T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Extracting Source / Dest Column Details From SSIS Package Files?

Jun 30, 2015

We have several hundred very simple ETL SSIS 2K8 package files (*.dtsx).

I'd like to be able to interrogate them to determine source and destination fields.

There's no great need to map source to dest or to extract data types.

So far, the most promising candidate is to load them using OPENROWSET into an XML field in a SS table.No problem there, but querying using OPENXML has me stumped.

The package files will change a couple of times per year, so the process needs to be repeatable with minimal manual intervention.

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Using SSIS Package To Delete Source Files

Jan 31, 2013

is it possible to delete a source file(*.txt) when a SSIS package is done with it?

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Flat File Source For SSIS Package Don't Have Column In Destination Table: How To Add?

Apr 19, 2007

Hi all,

I am passing flat file source as a variable to Dtexec Utility. (like package.variables[User::varFileName].Value;"D:sourcedata.txt).

Destination table is having one more column.

I want to add custom value in that column at run time by parameter to Dtexec(User::varDate)

I dont know how to do it, please help me.


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Getting Details When We Migrate The Data From Source To Target In SSIS

Nov 14, 2006


Can anyone help me out in getting the information or execution progress of a package like "number of records migrated", "which component is getting executed at present",etc...when we migrate the datas using the package which we have created programmatically and trying to execute the package programatically.We can see these informations in the the "progress tab" when we execute the package using BIDS in SSIS.

Thanks in advance







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Any Embedded Tool In Win2003 Or SSIS For Extracting The Files From ZIP

Jun 20, 2007

Who knows whether exists embedded tool in win2003 or SSIS for extracting the files from ZIP?

Thanks in advance.

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Extracting Package Information From SSIS

Jul 12, 2006

Hi all,

I am supposed to maintain a bunch of excels documenting all the mappings I'm doing in SSIS. The excels have the following format:

Target Field | Target Type | Source Table | Source Field | Source Type | Transformation Rule

Apart from being incredibly tedious, it is hard to keep every excel current, as there are other people adding and taking information from the database model.

I plan to extract this information from SSIS and create the excels dinamically, but, apart from parsing the .dtsx for each package, I see no other way of getting what I need.

Any suggestions on how I should do this? Is there an easier way?


David Leal

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Source & Dest In Parameters In DTS

Jun 29, 2001


I will like to be able to call a DTS to which I pass in parameter the name
and the path of a DBF file of which the function will be to create a table
in my SQL server identical by the structure and the contents to the DBF. The
problem is that I never know in advance the structure of the DBF. But, in
DTS designer I am already obliged to inform the name and the structure of
the target then to make the correspondences of column.

PS: I know how to pass parameters to a DTS via utility DTSRUN... / A... etc
in order to provide him the name and the path of the DBF

Thank you

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Using XML Source In SSIS Vs Script Source To Parse Xml Files.

Sep 14, 2007


I am having a huge xml file with nested section.
i also have a xsd file for that xml.
i have a destination table where the data from the xml should be loaded into.
i am using the xml source transformation. But o get all the data i need to use multiple merje joins to get the data in a single row which i can insert into the destination.i was not quiet convinced with using so many joins.

so i tried using the script source transformation where i am using xml objects to get the node and dynamically construction the data row. and the output is then inserted into the destination.
on comparing the two approach the one using the script source is working much faster than the xml source transformation.

i wanted to know is there any limitaion using the script source to parse through xml files.
also i would like to know any other better way of getting the data from xml source without using the joins.


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SQL Server 2008 :: Extract SSIS Package Metadata Details?

Aug 18, 2015

SSIS package meta data information is needed to covert SSIS into a Stored Proc.

100s of table mapping reside within SSIS, what tool/method would get those information so that they copied and pasted to SP to speed up efforts.

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Ho Do I Get The Details From A DTS Transform Data Task Into An SSIS Derived Column Transformation?

Mar 7, 2008

i have too many DTS packages to migrate to SSIS, and while examining a DTS package in BIDS (converted with the migration utility) i tried to edit the resulting migrated package, which opened the DTS interface with the two connection icons joined by the big fat arrow with a gear on it...not exactly what i had in mind, iow, it looks like SSIS on the outside, but its still DTS on the inside.
So I stripped out a series of components from a more complex package hoping that simplifying it would reveal the contents of old DTS Transformations tab at least partially set up in a Derived Column transformation.
Can i get there from here, or must i recreate every stinking definition in a derived column manually from the ground up?
thanks very much for your help

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HELP!!! Cannot Import SSIS Package Files From .dtsx Files

Oct 8, 2007

Brief overview...Running SQL Server 2003 Server Enterprise 64 bit - All Service Packs and patches current
SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition 64 bit Build Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.3054.00 (X64) Mar 23 2007 18:41:50 Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Microsoft Corporation Enterprise Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2)

I cannot import any SSIS packages nor crete any new folders under stored packages. I hve googled the news groups and looked at BOL to no avail. HELP!!!!

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Cast Source Column As Nvarchar

Jun 5, 2015

The source column is varchar(1) but i need this as nvarchar(1).. How can I cast this as NVARCHAR...

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SSIS - Dealing With Missing Source Files

Jul 9, 2007

I want to skip running the SSIS data flow task when the source file is missing. We have a scheduler that copies the source file to the staging area. This SSIS package runs as SQL server job. So when a SSIS package fails due to missing file the remaining steps in the SQL scheduler won't execute. I want to handle the missing source file condition grace fully. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: How To Extract Strings Saved In Column Into HTML Files

Oct 12, 2015

I am working in an environment where i inherited bad design. I have a column in a table. This col contains huge HTML files. We are mostly reading these files and very little updates.

I am changing this whole architecture and going to using Azure Blob storage. I am stuck right now. I need to extract these html strings and save them into separate files in year/month/day/filename.html format. I have another column in the table which has create date saved in it.

I am planning to import all these files into BLOB storage and save link in the table.

1) How can i extract these strings from the table and save them in the year/month/day/filename.html directory/sub-directory format

2) How to import these files into BLOB storage.

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How To View AS400 Library Files From OLEDB Source (SSIS)

Jan 3, 2007


I'm trying to get data from AS400. using OLEDB source as my connection. i'm using IBM OLEDB provider for iSeries. and working on standard edition of SQL Server 2005.

While using OLEDB source task when i set my access mode to 'table or view' and try to see list of available libraryname.tablenames, i do not get and tables

where as when i use Data access mode as 'SQL Command' i can get data (can only see preview of data) from AS400 but not able to insert that into my destination table. At run time task Fails with the error mentioned below.

I have configured Data links tab inside the OLEDB connection manager also, but when tried to set a default library it gives me error. : "Error code :CWBZZ5042" - ( catalog is invalid ) but it does exist.

Is there some settings that needs to be done from AS400 side or SQL Server side to view the available libray and its tables ?

Can some one help me on the same.

thanks in advance


Error Message received when executed with SQL command:

Error: 0xC0202009 at Data Flow Task, OLE DB Source [1]: An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80040E00.

Error: 0xC0047038 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: The PrimeOutput method on component "OLE DB Source" (1) returned error code 0xC0202009. The component returned a failure code when the pipeline engine called PrimeOutput(). The meaning of the failure code is defined by the component, but the error is fatal and the pipeline stopped executing.

Error: 0xC0047021 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: Thread "SourceThread0" has exited with error code 0xC0047038.

Error: 0xC0047039 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: Thread "WorkThread0" received a shutdown signal and is terminating. The user requested a shutdown, or an error in another thread is causing the pipeline to shutdown.

Error: 0xC0047021 at Data Flow Task, DTS.Pipeline: Thread "WorkThread0" has exited with error code 0xC0047039.

Task failed: Data Flow Task

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Report With Ssis Package As Source

Sep 3, 2007

The report having SSIS package as source works fine on my local 32 bit windows xp machine from Report Manager. But same doesn't work from 64bit windows 2003 machine... fails with below error... what could be an issue?

An error has occurred during report processing.

Cannot create a connection to data source 'DataSource1'.

is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1)

The same works fine when previewed from visual studio on 64 bit machine.


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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Find Tables That Are Generated From SSIS Package

Jun 26, 2014

I have three databases and 40 tables within each database on my server, for each of the tables I want to know which SSIS package generates that table. Is there a script that can do this?

If the SSIS package does not create or populate a table on the server I then want to check if there is a stored procedure that populates this.

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Calling SSIS Package Through Store Procedure

Dec 4, 2014

I am calling Store Procedure from my C# Code and inside the SP, I am calling my SSIS Package.It is working fine. On my local because I have all rights to run xp_cmdshell COMMAND. Now I have to transfer this SP to QA and Prod and I don't have rights to run xp_cmdshell COMMAND.

Here is my SP.

declare @cmd varchar(1000)
SET @ssispath = 'SSIS Package Path where my .dtsx package'
set @ExcelF = 'Passing My source file name and full path'

select @cmd = 'C:"program files (x86)""Microsoft SQL Server"100DTSBinnDTEXEC.exe /F "' + @ssispath + '"'
select @cmd = @cmd + ' /X86 /SET Package.Variables[User::ExcelF].Properties[Value];"' + @ExcelF + '" /X86 '
exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmd

My question is, is there other way to run/execute above Store Procedure/SSIS without XP_CMDSHELL Command?

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SSIS 2005: Dynamically Create Data Flow Dest Table If It Does Not Exist?

Sep 20, 2007

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to leave a Data Flow Task destination table name as-is, and have SSIS auto-create the table if it doesn't exist already.

I searched on this in the forums but based on the question it's difficult to kow if it has been answered or not.


I am writing some SSIS packages that need to be executable on another server. Many of the Data Flow Tasks copy data (such as from a Fuzzy Grouping transformation, and lots of other stuff) into a new table. But the other server will not have these tables set up for the first run.

My current solution is to check information_schema.tables and drop IF EXISTS. But, then the Data Flow Task will not work (becase table does not exist). So, I script to new window a create table statement based on the existing table that I use in my dev environment. This is a hack and I want to find a better method.

It is quite possible (although unlikely) that the source columns could be changed in the future, or some query used to pull the data might be modified. If this happens, then I would need to change the CREATE TABLE Execute SQL task. I want my package to accommodate without having to modify it.

When I use the Import/Export Wizard, I can select a table name from the drop down list OR type in a new name. When I type in the new name, it assumes I want to create the table. NOW, is there a way to mimic this in BI Developer Studio? Yep, I saved the Wizard version of the SSIS package and all it does is run a CREATE TABLE statement first.

I am looking for a way to leave a Data Flow Task destination table name as-is, and have SSIS auto-create the table if it doesn't exist already.

Any ideas?

Brian Pulliam

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Dynamic Source Table For SSIS Package

Oct 20, 2007

I have created an SSIS package that is designed to move data from SQL Server 2000 to an Access db. I have set the package up to accept four parameters. They are:

the name of the SQL Server Database, which is used in an expression to provide the source connection manager connection string;

the full path to the Access db destination database which is used like #1 above.

the SELECT statement used in an OLE DB Source object to get the data from the source table

the table name which is used by an OLE DB Destination object.
I know that the source and destination tables have exactly the same structure and do not require a transformation.

In order to change variables 3 and 4 from above and have it work, I go through the following steps:

I change the variables to appropriate values.

Go to the Advanced Editor for the OLE DB Source object and click on "Refresh". This produces an error in the OLE DB Destination object that is something like "Validation error. Data Flow Task: DTS.Pipeline: input column "strRECTYPESUFFIX" (301) has lineage ID 17 that was not previously used in the Data Flow task.

Go to the Advanced Editor for the OLE DB Destination which brings up the "Restore Invalid Column Reference Editor". I mark all the columns that show up with the option to <Delete invalid column reference> and click OK

I then reopen the Advanced Editor for the OLE DB Destination, go to the 'Column Mappings' tab click 'Refresh', then in the upper pane where the input and output columns list appear I right click and choose "Map Items by Matching Names"
At this point I no longer have the error and the package will execute without any problems.

I am doing this so that I can load the SSIS package in VB.NET (2.0) so that I can then set these variables programmatically and then execute the package. The problem is that this actually performs steps 1 and 4 above. 2 and 3 are left out and the package fails miserably.

I have found some information that would be helpful if I could get my hands on the appropriate object. I realize that the data flow component would return VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA from the Validate method, and that could be repaired with the ReinitializeMetaData method of the data flow component ( I assume that is the object to be using in this case). But I do not know how to grab the "Data Flow Component" as an object based upon the "Package" object I have loaded so that I can check if it is valid and manipulate it if necessary.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Using SSIS Package As Source For Reporting Services

Apr 9, 2006


I have created an SSIS Package which provides Data to a DataReaderDestination. Next I have uncommented SSIS support in rsreportserver.config and rsreportdesigner.config

After that I have set up a shared Datasource in ReportServer and created a Report using that DS of type SSIS.

/FILE D:ETLReportingDataService.dtsx

When trying to see the report using http://localhost/reports I get a message that tells me that the package fails to execute. It does so well when debugging, so my guess is that there is some security issue.

It also does not work in preview dialog in VS. The error message there is "Cannot read the next data row for the data set dsSSIS. Object refernece not set to an instance of an obj.

I haved tried several sec. config-scenarios for the shared datasource. No change

I am using sql 2005 std, march sp1 ctp

Does anyone have a clue what could be the cause of my problem

Thaks in Advance


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Runing The Same SSIS Package Using Updated Data Source

Dec 14, 2007


I created a SSIS package. It imports data from a flat file and then transfer to different data types and load it into destination table. I use look up transformation. Actually before I created final table, I created another intermediate data table for references.
Now I get a new source file once in a month. Then I'm supposed to connect new file and run the package. only difference in new source file is the data not data type. But when I connect the new flat file, package does not work. first one and fifth one are red when I run the package.
Can anyone help me to fix this?



I get the following error messages in execution result page.

[Lookup 5 [541]] Error: Row yielded no match during lookup.

[Lookup 5 [541]] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_INDUCEDTRANSFORMFAILUREONERROR. The "component "Lookup 5" (541)" failed because error code 0xC020901E occurred, and the error row disposition on "output "Lookup Output" (543)" specifies failure on error. An error occurred on the specified object of the specified component. There may be error messages posted before this with more information about the failure.

[DTS.Pipeline] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_PROCESSINPUTFAILED. The ProcessInput method on component "Lookup 5" (541) failed with error code 0xC0209029. The identified component returned an error from the ProcessInput method. The error is specific to the component, but the error is fatal and will cause the Data Flow task to stop running. There may be error messages posted before this with more information about the failure.

[DTS.Pipeline] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_THREADFAILED. Thread "WorkThread0" has exited with error code 0xC0209029. There may be error messages posted before this with more information on why the thread has exited.

[Flat File Source [1]] Error: The attempt to add a row to the Data Flow task buffer failed with error code 0xC0047020.

[DTS.Pipeline] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_PRIMEOUTPUTFAILED. The PrimeOutput method on component "Flat File Source" (1) returned error code 0xC02020C4. The component returned a failure code when the pipeline engine called PrimeOutput(). The meaning of the failure code is defined by the component, but the error is fatal and the pipeline stopped executing. There may be error messages posted before this with more information about the failure.

[DTS.Pipeline] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_THREADFAILED. Thread "SourceThread0" has exited with error code 0xC0047038. There may be error messages posted before this with more information on why the thread has exited.

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Data Flow Source For MS Access In SSIS Package

Jul 26, 2006

Hi all...

I'm creating a SSIS in the designer view of SQL Server BI Dev. Studio (SQL Server 2005)

I need to import a whole table from MS Access into my local SQL Server.(this task will be performed weekly, so once working I'll schedule a job for it)

I've created a 'FILE' connection to MS Access in the 'Connection Managers'.

When I'm on the 'Data Flow' tab I can't find a Data Flow Item to use as a MS Access connection.
(available on the 'Data Flow Sources' are only: DataReader, Excel, Flat File, OLE DB, Raw File and XML Sources)

What am I doing wrong/missing?

Thanks for your help.

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SSRS Calling SSIS Package As A Data Source

Feb 12, 2008

Hi All,

It's been a while since I post here. Anyway, I'm trying to call a SSIS package as my data source for SQL reporting service but I keep getting the error "Cannot create a connection to data source 'DsSSIS'.

My DsSSIS consists of the following in the connection string.

="/file c:FarmBillTesting.dtsx /Set Package.Variables[User::FilterValue].Properties[Value];" & Parameters!FilterValue.Value.ToString()

I have tried everything that I know to make this work but I have been able to do so. Any help from the group would be great.



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SSIS Package For Unzip Files Through Job

Oct 10, 2007


I have created a job that will execute a SSIS package which will unzip some zip files. For unzipping we are using WinZip. In the package I have used a .Net script task for unzipping. This script is using WZUNZIP. When I am executing the package directly it is unzipping all the zip files. But when I am executing the job that will execute the SSIS package for unzipping it is going on with the execution and not unzipping the zip files. So finally I stopped the job.

Can you please help me to resolve this issue?

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Parameterize SSIS Package To Identify A Source File Location

Oct 24, 2007

Hi All,

I created a SSIS package to extract data from a flat file source and load them into a table in a data base. After I created the package i checked it in to source control(perforce).

But the problem is once a month new flat source file comes and data should be updated.
Once the new flat file comes, is there anyway that SSIS package can identify the path of the flat file and execute the package automatically? In Flat file source only the data will be changed. Not location or data type or anything.
Can i use parameters to do that?


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Integration Services :: Automating SSIS Package For Different Source File

Sep 22, 2015

I want to design an SSIS package that loads data from files into SQL Server and I want to automate the process. My major issue is that the source file doesnt come in the same format. Some times I comes in either .csv , .xls , .txt or even .rpt file format. Is there a way I can write a code that checks through my folder and based on the available format on the folder it loads the value in ssis.

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Integration Services :: Get Table And Schema Name Of Source And Destination In SSIS Package

Oct 6, 2015

How can I get table name and schema names of the source and destination in ssis package to insert into audit table....??

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T-SQL (SS2K8) :: Job Details In Query Output

May 1, 2015

I have a T-SQL query that outputs exactly as I wish when run via Management Studio. I now want to automate this query to run monthly via a SQL Agent Job.

I have got this to run but the resulting file is left with a header row which shows "Job 'MyJobName' : Step 1, 'My QUERY' : Began Executing 2015-05-01 10:52:01" and an extra blank row before my data (and column headers).

Is there any way of stopping these extra rows from being created using T-SQL in my query?

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SQL 2012 :: SSIS Package - How To Get Dynamic Date Files From FTP

Nov 11, 2014

I am working on FTP TASK in SSIS Package. i have to get files from FTP that file names are like 20141110.txt. i want to download any particular date file from ftp. How to i set expression in Remote path?

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Processing Last Created/modified Files From A Location Using SSIS Package

Mar 12, 2008

We have a scenario to process last created/modified files from a location using SSIS package , eventhough the folder contains multiple files with same name and extension.

Kindly give respond to this if any one has worked on this.


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SSIS Package Access Files Via Openrowset Strange Problem?

Sep 7, 2007

I have three machine:

S: Running SQL Server Express
V: Running SSIS package in VS.Net
F: Shared folder host excel files

And an openrowset SQL statement: select * from openrowset(..... \Fexcel.xls....). This statement can be run in SS management studio connecting to S using my Windows logon(integration security) without any problem.

However, the same SQL running inside SSIS package (integration security using my Windows account) get the following error:

Error: 0x0 at Check headers: OLE DB provider "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" for linked server "(null)" returned message "The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file '\Fexcel.xls'. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data.".

Error: 0xC002F210 at Check headers, Execute SQL Task: Executing the query "....openrowset....." failed with the following error: "Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" for linked server "(null)".". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly.

(My Windows account is administrator of Windows and sysadmin or SQL Sever Express on S)

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Problem With WMI Tasks : Waiting For Files In Parallel In A SSIS Package

May 28, 2007


I have a problem with the task "event watcher".

I've made a query like the one in msdn (SELECT * FROM __InstanceCreationEvent WITHIN 10 WHERE Targetinstance ISA "CIM_DirectoryContainsFile" and TargetInstance.GroupComponent= "Win32_Directory.Name="e:\\temp""). I have 20 similar tasks for watching in different folders, but when there are too much tasks in parallel, it doesn't work anymore. I change the numbers of executables to 128 (in the general properties of the package (to test)) but it doesn't seems to work.

I don't understand why it works when there are only 1 or 2 (6 seems to be the maximum) tasks and not if there are more than 6.

Could you help me with this issue?

Configuration : Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, Sql Server Agent

Thanks a lot.


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