Conversion From CHAR To DATETIME Error

Feb 14, 2006

on a column DateNew = DateTime

i am trying :
INSERT INTO [dbo].[Users] (DateNew) VALUES ('2003/01/31 10:04:14')

and i get an error :
conversion of char data type to datetime data type resulted in an out of range datetime value

I had never this error before , do you know why ?
i must enter a yyyy/mm/dd format because this database will be used for Fr and Us langages

thank you for helping

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Getting Error : : The Conversion Of A Char Data Type To A Datetime Data Type Resulted In An Out-of-range Datetime Value

Jan 28, 2008

update tblPact_2008_0307 set student_dob = '30/01/1996' where student_rcnumber = 1830when entering update date in format such as ddmmyyyyi know the sql query date format entered should be in mmddyyyy formatis there any way to change the date format entered to ddmmyyyy in sql query?

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Conversion Char To Datetime

Feb 6, 2007

Hi all,

I need to convert a char (a) to datetime in the following query:

select *
from table1
where convert (a, datetime) > '01/31/2007'

this query does not work :(

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Nov 23, 2006

i have another problem.and it's now on converting a char(4) to datetimehere is the situationJ_TIM < F_TIMJ_TIM is datetime while F_TIM is char of 4exampleJ_TIM = 20:30F_TIM = 2030how can i convert F_TIM to datetime so that i can compare them.???thanks

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Index Creation Causes Error The Conversion Of A Char Data Type To A Datetime Data Type Resulted...

Jul 23, 2005

Hi all,I have a table called PTRANS with few columns (see create script below).I have created a view on top that this table VwTransaction (See below)I can now run this query without a problem:select * from dbo.VwTransactionwhereAssetNumber = '101001' andTransactionDate <= '7/1/2003'But when I create an index on the PTRANS table using the command below:CREATE INDEX IDX_PTRANS_CHL# ON PTRANS(CHL#)The same query that ran fine before, fails with the error:Server: Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Line 1The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted inan out-of-range datetime value.I can run the same query by commeting out the AssetNumber clause and itworks fine. I can also run the query commenting out the TransactionDatecolumn and it works fine. But when I have both the conditions in theWHERE clause, it gives me this error. Dropping the index solves theproblem.Can anyone tell me why an index would cause a query to fail?Thanks a lot in advance,AmirCREATE TABLE [PTRANS] ([CHL#] [varchar] (100) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,[CHCENT] [numeric](2, 0) NOT NULL ,[CHYYMM] [numeric](4, 0) NOT NULL ,[CHDAY] [numeric](2, 0) NOT NULL ,[CHTC] [char] (2) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL) ON [PRIMARY]GOCREATE VIEW dbo.vwTransactionsASSELECT CONVERT(datetime, dbo.udf_AddDashes(REPLICATE('0', 2 -LEN(CHCENT)) + CONVERT(varchar, CHCENT) + REPLICATE('0', 4 -LEN(CHYYMM))+ CONVERT(varchar, CHYYMM) + REPLICATE('0', 2 -LEN(CHDAY)) + CONVERT(varchar, CHDAY)), 20) AS TransactionDate,CHL# AS AssetNumber,CHTC AS TransactionCodeFROM dbo.PTRANSWHERE (CHCENT <> 0) AND (CHTC <> 'RA')*** Sent via Developersdex ***Don't just participate in USENET...get rewarded for it!

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System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The Conversion Of A Char Data Type To A Datetime Data Type Resulted In An Out-of-range Datetime Value.

Dec 14, 2005

After testing out the application i write on the local pc. I deploy it to the webserver to test it out. I get this error.

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The conversion of a char data type to a
datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.

Notes: all pages that have this error either has a repeater or datagrid which load data when page loading.

At first I thought the problem is with the date, but then I can see
that some other pages that has datagrid ( that has a date field) work
just fine.

anyone having this problem before?? hopefully you guys can help.


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The Conversion Of A Char Data Type To A Datetime Data Type Resulted In An Out-of-range Datetime Value.

Apr 19, 2008

Advance thanks ....... My table is  TimeSheet:-----------------------------------  CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TimeSheet](    [autoid] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,    [UserId] [int] NOT NULL,    [starttime] [datetime] NOT NULL,    [endtime] [datetime] NOT NULL,    [summary] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL,    [description] [nvarchar](50) NULL,    [dtOfEntry] [datetime] NOT NULL,    [Cancelled] [bit] NULL) ON [PRIMARY] My Query is------------------ insert into timesheet (UserId, StartTime,EndTime, Summary, Description,DtOfEntry) values (2, '19/04/2008 2:05:06 PM', '19/04/2008 2:05:06 PM', '66', '6666','19/04/2008 2:05:06 PM')i m not able to insert value Error Message is-------------------------Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Line 1The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.The statement has been terminated. can any body give any solution  

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The Conversion Of A Char Data Type To A Datetime Data Type Resulted In An Out-of-range Datetime Value.

Aug 3, 2005

Hey, I have a big problem that i wanna search data from SQL by DateTime like thatselect * from test where recorddate='MyVariableWhichHoldDate'i use variable that holds Date info.i searched a lot infomation on net but there is no perfect solution. i know why this occur but there is no function to solve this problem. i used a lot of ways. it accept yyyy-mm-dd format but my variable format is dd-mm-yyyyy . is there any function for this problem? and any other solution.thanks for ur attentionregards

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Character To Numeric Conversion Error- Select Statment On Char Column

Sep 18, 2007

Hi guys/ladies I'm still having some trouble formatting a select statement correctly.
I am using a sqldatasource control on an aspx page. It is connecting via odbc string to an Informix database.
Here is my select statement cut down to the most basic elements.
SELECT     commentFROM         informix.ipr_stucomWHERE     (comment > 70)
The column "comment" contains student grades ranging from 0-100 and the letters I, EE, P, F, etc. Therefore the column is of a char type. This is a problem because I cannot run the above statement without hitting an alpha record and getting the following error
"Character to numeric conversion error"
How can I write this statement where it will work in the datasource control and have it only look at numeric values and skip the alpha values?
I have tried case with cast and isnumeric... I don't think that I have the formating correct.
I have also used:
WHERE (NOT (comment = '  I' OR comment = ' EE' OR comment = ' NG' OR comment = ' WP' OR comment = ' WF' OR comment = '  P' OR comment = '  F'))
This works but is very clunky and could possibly break if other letters are input in the future. There has to be a better way.I am sorry for my ignorance and thanks again for your help.

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Datetime Conversion Error?

Jan 17, 2008

I am getting the following error when
executing the ExecuteInsert in the code below..:
Conversion failed when converting
datetime from character string.

    private bool
ExecuteInsert(String quantity)   
SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand();       
command.Connection = con;       
TextBox TextBox1 =
Label 1 = (Label)FormView1.FindControl("Label3");       
Label 2 = (Label)FormView1.FindControl("Label13");       
command.CommandText = "INSERT INTO Transactions (etc,Date,etc)
VALUES (etc,@date,@etc)";        
command.Parameters.AddWithValue([snip]);        command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@date",
return true;    }    protected
void Button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)   
{        TextBox TextBox1 =
FormView1.FindControl("TextBox1") as TextBox;       
bool retVal = ExecuteUpdate(Int32.Parse(TextBox1.Text));       
if (retVal)           
Insert();    }    private
void Insert()    {       
TextBox TextBox1 = FormView1.FindControl("TextBox1") as
ExecuteInsert(TextBox1.Text);    }}  Thanks if someone can help!Jon

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Error In Datetime Conversion

May 21, 2008

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a datetime field.
In the database is stored as datetime (121 format) ex. 2008-05-20 17:30:00.000
I have a simple select query (no datetime conversions used) and the result I get from the report looks like 5/20/2008 5:30 PM.

I dont want this format so i use this custom dd:MM:yyyy hh:mms

After that i get the dates like this 5/20/2008 5:30 instead of 17:30.

Any suggestions appreciated...

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Conversion Error...nvarchar To Datetime

Jul 23, 2005

Hi Group,I am new with SQL Server..I am working with SQL Server 2000.I am storing the date in a nvarchar column of atable.... Now I want toshow the data of Weekends..Everything is OK...But the problem isarising with Conversion of nvarchar to identify theweekends...Like..Here DATEVALUE is a nvarchar column...But getting theerror..Value of DATEVALUE like dd-mm-yyyy...04-08-2004-----------------------------------------------------------Server: Msg 8115, Level 16, State 2, Line 1Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type datetime.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Actual Query-------------------------------Select DATEVALUE,<Other Column Names> from Result whereDatepart(dw,convert(Datetime,DATEVALUE))<>1 andDatepart(dw,convert(Datetime,DATEVALUE))<>7-----------------------------------------------------------Thanks in advance..RegardsArijit Chatterjee

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Using VB 6.0 And SQL Server: Date Causes Datetime Conversion Error

May 10, 2008

I'm using a VB 6.0 front end with a date variable
that throws a SQL 2005 datetime conversion error in the following UPDATE query:

SET Feild1 = 'VBVar1', Field2='VBVar2'
WHERE MydateField = 'VBdateVar'

I'm guessing that I probably am missing some appropriate method for passing the date datatype variable to SQL

Can anyone help me


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The Conversion Of A Char Data Type To A Datetime Data Type!!

May 13, 2008

hello all .. I have a form that includes two textboxes (Date and Version) .. When I try to insert the record I get the following error message .. seems that something wrong with my coversion (Data type)"The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.The statement has been terminated."
in my SQL database I have the date feild as datetime and the version as nvarchar(max)
this is the code in the vb page .. Can you please tell me how to solve this problem?Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Imports system.web.configuration

Partial Class Admin_emag_insert
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
Record_DateTextBox.Text = DateTime.Now

End Sub

Protected Sub clearButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles clearButton.Click
Me.VersionTextBox.Text = ""
End Sub

Protected Sub addButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles addButton.Click
Dim objConnection As SqlConnection
Dim objDataCommand As SqlCommand
Dim ConnectionString As String
Dim record_date As Date
Dim version As String
Dim emagSQL As String

'save form values in variables
record_date = Record_DateTextBox.Text
version = VersionTextBox.Text

ConnectionString = WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("HRDBConnectionString").ConnectionString

'Create and open the connection
objConnection = New SqlConnection(ConnectionString)
emagSQL = "Insert into E_Magazine (Record_Date, Version ) " & _
"values('" & record_date & "','" & version & "')"

'Create and execute the command
objDataCommand = New SqlCommand(emagSQL, objConnection)

AddMessage.Text = "A new emagazine was added successfully"

Me.VersionTextBox.Text = ""

End Sub
End Class

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Strange Datetime Conversion Error In Stored Procedure.

Jul 23, 2005

Hi Everyone,I've been battling this for two days with no luck. I'm using SQLServer 2000.Here's the mystery: I've got a stored procedure that takes a singlevarchar parameter to determine how the result set is sorted. Here itis:CREATE PROCEDURE spDemo @SortField varchar(30)ASSELECT dtmTimeStamp, strEmpName, strOld, strNew, strActionDescFROM ActivityLogORDER BY CASE @SortFieldWHEN 'dtmTimeStamp' THEN dtmTimeStampWHEN 'strEmpName' THEN strEmpNameWHEN 'strOld' THEN strOldWHEN 'strNew' THEN strNewWHEN 'strActionDesc' THEN strActionDescENDGOWhen I execute the stored procedure in the Query Analyzer, it worksperfectly ONLY IF the @SortField parameter is 'dtmTimeStamp' or'strNew'. When passing in any of the other three possible values for@SortField, I get the following error:Server: Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Procedure spDemo, Line 4Syntax error converting datetime from character string.Now instead of executing the stored procedure, if I copy and paste theSELECT statement directly into the Query Analyzer (after removing theCASE statement and manually trying each different value of @SortField),it works fine for all five possible values of SortField.Even though the error points to Line 4 of the stored procedure, itseems to me that the CASE statement is causing problems for some, butnot all, values of the @SortField parameter.Any ideas?Thanks,Jimmy

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Conversion Error From DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP To Datetime On Linked Server To MSAccess DB

May 18, 2008

I have a linked server to MSAccess DB and, when I try to select record from a table that have a column
with a bad date formatted (with year less than 1753) I receive the message:
.... conversion error from DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP to datetime....

My scope is set to NULL this bad values from Sql Server ...
I first try with something like


But I receive the same error... perheaps the provider generate the error before an Sql Server evaluation ...

So I think to a passthrought query:

exec sp_serveroption @server='LNK_SVR',@optname='rpc out',@optvalue='true'

exec LNK_SVR...sp_executesql 'update table set FLD=NULL WHERE YEAR(FLD)<1753'

But I receive the folowing message ....

Messaggio 7213, livello 16, stato 1, riga 1

Il provider non รจ riuscito a passare parametri di stored procedure remota al server remoto 'LNK_SVR. Verificare che il numero, l'ordine e il valore dei parametri passati siano corretti.

Any suggestion is appreciate.
Thanks in advance



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How To Convert Datetime From Text/char To Datetime

Jul 20, 2005

Hi,I have a text file that contains a date column. The text file will beimported to database in SQL 2000 server. After to be imported, I wantto convert the date column to date type.For ex. the text file look likeName dateSmith 20003112Jennifer 19991506It would be converted date column to ydm database in SQL 2000 server.In the table it should look like thisName DateSmith 2000.31.12Jennifer 1999.15.06Thanks in advance- Loi -

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Int To Char Conversion

May 8, 2006


I'm scrambling to complete a project and ran into an int to char problem. I'm sure, in my haste, I'm doing something stupid. Here is an example of what I'm trying to do but it doesn't convert as expected. I want the SEQ_NBR2 value to convert from 4 to 0000004.

select right('0000000' + convert(char(7), isnull(a.SEQ_NBR2, 0.0)), 7)
fromTXN_HEAD_837 a
where a.file_auth_nbr = '1084472388468'
anda.seq_nbr2 = 4
and a.sgmt_id2 = 'BHT'

Thanks, Jeff

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Int To Char Conversion

Feb 2, 2006

I have data tables that include ZIP code, as char(5). The values looklike integers, but they are padded with leading zeroes to fill out 5characters, '00234'.There are SPs to look up data, with @Zip char(5) among the parameters.Some users call these with integer values, @Zip = 234, and SQL makesthe conversion. Is it necesary to add the leading zeroes in the SP --@Zip=RIGHT('00000'+@Zip,5) -- or would SQL find this match? (234 ='00234'). It looks like the conversion is to '234' and the matchfails.Thanks,Jim GeissmanCountrywide

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Char To Date Conversion

Sep 5, 2002


Is it possible to have SQL Server recognize the following character field as a date using convert or cast (or anything else):


so that I can do date comparisons such as

select * from table where [char in above format] < getdate()

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OpenRowset Char Conversion

Oct 10, 2006

I'm trying to run the following statement. If the first row of invoie data has a number the invoice for the rest of the rows that contain text come through as null. If the first row of data is text i'm fine. How do I convert the invoice to text as it is being read from the below statement?

Set @tsql = 'insert into #Draw_File_Data (Folder, Vendor, Invoice, Dist_Seq, Draw)
select Folder, Vendor, Invoice, [Dist_Seq], [Draw] from OpenRowset(''MSDASQL'', ''Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)};
DefaultDir=' + @path + ';'',''select Folder, Vendor, cast(Invoice as varchar(50)), [Dist_Seq], [Draw] from [' + @draw_file + ']'')'

Exec (@tsql)

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Conversion From Char To Nchar

Apr 16, 2004


I am trying to convert a single code page MS Server database into a unicode database, using the unicode data types,NCHAR, NVARCHAR, NTEXT. The problem is that in the original database, indexes and constraints have been defined on the tables whose configurations need to be changed. As a result, the ALTER TABLE command fails. Are there any other alternative solutions?
Also, data from the old database needs to be preserved. The objective is to create a unicode database which keeps the old data intact as well as accepts the new data in unicode.
It would be great if you could help!

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Datatype Conversion (binary To Char)

Oct 25, 2000

here is my problem:
i have a variable @sid_x as binary(16) = 0x4CF254AB0BA5D411AA3E00508BC5C413
and i want to use it as argument in sp_addlogin statement.

select @sqlcmd = 'sp_addlogin "test", @sid = ' + @sid_t
/* this doesn't work, because @sid_t is binary... */

select @sqlcmd = 'sp_addlogin "test", @sid = ' + convert (char (20), @sid_x)
/* this doesn't work either, because it doesn't convert to binary text */

my question, is there any way i can get @sid_x in follow text format
0x4CF254AB0BA5D411AA3E00508BC5C413 ?

Thanks a lot!

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Date Conversion From Char To Smalldatetime

Dec 3, 2000

Hi All,
I am trying to convert date from a character string field 12 to another database which has smalldatetime. Is there a way to do this. Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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Char Data Type Conversion

Sep 11, 2006

im trying to convert char (18) data type to decimal (18,6) but it wont let me do it. It gives an arithematic error. what would be other way to solve this problem. Can i do it with float if yes how so? or any other suggested way. Thanks

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Data Type Conversion - Numeric To Char

Jul 12, 2000

I would like to know how to translate a numeric value = 3 to a text or char value = 03.

Any input would be appreciated.



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DTS - Excel Conversion From Number To Database Char

Aug 31, 2004

I have to import data from Excel file to an SQL Server Database.
One of the Excel Worksheet columns it's number (with max value of 4550204008914630000), I will import the column to a char 21 database field. Using a DTS to do the work, when I import that column it will convert the data in something like 4.5502041E+18.
Can you give me some help for the DTS.


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Implicit Conversion Of Char Value To Varchar Cannot Be Performed Because The Collation Of The Value Is Unresolved..

Nov 12, 2007

I got this erorr when trying to create my stored proc,

What do i need to fix, and how do i fix it?!!

Msg 457, Level 16, State 1, Procedure PROC_DAILY_ACTIVITY, Line 13

Implicit conversion of char value to varchar cannot be performed because the collation of the value is unresolved due to a collation conflict.

Code Block

-- =============================================
-- Author: <Zaccheus,Tenchy>
-- Create date: <NOVEMEBER,12,2007>
-- Description: <Reporting stored procedure,DAILY ACTIVITY,>
-- =============================================
(@Region_Key int=null)
Null as Customer_Code,
Region AS Region,
Name AS Territory_Name,
Non_Customer_Activities.Que_Desc AS Store_Name,
Non_Customer_Activities.Logged_Time AS TheDate,
Non_Customer_Activities.response AS Response,
Null as is_Visit_Fg
FROM [FSSRC].[dbo].Qry_Sales_Group Sales_Group
(Select QH.[question_code]
,CONVERT(datetime,DATEADD(day, (qh.cycle_day-1), p.start_date),6) Logged_Time
,SUBSTRING([entity_code],1,5) SR_Code
,Territory_Code SR_Territory_Code
,'Not Customer Related' Que_Desc
From question_history QH
ON p.period_code = qh.period_code
INNER JOIN [RC_DWDB_INSTANCE_1].[dbo].[Tbl_Territory_In_Sales_Responsible] as Territory_In_Sales_Responsible
ON Territory_In_Sales_Responsible.SalesPerson_Purchaser_Code=SUBSTRING([entity_code],1,5) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS
INNER JOIN dbo.questions Question_Header
ON Question_Header.question_code = QH.question_code
WHERE [entity_code] like '%.USER%'
AND Question_Header.Question_Code IN('AME01','ASE01','ACO01','ALU01','AOS01','APH01','ATR01','ATE01','ACR06','ACR05','ACR02','ACR03','ACR08','ACR07')
AND CONVERT(datetime,DATEADD(day, (qh.cycle_day-1), p.start_date),6) = '11/9/2007'
) Non_Customer_Activities
ON Sales_Group.Code = Non_Customer_Activities.SR_Territory_Code
Region AS Region,
Name AS Territory_Name,
Customer_Activities.Customer_Name AS Store_Name,
Customer_Activities.Logged_Time AS TheDate,
NULL AS Response,
FROM [FSSRC].[dbo].Qry_Sales_Group Sales_Group
(Select distinct time_log Logged_Time
,[entity_code] Customer_Code
,[name] Customer_Name
,Territory_Code Cust_Territory_Code
,MAX(is_Visit_Fg) Is_Visit_Fg
From question_history QH
ON p.period_code = qh.period_code
INNER JOIN dbo.questions Question_Header
ON Question_Header.question_code = QH.question_code
INNER JOIN [FSSRC].[dbo].[customer]
ON Entity_Code = [customer_code]
INNER JOIN [FSSRC].[dbo].[visit] V
ON V.[customer_code] = QH.[entity_code]
AND V.[period_code] = QH.[period_code]
AND V.[cycle_day] = QH.[cycle_day]
INNER JOIN [RC_DWDB_INSTANCE_1].[dbo].[Tbl_Territory_In_Sales_Responsible] as Territory_In_Sales_Responsible
ON Territory_In_Sales_Responsible.SalesPerson_Purchaser_Code=[sales_person_code] COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS
WHERE [entity_code] NOT like '%.USER%'
AND Convert(datetime,convert(Varchar,time_log,110)) = '11/9/2007'

) Customer_Activities
ON Sales_Group.Code = Customer_Activities.Cust_Territory_Code
WHERE @Region_Key=Region_Key
order by 4

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Conert Char To Datetime

Apr 11, 2004


I have made a slight error in my SQL2000 database and have found this out with 10000 plus records under my belt.

I have a field called Char with entries 12mid and 12noon. I need to convert these to Datetime. All records convert OK except these two.

I am using DTS to transfer records form old table to new table. How do I write a procedure (or something) to enable conversion of the records 12mid and 12noon to 12am and 12pm.



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Convert Char Into Datetime?

Mar 28, 2004

I have DB2 date value 00000000. If I'm exporting to SQL server using openquery that is automaticaly converting to char of 8 and stored as the same value 00000000.
My question is how I can convert them as datetime value in SQL server 2000.?

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COnverting From Char To Datetime

Sep 14, 1998

Everytime I run a simple convert statement, from char to datetime, it works but when I use the `Select Convert(datetime, BeginDate)` in an insert statement it complains with a syntax error on the conversion from char to datetime. E.g.

Insert Into AlaskaData2( CurrIssueDate, InactivationDate)
select Convert (Datetime, CurrIssueDate) CurrIssueDate,
Convert(Datetime, InactivationDate) InactivationDate
from Alaskadata1

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Convert Char To Datetime??

Jul 3, 2001

Have a requirement to:

Convert char(7) YYYY-MM variable (eg. '2001-07') to both:
datetime '2001-07-01 00:00:00.000' and
datetime '2001-07-01 23:59:59.997'

thx in advance!

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SQL Datetime From Incorrect Char(10)

Jul 23, 2005

Hi all,Would anyone know a way to convert a char(10) in format 'm/d/yyyy' to'mm/dd/yyyy', so I can convert the column to datetime format.Thanks

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