Transact SQL :: Change Name Of CSV File Automatically

May 11, 2015

The code in cmd looks like today.

sqlcmd -S PC03 -d db_test -E -o "testMyData.csv" ^
-Q "[test2]" ^
-W -w 999 -s","

I would like to change the name of the file into "20150512". The name of the file should be today's date. I do not know how to do it.

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Automatically Change Record By Date

Jul 1, 2005

How can I automatically change records by a specific date specified inside the record. An example would be the way ebay sales work. How does ebay have the status of an item change to closed, at the time inside the item record of the database.

I know i could use triggers or something to check the current date against the enddate everytime the record is accessed, but is there a more efficient method?

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How To Change Text On Web Automatically From Reading A SQL Server?

Jun 17, 2004

A section of this company's intranet site where I just started interning at has little company anniversary and birthday sections that look like (for the anniversary section.. in the birthday section, it looks the same, except it doesn't say how old the comployee is):

-Steve Cunningham 6/1 - 6 yrs
-Andrew Brown 6/3 - 11yrs
-Lisa Stone 6/4 - 3 yrs

How can I get it so instead of manually changing that text every month, it will look at a SQL database and automatically change that text every month? I'm guessing the pseudocode would be if the b-day or anniv. month matches the current month, display the first and last name, the date, and number of years (which would have to be calculated maybe?) Any help would be GREAT! Thanks!!


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How To Force View To Change Automatically When Table Schema Changes?

Jan 16, 2004

I am still having problem with making View automatically updates itself when the underlying table schema changes. Running sp_recompile on the view table doesn't seem to work either, as I am still getting old format from the view (in Design mode the view returns the right info, but not when I open the View by doing Open View) even though the underlying schema has changed. Right now I find that I have to go into the View and change it a bit to force a recompilation.

And even if sp_recompile does, it would require that I manually do it each time I change a table. Any idea?

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Filter Query By Year And Change Dated Automatically

Jan 21, 2014

I have a data column named Date_In with format of 20-May-13. How can I filter the data to select based on year only. I used

From apps.xdmc_852@erpprod
Where Year(Date_in) = 2014

This code is not working. I also need a way to automatically update to next week range. For example, last week I used where function like this

Where Date_in = to_date('01/12/2014','MM/DD/YYYY')

Is there a way it will automatically at the next 7 days to the code above when the date is available. This week I have to go back and changed the code in to this:

Where Date_in = to_date('01/19/2014','MM/DD/YYYY')

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DB Engine :: Availability Group State Change Automatically?

Sep 11, 2015

I found one database in availability group state change automatically. I found ERR started at

0000233c.00002848::2015/09/11-03:51:09.840 ERR   [RES] SQL Server Availability Group: [hadrag] ODBC Error: [HYT00] [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Query timeout expired (0)

And I use google to search and found the link below. It indicated a network issue. Is it the source of the problem. By the way, My failure Condition Level is 1 and I have increased Health Check Timeout from 30,000ms to 150,000ms just now. [URL] ...

--- SQLDIAG ---

cluster log in UTC+8:

0000233c.00002848::2015/09/11-03:51:09.840 INFO  [RES] SQL Server Availability Group: [hadrag] SQLMoreResults() returns -1 with following information
0000233c.00002848::2015/09/11-03:51:09.840 ERR   [RES] SQL Server Availability Group: [hadrag] ODBC Error: [HYT00] [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Query timeout expired (0)

[Code] ...

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How To Retrive Image From Database Change Automatically Into Time Interval

Dec 31, 2007

how to retrive image from database change automatically into time interval

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Transact SQL :: Create Database Trigger Automatically Whenever New DB Is Creating?

Aug 5, 2015

I need to deploy the trigger in database whenever new DB is creating on the server.

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Transact SQL :: How To Delete Newly Inserted Rows Automatically From Table After 30 Minutes

Sep 29, 2015

I would like to perform autodeletion operation from my table using stored procedure....

Here is my table structure: | emp_name | dept | desig | time_out | date | emp_sign |

if the user inserts new employee record that record should delete automatically from original after

30 minutes..I don't want to keep that newly inserted record after
30 minutes...I don't know how to achieve this...

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Transact SQL :: Create Job Which Automatically Convert Output Into Excel And Send Mail

Oct 31, 2015

I have an existing MS SQL database (2008 R2). I have a very simple SQL script. I need to automate this script means wants to create a job which runs on a Friday basis and save the output results of the query as a excel file and then automatically sends the mail to everyone.

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Transact SQL :: Only Store Datetime Values Down To Nearest Minute Automatically Without Using Trigger

Sep 25, 2015

Is there a way that I can do this at the table level to automatically handle the rounding of seconds, etc. down to the minute automatically without having to use a trigger?  

Here is a very basic example of what I am trying to do:

--example:  '09-22-2007 15:07:18.850' this is the value inserted into the table by the code
select getdate() 

 --example: '2007-09-22 15:07:00.000'  this is the value I want to store in the table
select dateadd(mi, datediff(mi, 0, getdate()), 0)

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Automatically Grow File

Jan 8, 2004

Hello everyone,
I have 45 GB db with
-Automatically grow file by 10 %
- full recovery
-log shipping every 5 minutes.
-full backup every 24 hrs

database grown from 33GB to 45 GB for 1 year period
4-5 times a year massive insert
done to database(no specific dates)

if I change autogrow to by 300MB or 4% would it affect insert process ? it affect daily performance ?

Thank you

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Copy File Automatically

Sep 22, 2004

I need to copy files from one machine to another machine. It should be done automatically. Could you please give me a suggestion. I have no idea about this. It should write a script or program. But I have no idea yet,


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Import Flat File Automatically?

May 30, 2006


I'm going to be getting several flat files that need to be imported into one of two tables. Although the text files will have different file names, they will have either "Header" or "Detail" in the file name, so I can tell which table they need to be imported into.

The problem is I don't know enough about SQL Server 2005 to set up an automated import of these files into the database. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this, or have any experience in setting this up? Are there any inexpensive programs to load data realtime or on a schedule? (I work for a young company with a very tight budget).

I had an idea of creating a windows vb or batch program to create the import commands for each of the flat files, but I can't find the line command to build the import command.

I'm just at a loss and need a solution soon...



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Automatically Save Output As XLSX File

Apr 15, 2014

I have a job on SQL server agent on SSMS that runs daily, however, where the results go as the query wont appear on the screen.I want to have it automatically save the results from the query to a .csv or an. xlsx file in a specified folder.

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Read A File Name From Network Folder Automatically For A BULK INSERT

Jul 18, 2007

Hi again all,

Is there a way to read a file name automatically from a network folder? I can successfully bulk insert from this particular folder. The next step is as I add files, I wish to bulk insert the latest file added so the program must make that determination and import that specific file. I can delete the older files if necessary and save them elsewhere but it would still be nice to be able to read the file name. I then wish to store the name of this file, whatever it is, into a field called "SourceFileName" in my table that I am bulk inserting into. Does anyone have an example in dynamic SQL? Thanks.


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SQL Agent Jobstep Output File Contains Automatically Generated Header

Mar 28, 2007


I've created a stored procedure that creates a script to create a number of objects within the database (based on what existing objects are in the database). From Management Studio, this works fine, and the output is exactly as I want it.

I'm now trying to create a job that will execute this stored procedure, and deposit the results into a file somewhere on the server. When the job runs, the script is created in the correct place and is essentially ok.

However, there are a couple of questions I'd like to ask.

Why does SQL Server Agent put a header at the top of the output file? I was hoping to be able to use that output file 'as is' and execute it automatically to recreate my objects when required. (Obviously, I can manually remove the header, but this is an inconvenience in this situation). How do I stop it?

Also, when executed from SSMS, the output is correctly line-spaced. But, the output from the scheduled job adds an extra line between each line of text, which is, again, inconvenient. Why does it do this, and how can I prevent this (again, without manually editting the output)?

Any thoughts and help greatly appreciated.



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Xml File And Automatically Parse NODE Names Into A Memory Variable Table

Sep 13, 2014

Ok I am faced with working with XML on a regular basis, which is fine.

IF NOT EXISTS (select null from tblviews where viewcode = 'loadAtTerm') --<workflowEventType>loadAtTerminal</workflowEventType>
insert into tblviews (ViewName,Description,OutBoundForm,StoredProcSN,TriggersReply,ViewCode,DispXactLayer,DispXactViewType,DispXfcTag,Comments)
select 'QC:WF-LoadAtTerminal','This View Corresponds to the XML for loadAtTerminal in Omnitracs Workflow','0',NULL,'0', 'loadAtTerm','MCOM','MCOM',NULL,NULL


What would be really useful is to be able to present any xml file and automatically parse the NODE names into a memory variable table and then the fields of each node in another.

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SQL Server 2008 :: Can SSRS Report Be Automatically Saved As Excel File

Feb 13, 2015

I have a report that is scheduled to run a once a week. This works fine. But now I would like this report to be saved as an Excel file automatically when it runs. how / where do I do this?

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Unable To Change The File In Flat File Connection Manager

May 27, 2008


I have a package A which is copied from another existing package B as most of the data structure and ETL mappings are same.

What I need to change in Package A is to change the file in Flat File Connection Manager. I can change it in the conneciton manager editor. However, it is automatically changed back to the previous one everytime when I try to Save All or run the package.

I also tried to copy/paste this Flat File Connection Manager in the same package but samething happen. The package file is not set 'Read Only" so anything else can Saved well except for the File name in connection manager.

Is this a bug? It would be very appreciated if anyone can give me any idea about this.



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Transact SQL :: How To Change Server Name For A Machine

Sep 24, 2015

I want to know how can we change the physical server name for a standalone SQL Server? what are the steps?

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Transact SQL :: Change A Date WHERE Statement

Jul 22, 2015

I would like to change


to capture Monday to Sunday data only irrespective of what day I run the report

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Transact SQL :: Cannot Change Table Structure

Oct 5, 2015

I have a simple query which is taking about 2.5 minutes to execute. What can be done to speed it up ? I cannot change the table structure. even without the group by, and without the float and division, it takes about 2.25 minutes.

Select 'SV00302' as FileSource,
sum(0) as ActualHours,
sum(cast([Estimate_Hours] as float)/100) as EstHours,
max(MODIFDT+Modified_Time) as ModifiedDateTime


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Regarding The Dynamic File Change Within Flat File Source.

Mar 28, 2006


we have one requirement to run the package daily basis.

The package should run at specific time on that day.

we are using windows schedular for that.

we will have one new flatfile everyday.

Is there any process to attach this file to flat file source dynamically?

The requirement is,

The flat file should be able to read the new flatfile everyday.

we have no option change it manually, the flatfile source should have to take the file automatically at that time.

So that it can take that flatfile and load it into database table.

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Transact SQL :: Using CAST To Change Timestamp Into Date?

Nov 6, 2015

I have a server on SQL Server 2008 R2.

I have the following code:

SELECT '1' AS Join_Field, T1.ID AS T1_ID, T2.ID AS T2_ID, T1.TimeStamp AS T1_Timestamp, T2.TimeStamp AS T2_Timestamp, DATEDIFF(Minute, T1.TimeStamp, T2.TimeStamp) AS Difference_Mins, T1.eventid, T1.shiftID,
T1.Value, SD.Shift_Start_Date, T1.StopCode, T1.Status, T1.JobID, T1.StatusDesc, T1.StopDesc, T1.MachineID,
CAST(CASE WHEN CONVERT(date, T1.TimeStamp, 103) < CONVERT(date, SD.Shift_Start_Date, 103)
THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS int) AS flag, CAST(T1.TimeStamp as DATE) AS TS_Date
FROM PolReporting.Event_M2_T1 AS T1 INNER JOIN
PolReporting.Event_M2_T2 AS T2 ON T1.RowID = T2.RowID INNER JOIN
Intouch.ShiftDates_Grouped AS SD ON T1.shiftID = SD.ShiftID

However when I run it I get a message:

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Transact SQL :: Change Identity Specification For Column

May 27, 2015

Is there anyway I can change Identity specification on column to yes ? and If I do that it supposed to take data as 1,2,3,4 like that? 

But mine is not changing it's come up all data as 0. Is there any other way to do? 

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Transact SQL :: DDL Trigger On Table Schema Change

Oct 16, 2015

Is to Possible to Create a Triggers to capture Schema (alter table, Drop table) Changes only for certain tables.I don’t want schema change for entire database.

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Transact SQL :: Change Data Format In A Table

Jun 4, 2015

I have 900000 rows of data in a table and a sample of it is as shown below.Now I need to convert data into the format shown.

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Change The File Name In File Connection Manager

May 2, 2006


How can I dynamically change the file name in File connection Manager in SSIS package?

I can do this in SQL 2000 but how to achieve the same thing in SQL 2005. I have to generate 10 different excel file and just need to change the file name in connection manager for excel file



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Transact SQL :: Change Data Type In All Fields In Database

Sep 25, 2015

I want change all field in database to new datatype.I want change data from Small Integer to Integer but there are the relation in each table.

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Transact SQL :: Order Change In Parent To Its Child Tables Using FK Relations?

Apr 20, 2015

I have used Aasim Abdullah's (below link) stored procedure for dynamically generate code for deletion of child tables based on parent with certain filter condition. But I am getting a output which is not proper (Query 1). I would like to have output mentioned in Query 2.

Link: [URL]

--[Patient] is the Parent table, [Case] is child table and [ChartInstanceCase] is grand child

--When I am deleting a grand child table, it should be linked to child table first followed by Parent

--- Query 1

DELETE Top(100000) FROM [dbo].[ChartInstanceCase]
FROM [dbo].[Patient] INNER JOIN [dbo].[Case] ON [Patient].[PatientID] = [Case].[PatientID]
INNER JOIN [dbo].[ChartInstanceCase] ON [Case].[CaseID] = [ChartInstanceCase].[CaseId]
WHERE [Patient].PracticeID = '55';

--Query 2

DELETE Top(100000) [dbo].[ChartInstanceCase]
FROM  [dbo].[ChartInstanceCase] INNER JOIN [dbo].[Case] ON [ChartInstanceCase].[CaseId]=[Case].[CaseID] 
[dbo].[Patient] ON [Patient].[PatientID] = [Case].[PatientID]
WHERE [Patient].PracticeID = '55';

how to modify the SP 'dbo.uspCascadeDelete' to get the output as Query 2

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Transact SQL :: Change Structure Of User Defined Table Types

Nov 4, 2015

Change structure of a User Defined Table Types

([idConteudo] [int]
NULL)      to     
 ([idConteudo] [BigInt]

Or really should drop and create again?

CREATE TYPE [dbo].[tbProjeto] AS TABLE(
[dsConteudo] [varchar](64) NOT NULL,
[idConteudo] [int] NULL,
[dtConteudo] [datetime] NULL DEFAULT (getdate())

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Transact SQL :: Existing Table Change To Support Multiple Rows?

Nov 4, 2015

Existing table structure is below:

Table name: Student

Columns in Student are below:


Combination of Student_Id, Subject_Id and Quarter columns is the primary key. One student can take one subject in a quarter. Now the new requirement is a student can take multiple subjects in a quarter. So need to add another table like below:

NEW table name: Student_Subject and
column are below:

All the above three columns combination is primary key.

After the new table Student_Subject created,
remove Subject_Id column
from Student table.

When the user clicks on a button after selecting multiple subjects and provide col1 and col2 data then one row gets inserted into Student table and multiple rows gets inserted into Student_Subject table.

Is there any other table design that satisfies one student can take multiple subjects in a quarter?

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