thank You.

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Create A View Or Temp Table From 2 Tables

Jan 4, 2008

I have 2 tables:

Customer Table: ID, OrderID (composite key)

100, 1
100, 2
200, 3
200, 1
Order Table: OrderID, Detail

1, Orange
2, Apple
3, Pineaple

Assuming each customer always orders 2 items. I need to create a SQL query that shows as following (a view or a temp table is OK). How do I do that?

CustomerID, Order Detail1, Order Detail2

100, Orange, Apple
200, Pineaple, Orange

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Create Separate MS Excel Files By Looping Through Large Table

Jun 24, 2014

I have a master table containing details of over 800000 surveys made up of approximately 400 distinct document names and versions. Each document can have as few as 10 questions but as many as 150. Each question represents one row.

My challenge is to create a separate spreadsheet for each of the 400 distinct document names and versions containing all the rows and columns present in the master table. The largest number of rows would be around 150 and therefore each spreadsheet will not be very big.

e.g. in my sample data below, i will need to create individual Excel files named as follows . . .
"Document1Version1.xlsx" containing all the column names and 6 rows for the 6 questions relating to Document 1 version 1
"Document1Version2.xlsx" containing all the column names and 8 rows for the 8 questions relating to Document 1 version 2
"Document2Version1.xlsx" containing all the column names and 4 rows for the 4 questions relating to Document 2 version 1

I assume that one of the first things is to create a lookup of the distinct document names and versions assign some variables and then use this lookup to loop through and sequentially filter the master table data ready for creating the individual Excel files.


IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#excelTest') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #excelTest
CREATE TABLE #excelTest (
[rowID] [nvarchar](10) NULL,
[docName] [nvarchar](50) NULL,

[Code] .....



[Code] .....

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Create View With Data From Multiple Servers

Jul 23, 2005

Hi everyone,I have 5 servers, all with identical databases just different data. Ihave a rather lengthy SQL statement (in a View) to hit one database andpull-in certain data, but I'd like to somehow run this same SQLstatement within the view but hit all 5 servers so we don't have 5different versions of this data to mess with.I'm not opposed to creating an update query in a stored procedure tohit all 5 databases and update a table or even do this within a DTS,but I'd prefer to keep it as simple as possible and as dynamic so theusers can simply run the view and get live data anytime based on all 5tables.Is this possible ???Thanks,rlangly

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Create View In SQL Server With Data Types

Aug 14, 2006

I need to create a view of a sql table, but change the data types. I knowthe syntax below is not correct, and can't figure out if it is wrong or ifyou just can't do this. I have only created views before with the same datatype.CREATE VIEW F0005New(DRKY nchar(3), DRDL01 nchar(30))INSERT (SELECT rtrim(F0005.DRKY), F0005.DRDL01FROM F0005 AS F0005WHERE DRSY = '41' AND DRRT = 'S1')Thanks!!

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Create View Using Data In Seperate Severs

Oct 4, 2006


I'd like to create a view on server x which references tables on an
entirely seperate server. Is this possible? Is seems
strange to have to copy the tables over just to create a view. In
the view wizard I can't seem to 'browse' to the tables on the other

The code I'm working with would conceptually be something like this:

select server name.database instance.owner.table.field

from server name.database instance.owner.table

where <field name> like 'xxxx%'

or something along those lines.

Any help would be appreciated!


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SQL Server 2008 :: Create View For Each Table In The Databases?

May 27, 2015

We have two databases with same schema and tables (same table names, basically main DB and a copy of the main DB). following is example of table names from 2 DBs.

CREATE TABLE #SourceDatabase (SourceColumn1 VARCHAR(50))
INSERT INTO #SourceDatabase VALUES('TABLE1') , ('TABLE2'),('TABLE3') , ('TABLE4'),('TABLE5') , ('TABLE6')
SELECT * FROM #SourceDatabase
DROP TABLE #SourceDatabase
CREATE TABLE #ArchiveDatabase (SourceColumn2 VARCHAR(50))
INSERT INTO #ArchiveDatabase VALUES('TABLE1') , ('TABLE2'),('TABLE3') , ('TABLE4'),('TABLE5') , ('TABLE6')
SELECT * FROM #ArchiveDatabase
DROP TABLE #ArchiveDatabase

We need a T_SQL statement that can create one view for each table from both the databases(assuming both databases have same number of tables and same table names). so that we can run the T_SQL on a thrid database and the third DB has all the views (one view for each table from the 2 DBs). and the name of the view should be same as the tables name. and all 3 DBs are on the same server.

the 2 temp tables are just examples, DBs have around 1700 tables each. so we ned something like following for each table.

CREATE VIEW DBO.TABLE1 AS SELECT * FROM [SourceDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE1] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM [ArchiveDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE1]
CREATE VIEW DBO.TABLE2 AS SELECT * FROM [SourceDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE2] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM [ArchiveDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE2]
CREATE VIEW DBO.TABLE3 AS SELECT * FROM [SourceDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE3] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM [ArchiveDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE3]
CREATE VIEW DBO.TABLE4 AS SELECT * FROM [SourceDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE4] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM [ArchiveDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE4]
CREATE VIEW DBO.TABLE5 AS SELECT * FROM [SourceDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE5] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM [ArchiveDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE5]
CREATE VIEW DBO.TABLE6 AS SELECT * FROM [SourceDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE6] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM [ArchiveDatabase].[dbo].[TABLE6]

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CREATE TABLE/VIEW From Stored Procedure Or SELECT...

Jun 8, 2006

Can anyone tell me how can I create a table in (SQL Server 2000) direct from a stored procedure execution or from a SELECT result?

I need something like this: CREATE TABLE < t > FROM <sp_name p1, p2, ...>or like this:

CREATE TABLE < t > FROM SELECT id, name FROM < w > ...

Thank you!

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SQL Reporting Services Data Connector For Dynamics CRM 4.0 Issue

Apr 9, 2008

I can't find a Dynamics CRM topic and I'm hoping someone here will recognize the problem that we are having with integration between Dynamics and SRS.

Dynamics CRM server deployed fine. But we are having this problem when trying to install the Dynamics SRS Data Connector (an additional component that is supposed to be installed locally on the SRS server):

Trouble is, the SQL server is a default instance, and SRS is hosted on a default web site listening on port 80. In fact, this is just a plain default install of SQL 2005 and SRS 2005 on one server. Nothing has been customized. And yet we get this error when we try to install SRS Data Connector on the local SRS machine:
"Unable to validate SQL Server Reporting Services Report Server installation. Please check that it is correctly installed on the local machine."

But the SRS is installed and running fine! I can even see and run reports that the Dynamics CRM Server install had created on the SRS server! And yet the setup program insists that SRS is not installed and it won't proceed with installation. It obviously runs some strange prerequisite check. (Devs: Why not just run a connect test to the SRS Web service?)

Environment: Win 2003 native domain on server A, Dynamics CRM 4.0 Pro on server B (Win 2003 VM 32bit), SQL 2005 SP2 and SRS 2005 SP2 on server C (Win 2003, physical server, 64bit). Data Connector failing to install on server C. I've even tried using a domain admin account, and went as far as running the installer in SYSTEM context. Still it fails.

I've also tried every variation of SRS and IIS configs that I know of (disabling SSL, enabling anon auth, etc etc etc etc...) I've gone as far as setting up a separate domain, separate SQL and SRS, and making a local Dynamics install, and STILL I got the same error while installing the Data Connector.

This is most frustrating. There's obviously something wrong with the method Dynamics CRM setup program uses to determine whether or not SRS is installed. But how come there isn't any info about this except for that one KB article that doesn't apply to us?

Please if you know anything post a reply! Thanks.

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Data Access :: How To Create View To Get Records From Multiple Tables

Sep 1, 2015

I want to create a view to get records from multiple tables. I have a UserID in all the tables. When I pass UserID to view it should get records from multiple tables. I have a table

UserInfo with as data as
UserID=1, FName = John,
LName=Abraham and Industry = 2. I have a
Industry table with data as
ID=1 and Name= Sports,
ID =2 and Name= Film.

When I query view where UserID=1 it should return record as

FName =John,
LName = Abraham and
Industry= Film

How to write query?

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Analysis :: Possible To Create Multiple Data Source View Having Same Datasource?

Jul 27, 2015

1. As per my current development SQL Sever Analysis Database consists of two Cube (Cube A and Cube B).  Cube A and Cube B share the same data source view (DSV1). The source for both these cubes has the same data source (DS1).

2. As per the requirement I need to create third Cube i.e. Cube C. Is it possible to create a second Data Source View (DSV2). The Source of second Data Source View (DSV2) will be the same data source(DS1).

I am thinking to create second Data Source View (DSV2) for Cube C because existing layout of the DSV1 has become complex. I wanted to know the pros and cons of creating a multiple data source view with same data source

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