T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Find All Rows From All Tables In A DB For Specific Column?

Mar 28, 2014

I have a DB with some tables and, on certain tables, i've a column named "ID_COMPUTER".

I need to find all the rows where id_computer=<specific_value> from all the tables of my database, when column "ID_COMPUTER" exists.

Pseudo-code would be: select * from db.* where id_computer=<specific_value>

how to write this ?

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Find Out What Tables Contain A Specific Column

Jul 28, 2006

I want to write SQL that will search the tables in a database for a specific column, like this. For instance, I have a column "Unique_ID" that is in many of our tables (hundreds) but not in others and want to find out the tables it is in. It is always the first column.

I tried to find a system stored procdure to do this but couldn't and tried to create a script using the sysobjects and syscolumns tables in the Master db, but came to a roadblock because they don't seem to be related at all.

I would surely appreciate if someone else has already done this!


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Transact SQL :: Select Specific Values From All Rows Where Value Of A Specific Column Is (Active)

May 23, 2015

I need to select specific values from all rows where the value of a specific column is "Active"

This part works: SELECT LastName, FirstName, MiddleInit, ClientId FROM dbo.Client

But I want to add: WHERE StatusType = (Active) and how to do this.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Find Best Index For Specific Query

Dec 28, 2014

This is my table:

use tempdb
if object_id('Data', 'u') is not null drop table Data
with temp as (
select top 10000 row_number() over (order by c1.object_id) Id
from sys.columns c1 cross join sys.columns c2


What index would be best for these three queries? With best I mean the execution time, I don't care about additional space.

This is the index I currently use:
create nonclustered index Ix_Data on Data (StateId, PalletId, BoxId, Id)
The execution plan is SELECT (0%) - Stream Aggregate (10%) - Index Scan (90%).

Can this be optimized (maybe to use Index Seek method)?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: CTE Query To Find Specific Record?

Sep 18, 2015

I need to build a CTE query to find for the same Cabstamp (document) where i have different Origin.

I know that i can build this with a correlated subquery, but i´am curious about using CTE.

I post sample create Script:

create table #temp (Cabstamp varchar(10), account varchar(10),document varchar(15), origin varchar(2), debit numeric(10,2), credit numeric(10,2), datalc datetime)

insert into #temp (Cabstamp,account,Document, origin, debit, credit, datalc)
select 'ADM12345',111,'CMP-01','FO',1000,0, '20150110'
select 'ADM12345',112,'CMP-01','FO', 500, 0,'20150110'
select 'ADM12345',6811,'CMP-01','DO',0,1500,'20150110'


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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Search Through Rows With Specific Values

Sep 16, 2015

I've a table that stores operationcode for each jobnumber. The jobnumber can have multiple operationcode. From the below DDL, I need to show all the jobs that have operation codes as 2001 and 2002. In the below DDL Jobnumber 80011 has both the operation codes 2001 and 2002 so this job will display on the report.

On the other hand Job 80021 only has operationcode 2001 and I do not want this job to show up on the report.

I need to show all the operationcodes for a job if it has operationcode 2001 and 2002.

USE tempdb;
, OperationCodeVARCHAR(10) NOT NULL
, EmployeeCode VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL

[Code] ....

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SQL 2012 :: How To Find Unique Rows Considering Only Specific Columns

Apr 18, 2014

write a query which retrieves only unique rows excluding some columns.

IdStatusmanager Team Comments Proj number Date
19391New XUnassigned One 3732.0 16-Apr-14
19392Can YCustomer Two 3732.0 17-Apr-14
19393Can YCustomer Two 3732.0 17-Apr-14
19394Can YCustomer One 3732.0 18-Apr-14
19395New YCustomer One 3732.0 19-Apr-14
19396New YCustomer One 3732.0 21-Apr-14
19397New ZCustomer One 3732.0 20-Apr-14

In the above table project number and id shouldn't be considered and I should get the unique rows considering rest of columns and sorted based on date. Expected result is

IdStatusmanager Team Comments Proj number Date
19391New XUnassigned One 3732.0 16-Apr-14
19392Can YCustomer Two 3732.0 17-Apr-14
19394Can YCustomer One 3732.0 18-Apr-14
19395New YCustomer One 3732.0 19-Apr-14
19397New ZCustomer One 3732.0 20-Apr-14
19396New YCustomer One 3732.0 21-Apr-14

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Concatenate Specific Values From A Column

May 20, 2014

Give this data set;

declare @BO table (Col1 varchar(50), Col2 varchar(50))
insert into @BO values

[Code] ....

select * from @BO

The 2 digit number that appears on line 1, 7 and 13 (only in this example) i need to have added to the begin of each value below it until the next 2 digit number is encountered. The desired result set would look like:

declare @BOD table (Col1 varchar(50), Col2 varchar(50), col3 varchar(50))
insert into @BOD values

[Code] ....

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Specific Column Matching With Nulls

Apr 9, 2015

I'm working on a join between two tables where I only want one row returned... I'm matching on two columns between two tables. One of those columns in the target table could be null. I only want one record returned.

create table #vehicle(id int, vehiclemake varchar(10), vehiclemodel varchar(10), classtype varchar(1))
create table #class(id int, classtype varchar(1), value int)

insert into #vehicle values(1, 'AUDI', 'R8', 'A')
insert into #vehicle values(2, 'AUDI', null, 'B')

insert into #class values(1, 'A', 100)
insert into #class values(2, 'B', 1)

[Code] ....

Using the above example, if VehicleModel is anything other than 'R8' is specified then I want it to return the other class type record.

This is going to be used as a join within a bigger statement, so I'm not sure ordering and returning top 1 is going to work.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Find Same Combination Of Rows?

May 10, 2015

I have this data as below. I need to find out the combination from the data and take a count of them

( nRef INT,
nOrd INT,
Token INT,
nNode INT,
sSymbol VARCHAR(50),


if you can see, the rows with column nRefNo 1 and 3 are same i.e. with same combination of Symbol viz. Silver and Castorseed.

Hence the desired output will be

Symbol Count
Castorseed-Silver 8

How to get this combination together and then take count of them. Please note i will be dealing with more than 5 million rows.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Make A Column Comply To A Specific Format

Dec 4, 2014

I need to insert and update a table. One column of the table needs to conform to a format as: XXXXXXX.XXXXX

If any data is not complying to the format an error needs to be thrown.

How to implement this constraint!

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SQL Server 2014 :: Check If Two Rows Have A Different Value In A Specific Column

Sep 9, 2015

I have huge export files in a DB and i need to check if there are any datasets that have the same value in the first column, but a different in another one, via a query of course.

Like this:

1 1
2 1
3 0
1 0

The expected ID i get as a result of my query should be 1 in this case.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Find Tables That Are Generated From SSIS Package

Jun 26, 2014

I have three databases and 40 tables within each database on my server, for each of the tables I want to know which SSIS package generates that table. Is there a script that can do this?

If the SSIS package does not create or populate a table on the server I then want to check if there is a stored procedure that populates this.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Find And Add Column Of Percentage In Table

Mar 16, 2015

i made a procedure to the below output now i need to add column percentage depends on these output

block Response Heads Dept Actuals
1Sales Sales01.Sales (net of Sales Tax)1087.5999999999999
1Finance Sales02.LESS:-EXCISE DUTY 22.800000000000001
1Sales Sales03.Net Sales 1064.8
2HR HR 04.Personnel Cost 170.60000000000002
3Materials & productionCOGS 05.Material Cost 376.70000000000005


block Response Heads Dept Actuals percentage
2HR HR 04.Personnel Cost 170.60 170.60*100/1064.8(dept=03.Net
3Materials & productionCOGS 05.Material Cost 376.70 376.70*100/1064.8(dept=03.Net

How to write make a query for that?

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Transact SQL :: Find Unique Rows In Column That Are Associated With Another Field In Another Column?

May 1, 2015

I am having issues trying to write a query that would provide me the unique GUID numbers associated with a distinct PID if the unique GUID's > 1.  To summarize, I need a query that just shows which PID's have more than one unique GUID. A PID could have multiple GUID's that are the same, I'm looking for the PID's that have multiple GUID's that are different/unique. 



The result of the query would only have PID1 because it has two unique GUID's. PID2 would not be listed has it has the same GUID3 in each row.



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Checking All Tables That Have Specific Column Name?

Jan 5, 2012

Is there a command I can use to tell me all the tables in my schema that have a column name "Id"?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Rows To Column

Dec 29, 2014

Came across one scenario not able to find out how to do it..

Below is the table data


Need output in below way

ColA ColB
1 -1
2 -2

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Converting Rows Into Column

Apr 18, 2014

It is possible to covert rows into column by using tsql script, see attached file for more details...

CREATE TABLE Table1 (SalesOrder varchar(10), ItemName VARCHAR(100), Price INT, ItemNo int)
SELECT '01', 'Camera', 100, 1
SELECT '01', 'Memory 4GB', 10, 2


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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Convert Non-delimited Column Value Into Rows

Nov 14, 2014

I have a scenario wherein one of the column values in a row contains a string value which is non-delimited (as shown below). I need to split them by 2 characters and generate as many rows as count of set of 2 digits in that string.

Current record

RecordID Name CountyList
1 ABC 00
2 CDE 01020304

Expected output:

RecordID Name CountyList
1 ABC 00
2 CDE 01
2 CDE 02
2 CDE 03
2 CDE 04

I already have a solution in place to run it thru cursor and then do a while loop on the CountyList column by taking 2 digit value using Substring function (keeping start position dyanamic and jumping 2 positions).

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Finding Rows From CSV Column With CSV Parameter

Nov 2, 2015

I have a split string function that will take a comma delimited string and give back a table with all the values.I have a table that has a column with a comma delimited comma delimited list of states.

I can use a where clause to find one state in the table (such as all records that have CA in the states string).But need to find out how to find all the rows that have all or any of the states from a comma delimited parameter.Here is the schema

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[split] (@list nvarchar(MAX))
RETURNS @tbl TABLE (svar nvarchar(10) NOT NULL) AS
DECLARE @pos int,
@nextpos int,
@valuelen int


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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Select Only Rows With Alphabetical Character In Column?

Apr 17, 2014

i am working on a small project, that I have found that someone is storing a float as a varchar(). But there are also some actual words in the same column.

I am trying to determine how I can select only the rows with alphabetical characters in that column.

Some of the data is:


but there is a mix of alphabetical characters in there as well.


I want to be able to select the rows with only the alphabetical characters. There is a huge mix, and I am assuming that every first letter is one of the 26 alphabetical character used. How can I write a query to use a REGEX to select any and all rows that cannot be CAST as a Float? I have nill to no experience using REGEX.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Select Rows Based On One Distinct Column

Apr 18, 2014


From above rows i would like to select rows based on one distinct column SalesOrder, i want output like below.


CREATE TABLE Table1 (SalesOrder varchar(10), ItemName VARCHAR(100), Price INT, Category VARCHAR(100))

[Code] ......

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Convert Multiple Rows In Single Column

Sep 4, 2014

Scenario is like that single dept can have multiple LocationHeads, If Location heads are multiple then they should display in single column using *starting the name as mentioned bottom under required output.

Below is sample of data:

create table #Temp(depID int, Name varchar(50),LocationHead varchar(50))
insert into #temp values(1,'test','head1')
insert into #temp values(1,'test','head2')
insert into #temp values(1,'test','head3')
insert into #temp values(2,'test1','head1')
insert into #temp values(2,'test1','head2')

Required output

depID Name LocationHead
1test *head1,*head2,*head3
2test1 *head1,*head2

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Find Tables With Column Name

Oct 16, 2006

How can I find all the tables with a specific column name?

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Compare Multiple Column Between Two Tables

Aug 14, 2014

I want to display records from @table1 only when combination of col2,col3 and col4 are present in @table2.In Below case I want output as: below two records only.

'test1', 'need this record', 25, {d '1901-01-01'}
'test3', 'some longer value', 23, {d '1900-01-01'}
declare @table1 table (
col1 varchar(10) not null,
col2 varchar(200) null,
col3 int not null,


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SQL Server 2012 :: Find Rows Where Value In Column Not Found In Another Row In Same Table

Jul 16, 2014

Can't seem to make this SQL query work!

Given one table, Table1, with columns Key1 (int), Key2 (int), and Type (varchar)...

I would like to get the rows where Type is equal to 'TypeA' and Key2 is Null that do NOT have a corresponding row in the table where Type is equal to 'TypeB' and Key2 is equal to Key1 from another row

So, given the data

**KEY1** **Key2** **Type**
1 NULL TypeA
2 5 TypeA
3 1 TypeB
4 NULL TypeA
5 NULL TypeB

I would like to return only the row where Key1 = 4 because that row meets the criteria of Type='TypeA'/Key2=NULL and does not have a corresponding row with Type='TypeB'/Key1=Key2 from another row.

I have tried this and it doesn't work...

SELECT t1.Key1, t1.Key2, t1.Type
FROM Table1 t1
AND t1.Type LIKE 'TypeA'
AND t1.Key1 NOT IN
FROM Table1 t2
WHERE t1.Key1 = t2.Key2
AND t1.Key1 <> t2.Key1
AND t2.Type LIKE 'TypeB')

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Find Common Value In Column For 30 Tables

Mar 21, 2006


I am trying to query for a common value in a column called "file_auth_nbr" in 30 different tables. I was going to try something like this (see below) but wasn't sure if this was the most efficient, fastest, or correct, way to get what I'm looking for:

Select distinct a.file_auth_nbr from table1 as a
join table2 as b
on a.file_auth_nbr = b.file_auth_nbr
join table3 as c
on a.file_auth_nbr = c.file_auth_nbr
join table4 as d
on a.file_auth_nbr = d.file_auth_nbr
join table5 as e
on a.file_auth_nbr = e.file_auth_nbr
......etc., etc.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated,

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How To Find All Tables That Have An Identity Column As A Primary Key

Mar 6, 2008

How do i find all the tables that have an Identity Column as a primary key in a database. Thanks.

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Need To Find Instances Of Duplicates Within A Column; Joining 2 Tables.

Aug 22, 2007

My basic situation is this - I ONLY want duplicates, so the oppositeof DISTINCT:I have two tables. Ordinarily, Table1ColumnA corresponds in a one toone ratio with Table2ColumnB through a shared variable. So if I queryTableB using the shared variable, there really should only be onrecord returned. In essence, if I run this and return TWO rows, it isvery bad:select * from TableB where SharedVariable = 1234I know how to join the tables on a single record to see if this is thecase with one record, but I need to find out how many, among possiblymillions of records this affects.Every record in Table1ColumnA (and also the shared variable) will beunique. There is another column in Table1 (I'll call itTable1ColumnC) that will be duplicated if the record in Table2 is aduplicate, so I am trying to use that to filter my results in Table1.I am looking to see how many from Table1 map to DUPLICATE instances inTable2.I need to be able to say, in effect, "how many unique records inTable1ColumnA that have a duplicate in Table1ColumnC also have aduplicate in Table2ColumnB?"Thanks if anyone can help!-- aknoch

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Need To Find An Easy Way To Split A Column In Table Without Using Cursor Or Temp Tables

Sep 5, 2007

Hi ,
I have two tables within a SQL database. The 1st table has an identified column and column which lists one of more email identifers for a second table,
ID Email
-- ----------
1 AS1 AS11
2 AS2 AS3 AS4 AS5
3 AS6 AS7

The second table has a column which has an email identifier and another column which lists one email address for that particular identifier, e.g.
ID EmailAddress
--- ------------------
AS1 abcstu@emc.com
AS2 abcstu2@emc.com
AS3 abcstu3@emc.com
AS4 abcstu4@em.com
AS5 abcstu5@emc.com
AS6 abcstu6@emc.com
AS7 abcstu7@emc.com
AS11 abcstu8@emc.com
I need to create a stored procedure or function that:
1. Selects an Email from the first table, based on a valid ID,
2. Splits the Email field of the first table (using the space separator) so that there is an array of Emails and then,
3. Selects the relevant EmailAddress value from the second table, based on a valid Email stored in the array
Is there any way that this can be done directly within SQL Server using a stored procedure/function without having to use cursors?

Many Thanks,

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How To Find Differences In Column Data Types Between Tables In Two Different Databases Using TSQL

Apr 21, 2008

I have Two Database that exist on Two seperate servers. The two database contain same schema and contains tables and columns of same name. Some tables have slight differences in terms of data types or Data type lenght.

For example if a Table on ServerA has a column named - CustomerSale with Varchar (100, Null) and a table on ServerB has a column named CustomerSale with Varchar (60, Null), how can i find if other columns have similar differences in all tables with the same name and columns in the two servers.

I am using SQL Server 2005. And the Two Servers are Linked Servers

What Script can i use to accomplish this task. Thanks

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Column Headers And Rows From 2 Tables

Dec 16, 2014

I need to write a sql statement to retrieve column headers and rows from 2 different tables.


row1: EMP column list, tag: emp
row2: DEPT column list, tag: Dept
row3: EMP columns data
row4: DEPT columns data

And the data sorted by deptno column


EMP, Deptno, empno, ename, age, ...,
DEPT, Deptno, ename, loc
EMP, 10, 7548, Justin, 43,....
DEPT, 10, marketing, california
EMP, 20, 7345, Carol,26,....
DEPT, 20, finance, New York
EMP, ....

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Transact SQL :: Find Unmatching Columns Between Two Tables While Applying A Change Column Prefix Table

Nov 16, 2015

For our ETL process, we maintain a TransformationList table that has the source view and the destination table. Data is copied from the view into the table (INSERT INTO). I am trying to find column names in the Views that are not column names in the associated Table.

In the below example, want to end up with three records:

 1, View1, Column4
 2, View2, Column4
 2, View2, Column5

I have it almost working, except that there is a table, ChangeColPrefix table, that is used by the ETL process to change some of the view's column name prefixes. Some of the source views have column names with prefixes that do not match the destination table column names. Say view SouthBase has all the column names prefixed with SB - like SBAcct, SBName. And the Destination table of Area District has ADAcct, ADName. There would be a row in the ChangeColPrefix for SouthBase, SB, AD, 1, 2 that would be used by the ETL process to create the INSERT INTO Area District From SouthBase.

I need to use this ChangeColPreifx to find my unmatching columns between my source views and destination tables. With out that table SBAcct and SBName from SouthBase will not appear to match the columns of ADAcct and ADName, but they do match.

I want to end up with these three records as non-matching:

View1, Column4
View2, Column4
View2, Column5

View1 has Salumn2 and View2 has Salumn5, and they must be changed to Column2 and Column5 as per the ChangeColPrefix table before running the Select from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS EXCEPT Select from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS looking for unmatched columns.

/***** Set Up Test Data *****/
-- Create 2 test views
IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.views WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[View1]'))
DROP VIEW dbo.[View1]
AS SELECT '1' AS Column1 , '2' AS Salumn2 , '4' AS Column4;

[Code] ....

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